Marc Sparks: An Entrepreneur of Entrepreneurs

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The very first thing that one should know about Marc Sparks is that he is an entrepreneur like no other. He is one of the people who have started tons of successful businesses and worked with people on ideas that are very challenging almost to the point of being seemingly impossible.

He is also a faithful person who believes in the grace of God. He is willing to do everything he can with what he has been given. One of his philosophies is of whom much is given, much is expected. He is also thankful to God for the challenging circumstances and even devastating occurrences for the lessons that comes with it about responsibility and success.

Given his success as an entrepreneur, many wouldn’t know that he has graduated with a C+ average. He attributes his success to the grace of God. He is also willing to share a lot of what he has with others that are in a similar circumstance as he is. Now given that he is a very successful entrepreneur, he has plenty of failures that he took on before he was finally blessed with successful businesses.

According to CrunchBase, Marc Sparks has detailed his journey with a book called “They Can’t Eat You“. This book looks into everything that he has tried. He considers it a hard and painful book to write. He does believe that people will learn a lot from his failures as opposed to his successes.

Even as a successful entrepreneur, Marc has had days of poverty. He was actually poor to the point that he had to buy groceries with a Texaco credit card. However, that didn’t take away his excitement and zeal for life.

One of the things he is often asked is if he is afraid of losing. His response is that he does enjoy winning, but he understands that it is impossible to win everything. Marc Sparks has also never lived with the intention of becoming a billionaire. His mentality with business is that he wanted to help solve challenges that humanity faces.

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2 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Online Reputation

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Without a good Reputation Defender review and management team, a business simply will not get any customers, and that means the business will not be seeing any profit on their services or goods.

Many business owners and CEO’s are using the Internet to help manage their reputation, whether it’s for getting their names out, recovering from poor reputations, or maintaining their reputation.

According to Cheryl Conner, a writer for Forbes, published an article on things that any entrepreneurs can do to help boost their reputation as a business.

1. Take advantage of social media

There are so many options with this. With the emergence of massive social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn and with more and more people using these services, it is almost foolish not to have at least an account on one of these sites.

Having an account on one of these websites allows you to connect with your customers by giving them updates on important events, responding to their comments, and even answering questions that they might have.

2. Update your website

If you are planning on running a business in the 21st century, you better have an official website for your business. However, just because you set up a website for your company, that doesn’t mean your work is done.

Just like how people on social media keep others updated on their life events, you need to keep your website up-to-date. For instance, if you are planning on changing the price of your sales item, be diligent and update your prices.

Simple things like this will make your website look much more professional, and it allows you to present to the customers the correct information that they need. If you were a customer, would you ever do business with someone that gives you incorrect information?


While it may sound tedious, these things can help boost your reputation. Don’t be lazy and start with the simple things that you can do today to help grow your business.


Nizan Guanaes: The High Ranking Marketing and Advertising Executive from Brazil

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Advertising and marketing are two terms that are often used interchangeably to refer to the process of promoting a company’s products and services. However, these two terms, though they contribute to a similar objective, differ from one another. It is important to understand this difference in order to successfully streamline a company’s customer acquisition strategies.

Understanding the Difference

Marketing is the process that a company uses to prepare their product for the market. The company must understand and appreciate the target customers and what they want. It includes properly designing elements like logo and color. This is to align the product to the interests of the market. On the other hand, Advertising is the process of communicating with the target market. It refers to spreading the word to the public about the products and services offered by the company.

Nizan Guanaes

53 year old Nizan Guanaes is the founder and current chairman of Grupo ABC. The Brazilian holding group is composed of 18 companies that deal with advertising, entertainment, content, and specialized marketing services. It is currently the 19th biggest marketing communications group globally. The group received a nomination from the World Economic Forum as a huge global growth company.

Guanaes has received several top honors throughout his career. These include: Highly influential Brazilian (Financial Times), Advertising Age magazine included him in their list of 21 global media and marketing influencers while Fast Company Magazine named him in their 100 most creative businesspersons’ list.

Guanaes has dedicated over 20 years to social causes that appeal to him. These are mainly based in education, preservation of Brazilian cultural heritage and entrepreneurship. His other social work projects and involvements include the Clinton Global Initiative, World Economic Forum, Council of Americas, Endeavor, and UNAIDS (HIV prevention). He serves as the president of Association of Entrepreneurs Friends of UNESCO Brazil. He has also been instrumental in creating the Together for Girls initiative.

Nizan Guanaes

All you need to know about Medicare Advantage Plans

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Medicare advantage is a health insurance program in the United States for managed healthcare. It serves as a substitution for Original Medicare parts A and B. Part A of medicate give the provision for payments for hospice, nursing services and inpatient care. This excludes the services of surgeons and physicians. On the other hand, party B provides payments to surgeons, physicians and other medically necessary outpatient hospital services. These would include diagnostic tests and x-rays. The processing of original Medicare claims payment is done through the centers of Medicare and Medicaid services.

On the other hand, Medicare Advantage is provided by commercial insurance companies. These companies would then receive compensation from the federal government in order to provide both parts A and B to those who enroll to the program but do not process claims through the CMS. Since the 1970s the beneficiaries of Medicare would choose to receive their benefits through private health plans as an alternative to using Original Medicare according to Rick Shinto.

When someone enrolls to a Medicare Advantage plan, Medicare would pay the private health plan an agreed amount each month for every member according to Penelope Kokkinides. It should however be noted that Medicare Advantage plans are mandated to offer a benefits package that would at least be equal to Medicare and able to cover everything covered by Medicare. However, it is not a must that they cover every benefit equally.

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Due to the need to have the right healthcare management, there have been institutions that have come up to offer just that. One of these is InnovaCare Health. This is one of the leading providers of Medicare Advantage plans. InnovaCare are committed of providing the right direction in healthcare by coming up with sustainable and effective strategies that will fully integrate with the current technological world.

InnovaCare has operations in two Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico; PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. To date, the company has a membership of over 200,000 people and is served by a network of 7,500 professionals. Apart from these, they are also mandated with the management of two Medicaid plans with the Government Health Plan (GHP). They do this through coordinated care model.

In realization of the dynamic healthcare setting, InnovaCare thrives to put patients their priority by providing quality healthcare in time. Their mission is to make is much easy for patients across North America to get access to healthcare with less hassle.

How To Get NutriMost To Work For You

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Daily News did a wonderful article on NutriMost and how their rival company Healthy Living is being accused for stealing their promotional videos and using them on their own website. The federal government has issued a cease-and-desist order that their rivals have failed to comply with. NutriMost told Daily News that their rivals are jeopardizing their good faith name with their customers. However, NutriMost customers still have faith in their prepackaged meal plans. In fact, NutriMost promises their customers that you can lose 40 pounds in up to 90 days. You never have to go hungry like their competitor meal plans.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

NutriMost has prepackaged meal plans that offer the best meats in the industry including beef, chicken, turkey, and salmon. Best of all, their meal plans are doctored recommended and FDA approved. They don’t add any ingredients to their products because they promote all natural meal plans. You don’t need extensive workout routines, diet pills, or have to starve yourself. NutriMost wants you to eat all you want, but they show you how to eat healthy through their prepackaged meal plans. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to lose weight with NutriMost today.

You don’t have to worry about expensive doctor visits to erase the signs of weight gain. If you’ve ate to much over the holidays or looking to lose weight to fit into your favorite outfit you need to use NutriMost weight lost diet. They will send their meal plans to your door based on your unique weight. They have made strides in nutrition to provide technological advanced meal plans that will help you lose weight. Docotors have warned customers about using their rival companies meal plans because they are not doctor recommended or FDA approved and could be harmful to your health. Visit NutriMost for more details.

Securus Provides Holiday-Inspired Communications System

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One of the most challenging aspects of being imprisoned is not being able to contact your friends and family members on a regular basis. This is particularly difficult during the holidays and other special times of the year. While prisoners have always had the ability to meet with friends and family members at the prison or have regular phone calls, neither option has been great for either the prisoner or a family member.

Thanks to new technology now provided by Securus Technologies, prisoners and inmates at corrections facilities across the country will now have the ability to communicate face-to-face with their loved ones in a much more convenient manner. Securus has unveiled a new holiday-focused video visitation service that will help to ensure that all inmates are able to speak with and see their loved ones around the holiday.

The new technology will use a wireless face-to-face video visitation platform. Each correctional facility will be able to establish terminals throughout the facility that can be used by the inmate. Any family member approved by the facility will then be able to download an application on a phone or tablet that will help to establish the visitation.

While this allows from more convenience for the inmate, it is also more convenient for a family member and the prisons. Prisons will no longer have to deal with such significant levels of visitors around the holidays as some family members will choose to spend more time at home instead of commuting to the prison and back. This will also help to increase security measures onsite, as there will be a reduced risk of illegal items being smuggled inside.

Seucurs has been one of the leaders in the communications industry for more than a decade. The company has specialized in providing products to correctional facilities and they now provide services to hundreds of locations across the country. These products have helped hundreds of thousands of inmates and family members stay connected in a safe environment.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Philip Diehl Reflects On The Past And Future Of Precious Metal Currency

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In an interview with host Eric Dye for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio Philip Diehl discussed his entrepreneurial approach to business.

Diehl spoke of his experiences as the head of the US Mint and his current job with US Money Reserve – as well his thoughts on the prospects of the gold market – on the podcast which offers business professionals from upstart entrepreneurs to top executives a place to share their knowledge, expertise, experiences and information on their latest projects. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

As a well respected former director of the US Mint Philip Diehl spearheaded such innovative programs as the 50 state quarters and the first U.S. coin minted in platinum.

His accomplishments since leaving that job have been quite impressive as well but Diehl spent time in the interview discussing his memories. He referred to that era of the US Mint’s history as a time of change. He spoke of assessing the needs of the department then and recognizing that in order to implement the organization and forward thinking that the US Mint desperately needed, customer service had to be the top priority.

In approaching his role as the head of US Money Reserve Philip Diehl takes the same customer oriented ideas and uses them to make decisions about the company’s future. Development of their new previous metal IRA program comes from focusing on the needs of potential client’s and offers them the option of using gold as a retirement investment and even allows them to benefit when the price of what they invest goes up.

To ensure that an investment in precious metal is sound Philip Diehl and the US Money Reserve recommend that all instemengs into precious metal be made towards buying government minted currency, because the weight and purity is guranteed and government backed. US Money Reserve is one of the largest private distributors of government issued precious metal currency including bars, bouillon, and coins.

Their clients use the services of US Money Reserve to diversify their assets and in turn the company provides them with expertise and excellent customer service while monitoring their investment.

Don Ressler Champions Fashion

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More people are starting to pay attention to fashion. They are starting to understand the effect a unique suit can have on them. One of the greatest goals is to have a suit that is tailored at This could provide people with the greatest feeling ever. Also, being surrounded by variety and being encouraged to pursue variety is also a good feeling. Fortunately, there are clothing retailers like JustFab that are offering a lot of unique pieces of clothing that are not found in other fashion retailers. As more people are discovering JustFab, they are realizing that they have found something that is going to give them an unforgettable experience.

JustFab has been made possible with the help of Don Ressler. Don Ressler is one who has become conscious about fashion. He has come to understand the effect that a nicely worn suit or outfit could have on an individual. Don Ressler has developed a desire to offer everyone the chance to find his own outfit and style so that he could learn to appreciate his sense of style. As his personal wardrobe changes, so does his out look. People will also change the way they treat him as well.

Don Ressler does not want this diversity of clothing options to stop at casual clothing. He also wants athletes to be able to experience the diversity and the opportunity to find his own style. Don Ressler has helped with the foundation of Fabletics, which is a subdivision of JustFab. This also brings forth the style that is known as “athleisure”. Athleisure allows people to be able to wear clothes to workout in as well as go out in. Don Ressler will be able to choose from among all of the unique clothes that are available on the e-commerce fashion retailer.

JustFab is one of the clothing companies that customers have to check out if they are serious about fashion. They will be amazed at the diversity of what is available. To make things better, they are sold at a low affordable price. People can dress with style without having to spend a lot of money.

Keith Mann: Philanthropy at its Finest

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In today’s world, people are helping individuals and organizations succeed. As a result, companies the world over are looking for ways to not only make great strides in business, but philanthropy as well. In this regard, Keith Mann has been one executive who has taken up this effort with great zeal. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith has not only revolutionized how business is conducted, but also how businesses look at and approach philanthropy.

Whether he’s helping raise thousands of dollars to help low-income students prepare to attend college or to help schools gain the funding needed to purchase new equipment, Keith has made education one of his top priorities in life. Working with a number of New York-based schools that specialize in working with children from disadvantaged families, Keith and his company have left nothing to chance when it comes to helping raise funds for these facilities. Holding one fundraiser after another, he has brought together others from the world of financial services in an effort to meet his high expectations and goals. As a result, thousands and thousands of dollars have been raised in recent years due to Keith’s hard work and dedication.

With his many years of experience as an executive, Keith understands the importance of building relationships with numerous people. Whether he’s meeting with world-class business executives on an international stage or sitting in his office speaking with a teacher from a local school, Keith understands what it takes to bring people together to achieve a common goal. With his in-depth understanding of marketing and strategic planning, Keith has used this knowledge to help numerous people over the years. Having worked with people in the United States, Asia, and Europe, he has learned how to work with people from various cultures and walks of life.

As he continues to dedicate his personal and professional life to helping others make their dreams come true, Keith knows it will take a mindset of determination to see these and other goals realized. But with his never-ending commitment, there’s no doubt Keith will succeed.

Brad Reifler Helps People Learn About Investing

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Brad Reifler is prepared to help as many people as possible with their investing needs, and he is showing everyone that they have better options than dreaming about the stock market. That means that all these people need to have a better place to go for help, and that is why they can come to his company at Forefront Capital for help. His company has made a commitment to helping people who are in need of assistance, and he wants to be sure that all the people who invest with him can do it even if they are not big investors.

Someone who only has a small amount of money to invest will be able to work with Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital on their new investments. They will learn quickly how easy it is for them to make the most money from a tiny investment, and there is even a fund at Forefront Capital that works for people like this. Brad Reifler has trained all his people to offer better customer service, and he wants all his clients to know the best ways to invest. There are a lot of options for new investors, and most of them get in too far over their heads to fast. Brad Reifler says that people should move slower, do their research and find a good brokerage house to help. Those three things together can change life for the better, and it helps the people who are most in need of assistance.

The plan that Brad Reifler has put together at Forefront Capital helps people with some small amount of money to invest, and the customer service they offer is much higher quality. It is simpler for people to start small, and that is why Brad Reifler is so committed to the cause. Follow him along on his website, in addition to social media like Twitter where he can be found @BradleyR.