Ellen Pao Can Sue Kleiner Perkins For Punitive Damages

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A judge has ruled that Ellen Pao can sue her former employer Kleiner Perkins for punitive damages. According to the judge in the case, he feels that a juror could potentially find evidence of discrimination in Pao’s case. Pao is suing her former employer because she says she was discriminated against for being a woman.

She’s seeing both compensatory and punitive damages in the case. the compensatory damages are meant just to compensate her for lost wages from not receiving a promotion within the company and being wrongfully terminated. The punitive damages, however are meant to damage her former employer for the discrimination and could potentially top $100 million.

Last week the attorney for the defense asked the judge to dismiss the punitive portion of the suit. The judge, however opted to lave it in, citing that he thought Pao was potentially entitled to the damages from that claim. One of the sources I know, Christian says that the expects them to hand down a ruling in the high-profile case next week.

Pao left Kleiner Perkins in 2012 and is currently serving as the interim CEO of the popular new-sharing and conversation site Reddit.

Is Charlie Sheen Entirely Wrong?

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In the early morning hours today, actor Charlie Sheen tweeted a partially racist message at President Barack Obama with a link to a picture of the President visiting ESPN’s Sports Center to pick his NCAA tournament bracket.

Susan McGalla thinks that Sheen was upset about the President focusing on sports instead of attending to the duties of being a U.S. President. Sheen specifically dragged up the fact that the President didn’t attend the funeral of Major General Harold Greene because he was on vacation.

Sheen’s racist description of the President in the tweet aside, the rest of the rant does bring to light one of the biggest complaints about President Obama by American voters who are both side of the aisle: The President often puts time relaxing with his family ahead of work and disrupts lives in the process.

The President did not allow Greene’s Funeral, the Ferguson shooting or the beheading of a U.S. journalist disrupt his 15-day vacation last year beyond making press statements. No one believes he can do it all or drop everything every time, but these three major events required more attention.

Although presidents need time off, who can forget how one of the President’s golf days in Hawaii upset the wedding plans of a young military couple? How many times has the movement of his cavalcade while he’s on vacation in cities completely disrupted traffic and commerce with little or no forewarning?

Facebook Updates New Community Standards

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On Monday, Facebook unveiled what messages, images and other content are allowed on the social network and why.

The world’s largest social network provided users more guidance on what may cause the removal of a message, for example, violence and sexual exploitation, intolerance, criminal activity or harassment.

Facebook also makes it clear that when it comes to terrorist groups, there won’t be any blame game, nor will they accept content that supports them.

The company, based in Menlo Park, California, said they are not changing the way they regulate content of messages, and although some of the rules for users are new, some “are consistent with the standards we have applied in the past. ”

In a blog posted on Monday, Facebook said it is a challenge to maintain a set of standards that meet the needs of its entire community. People at Anastasia Date have found that over 80% of users are outside the United States and Canada.

“People may have a different view on what is appropriate to share: the video of a joke can be annoying for one person, but may not violate our standards” they wrote in the blog.

Users creating a page or particular content that violates the standards of the site can be reported by the community. Click on the link “report” to notify Facebook, and the company then weighs if the content should be removed or not.

Facebook also released its latest report on requests received from governments around the world in the second half of 2014 on Monday.

Connecting to the World With Skout

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There are a lot of apps out there that are designed to connect users to new people. I have found that Skout is the best by far. It is growing and it has become the best app for making new connections simply because there is such a large database of users. I have excelled in using this app. It has become one of the most popular apps on my phone because I discover new people every day.

When I starting using Skout I was able to make friends in different countries very quickly. It was a like having some virtual pen pals to connect with. I am pleased because this app is so easy to use. It is a global network that is easy to follow. That may be the reason that I access it so much on my phone. It opens quickly and allows me to search the database of new people with ease.

The great thing about this app is that it allows to you connect with people that can provide some solid travel advice. It has been rather easy for people to travel to Brazil and Paris during vacations because I have an inside track. Skout has allowed me to befriend some people that gave me great advice about where to stay and what sites to see.

This app has made my life easier in so many ways. Instead of using Facebook, this is much better to connect with new people. I am introduced to people on a global and a local network as well. I make friends internationally, but I have also been able to go out on a couple of dates with women I met locally through Skout. The app is so helpful with socializing that I can hardly believe that it is free. I have been able to meet some great females that have the same interests that I have. That may be the reason that I prefer this app over others. I don’t have to waste a lot of time searching for profiles. I can get connected to the people that share the same interests that I share much quicker.

Skout has a lot of competition, but so far it has remained the reigning champ. Much of this has to do with the simple fact that this app allows flirting on a global scale. There is truly someone for everyone here. You have the social directory for the globe in your hands with this awesome app.

Bruce Levenson brings UCG to a variety of industries

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The growth of a business to a fully global reach is not something that most people can achieve in the current climate of multinational companies and huge corporations. However, from its founding in 1977, the United Communications Group, UCG, has become one of the most important and best respected provider of analytics and news in the World. The company may not be one most people have heard of, largely because UCG offers its services to a variety of industries where knowledge of the latest trends can be all important. Founders Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz still oversee operations at UCG as the company has moved from the oil and gas industry to provide information and statistics for the information technology industry and many others.

Levenson and Peskowitz have spent a large amount of their careers working together, Levenson was working at the Washington Star as a journalist when the pair created the Oil Express Newsletter in a store room. The newsletter took a modern stance on the problems and issues facing the oil and gas industry, with its up to date news and statistics quickly growing a large following. From this humble beginning UCG was formed and a large number of newsletters already in operation were purchased and given a makeover. Advances in technology have not been ignored by the company, who now provide the majority of their information via the Internet and in real time for those in industries where real time analytics can alter everyday decisions.

Levenson and UCG have not simply stopped at providing information and data for industrial leaders in many areas of the world. Instead, the company also developed the successful GasBuddy app that uses some of the information offered to the oil and gas industries to provide real time gas price information for consumers across the US. The high level of innovation and success achieved by Levenson has given him the chance to live a life that includes part ownership of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise and the chance to give back to many communities around the US.

Deathstroke to Face Off Against the Suicide Squad

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And then came Deathstroke.

Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson, the brutal anti-hero/real villain of D.C. Comics is confirmed for Suicide Squad. The decision to put Deathstroke in the film is brilliant. For one, the very powerful mercenary is a cunning, mean, cruel gun for hire who also has a code of honor. In the comics, he has alternated between villain, hero, and a vicious villain who simply has been unleashed on villains worse than he is.

Deathstroke is the perfect choice for a “bad guy” in an ensemble film comprised of villains. He is going to be ruthless enough to present a real threat to the villains and, at the same time, be distant enough to the audience that no one will root for him. Hence, the emotional attachments of the audience are on the main protagonist villains.

Only a short time ago, fans were confused over the presence of a “C list” villain from the comics playing a major role in the film. The inclusion of Deathstroke brings a solid “A list” character to face off against the villains. Fans like Dan Newlin know that, of course, we are sure to see Deathstroke battle it out against the heroes of the D.C. Cinematic Universe in the future.

Could a Deathstroke solo film be in the future film cards? Surely, someone is planning that in some capacity at the Warner Bros. offices. A great cinematic debut of Slade Wilson just might mean Deathstroke gets to tell his own anti-heroic tale on the big screen.

Social Investors Should Be Rewarded Fairly States Laurene Powell Jobs

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Encouraging social entrepreneurs should be an issue the business world faces together with monetary rewards for those looking to help the world with their business skills, Laurene Powell Jobs believes. Forbes reports a public interview held at Stanford University with Powell Jobs that saw her detail her views and opinions on a number of issues in the political and business arenas. The founder of the College Track organization, which assists low income students in gaining access to higher education stated she believes the business world can do more for social entrepreneurs to provide motivation through monetary rewards that are rarely available through the programs and businesses they found.

Powell Jobs is now estimated to be worth over $19 billion and is ranked as the sixth richest woman in the world, she also founded the Emerson Collective, which is designed to challenge the status quo of the modern world. Her thoughts on how to improve the options for social entrepreneurs include Wall Street creating a fund that rewarded individuals for their work, although she did state the personal rewards were larger than money.

Asked about her personal experiences with gender inequality, Powell Jobs stated she had only experienced this problem as a younger person during a four year period when she worked as a trader on Wall Street. Despite the issues with gender inequality Powell Jobs stated she felt exploring different industries and business options was a good way of making sure an individual found the role that would be the most satisfying in the long term.

Sony and Marvel Want a Teen Spider-Man

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Sony and Marvel are hard at work trying to cast a new Spider-Man. Even though previous reports suggested execs felt the “teenager in love” angle used in all five previous Spider-Man films was played out, Sony/Marvel are interested in a teenage actor. The Amazing Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield is 31 and his replacement is going to be in the 15 years old range. Looks like Sony/Marvel want to stick with the High School Spidey who was popular back in 1963 and also in the Ultimate Spider-Man universe of the 2000’s. (The bulk of the hero’s comic book career saw Peter Parker enrolled in college and later teaching it) The reason for going for such a young character is based purely in marketing. A young Spider-Man draws in a young audience demographic.

Fans at Anastasia Date (Twitter.com) know that several of the heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are well into their 40’s. Having a little youth in the fold is important. Also, a teen actor could play a young Spider-Man for a dozen or so years. Had Garfield continued in the role, he would be a middle aged man trying to pass off as a 20 year old. Credibility really gets stretched at that point.

Obama Administration Backs Same Sex Marriages Nationwide

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The Administration Said Banning Same-Sex Marriages Is Incompatible With The U.S. Constitution

Move over Pat Robertson, and all the other haters that say marriage is only legal for couples of the opposite gender. The President and his cabinet say that’s narrow-minded, antiquated religious separatism, and that thinking has not place in government decision making because the constitution protects the rights of all citizens.

The Obama administration filed a brief that supports gay couples who are in the middle of disputes with states like Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky. These states and others claim gays and lesbians don’t have straight people’s rights. That belief is not what America stands for. What we say and do has an impact on nations around the world, and the administration know that.

This is the first time the administration has publically made a filing with the Supreme Court, and the administration’s message is clear. Gay marriages should be legal nationwide. But, like Bernardo Chua noted this will be a radical switch in perception for the righteous that claim God, through the teachings of the Bible, intended marriage to be between and man and woman. The Bible has been a wonderful teacher when it is read and understood for its story value, but it is also an ornery menace when it is used to fuel the judgmental beliefs of others.

Kelly Osbourne is Leaving Fashion Police

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Recently the show Fashion Police has been coming up a lot in the news. First were stories about Giuliana Rancic’s comments about Zendaya Coleman’s hair at the Oscar Awards. Giuliana mentioned that it looked like Zendaya’s dreadlocks would smell like patchouli oil and weed. The next story in the news had Zendaya reacting about what Giuliana said. Finally was Giuliana’s apology that topped off the Giuliana/Zendaya trifecta of stories.

Now, according to The Daily Mail, we have another one about Fashion Police. Except this one involves co-host Kelly Osbourne. Or, I should say, ex co-host. It has been confirmed that Kelly Osbourne has quit her position as co-host of Fashion Police. Kelly did not quit over Giuliana’s comments however, but she was upset over how the E! Channel and Giuliana handled the whole situation.

According to the sources, the comment Giuliana made about Zendaya was not off the cuff, it was actually written for her to say. While rehearsing their lines, Kelly warned Giuliana not to go ahead with the comment. Obviously they went ahead with the comment anyway and suffered the backlash.

Marcio AlaorBMG knows that, now that Kelly is officially gone, the Fashion Police are attempting to fill her spot. So far it is rumored that Nene Leaks, Khloe Kardashian, and Kristin Cavallari are begin considered as new co-hosts of the show.