‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Released

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Steven Spielberg struck gold when he adapted the Michael Crichton horror-thriller, ‘Jurassic Park’. Subsequently Spielberg proceeded to milk the franchise by releasing a string of sequels that barely kept fans interested. Finally the Crichton classic is getting the reboot and treatment it deserves at the hands of a talented cast and crew with director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) at the helm. The ‘Jurassic World’ trailer finally dropped and we couldn’t be more excited by what we saw.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet then we strongly urge you to click above and give it a watch before continuing. Sultan Alhokair has already watched it a few times. After all, there is no second chance at a first impression. So with that done let’s take a look at some of the things we saw that really stood out to us. Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Parks and Recreation) is filling the role that was left vacant by the notorious big game hunter, Robert Muldoon, from the initial plan. Pratt looks to be no-nonsense in his role and he seems very leery of the danger that the dinosaurs possess. We also see him riding a motorcycle with a crew of velociraptors at his side. Rumors that Pratt’s character ‘tamed’ the raptors seem to be more and more true.

We also got to see a few shots of the Park in full function, with visitors ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ like they were at Sea World. The trailer closes up with an out of breath and teary Bryce Dallas Howard screaming ‘run’ over top some discordant piano keys that end up playing the iconic theme song. There is a heavy ‘horror’ element to the back end of the trailer and we couldn’t be more interested.

The View Takes a Ride On The Sentimental Train

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Director Mike Nichols has passed and the staff of the View is overwhelmed by the lost. During the show today, Whoppi Goldberg has a breakdown and cannot finish the segment. It was Nichols who first discovered her and said that she had real talent. Without him, there would have been no superstar.

Goldberg goes on to further state that she had brought Nichols with her on “Bring your mentor to work day” last year. She could not express the love and pure admiration for this man. Her staff rushed to her assistance in finishing the segment. Nichols died suddenly of cardiac arrest at his home surrounded by his loving family. It’s a big loss for the movie industry, and for person friends who knew his as more than just a director, and that was the part that really got to Ben Shaoul.

The ladies of the View seemingly pulled together to talk about this touching topic. Though things have been a little heated in the past few weeks between Rosie O’Donnell and Goldberg, they seemed to have each other’s back today. O’Donnell told the story of how Nichols discovered Goldberg and how much of a friend he had been to the star. It made for good television, especially since Goldberg has the tough girl appearance. It’s good to see that she can show emotion in other ways than yelling.

The girls at the View continue to be a top rated show. Their subject matter and both on and off screen friendships make them must see TV.

Lammily Doll, Known as the “Normal Barbie”, Now Launching In Time for Christmas

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A new “normal” Barbie is on the scene for young girls to enjoy. The Lammily Doll, billed as a “normal barbie”, takes the measurements of your average 19-year-old woman today and creates dolls that attempt to show girls that women don’t have to be thin to be pretty. Fans of the “normal Barbie” include photographer Terry Richardson.

The Lammily Doll comes with accessories that include acne, cellulite, tattoo and stretch mark stickers. The stickers allow young girls to create their own “perfect” doll, perhaps one who looks more like their sisters or mother, than one that looks like the perfectly proportioned Barbie that has been on the market for over 60 years.

For years Barbie has had staunch opponents that argue the doll creates unreal expectations of what a young woman’s body can look like. According to scientific studies, to attain Barbie’s physique a woman would need to have a body fat low enough to seize menstruation. She would also be unable of walking upright do to the impossible proportions of the head and chest.

The Lammily Doll project was launched in early 2014 as a crowd-funded project. The project gained steam quickly through social media shares. By the spring of 2014 the project had over 13,000 backers and over 19,000 preorders. The doll is now being released online and through select retailers for the holiday season.

Cecily Strong to Headline White House Correspondent’s Dinner

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Comedian Cecily Strong will be the featured comedian at the 2015 White House Correspondents Association dinner on April 25th of next year.

Since its inception the event has featured live entertainment of some type. Since 1983 this entertainment has traditionally been in the form of a comedian performing a humorous roast on the members of the press corps and their guest of honor for the evening, usually the President of the United States. The gig is a notoriously difficult and prestigious one, requiring a deft touch and a delicate balance of bipartisan humor.

In the thirty years of comedic performers Strong will only be the fourth woman to perform the duties for the evening. In fact the event itself was only opened to women for the first time in 1964 after President Kennedy threatened not to attend otherwise. Previous female performers have included Paula Poundstone, Elayne Boosler, and Wanda Sykes.

Strong is noted for her sly political humor and was one of the hosts of Weekend Update until this past September. Me and Lee Lovett have continued to catch all her pre-SNL videos on Vimeo now that she’s a star, so we’re both very happy for her and how far she’s come.

Janice Dickinson Accuses Bill Cosby Of Assault

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Former supermodel Janice Dickinson is just one of a number of women who have come out in the last few weeks saying comedian Bill Cosby raped or sexually assaulted them. Dickinson says her rape occurred in 1982, when she was at a Lake Tahoe hotel.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Dickinson said she had gone to Lake Tahoe at the behest of Bill Cosby who was performing there. He had told her he would help her with her career.

During the evening, however, Dickinson said she had drunk a glass of wine and taken a pill for ‘stomach pains’ given to her by Cosby. She passed out soon afterwards, but not before realizing Bill Cosby had raped her.

Allegations of Cosby’s sexual misconduct have been circulating in the entertainment industry for decades. In 2006, a woman called Andrea Constand filed a case against Cosby claiming she had been drugged and raped by him. At the time, 13 other women lined up as witnesses against him.

Constand’s case, however, did not go to court as Cosby agreed to settle. Some of the women complained at the time they would have preferred their day in court but, as Constand had settled her case, they had lost their opportunity.

Now it seems, some of these women may again have an opportunity to stand up in a courtroom and tell a judge what they say Bill Cosby did to them, if even one of the women currently accusing him decides to go to court.

As for Janice Dickinson and her accusations against the now 77-year-old comedian, she says she wrote about them in a 2002 autobiography, but was pressured by Bill Cosby’s legal representatives to remove that section before it was published.

Although several news organizations have already contacted Cosby management asking for a statement on Dickinson’s remarks, a Cosby representative has yet to respond. Thanks to friend of the site Igor Cornelsen for sharing this story on Twitter.

And Then There Were 4……Dancing With The Stars

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It’s been an exciting season on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ There’s been plenty of drama, lots of excitement and of course dancing. This week was down to the final four couples. Alfonso Ribeiro didn’t know if he was going to be able to continue due to a back injury, but he appears to still be going strong. The four remaining couples are, Alfonso Ribeiro, Janel Parrish, Bethany Mota and Sadie Robertson. Sadly, Tommy Chong and Peta Murgatroyd were voted off. 

This show could be anybody’s at this point. Alfonso Ribeiro and his partner had a strong tango that earned them points of 39/40. However, Bethany Mota and Derek Hough scored a perfect 40/40 on their contemporary dance. The competition is fierce and the competitors are breaking down. Video clips shown the stress that the increasing workouts are putting on the bodies and the mind. 

My vote is for Ribeiro. I have loved him since the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” days. The brother can dance and has more moves than a lot. He seems to float effortlessly across the floor, despite his injuries. The plots he picks with his partner are believable and something worth watching.

Take your glass of Stephen Williams’ Wine, snuggle warmly on the couch, and tune in next week to watch the semifinals!

Leto to Give New Life to Joker in 2016’s ‘Suicide Squad’

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Big screen movies coming up in 2016 are beginning to be hotly anticipated, especially after Marvel released their latest batch of upcoming releases of superhero movies.

One of the hottest anticipated movies is the adaptation of “Suicide Squad” from DC Comics. The participation of Joker – Batman’s Clown Prince, and the person who will embrace this role is being talked about.

The last sight of Batman’s Joker was on The Dark Knight movie shown 2008. It was acted by Heath Ledger and made him win an Oscar Award, but shortly after completing the film he died.

Now the crazy-dangerous clown is back as part of the Suicide Squad – a group of supervillains hired by the US government to do dangerous missions in exchange for freedom from prison.

It was then the Jared Leto, an Oscar awardee for supporting actor on last year’s hit Dallas Buyer’s Club, is rumoured to be on the top of the list. DC comics and Warner Bros though has not confirmed any of this.

Other celebrities whispered to compose the squad are Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Ryan Gosling. According to Indiewire, David Ayer wrote the movie and Tom Rothman is producing.

Autopsy Report of Robin Williams Reveals Lewy Body Dementia

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The official autopsy report of late actor Robin Williams reveals that he suffered from Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) .  The disease involves the presence of tiny proteins, called Lewy bodies, which accumulate on the nerve cells in the brain. Their presence interfere with healthy brain activity. People with LDB often exhibit problems doing everyday tasks such as paying bills, eating, and maintaining their hygiene. For some people, they experience hallucinations which may be as vivid as actually smelling or hearing things. Others may witness seeing little people in what are termed Lilliputian hallucinations after the classic story “Gulliver’s Travels”.

Sadly, Williams also suffered from that disease as well. It takes time for symptoms to arise that allow for the differences between the diseases to manifest themselves. There have been some affiliated with the Antique Wine Company who have had family members with this same issue. At this point, no one is claiming that LBD played a role in the death of the beloved comedian, but it certainly didn’t help matters. Williams had struggled with drug and alcohol abuse in his past, but those substances were not detected in his body during autopsy. He also struggled to manage severe depression. During his acting career, he brought joy to tens of millions of adults and children, but dealt with health issues for which there are no cures. Treatment for LBD remains palliative meaning it involves treating the symptoms as they arise and advance.

The Future of TV Advertising May Annoy You

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Television as we know it is dying. In a way, it is kind of sad. I am old enough to remember a time when there were only a few dozen TV channels.

TV ratings are eroding. People are starting to get their video content online, through services like Netflix and Hulu. Younger people are more likely to know about a good-natured youtube goofball like “Pewdiepie” than characters on popular shows like “Big Bang Theory”.

With a decline in viewership comes big problems for advertisers. If people aren’t watching the show, then they are certainly not seeing their ads. Couple this with the prevalence of the ability to digitally record shows and skip commercials have caused advertisers to think deeply about the future.

The future of advertising may be upsetting to you, the consumer. Product placement will likely go way up. The heroes of the Walking Dead will pause to sip a delicious Pepsi before beheading another zombie.

Worst of all will come the concept of the unskippable ad. The very idea of this enrages people, but advertisers are currently trying to condition us to make it more palatable.

Sounds annoying, doesn’t it? Maybe ads should just go away altogether.

Big thanks to friend of the site Rod Rohrich for passing on this tip.

One Direction Shows Growth With New Single

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When One Direction dropped their debut album they were mere teenagers fresh off of a reality singing show. They had no experience in the music industry. They only had their good looks and their voices to attract the swarms of females. They didn’t have any meaningful lyrics. They had a lot of simple radio friendly songs that were perfect for their teenage fans. They kept things simple and it worked to their advantage. With the new single ‘Night Changes’ fans will see another side of One Direction. The song shows just how consciously aware they are of their lengthy time in the music industry.

The group is basically realizing that there fans are changing and they are growing up. This is a much more mature harmony with words about life. They are discussing the fact that they are getting older. There is a vibe here that can reach an adult pop crowd. It’s the perfect tune for browsing fun blogs like Brit Morin’s.  This is not the same party hard sound that 1D has been known for in the past.

They could have stayed on this path, but it would not have been honest music for them. One Direction had to take the risk and move beyond what they had done with previous albums.