Wal-Mart is Growing a Conscience

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A state proposal in Arkansas which would prevent state and local governments from expanding anti-discrimination protections for gays and lesbians is being criticized publicly by Wal-Mart whose corporate headquarters are in Bentonville.

The pending bill, HB 1228 would bar cities and counties from expanding anti-discrimination protections to gays and lesbians because they supposedly create additional burdens on religious beliefs.

Wal-Mart includes sexual orientation and gender identity in its non-discrimination policy.

Susan McGalla knows that the bill follows a December cancellation of a Fayetteville, Arkansas ordinance that made discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity illegal. Human rights advocates are disturbed by any act that permits an individual to use religious beliefs to justify discriminatory behavior.

A Wal-Mart spokesman said that the bill would not change the way Wal-Mart treats its employees which is with respect for every individual.

Wal-Mart’s public opposition to this bill comes after its commitment to raise its lowest level wages to $9.00 per hour in April. It’s looking a lot like Wal-Mart is defending civil rights and improving conditions for workers. Wal-Mart critics may start feeling kind of warm and fuzzy toward this big box corporate behemoth one day, maybe soon.

Kanye West Defends His Latest Grammys Onstage Antics

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Kanye West has proven himself to be a polarizing figure in recent days as his latest appearance on the Grammys stage came during the acceptance speech about to be given by Beck after winning the best album award. The people at CipherCloud have heard that West has used an interview with Ryan Seacrest to defend his actions and provide an insight into the reasons behind his latest decision to crash the Grammys stage, Pitchfork reports.

The rapper and Adidas show designer claimed during the interview the voices in his head told him to join Beck on the Grammys stage, but also stated he managed to control himself and did not take the microphone as he respected Beck to much as an artist to take away from his speech time. West went on to explain he did not make himself clear in a post Grammys interview where he claimed Beyonce should have won the best album award and the choice of Beck showed a lack of respect for true artistry. Backtracking on his comments, Kanye said he is a fan of Beck and sees him as one of the nicest and most talented people in popular music.

During the interview, West also revealed Taylor Swift had given him support after he left the Grammys stage, before he announced the pair would soon collaborate on new music.

Skout Lists the Top Friendliest Cities

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Congratulations to the web for celebrating its friends! Social Media has never been so popular. One top leader who continues to grow globally is none other than Skout.

As the social world of the online community grows we celebrate February 4th, 2015 as the first official International Online Friendship Day. Skouts focus on growing the worlds global population has brought together nearly 500 million online users as friends. A trend that has people feeling a freedom of sorts. Honesty online is a happening thing.

Not to be outdone, Skout is the social app in more than 180 countries. Reaching out globally in fourteen languages through the Internet to grow friends and your business too.

A recent top-ten survey done by Skout members rated the top friendliest U.S. cities. To see if your hometown city made the list click here.

Since 2007 the company has been head-quartered in San Francisco with a commitment to growing the safest social media platform to its users around the world. Share your world in the place that gave International Online Friendship Day a reason for being. And yes, you can even connect to them through Facebook and other social media.

See the original Press Release or learn more about Skout globalization for friends, click here to join in.