Limp-Haired Beauty Writer Samples WEN By Chaz Luxurious Cleansing Conditioner

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There are a few beauty treatments that come along to change the face of the world. One of these would be modern braces made of clear, plastic aligners. Another would be WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioners which feature the no lather shampoo method.
Both are brilliant concepts, and when it comes to beautiful hair, healthy is the only way to achieve it. Famous hair guru, stylist Chaz Dean invented the no-poo treatment after he saw how regular store shampoos and conditioners were damaging hair year after year. His unique formulas are organic and plant-based, offering rich, natural ingredients to bathe and nourish every strand.

WEN by Chaz uses zero sulfates and zero lather to properly wash and condition the hair, even on the most sensitive scalps. His treatments are designed for every hair type out there and made of the highest quality standards. Maybe that’s why his celebrity clientele remain loyal to the WEN by Chaz brand, because it works well. Wen products are available on cosmetics stores like Sephora and on Amazon online.

Beauty blogger Emily McClure desired that gorgeous, full-bodied, shiny Hollywood hair, so she decided to try the famous no-poo method for seven days and report her findings to

Immediately, Emily fell in love with Wen‘s amazing cleansing conditioner in FIG, as she massaged the product while in the shower. She felt her strands almost double in volume, soften in texture and then deliver shine and body when she blew it dry.

Emily offers these great tips to achieving the ultimate from WEN by Chaz:

1. Don’t be afraid to use a large amount of product on your hair. Emily skimped, and probably could have gotten even greater results.

2. WEN by Chaz is not for lazy girls. Beautiful hair is pampered hair. Wash with WEN every day.

3. Take the time to blow-dry and style your hair.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Is The Choice Of The People

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When it comes to the people, they are the ones that have the power when it comes to certain things. They can make or break a company, a movie, or a business of any sort. When they speak, people listen, as they are the true test of success. That is why it is great there are sites like out there to help people make decisions. When it comes to their hard earned money, they don’t want to doll it out to just anyone. They want to make sure they are giving their money to a company that has earned it and they will get their money back and then some. They want it to be a wise investment. One of the wisest investments out there is Goettl Air Conditioning.

Besides the work of Ken Goodrich and his talented staff, it is the people that have helped Goettl Air Conditioning stay in business for over seven decades and been as successful as they have been. They have spoken about Goettl Air Conditioning and they have spread the word to everyone they know. People listen to each other, trust each other, and rely on each other. If something was not right, they would be the first to come out and say something about it. However, they have seen how well they have installed products and repaired products. They have seen that the work speaks for itself and is grade A work.

Quite frankly, Ken Goodrich would not have it any other way. His name is attached to this as his head of the company. Because of this, they have a responsibility to give back to the people and to uphold that name and keep it going for as long as they wish to do this, which is hopefully a long time for the people of Arizona.

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Lime Crime Velvetine Shades Are Perfect, But These Five Shades Work Best for Fall

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Lipstick is probably the most controversial cosmetic product simply because some women love it while others cannot stand the thought of wearing it. Personally, I love lipstick and believe that there is a color for every occasion. Though it can be difficult to find the appropriate shade and texture, the adventure is exciting nonetheless. As a lipstick aficionado, I know brands and Lime Crime is a personal favorite. When Celia Leslie made a video trying on twenty-four Velvetine shades, I was as obsessed with the colors as I was with Celia’s perfect, pouty lips that acted as her canvas. Though I would wear all of these shades, the five that work best for the upcoming fall season left me the most awestruck.


The name is not the only fitting element of this seasonal color, but the very shade itself punctuates the already cozy feeling of fall with bold, spicy undertones. I would wear this deep orange color from September to December anywhere from school to casual office Fridays with an all black outfit potentially complete with a festive scarf.


This beautiful brown color is reminiscent of the 90s, a factor that highlights just how versatile it is. Personally, this would be a daily lipstick for me because the color is subtle without being unnoticeable. Paired with a business suit or a t-shirt and jeans, Shroom is the perfect match for just about any ensemble.


Red is my favorite color of lipstick, so it is no surprise that this deep red shade would be my absolute favorite. Though red lipstick makes a statement and might not be appropriate for all settings, you are able to wear this for special occasions, to display your excitement that it is the weekend, or out on the town.


What screams fall more than a lipstick called Pumpkin? I would wear this orange shade at the Thanksgiving table, while apple picking, and even if my outfit needs the appropriate pop of color.

Red Velvet

Again, I love red. This deep shade allows anyone to channel their inner pin-up girl and is relaxed enough to be a daily choice.

Lime Crime cosmetics are incredibly diverse, which allows them to satisfy even the finickiest of makeup lovers. With nearly thirty shades and counting of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blush, Lime Crime is a personal favorite for me and never has me feeling lost when it comes to my makeup choice for the day. Lime Crime is a timeless company deserving of more credit, and this brief mention of their fall colors only brushes the surface of the endless possibilities of this cosmetic line.

Brad Reifler Helps People Learn About Investing Intelligently

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Brad Reifler is prepared to help as many people as possible with their investing needs, and he is showing everyone that they have better options than dreaming about the stock market. That means that all these people need to have a better place to go for help, and that is why they can come to his company at Forefront Capital for help. His company has made a commitment to helping people who are in need of assistance, and he wants to be sure that all the people who invest with him can do it even if they are not big investors.

Someone who only has a small amount of money to invest will be able to work with Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital on their new investments. They will learn quickly how easy it is for them to make the most money from a tiny investment, and there is even a fund at Forefront Capital that works for people like this. Brad Reifler has trained all his people to offer better customer service, and he wants all his clients to know the best ways to invest. There are a lot of options for new investors, and most of them get in too far over their heads to fast. Brad Reifler says that people should move slower, do their research and find a good brokerage house to help. Those three things together can change life for the better, and it helps the people who are most in need of assistance.

The plan that Brad Reifler has put together at Forefront Capital helps people with some small amount of money to invest, and the customer service they offer is much higher quality. It is simpler for people to start small, and that is why Brad Reifler is so committed to the cause. Follow him along on his website, in addition to social media like Twitter where he can be found @BradleyR.

Susan McGalla speaks the truth about women in business

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Marketing and branding expert Susan McGalla has recently been using her own unique position as a top executive in the retail industry to try and encourage other women and young people to set gender aside in the search for a successful career. McGalla has recently given a number of talks and interviews detailing her own views and opinions on the gender debate within business. The founder of the P3 Executive Consulting group has explained how Susan McGalla believes many of those who offer their opinion on the role of women in business do little more than provide buzzwords and well known tips and tricks for developing a career in a male dominated industry.

McGalla herself has not used gender as a reason for either her successes or failures, but has instead taken a view of business that does not include gender as a major issue. The former brand executive at American Eagle grew up in a male dominated household with two brothers and a football coach father. Growing up in this atmosphere did not diminish the ambitions of Susan McGalla, but instead saw her parents and brothers encourage her not to look at situations in terms of gender. Instead, McGalla has been looking for success on a personal and company level without worrying about gender or personal issues affecting her chances of success.

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Susan McGalla is often held up by those looking to assist women in their search for business success as a role model because she has pushed into a male dominated world and achieved success. The P3 company founded by McGalla now handles the decisions about branding and marketing made by some of the top companies in North America and around the world. This comes after McGalla joined the American Eagle clothing brand as a regional buyer and worked her way through the company to become a brand and marketing executive, which has become her niche area of expertise. The executive has become a go to person for those individuals and companies in the financial industry who are looking to extend their reach into the world of retail on Bloomeberg, which has proved profitable for both the companies represented and McGalla herself.

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Family Values And Business Combine For Duda Melzer

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The 21st century is not always known for the values of business leaders who are heading some of the top companies in a variety of industries; however, newly appointed Brazilian media industry leader Duda Melzer is looking to change this with a focus being placed on the family side of the business. The need for the family side of business to be appreciated by Duda Melzer can be found in the history of Brazilian media giant, the RBS Group; Duda’s full name is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer and is the third generation of the Sirotsky family to head the RBS Group since it was founded in 1957 by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho.

Duda Melzer has recently been appointed CEO and President of the RBS Group after his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky, stood aside in his favor as the new challenges of the digital age were recognized as requiring new leadership in the 21st century. Melzer has already looked to reassure members of the journalism community that the focus of the company will remain on high levels of professionalism in this area, but new areas of growth have also been prioritized under a three pronged plan created by Melzer.

Business growth will be sought out in the future under the eBricks banner, which is a technology focused investment group also headed by Duda Melzer and members of the Sirotsky family who share his experience in the financial industry. The traditional areas of the RBS Group will remain an important aspect of the company with a new focus placed in integrating them with new technologies; finally, Duda Melzer believes a major investment should be made in education as he looks to lead the Sirotsky family business to greater levels of success without losing sight of the historic success of the company.

Marc Sparks: An Entrepreneur of Entrepreneurs

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The very first thing that one should know about Marc Sparks is that he is an entrepreneur like no other. He is one of the people who have started tons of successful businesses and worked with people on ideas that are very challenging almost to the point of being seemingly impossible.

He is also a faithful person who believes in the grace of God. He is willing to do everything he can with what he has been given. One of his philosophies is of whom much is given, much is expected. He is also thankful to God for the challenging circumstances and even devastating occurrences for the lessons that comes with it about responsibility and success.

Given his success as an entrepreneur, many wouldn’t know that he has graduated with a C+ average. He attributes his success to the grace of God. He is also willing to share a lot of what he has with others that are in a similar circumstance as he is. Now given that he is a very successful entrepreneur, he has plenty of failures that he took on before he was finally blessed with successful businesses.

According to CrunchBase, Marc Sparks has detailed his journey with a book called “They Can’t Eat You“. This book looks into everything that he has tried. He considers it a hard and painful book to write. He does believe that people will learn a lot from his failures as opposed to his successes.

Even as a successful entrepreneur, Marc has had days of poverty. He was actually poor to the point that he had to buy groceries with a Texaco credit card. However, that didn’t take away his excitement and zeal for life.

One of the things he is often asked is if he is afraid of losing. His response is that he does enjoy winning, but he understands that it is impossible to win everything. Marc Sparks has also never lived with the intention of becoming a billionaire. His mentality with business is that he wanted to help solve challenges that humanity faces.

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2 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Online Reputation

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Without a good Reputation Defender review and management team, a business simply will not get any customers, and that means the business will not be seeing any profit on their services or goods.

Many business owners and CEO’s are using the Internet to help manage their reputation, whether it’s for getting their names out, recovering from poor reputations, or maintaining their reputation.

According to Cheryl Conner, a writer for Forbes, published an article on things that any entrepreneurs can do to help boost their reputation as a business.

1. Take advantage of social media

There are so many options with this. With the emergence of massive social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn and with more and more people using these services, it is almost foolish not to have at least an account on one of these sites.

Having an account on one of these websites allows you to connect with your customers by giving them updates on important events, responding to their comments, and even answering questions that they might have.

2. Update your website

If you are planning on running a business in the 21st century, you better have an official website for your business. However, just because you set up a website for your company, that doesn’t mean your work is done.

Just like how people on social media keep others updated on their life events, you need to keep your website up-to-date. For instance, if you are planning on changing the price of your sales item, be diligent and update your prices.

Simple things like this will make your website look much more professional, and it allows you to present to the customers the correct information that they need. If you were a customer, would you ever do business with someone that gives you incorrect information?


While it may sound tedious, these things can help boost your reputation. Don’t be lazy and start with the simple things that you can do today to help grow your business.


Nizan Guanaes: The High Ranking Marketing and Advertising Executive from Brazil

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Advertising and marketing are two terms that are often used interchangeably to refer to the process of promoting a company’s products and services. However, these two terms, though they contribute to a similar objective, differ from one another. It is important to understand this difference in order to successfully streamline a company’s customer acquisition strategies.

Understanding the Difference

Marketing is the process that a company uses to prepare their product for the market. The company must understand and appreciate the target customers and what they want. It includes properly designing elements like logo and color. This is to align the product to the interests of the market. On the other hand, Advertising is the process of communicating with the target market. It refers to spreading the word to the public about the products and services offered by the company.

Nizan Guanaes

53 year old Nizan Guanaes is the founder and current chairman of Grupo ABC. The Brazilian holding group is composed of 18 companies that deal with advertising, entertainment, content, and specialized marketing services. It is currently the 19th biggest marketing communications group globally. The group received a nomination from the World Economic Forum as a huge global growth company.

Guanaes has received several top honors throughout his career. These include: Highly influential Brazilian (Financial Times), Advertising Age magazine included him in their list of 21 global media and marketing influencers while Fast Company Magazine named him in their 100 most creative businesspersons’ list.

Guanaes has dedicated over 20 years to social causes that appeal to him. These are mainly based in education, preservation of Brazilian cultural heritage and entrepreneurship. His other social work projects and involvements include the Clinton Global Initiative, World Economic Forum, Council of Americas, Endeavor, and UNAIDS (HIV prevention). He serves as the president of Association of Entrepreneurs Friends of UNESCO Brazil. He has also been instrumental in creating the Together for Girls initiative.

Nizan Guanaes

All you need to know about Medicare Advantage Plans

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Medicare advantage is a health insurance program in the United States for managed healthcare. It serves as a substitution for Original Medicare parts A and B. Part A of medicate give the provision for payments for hospice, nursing services and inpatient care. This excludes the services of surgeons and physicians. On the other hand, party B provides payments to surgeons, physicians and other medically necessary outpatient hospital services. These would include diagnostic tests and x-rays. The processing of original Medicare claims payment is done through the centers of Medicare and Medicaid services.

On the other hand, Medicare Advantage is provided by commercial insurance companies. These companies would then receive compensation from the federal government in order to provide both parts A and B to those who enroll to the program but do not process claims through the CMS. Since the 1970s the beneficiaries of Medicare would choose to receive their benefits through private health plans as an alternative to using Original Medicare according to Rick Shinto.

When someone enrolls to a Medicare Advantage plan, Medicare would pay the private health plan an agreed amount each month for every member according to Penelope Kokkinides. It should however be noted that Medicare Advantage plans are mandated to offer a benefits package that would at least be equal to Medicare and able to cover everything covered by Medicare. However, it is not a must that they cover every benefit equally.

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Due to the need to have the right healthcare management, there have been institutions that have come up to offer just that. One of these is InnovaCare Health. This is one of the leading providers of Medicare Advantage plans. InnovaCare are committed of providing the right direction in healthcare by coming up with sustainable and effective strategies that will fully integrate with the current technological world.

InnovaCare has operations in two Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico; PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. To date, the company has a membership of over 200,000 people and is served by a network of 7,500 professionals. Apart from these, they are also mandated with the management of two Medicaid plans with the Government Health Plan (GHP). They do this through coordinated care model.

In realization of the dynamic healthcare setting, InnovaCare thrives to put patients their priority by providing quality healthcare in time. Their mission is to make is much easy for patients across North America to get access to healthcare with less hassle.