Pop Culture: Lasting or Just a Bunch of Fads?

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Whether you’re a HBO junkie, an avid movie-goer, or simply a Lady Gaga crazed fan, pop culture seems to constantly infiltrate our lives. While the ideas that pop culture sends us may seem awesome at the time, do these theories and states of mind really last upon us or is pop culture just a bunch of fads?

Pop culture is basically a set of ideas that expose human habits and culture in general in an entertaining way reports researcher Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. Once these ideas are put out into the stratosphere, Pop culture spreads like wildfire. Sites like YouTube are a great example as viral videos gain millions of views within days and you’ll hear token phrases on the street in no time. While much of the content that is released everyday can be negative, the ultimate affect on the user is up to the user themselves. So does social media affect us for the long term?

Not for the long haul, most people say. Take for example sayings and popular characters from the 80’s. Do you constantly refer to these anymore? While referring to the past can be fun and reflective, people don’t place too much importance on pop culture. After all, you are your own person. Maybe certain media did influence the way you saw things at a certain point, but by putting pop culture on a pedestal you would be giving it control over your life.

While pop culture can be intoxicating at times, its focus is really on creating a testament to a certain point in time. Seasons change and so do people, so don’t invest too much thought in the pop culture fads that surround you. There’ll be plenty more in the future.

UFC 187 Hit Hard and Profits Are Running Away

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The UFC fighting organization is the most popular MMA promotion in the world. The company has grown into a $1 billion corporation, and the UFC regularly hosts pay-per-view events. The UFC was once never seen on cable TV, but now, the company can be seen daily. Some people feel that the UFC has oversaturated Cable television, but it appears to be okay with the hardcore fans of the company like educator Kevin Seawright. However, the UFC’s growth has made the company more visible to ordinary people.

Recently, the UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was involved in a hit-and-run car accident. Jones slammed his vehicle into a pregnant woman, and he broke her arm. Jon Jones then fled the scene, and he was later detained by Albuquerque police. The UFC’s image has taken a severe blow, and the upcoming pay-per-view event has been all but destroyed.

UFC 187 Takes place on May 23, 2015, and Jon Jones was supposed to be defending his title against Anthony Johnson. However, Jon has been removed from the event, and he has been replaced by Daniel Cormier. Also, the UFC light heavyweight championship has been stripped from Jones. The pay-per-view card was recently dealt another fatal blow. Donald Cerrone’s opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov will not be competing at the event. It is believed that Nurmagomedov suffered a debilitating knee injury, and will not be able to compete at UFC 187. The president of the UFC is probably ballistic, but there is nothing he can do about the situation. For more information on this story, visitYahoo! Sports.

Joss Whedon Wanted A Daredevil Movie

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Netflix “Daredevil” series opened up another avenue for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was a critics and fan success and was the most watched Netflix Original series to date. This has prompted a second season order of the series from Netflix. The second season is due to air as soon as 2016. Originally the deal was for one season of the series followed by a season of three other Marvel properties and then a miniseries that would combine all four properties. The other three properties that are coming up are “ AKA Jessica Jones”, “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist”. All of these characters along with Daredevil will team up for “The Defenders” miniseries.

Marvel Studios got the cinematic rights to Daredevil back from Twentieth Century Fox in 2013 according to my friend Jason Halpern, which is why they were able to get the series done. However, Joss Whedon, the writer and director behind the success of “The Avengers” movie, wanted to see Daredevil as a movie rather than a TV series. He claims that he even fought for it to be a movie. He didn’t think that a TV show could capture the kind of mood that Frank Miller had given the character in the comics. After hearing of the success of the show, Whedon relented that TV might be the right place for the character since TV has made such a big change.

It remains to be seen if the second season of “Daredevil” will be as successful as the first.

Marvel’s Daredevil Gets a Second Season

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Fans of the new Netflix show Marvel’s Daredevil can now breathe a sigh of relief. The popular streaming network recently announced that they have ordered a second season of the hit show that is set to premiere in 2016. The show features the story of Matt Murdock, a lawyer by day who fights crime at night using superior senses that he developed after an accident as a child took away his sight.

Daredevil premiered on April 10th to great reviews. As with Netflix’s other original shows, the entire first season was released all at once. It is a move that is increasing in popularity among younger viewers. The model allows fans and Ivan Ong to control when and how they watch the show, all at their own convenience.

Daredevil is considered another hit for Marvel, as the move to Netflix has allowed them to go darker in themes and imagery than they had previously on other platforms. The show will be joined by other Marvel series, with A.K.A. Jessica Jones premiering later in 2015 and Luke Cage sometime in 2016, further expanding the ever growing Marvel Universe.

Executive Producer Drew Goddard will be joined by writers Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez, who will replace showrunner Steven S. DeKnight in the second season as he is set to leave the show.

Tupac Film In The Works

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Tupac Shakur was one of the greatest rappers of all time. The legendary rapper began his career in 1991, and his debut album was titled ‘2pacalypse Now.’ However, Tupac’s debut album wasn’t initially well received. Many years later, though, ‘2pacalyse Now’ gained much respect among rap stars.

Tupac would later reach meteoric success with his third studio album ‘Me Against The World.’ The world quickly realized how talented and special Tupac was. Soon, Tupac would become one of the highest selling music artists of all time. However, Tupac’s career was cut short when he was shot and killed in Las Vegas. Today, Tupac remains one of the most popular rappers of all time.

Movie director John Singleton has announced that a Tupac biopic film is in the works. Singleton directed the classic gangsta film ‘Boyz N The Hood,’ and the film was tremendously well received. Rap fans, such as Jaime Garcia Dias, have been waiting for a Tupac film for the last several years. Recently, biopic films about rap stars have become extremely popular. Movies about Biggie Smalls and the rap group N.W.A have been made, and rap fans supported both projects. A Tupac Shakur film is a no-brainer. However, John Singleton has said that he must get everything right before the film can officially begin production. For more information on this story, visit Rollingstone.