New Report Shows Growing Inequality

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Inequality has become one of the most hot button issues politically and economically in America and around the world. The vast gap between the wealthy few and everyone else has been referred to as the reason for many societal problems and general unhappiness. The recession after the 2008 collapse on Wall Street showed an even larger divide between rich Americans and average Americans. Now, the Pew Research Center has done the math on the wealth divide, and my friend Andrew Heiberger who is a statistics genius says the numbers are very telling  about American society. Pew found that 21% of Americans fall into the upper-income families, with 46% in the middle income and 33% low income. Next they showed that those who are in the upper-income level earn 7 times the amount of the middle-income and 70 times that of low-income families.

These levels of inequality have reached record levels, the divide is at its highest in the last 30 years. Even during the recession, which was described as the worst since the Depression, the rich suffered significantly less than those at lower income levels. Earlier this year, another report was released that showed that America has one of the highest instances of wealth inequality in the developed world. In order to illustrate this, the richest 0.1% of Americans hold about 22% of the total wealth in the nation. These statistics affect the entire nation, however minorities are hit particularly hard. The division by race show a stark gap between ethnicities.

Britney Spears Women’s Health Cover Raises Some Suspicions

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Britney Spears has had her share of ups and downs this year but mostly she has come out on top, even after a summer breakup she managed to bounce back better than ever and without any bizarre freak out, car window smashing drama.

This month Britney is gracing the cover of Women’s Health magazine and she looks absolutely amazing. Britney has managed to get into some of the best shape of her life and this cover is showing it. Britney still has the most amazing abs, just like we always remembered, and her entire body is tones and tanned. Looking at Brit’s body is enough to make you toss your french fries, however some still have questions about the authenticity of the photo that’s been making women everywhere hit the gym.

Apparently some folks have been questioning if Britney’s photos were photoshopped because her face looks a little odd, while you can’t put you finger on it something about her face does look a little off.

Britney released video of the photo shoot to prove to the that she isn’t being edited. When I watched the video with Igor Cornelsen, we thought that she doesn’t appear to have been digitally altered and in fact looks even better on video than in the photo. According to some sources on the set Britney’s face may appear different due to the contouring done during her makeup session which would explain the slim cheek bones and slimmer nose area.

Monaco Royal Family Welcomes Twins

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The royal family of Monaco is pleased to announce the birth of twins. Little ones Gabriela and Jacques are the two new royal twins of the tiny principality. Jacques, who was born two minutes after Gabriela in a rare male/female twin birth, is already destined to become the next King of Monaco. Better buy them a present on Qnet!

The proud parents of the royal twins are Prince Albert II and his consort, Charlene. Bells rang out all across the postage stamp sized European monarchy as the birth of the royal twins was announced. The twins have already become the talk of the town, with many citizens and onlookers suggesting that reports of the rocky relationship between Albert and Charlene seems to have finally taken a turn for the best.

It was, after all, not that long ago that Albert’s father, Prince Rainier III, had to amend the tiny country’s Constitution due to the doings of his son. Albert has already produced two possible heirs to the throne – but both were illegitimate. His father had to change the country’s law so as to allow for the possibility of his daughters to produce a royal heir if Albert did not produce one within marriage.

It seems that Albert, at the ripe old age of 59, has finally buckled down and done his royal duty. For this, the citizens of tiny Monaco and royalty watchers around the world extend him their hearty thanks.

Rihanna Releases Clip Of New Song

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Rihanna has been busy working on her eighth studio album that will be entitled “R8″, and she recently teased the world with a preview of her new song called “Kiss It Better.” Rihanna New Song. A snippet video was released with a guitarist playing to her song, the guitarist’s name was “Nuno.” This is the second song that has been teased from Rihanna’s upcoming album that is supposed to be released before the end of the year, but this is very unlikely to happen. December only has about three weeks left, and still no Rihanna album.

Rihanna has let her fans know that they should not listen to any rumors, and that any news about her upcoming eighth album will only come from her, and no one else. What this means is, if you heard from anyone else other than Rihanna that her album will be out on a specific date, it’s unlikely to be true, because only Rihanna has this information. Many fans here at Occidental College are eagerly anticipating Rihanna’s eighth album, and it’s even been noted that a fan wrote to her stating that they need her to release her album as soon as possible!

Rihanna has been a powerhouse to be reckoned with for years now, and she just continues to get better, and even more famous as time goes by. Although a lot of Rihanna’s fame has been gained from her crazy antics, she still does well with her music.

TriStar Film Executive Rothman Intends to Produce Big Hits for Studio

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There are many big names in Hollywood, and the most notable or recognized individuals are those who appear on the screen. However, long before those actors and actresses show up for filming, a great deal of behind the scenes work takes place to bring quality projects to light. The behind-the-scenes effort continues on through production and post-production phases, and it is the work of top film executives that ultimately results in the creation of some of the best movies ever made. Tom Rothman is a top film executive who is recognized by industry insiders for his significant accomplishments and amazing work, but he may not be a household name that everyone is familiar with. Despite that, this highly talented move industry professional has announced his plans to create more hits for TriStar Productions.

Rothman’s Previous Efforts
Rothman has worked at various film studios over the years. He was a founder of Fox Searchlight, and he also has worked with Columbia Pictures, Worldwide Productions, Twentieth Century Fox and others. During his time at these studios, he proved his ability to create great profits for the studios by playing a key role in making blockbusters like Titanic, Slumdog Millionaire, Candy Mountain, Life of Pi, Cast Away and others. Some of these have won Best Picture at the Oscars as well as numerous other awards, and others have been honored at the famous Sundance Film Festival. These are acclaimed movies, and they also have generated great profits for the studios.

Looking Forward
TriStar Productions has been struggling recently to create great profits, and Rothman has recently announced his intention to continue to produce hits for this new joint venture with Sony. Rothman has only recently joined TriStar Productions, so he has not yet had enough time to prove his continued ability to be instrumental in the production of blockbuster or critically acclaimed hits. However, he has stated that he has also made a profit for the companies he has worked for, and he has every intention of continuing to do so now. In fact, he has stated that he intends to produce as many as four movies per year under TriStar Productions, and he is focused on generating great results for the studio and its shareholders. There is little news on what his upcoming projects may entail, other than a 2015 project with Robert Zemeckis. However, with hits such as Titanic and Slumdog Millionaire on his resume, to name just a few, he certainly has the skills, experience and ability to generate great things for the studio.

While Tom Rothman may not be a big Hollywood name that is mentioned at dinner parties across the country, he nonetheless is a key player in the movie industry. He is known for being able to create amazing films, and many people are familiar with his work even if they do not know his name specifically. This is good news for Tristar Productions and Sony because the studio is in need of a few blockbusters to begin generating a better profit for the company.

About Fantastic Four’s Upcoming Reboot…

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The reboot for Fantastic Four is under way. The synopsis has been released. As of right now, many people are a little nervous about this upcoming interpretation of the Marvel characters. Fans like Dr. Daniel Amen anxiously await news about this reboot. This seems to use Ultimate Fantastic Four as its basis for the upcoming series. The film is going to have younger versions of the Fantastic Four. The cast is going to be even younger than the actors that portrayed the characters in the films of the ’00s. Miles Teller, Reed Richards, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan are playing the roles of the Fantastic Four. 

Michael B. Jordan is a very interesting choice for the character of Johnny Storm with Kate Mara playing his sister, Sue Storm. Of course, they would most likely played the foster family angle. Jamie Bell and Miles Teller play Thing and Mr. Fantastic respectively. 

There have already been two feature film franchises of The Fantastic Four. There has been an “unofficial” film that was filmed back in the 1990s but hasn’t seen wide release. A theatrical trailer for that film was released. About 10 years later, there was an official release for a newly produced Fantastic Four film. That film spawned a sequel which was to start off a Silver Surfer franchise. Years have passed and then it became time to reboot the series. This current film is in post production and is scheduled to be released on August 7, 2015.

Philanthropist and Businesswoman Laurene Powell Jobs Takes Charge

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Born on November 6, 1963 in West Millford, New Jersey Laurene Powell Jobs is well-known for her work as a philanthropist. She is the founder of Emerson Collective, an advocacy of education and immigration reform, environmental conservation and social justice issues that utilizes entrepreneurial methods to create social reform. She also supports College Track, a nonprofit that helps under-resourced students and has a college completion program. She currently resides in Palo Alto, California and frequents Capitol Hill to discuss a variety of issues with lawmakers, including granting immunity to children of illegal immigrants under the conviction that children should not pay for their parent’s mistakes. She has donated to the super PAC Ready for Hillary in support of the Clinton campaign and regularly meets with members of the GOP. Her widespread fame in the political arena has been noticed by many politicians – GOP pollster Frank Luntz recently said, “She is known on the Hill. … The only thing that Senate Democrats and House Republicans have in common is a good relationship with Laurene.”

Powell Jobs earned a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1985 and an M.B.A. from Stanford Graduate School of Business where she met her late husband Steve Jobs while he was speaking at the school. She is a brilliant businesswoman who is versed in several different arenas: she helped to co-found natural foods company Terravera, has worked at Merrill Lynch Asset Management and Goldman Sachs as a trading strategist, is a backer and board member at start-up Ozy Media and currently serves on Stanford University’s Board of Trustees. She is the largest individual shareholder in Disney with more than 130 million shares and has an estimated net worth of over $17 billion.

Also an advocate of the Dream Act which is an acronym for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors, Powell Jobs teamed up with filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, the documentarian behind “Waiting for Superman” to promote immigration reform through the film “The Dream Is Now” and appeared on Capitol Hill to showcase it to Congress members. While her philanthropy work and charitable donations have received much attention she has also tried to keep her generosity away from the spotlight; the media never even knew that she and her husband had made many contributions together for over two decades before the public caught on. Described as a private and humble person who once stated, “doing things anonymously and being nimble and flexible and responsive are all things we value on our team,” in reference to the organization she co-founded, Emerson Collective she is highly esteemed for her benevolence by many. She was a guest of Michelle Obama’s at the 2012 State of the Union address and was named to the 49ers Super Bowl Bid Committee. She was also involved as a potential buyer of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Powell Jobs was ranked at number 29 on the Forbes list of most powerful women in 2014. Democratic fundraiser Steve Spinner describes her as having a passion for the most important issues in politics and having the available resources to promote change, quoting, “She has found her own voice. The things she cares about take not only local leadership but national leadership. You are definitely seeing her blossom as a national leader on issues.”

‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Released

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Steven Spielberg struck gold when he adapted the Michael Crichton horror-thriller, ‘Jurassic Park’. Subsequently Spielberg proceeded to milk the franchise by releasing a string of sequels that barely kept fans interested. Finally the Crichton classic is getting the reboot and treatment it deserves at the hands of a talented cast and crew with director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) at the helm. The ‘Jurassic World’ trailer finally dropped and we couldn’t be more excited by what we saw.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet then we strongly urge you to click above and give it a watch before continuing. Sultan Alhokair has already watched it a few times. After all, there is no second chance at a first impression. So with that done let’s take a look at some of the things we saw that really stood out to us. Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Parks and Recreation) is filling the role that was left vacant by the notorious big game hunter, Robert Muldoon, from the initial plan. Pratt looks to be no-nonsense in his role and he seems very leery of the danger that the dinosaurs possess. We also see him riding a motorcycle with a crew of velociraptors at his side. Rumors that Pratt’s character ‘tamed’ the raptors seem to be more and more true.

We also got to see a few shots of the Park in full function, with visitors ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ like they were at Sea World. The trailer closes up with an out of breath and teary Bryce Dallas Howard screaming ‘run’ over top some discordant piano keys that end up playing the iconic theme song. There is a heavy ‘horror’ element to the back end of the trailer and we couldn’t be more interested.

The View Takes a Ride On The Sentimental Train

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Director Mike Nichols has passed and the staff of the View is overwhelmed by the lost. During the show today, Whoppi Goldberg has a breakdown and cannot finish the segment. It was Nichols who first discovered her and said that she had real talent. Without him, there would have been no superstar.

Goldberg goes on to further state that she had brought Nichols with her on “Bring your mentor to work day” last year. She could not express the love and pure admiration for this man. Her staff rushed to her assistance in finishing the segment. Nichols died suddenly of cardiac arrest at his home surrounded by his loving family. It’s a big loss for the movie industry, and for person friends who knew his as more than just a director, and that was the part that really got to Ben Shaoul.

The ladies of the View seemingly pulled together to talk about this touching topic. Though things have been a little heated in the past few weeks between Rosie O’Donnell and Goldberg, they seemed to have each other’s back today. O’Donnell told the story of how Nichols discovered Goldberg and how much of a friend he had been to the star. It made for good television, especially since Goldberg has the tough girl appearance. It’s good to see that she can show emotion in other ways than yelling.

The girls at the View continue to be a top rated show. Their subject matter and both on and off screen friendships make them must see TV.

Lammily Doll, Known as the “Normal Barbie”, Now Launching In Time for Christmas

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A new “normal” Barbie is on the scene for young girls to enjoy. The Lammily Doll, billed as a “normal barbie”, takes the measurements of your average 19-year-old woman today and creates dolls that attempt to show girls that women don’t have to be thin to be pretty. Fans of the “normal Barbie” include photographer Terry Richardson.

The Lammily Doll comes with accessories that include acne, cellulite, tattoo and stretch mark stickers. The stickers allow young girls to create their own “perfect” doll, perhaps one who looks more like their sisters or mother, than one that looks like the perfectly proportioned Barbie that has been on the market for over 60 years.

For years Barbie has had staunch opponents that argue the doll creates unreal expectations of what a young woman’s body can look like. According to scientific studies, to attain Barbie’s physique a woman would need to have a body fat low enough to seize menstruation. She would also be unable of walking upright do to the impossible proportions of the head and chest.

The Lammily Doll project was launched in early 2014 as a crowd-funded project. The project gained steam quickly through social media shares. By the spring of 2014 the project had over 13,000 backers and over 19,000 preorders. The doll is now being released online and through select retailers for the holiday season.