Crystal Hunt On the Rise

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Crystal Hunt is quickly becoming one of the leading ladies of the big screen, but she is no stranger to Hollywood. Her fans may know better than anyone, that Crystal has been getting attention as an actress since she was only 2 years old. Crystal’s acting was first noticed when she began participating in pageants, to show off her natural acting talent. Crystal went on to star in a slew of high profile television commercials, with such a promising start, Crystal has been destined for greatness from the very beginning.

Perhaps Crystal is best known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding from 2003-2006, on Guiding Light, her portrayal of Lizzie was so captivating, that in 2005 she received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. Crystal’s roots in acting, and daytime television, are what has kept her relevant throughout her career. Crystal also took the role of Jill Overton, in the 2005 film The Derby Stallion. Just two years later in 2007, Crystal appeared in the movie Sydney White, as “Dinky.”

Of course, no matter how far she roamed, Crystal Hunt always managed to find her way back to daytime television. In 2009 Crystal took the role of Stacy Morasco, on One Life to Live. One year after her debut on the soap, Crystal left the show, only to return just a month later as her character’s ghost. In 2012, Crystal appeared on the series again, Fans still wait for Crystal’s return to the show in another plot twist.

While living the glamorous life, of a soap opera queen, Crystal somehow found time to own a pet boutique. Her boutique is called My Pets Dream Boutique, and catered to pampered pets, and the owners that loved them. Crystal is known for her love of animals, and has even taken her dog on the set while filming soaps. In 2014, Crystal produced her first film “Talbot County.” Currently, Crystal is starring as herself in the reality series Queens of Drama, while also getting lots of attention for her role as Lauren, in the summer hit Magic Mike XXL. Anyone who didn’t know Crystal Hunt before, will not forget her name after this summer. Lately, you can’t talk about Crystal without bringing up her character in Magic Mike, even she agrees that this movie is going to launch her into super stardom. Crystal is breathing new life into the cult film, and proving once again that she’s here to stay.

Buffett Says Anyone Can Turn $40 to $10 Million

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When Warren Buffett speaks, usually he has an understanding about what he is talking about. Recently he told a small group of investors that it is possible to turn $40 to $10 million, you just have to take his simple yet sound advice.

Buffett tells a story about how if you purchased $40 worth of Coca Cola stock back in 1919, it would be worth near $10 million today. Now one thing is for certain, that $40 in 1919 is not the same as 2015, but if you want to compare numbers that way, it only amounts to $500 in today’s money. It was not the timing of the investment or the circumstances like sugar prices either, it all comes down to the company itself.

Buffett warns that no investor like Christian Broda should try and time the market. Trying to buy on the bottom and sell at the top is a recipe for disaster. No one can tell when a company will and will not encounter trouble. The key to growing that money is choosing a sound company and getting in the game sooner than later. If you can put even a small amount of money in stocks that you believe in, time will do all the rest. Stock splits alone could mulitply your investment at record numbers, you just have to believe the company is going to be around and let them worry about all the details while you leave your money alone to grow and work for you over the years to come.

Brazilian Author Jamie Garcia Dias

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Authors come in all shapes and sizes and write about anything and everything. Being an author means being creative and also being able to effectively get your point and feelings across in words. Most writers just want their work to be known, and to be loved. They want to enhance the lives of their readers in one way or another. Authors come from all countries as well.

There is a Brazilian author named Jamie Garcia Dias. He has won numerous awards in the literary world for his works. Jamie began writing when he was just a young 15 years old. He wasn’t new to the writing world though as his father, Arnaldo Dias was a writer and journalist and he learned quite a bit from him. Jamie also had years of education and training on writing and how to be a successful author and he did not let any of that go to waste. Jamie Garcia Dias has over twenty published books and is known as one of the main writers of Brazil fiction literature.

Although Jamie Arnaldo Dias is a famous author from Brazil, he is not the only one. T here are people like Paulo Coelho, who although had a rocky start in life by being in a mental hospital until he was 20. He has become the highest-selling Author in Brazil. Adriana Lisboa is one of the newest authors in Brazilian literature. She currently resides in Colorado, but still writes her novels about Brazilian culture.

If you love books like I do, you should broaden your horizons and check out these amazing authors, along with many more from many different areas. You are never too old to stop reading or stop learning. Why not go out today and pick up a few books from Brazilian authors like Jamie Garcie Dias today?

The Social Security Disability Fund Will Be Out Of Money Next Year

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The government has repeatedly said that Social Security is in trouble. The lack of financial foresight by Congress has depleted the Social Security disability fund, and that means 11 million Americans will feel the financial impact of this very disjointed Congress. The government will have to make some drastic cuts in Social Security benefits in 2016, and it’s not going to be pretty or well accepted.

Disability benefits will have to cut by 19 percent next year unless Congress wakes up and injects more money into the fund. The most annoying fact about this shortfall is the lack of urgency that lawmakers have when it comes to Social Security benefits. Lawmakers can bail Wall Street out in a matter of days, but they ignore the security of millions of people for years.

Susan McGalla, the Pittsburgh based consultant, and the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Steelers knows how annoying lawmakers can be. McGalla was the CEO of Wet Seal and president of American Eagle Outfitters, so she has experience dealing with lawmakers and their finicky financial deals. This new revelation is no surprise to McGalla.

Disabled workers receive an average monthly benefit of $1.017. If Congress doesn’t act by injecting money into the Social Security fund, those disabled workers will lose about $193 a month, and that could just be the beginning of this financial nightmare.

Housing Market Sees Mixed Signals In Recovery

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The housing market has struggled ever since the 2008 recession. Despite the economic recovery over the past seven years, housing has not demonstrated consistent growth like economic indicators have. Large construction projects owned by Shaygan Kheradpir
are still hard to come by, and most remain rentals, as banks have shown a reluctance to finance for sale projects such as condominiums.

Recent housing data continues to send mixed signals. Although multi family housing starts have increased over the past several months, single family home starts for June of 2015 were at a three month low. This is particularly surprising given that June is the start of the construction season.

The mixed data from the housing market will require investors to give particularly strong scrutiny to their investments. Some Real Estate Investment Trusts continue to go forward and recruit new investment minds. The NexPoint Residential Trust has appointed James Dondero as Chairman of the Board. Dondero, the President of Highland Capital Management, will provide leadership to Nexpoint as it seeks investment opportunities in a turbulent real estate market.

It may be too much for real estate investors to ask for the sky high returns of the 1990s and early 2000s. As the recent data shows, the real estate recovery remains sporadic, and investors looking to recoup profits from the market will have to be prepared for greater volatility than in the past.

How Joseph Bismark Is Changing Business

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I have found out recently an article about Joseph Bismark on Please Don’t Ask Alice, and it has recently inspired me in so many ways. Joseph Bismark is changing the way business is growing. He has been one of the few people that has changed the way corporations grow their business. Joseph is one of the few people in the business marketing industry that didn’t grow up normally the way other corporate managers and CEOs of companies may have been brought up. Find out how Bismark is using his off upbringing as a way to help businesses and change people’s lives, along with inspire people like myself to become a better businessman.

Joseph grew up as a normal young kid, but when he turned nine years old, he decided to become a monk. He studied the beauty of learning and being in connection with God. He moved to the Mac ashram amounts right in the Philippines, and that is where he spent the next several years. He studied, meditated, and understood the beauty of one’s spirituality and finding one’s soul in life. He then left at the tender age of seventeen to work in the corporate industry, and it is there’s where he developed the knowledge that would eventually turn him into the managing director for the IQ Group, along with one of the co-founders of the QNet family.

His Philosophy On Business 

The one thing he has always believed in is the power of team work. He knows how to work with his employees and bring them to a new level of knowledge straight off the bat. He believes that everybody in any way can learn and excel in their craft. With just a quick push, you too can lead people to excellence in the workplace. I have found that the teachings of this man are very high level and can work for almost any type of business in the industry. He never seems to let his spirituality and upbringing stop him; instead he is using it as a way to improve upon everything at work.

4 Exercises for Every Navy Seal

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Everyone who has seen a Military Special Forces individual can attest to the fact that each one is extremely fit and ready for action. Their training is demanding both physically but also mentally. Though each individual who partakes in the special forces is extremely fit, they are also more prone to injury.

A Navy Seal must train in extreme and grueling conditions. Some examples of the training is swimming in a pool with a weight strapped on or fast roping from a helicopter. The result of this Lime Crime grueling training method is a body that has compromised movement and mobility. The training can cause extreme pain to both the muscles and joints within the Seal’s body.

Doctors have come up with 4 tips to help any pain while training.

1.) Modified Pigeon Stretch

Get on all fours and bring your right knee to hit your left calf.

2.) Lat Hang

Use a pullup bar to do this exercise and make sure that the feet are resting on a bench that is located in front.

3.) Belly Lift Walk

Get into pushup position with the hands elevated on a small step or box. Make sure that the legs are straight.

4.) Couch Stretch

Start on all fours with the feet on the wall. Then step the other leg forward.

Beneful Dog Food Helps Make a Dog Park in Burien a Reality

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On June 30th, the community of Burien outside of Seattle, Washington drew one step closer to realizing Kellie Bassen‘s dream of making a lovely new dog park a reality. Beneful Dog Food supported the community-wide effort on behalf of local pooches and their owners by making a generous donation of $20,000.

Beneful Dog Food originated in 2001. The firm’s popular Facebook page has already received well over a million “likes,” a reflection of the popularity of Beneful’s flavorful variety of pet food products.

Kellie Bassen helped inspire efforts to establish an exercise facility for dogs in Burien when she contributed a pirate-themed entry in a national dog park contest offered by Beneful in 2013. Although Burien did not win, Kellie’s entry became a runner up in the influential competition. Afterwards, she continued to work with other members of the Burien community to attract support for the new dog park. Visit Beneful on petco for great deals.

The volunteer efforts paid off. On June 30th, residents of the Washington community celebrated achieving their $60,000 target ahead of schedule. The volunteers from Burien raised $15,000, a sum matched by funds provided by the City of Burien. Beneful Dog Food Company donated $20,000 and Burien Chevrolet and Burien Toyota contributed $10,000. Highline Public Schools donated the land and LAStudio LLC, an architectural firm offered pro bono work drafting the designs.

New PAC Rules Impact Presidential Campaigns

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Since the previous U. S. presidential election campaign in 2008, significant changes have occurred that impact the rules concerning political action committees (“PACs”). Currently, although individual candidates may only accept maximum donations from any single individual contributor in the amount of $2,700, funds called Super PACs may raise unlimited amounts to advertise civic issues that could affect the perception of candidates in the race.

The changes to rules concerning PACs hold a variety of interesting consequences for political campaigns this year. In the crowded Republican presidential primary field, for instance, experts estimate that Jeb Bush will benefit from an estimated $114.4 million dollars, through direct campaign contributions and through supportive Super PACs spending. Candidate Ted Cruz is expected to benefit from $51 million dollars in funds.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s candidacy has already generated an estimated $8 million in a comparatively brief period of time, $2 million in direct campaign contributions and another $6 million in supportive PAC contributions. His entire 2008 campaign raised approximately $9 million.

The Huckabee Campaign also became the first to attract a specifically anti-candidate Super PAC this month. Reportedly, California political consultant Fred Karger established a Super PAC called “Truth Squad 2016.” The PAC press release alleges Mike Huckabee maintained a “horrific record as Governor of Arkansas” in directing publicity to the former Arkansas Governor’s grant of clemency to a prisoner who later ambushed four police officers.

Corey Stoll Interviewed About His Role in “Ant-Man”

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The latest Marvel film, “Ant-Man” comes out in theaters tomorrow. Actor Corey Stoll, who plays the supervillian Yellowjacket in the film, was recently interviewed by ScreenRant about his role in the movie.

In the film Stoll plays Darren Cross A.K.A Yellowjacket, who is the former protege and now enemy of Hank Pym. Pym and his new protege, Scott Lang (who are the former and current holders of the title “Ant-Man”) work to block Cross from selling Pym’s dangerous technology to the highest bidder.

Stoll stated that he loved the fact that Cross is a multi-dimensional villain, one who seems intimidating and successful on the outside but is really a “very small, pathetic, obsessed with beneful, nerdy loser” on the inside.

Although he never actually got to wear the Yellowjacket suit himself, Stoll’s motions and movements were captured so that the filmmakers could use them when creating the miniature version of Yellowjacket. He also wore an approximation of the suit for the large-sized Yellowjacket. Commenting on that outfit, he said it was super fun and then added, “It’s one thing to do that in a low-budget movie where you’re like, ‘I hope this looks good,’ but when you know that they’re the best in the world at what they do, you can approach that with confidence even though you’re in pajamas with pink polka dots all over them.”