Barbara Stokes’ Work in Disaster Relief Management

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Recently, the Chief Executive Officer, Barbara Stokes, of Green Structures Homes which is based in Alabama announced that this company would be offering more job opportunities for people in eight states including Alabama. The other states were Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Minnesota, Louisiana and North Carolina. The jobs would be in the manufacturing department and would be in support of the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Green Structures Homes has been given a contract worth 28.5 million dollars by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide modular homes to the affected areas.

Barbara Stokes was very excited about the opportunity this contract had presented to the company. They were going to be creating employment for the locals and neighbors of the states they had the manufacturing firms in which in turn was promoting economic growth in these areas. The people in Texas who were most affected by the Hurricane Harvey would be able to get quality, innovative and safe homes to live in. Green Structures Homes was going to create this homes with urgent delivery timelines as they understood the needs of the people on the ground. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Green Structures Homes was founded with the intentions of relieving disasters by Barbara Stokes and Scott Stokes in 2008. The Company is located in Alabama and it offers it manufacturing and engineering solutions to customers in the private sectors and the government as well. It creates its homes using up-to-date designs and high-quality technology. Barbara Stokes has the necessary skills and knowledge that she offers the company when it comes to disaster relief as she has been in this industry for more than 3 decades.


Barbara Stokes studied physics and biomedical engineering at the Mercer University where she graduated in 2001. During her studies at this University, she perfected her skills in thermodynamics, manufacturing and management, material structures and property, and technical communication among much more. Before she started her journey in Green Structures Homes, Barbara worked for Boeing and Pisces Corporation. She brought with her extensive experience in working with the government which she uses to lead Green Structures Homes in achieving their goals as a company. Barbara is also a mother and a dedicated Huntsville community volunteer.

The type of structures that Green Structures Homes comes up with are both residential and commercial. They work on these homes from scratch by designing them and following up the construction to the very end. The structures are mobile or modular depending on the preference of their clients. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

The Contribution of Logan Stout to IDLife

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Logan Stout established IDLife is an organization to cater for the remedies to the market for health supplements and vitamins. Logan had a main objective to provide a plan for his consumers to get the correct proportions of supplements which are essential to their bodies when he started the firm. Its products are for everybody including the people who need to sleep better, feel energized during the day and eliminating digestion problems.

IDLife ensures that their products have nutrients hence being of great importance to the customers. It also assists individuals in the sales department with the proper facilities so that they can begin their business with no hitches and also link them up with the customers. In that aspect, the sales people feel at ease and like the assistance of the firm as they continue to know how to get more customers. The institution is recognized for its proper and dietary supplements in its product hence boosting the consumers’ body. IDLife comprises of several tools that are designed for its customers such as the weight loss, increase the metabolism and improving the immune system in their body.

Besides Logan beingthe owner and CEO of IDLife, he is also an author and leader through which he trains and guides people who want to become like him in the business platform. IDLife was established in the year 2014 through his hard work. Logan also offers motivation to inspire the young entrepreneurs and those who have ideas to make the business but do not know how to go about it. However, Logan has joined with other authors and speakers in which they share the same vision of assisting other people through their leadership roles.

Through his love for the baseball, he established an institution called the Dallas Patroits that is one of the largest baseball organization. He uses that baseball sector to mentor the youth who play and also inspire them to follow their passion as that is a great step to be flourishing. As an author, Logan has been able to publish several books including “Stout Advice” through which he has outlined the strategies he used so as to become prosperous in the business sector. Logan has been in several publications such as the New York Times and Philadelphia Life Magazine, radio and television programs in which he has used those platforms to reassure people and outline the plans one needs to make so as to be successful.

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Logan Stout Wows the Global Audience with Motivational Speeches

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Whenever Logan Stout addresses an audience, he creates in the listeners a life-long impact. Stout can inspire people to success always. It is no wonder at all that his life-changing quotes invite spontaneous standing ovations.

But who is Logan Stout?

Logan Stout, the founder, and CEO of IDLife is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling writer, basketball coach, internationally renowned motivational speaker, leadership trainer, and philanthropist. As a business person credited with the generation of billions of dollars, Logan is a much sought-after keynote speaker worldwide.

Logan Stout-Investments in the Health and Wellness Sector

One of the much talked about issues about Logan is his launching of business in the health industry. Logan co-founded IDLife, LLC in May 2014, which is now among the top 100 multi-level marketing companies globally, as per a 2016 survey. With multi-billionaire Darwin Deason, Troy Aikman, and Jen Widerstrom, a celebrity trainer, Logan launched IDLife, LLC as a platform on which fitness ambassadors educate the public on health as well as provide high-quality wellness and nutritional products.

Bestseller Author and Keynote Speaker

Logan is also a passionate team builder who believes in helping the up and coming investors to acquire leadership and managerial skills. The authoritative “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams” book that Stout published in 2013 has inspired millions of readers to exploit their God-given talents and skills. Entrepreneurs Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran are among the people who recommend the book.

In partnership with the motivational speaker, John C. Maxwell, and the Inc. Magazine’s Logan Stout organized personal development and leadership training in 196 countries. Logan’s dream about every person breaking down barriers and achieving the desired goals in life is the reason he writes books. In both his writing and speeches, Logan reveals the step-by-step that are necessary for success.

Logan the Basket Ball Player and Coach

The investor is not only a 10-time World Series coach bit also the proud founder of the most significant baseball organization worldwide-Premier Baseball Academy. Stout Logan played high varsity basketball while pursuing a Summa Cum Laude business degree at Panola and a Psychology degree at the University of Dallas. In fact, Logan became an Academic All-American, All-American pitcher, and a shortstop. Stout played for the Texas, Fort Worth Cats, coached the Dallas Baptist University basketball team and has featured on several business and sports publications and broadcasts such as the Dallas Child Magazine.

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Agora Financial: The Way to Go in Print Publication

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Agora Financial is an underling of The Agora Inc., a place for ideas that have been on the market since 1979. The company bears its roots from to three exclusive financial magazines and publications: Plague of Black Debt, Strategic Investment, and The Daily Recknoing. Agora Financial is an independent Company since 2004.

Besides, Agora Financial gives autonomous monetary critique, examination, and instruction through print and online distributions, recordings, online courses, phone calls. Additionally, the Company provides objective market commentary and general news. Agora Financial’s editors never receive any bribes or coverages from investors and other Companies.

The company’s editors are not reluctant to make high expectations. Their bits of knowledge have been perceived in The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Reuters, Fox Business News, Bloomberg, World Report, U.S. News, The New York Times, Financial Times and many more.

This Company is located in Baltimore, Mount Vernon, Maryland. The Companies’ operations have grown to many buildings and several mansions. The Agora it’s mother Company added present-day usefulness to them while keeping up their lavish appeal… and got numerous conservation awards all the while.

Additionally, the Company produces print and email publications; conferences directed towards providing financial advice, books, and marketing predictions journals. The Company publishes numerous financial newsletters weekly which plays and majorly focuses on making more money in metals, energy, small-cap stocks, and emerging technologies.

Agora Financial plays a vital role in the publication industry, being equipped with impeccable editors who have written for significant Newspapers. Besides, it has hosted the Annual Agora investment museum. During this conference a large number of people attend, speakers are not left out either who discuss and debate emerging financial curves.

Agora Financial Company is the way to go for any investor or business that needs top notch book or any print publication. The company’s editors are the best. Give Agora Financial a try today!

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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Exceed Oncology Medical Expectations

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The Cancer Treatment Center Of America has partnered with two very popular medical networks to bring superior research to oncology and help cancer suffers around the world live a better life during their treatment and remission. In fact, they work closely with Nanthealth and Allscripts to launch clinical pathway research and the transformation of traditional cancer treatment methods. Their electronic health records will help improve the treatment process by minimize the amount of necessary workflow. The have a list of the most comprehensive cancer data in the country and continue to be the leaders in cancer research and improving every facet of the debilitating illness.

They have a curated list of superior protocol for thousands of patients worldwide. They have integrated the last interactive technology features designed with their patients in mind. Chief Medical Officer of CTCA, Dr. George Daneker says, it takes the guesswork out of new data and oncology. They handle the direct operating system of all of their research data, treatment, and more. Specialist have said they need revolving solution to the way data is stored and collected on their patients to aid in their treatment and recovery at Cancer Treatment Centers Of America.

They work hard to give their patients the best shot at recovery while reducing the work load of their staff to focus on the patients and never lose focus of the patients they’re fighting for. They use advanced technologies and work hard for everyone who walks through their doors.

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Louis Chenevert’s great run as President and CEO

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Louis R. Chenevert is the retired CEO and President of UTC. Born French Canadian, the business mogul has experienced immense professional success. As the CEO of United Technologies Corporation, Louis saw the company grow astronomically to be worth more than $100 billion at his time of retirement. One of his remarkable success at UTC is the acquirement of Goodrich. To acquire this company, Louis Chenevert made negotiations for over a period of one year. UTC acquired the company for over $18.4 billion.

Prior to his helm as the CEO of UTC, Louis Chenevert worked at General Motors. He was promoted to the position of General Manager during the 14 year period he worked here. Later, Louis Chenevert joined Pratt & Whitney which is under the umbrella of the larger UTC. Read more at French Tribune.

Louis Chenevert laid the foundation that is the dominating force of the company in the market today. Louis’ was committed to nurturing employees for better output and development of the company. It was under Chenevert’s leadership that UTC extended its investment to its employees. In fact, one of the most celebrated achievement is the Employees Scholar program that caters for the tuition needs of employees who wish to enroll for further studies in their fields. Read more on

Louis Chenevert’s legacy includes his potential to pick up projects with the highest value. By working on such projects, Chenevert was able to meet the company’s goals and objectives. Using this formula, UTC was able to beat Rolls Royce to become the only supplier of the F-35 engine supplier to the government of USA. During his time as the CEO and President of UTC, Louis’ was able to maneuver the company through hard economic times.

Louis Chenevert retired as the President and CEO of UTC in 2014. He was replaced by Edward Kangas. In his personal time, Louis enjoys spending quality time with his family.

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Cassio Audi- early music career

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Cassio Audi is a business person from the United States. He is one of the people who has played a huge role in the development of the financial sector in the country. He is a holder of a master in business administration from the University of Sao Paulo. He has been a diligent player in the industry who have a lot to show in terms of achievements. He is popular in the country. Before he became a businessman, there is a surprise about his life that many young people have no idea about. He has been a musician before he joined the business. In his teenage life, he was part of a band that was playing rock and heavy metal music.

Cassio had joined the group right after his high school. As a talented drummer, he played a huge role in performances that this group would hold. Cassio Audi was part of a 5- member band. The band was unique in the country since it was responsible for the spread of rock music in the country. He went around the world with the group as they spread the albums that they had produced. The group was influenced by another group in the United Kingdom known as Iron maiden which was performing very well in the rock music field. Viper rock band, the band Cassio Audi was part of, wanted to grow to be like this group. They worked very hard to prove to the world that they were talented. They released two albums while Casio Audi was part of the group. His talent in drumming was exceptional. Long after he was gone the group would not another drummer of his caliber.

Cassio Audi left the group later when he moved the college to study finances. Despite having a successful business career, he decided that there was no need staying in the music career.

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Nick Vertucci: Charting his Own Destiny

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The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy seeks to help real estate agents in navigating the treacherous waters that are in the real estate market. It is cutthroat, and if a newbie is not cautious, most definitely they will get eaten alive. The NV Real Estate Academy provides valuable tried and tested techniques for achievement of success in real estate. One Nick founded it in 2013 in Irvine, California. Mr. Vertucci felt the need to share his tips for a successful real estate career with the world. He was not always successful; in fact, he had quite a rough start in life.

Before He was a Pillar

Nick did not have an overly extravagant childhood. He was well loved and had enough to eat, so he was not exactly living in squalor either. However, everything changed when his father died. At ten years of age, Nick Vertucci barely saw his mother because she had to work twice as hard to provide for the young family. At the age of 18, he was living out of a van. His luck changed when he started Coastline Micro. The company sold computers and was doing quite well until the crash of 2000. It got Vertucci slide back into the dark days.

Starting All Over Again

Mr. Nick Vertucci had not made any investments to tide him through difficult times. Once again, he was pushed to the bottom. The only difference was this time he had a family to feed, a wife and three daughters. After about 18 months of drilling himself deeper in debt, a friend suggested a weekend real estate seminar. Nick was adamant at first as he did not want to lose his weekend to someone. However, after contemplating for some while, he went along anyway. To date, Mr. Vertucci terms this as the best decision he ever made. Since that time, Mr. Nick has made millions of dollars from the real estate market. He comfortably uses the knowledge he has amassed for over a decade, and this is how the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was incepted.

Stand Up Guy

Nick’s Fortune in Flipping is a gem. He is also a member of Ripoff Report’s Consumer Advocacy Program. In Nick Vertucci’s words, whatever has happened in the past does not dictate your future. These words ring true; he is a living testimony.

Beneful Dog Food – Best Quality Dog Foods

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Since dogs cannot choose their food, we have to make sure that we make the right choices for them. There are many benefits associated with the practice of feeding your dog quality food. Today, Beneful dog food stands as one of the best that you can shop. At your convenience, you can get it from one of the Walmart stores either online or on the shelf.

Walmart prices dog food according to type and weight. According, you will get various types that are pricey than others. For instance, Beneful dry dog food such as Purina Beneful IncrediBites for small dogs with real beef weight about 15.5 lb sell for $13.98. On the other hand, wet food such as the 10-ounce Beneful’s Savory Rice & Lamb Stew sells for $15.34.

All the same, customers can take advantage of Beneful coupons to use at Walmart for them to save some money. There is quite an array of different Beneful dog food products that you can shop at Walmart and benefit from the discounts.


Agora Financial is a company that can help expand your wealth.

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Agora Financial is a company focused on advising you how to maximize your investment, manage your money, and grow your wealth. With highly educated experienced researchers you are bound to receive the newest information. Researchers are hands on and do not hide behind a desk or enclosed in their office. The approach of over 20 different publications on different subjects is highly effective. The research done by their analysts is unbiased and is never made because of a payment for advertisement.

In today’s world it can become confusing on where, when, and how to invest your hard earned money or saving. With many false claims to make you money, certain advisers are out to get your money.

With over 1 million subscribers, Agora Financial’s track record speaks for itself. In 1999 the rise in price of gold was predicted by Agora Financial’s analysts. In 2004 it was predicted that by 2008 the housing market would collapse, that was four years ahead of time which helped many avoid the crisis. Another example of Agora Financial’s crisis predictions, was in 2007 the price per barrel of oil was approximately 50 US dollars a barrel and rose to over 150 US dollars.

Agora Financial has many publications on different subject matter to better focus on what information will help you. On Agora Financial’s website there are free articles available, all you have to do is input an email address to receive access to free and extremely helpful newsletters.

Agora Financial offers analysis and education through print and online publications to include; videos, online seminars, publications, newsletters, conference calls, and more. Editors are not afraid to make bold predictions and throughout history have beaten the mainstream media to the punch.

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