Stay Away From Gabon, Says Human Rights Foundation to Soccer Star

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Lionel Messi, who is a star forward for Barcelona, has recently come under fire from the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) for a trip that he took to the African country of Gabon. According to the story on The Telegraph, the football star took a trip to Gabon on July 17th where he met with government officials. He was there in support of President Ali Bongo, who is runs a dictatorship in the country, according to the Human Rights Foundation.

President Ali Bongo has been accused by the HRF as a dictator whose family has had control over the economy and politics in Gabon since 1967. The nonprofit even took its criticism to Twitter to let the world know its stance. Under the rule of the Bongo family, many children have mysteriously disappeared. It is suspected that these missing children were the victims of a ritualistic killing. Further, it is suspected that Bongo, his regime, and the wealthy citizens of Gabon practice cannibalism which they believe will strengthen their position in society. Messi, who is 28-years-old, is a supporter of UNICEF as an ambassador and is an advocate for children’s rights. His visit to President Bongo and Gabon now undermines his credibility as a supporter of those rights, as well as his charitable organizations.

It is reported that Lionel Messi was visiting the central African nation as a guest of honor to see the construction of the Port-Gentil stadium. Messi was on-hand to lay the first concrete stone at the site. The new stadium will be the host of the 2017 African Cup of Nations. It was also reported that Messi was paid for his appearance in Gabon, however the Gabon embassy denied any truth to that rumor.

Alex Gladstein, listed as the Chief Strategy Officer on LinkedIn for the Human Rights Foundation, has spoken to the media saying he was shocked that Messi’s management team would allow him to go to a country that had a human rights abuser as a leader. Gladstein went on to say that if Messi was hoping to do good in Gabon, he should have focused on asking the regime to do something about the missing children.

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 that works to protect the rights of all humans across the globe. The main focus of the HRF is on the treatment of people within a closed society. The Foundation was created by Venezuelan human rights activist Thor Halvorssen Mendoza and is headquartered in New York City. The HRF believe that all humans have a right to certain freedoms such as the freedom of religion, freedom to associate with whomever they wish, to speak freely, to equal treatment, and to be free from being made a slave or be tortured.

Experienced Legal Counsel Makes the Difference

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Securing credible and experienced legal counsel is a must in proceeding with any court or civil action. In many cases, people that go to court utilize counsel that is less than ideal to handle his or her particular situation. Without proper, experienced legal counsel to handle the complex nuances of civil court procedure, as well as the various aspects of applicable law, details vital to the success of a case may be overlooked, to the detriment of the plaintiff.

There are certain criteria that need to be sought out when seeking representation in important legal matters. In many cases, individuals go to the phonebook, select the largest name with the biggest ad, and use that particular lawyer after a brief consultation. The problem with this approach is, in many cases, the council that is chosen might not necessarily be the best counsel to handle the plaintiff’s case. He or she may have limited experience and or resources to deal with the case at hand.

It is best to ask a particular lawyer upon initial consultation if they have had experience in matters of the case you have. They should be able to cite cases that are similar to yours, and the outcome of those matters. In many cases, you will not only get an idea of the litigant’s experience, but also how he handles himself. A helpful, experienced lawyer will not mind these questions, and actually be glad you inquired upon his experience and success level. Dan Newlin is a well known personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

Dan Newlin is a Florida injury lawyer based in Orlando. He and his team have been defending and protecting the rights of injury and accident victims for years, and have recovered more than $150 million on behalf of their clients.

Newlin and his team have received many accolades over the years, including a ranking on the list of the best lawyers in America, a 2014 award for being one of the top 100 verdicts in the National Law Journal, a Client’s Choice Award from lawyer resource and other honors.

For over 15 years, Newlin has given the Orlando and Chicago areas exceptional service. If you are seeking advice regarding a personal injury, car accident or medical malpractice incident, you can contact Mr. Newlin at

Man up with Andy Wirth

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Andy Wirth is a man with a master plan . He us the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings which happens to be the parent company of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts. Yet Andy’s ambition doesn’t end there. Worth fell in love with Sky diving . Sky diving became a huge passion for the young CEO . However Wirth’s passion soon turned into tragedy when a sky diving accident Left him without his arm and almost without his life. Wirth had a new challenge ahead of him. He would need to work hard to get his strength back and recreate how he was going to do life.
Doctors worked hard ad were able to reattach Wirth’s arm . He now has about 70 percent of the use of his arm now , however recovery is still in the process.
After a group of Navy Seals came to Squaw Valley Wirth quickly became friends with them and shared his experience . They quickly adopted each other . Since this chance meeting Worth has raised more than 40,000 for the Navy Seal Foundation. Wirth has went on to compete in the Iron man competition and says a lot of dedication to training comes from the strength he saw in the wounded Navy Seals.
Because of the incredible strength Wirth saw in this men he decided to do something for them. Andy Wirth has complied a group of men to compete in the Iron man competition and while doing so they raise money for the Navy Seal Foundation. The team that Worth complied is called Special Warfare Warrior and they are calling all of us to action. You can make a difference in the life a Navy Seal family who has lost a navy seal or is dealing with a wounded navy seal by going to You can make a donation for the Navy Seal foundation by making a contribution to the special warfare warrior team for the Iron man competition.

Visit the crowdrise page today and make your pledge at

Adam Sender; A Passionate Art Collector

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture is one of the pieces of art that are mostly used for aesthetic value and documentation. Over the years, images have been used in crime investigation as the source of evidence in any given case. This is because most of the images are used as evidence in courts. Tampering with the image or the picture was considered impossible until the recent years where digitization has taken the turn to the wrong. An image is considered as a piece of art. There are different types of skills that include paintings, photography, sculptures and visual arts. Art entails contextualizing of one’s brain in coming up with an image with the aim of passing the required message. Painting is considered one of the ancient types of arts, the portraits mainly focused on personalities of people. The portrait of prominent people was the determining factor of the portrait value. Painting and photography gave the center stage for the development of advanced performing art. In recent years, performing arts has been practiced worldwide as a source of entertainment and a profession. Through its appealing nature, most people have taken an interest in undertaking the field with a dire need to make a difference in society.

Sculpture making is one of the most coveted arts of all times. Sculptures are a source of art made from soft stones. The stones are crafted in a manner to produce an image of a person or any desired object. Most countries in the world have resorted to building a museum to house the work of art. These museums are the major source of tourist attraction since the pieces of art are conserved for many years. This has encouraged people to invest in the work of arts. Adam Sender (Instagram)
is one of the few people who have appreciated the work of art. Through his art collection initiatives, he has as sold and bought some of the best known expensive arts in the United States of America. Having been the founder of Hedge Fund Exis Capital, he is said to be worth a 1 billion dollars in asset investment management. His initiative of art collection, he steadily went up the ladder and became one of the wealthiest and recognized entrepreneurs of all times. His ability to bid on the most expensive art subsequently led to his increase in asset investment. Adam sender is one of the leading art collectors of have left many people emulating his work.

Christian Broda and the Vital Areas of Economics

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The Roles of the Economist
The economic professional has a large role in the world of social science and economics. The entire field of economics has several sub-fields within it. These sub-fields will include:
*the overall economic policies
*the philosophical theories
*financial statement analysis
*economic science
*mathematical science
The professional economist has numerous roles to play and there is much to be covered in the overall field of economics. These are a sample of the sub-fields that are included in the field of economics. The professional economist will have a role in the following areas. There are three main roles that the professional economist will be involved in. These include:
*Government Economist; this will involve international and national data in the area of policy development. This involves interpreting, analyzing, and accumulating this necessary data.

*Academic Economist; this professional will be involved in conducting researches at universities and colleges and will forecast and analyze this data. A PhD is typically required.

*Business Economist; this involves that analyzing and forecasting of the different aspects of the overall economy of the various markets

Monitoring Economic Situations
Economics greatly impacts our lives in many ways on a daily basis. It is vital to have the economic situations monitored. Economic growth needs to be measured and monitored. A nation will monitor a large number of statistics. This will lead to the knowledge and measurement of the economic growth. This includes the measurement of equity and distribution. The monitoring of all
economic situations involves many aspects. These may include:
*future output
*monetary policy
*the overall condition
*the indicators
*global trends
These are just a sample of the economic situations that must be monitored by the professional economist. The economist will play a vital role in the lives of many.

Professor Christian Broda
Professor Christian Broda has much experience and a lengthy history within the world of economics. This is an individual who is also a visionary. He is a professional in the financial area and planning. Professor Broda is the Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management in New York, New York. This is an individual who is well versed in the many areas of economics. He is a respected professional economist with a vital role to play.

The Loss Of CCMP CEO Stephen Murray

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The financial arena brings us many individuals who are notable for one reason or another. Seldom though do we hear of a man who dedicates his life to helping others through the successful dispensation of his duties. Stephen Murray is one such individual.

Stephen Murray was an educated individual who specialized in private equity throughout his career. Attaining a Bachelor’s degree from Boston College in 1984 in economics, and then a Master’s from Columbia in 1989, he knew his chosen field well and proved it daily. Respected by his peers, family, and friends Mr Murray has left behind many.

He started his professional career in 1989 when he took a training program in credit analysis with MH Equity Corporation. This training (and position) led to his move to JP Morgan in 2005 when he headed up the buyout business department. In 2006 he co-founded CCMP Capital and was named CEO in 2007.

His business accomplishments are only a part of what made Stephen Murray CCMP Capital who he was. He always maintained a philanthropic outlook and supported many a good cause. Among these causes included the Make A Wish Foundation and the Food Bank of Fairfield County. He gave of himself to aid those who were in need and less fortunate.

Mr. Murray also sat on the board of many prestigious companies. Among some of them include LHP Hospital Group and CrestCom International. He was also a member of the Board of Trustees at his alma mater with Boston College.

He was a lead figure in the companies where he worked. His knowledge and expertise aided many a client in attaining financial security as well as substantial financial gains. He was trusted in his field by many and viewed as a leader and a shining example of how others should carry themselves and behave.

He leaves behind a wife and three sons whom he loved dearly. Surely his presence will be missed in both his home and professional arenas. He was an attentive husband who excelled in his field, loved his wife, and adored his sons. The financial world has lost a great man who has contributed much insight into equity investments and securities.

At 52 years young the passing of Mr. Murray was not expected. He left this world too soon. His contributions to both family and business will live on for quite some time. May he rest in peace and may those left behind remember him fondly and carry on his work.

The Popularity of Cleaning Services

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Over the past decade, at least, cleaning services have become increasingly popular among people of every demographic and income bracket. When these services were first established and introduced, they were more popular with those with a few extra dollars to spare each week. However, because these companies have decreased their rates, most anyone can afford to have a service come in and clean their home without having to worry about the cost. Not only are these cleaning services affordable, the employees themselves do an excellent job with their work, leaving the homes they work in in clean and immaculate condition.

An up and coming service that’s hit the work force lately is Handybook, or Handy for short. The difference between Handy and other home cleaning companies is that it has a similar resemblance to the car company, Uber. Like Uber, Handy oversees payments and scheduling depending on the supply and demand. The brand is rapidly growing, remaining a contender among its competitors. Their numbers and demand continue to grow, raising $12 million with sales increasing at 60% for three months straight in 2014.

The company itself only houses 50 employees, but freelancers come by the tens of thousands to take on work for them. Currently, the company is only operating out of 25 cities, with offices located in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles, but they’re quickly expanding to other cities. They’ve also recently expanded toward Canada and London, providing service for people there. In a way to knock out the competition, Handybook bought out, Exec, a cleaning business based on the west coast.

Handy has give its customers a great convenience by inviting them to download their app. The app allows the customer to select and time and date of their choosing, decide which rooms need to be cleaned and are then offered a price quote with their city’s tax and a standard tip included within the price. If the price is to the customer’s satisfaction, their card will be charged without worrying about underpaying the employee and overcharging the customer. To ensure the safety of both the customers and the company, Handybook screens all of its employees as well as the freelancers, and will cover the cost if something is damaged or if the customer is not satisfied with the work that’s been done.

With over one million dollars worth of bookings per week, the company is steadily climbing in success and beating out every competitor with the conveniences it provides. Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with being able to book online due to technology becoming as advanced as it has. There’s no longer a need to call a cleaning service or hire a company full time to get a room or two, or even whole houses cleaned. Whenever a customer feels it’s needed, they have the app to turn to whenever necessary.

If Handy keeps going at the rate they’ve been going since the company’s launch, it won’t be long before it becomes the number one choice among consumers. People want it to be as easy as possible to book services and Handy has made it simple.

Bruce Levenson: Banking on Hoops

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Bruce Levenson seems like he was made for business and basketball. Born to a Jewish-American family in Washington DC in 1949, Bruce would later move to Maryland before completing his law degree at Washington University.

Striking Oil in Business

In 1977 out of his apartment, Levenson and Ed Pekowitz developed a newsletter, the Oil Express, which focused on data for the oil industry. This collaboration would later turn into a partnership in founding United Communications Group(UCG). UCG provides valuable data and analysis for the energy, technology, and banking industries among many others.

His business ventures would result in serving on the Board of Directors at both TechTarget and the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association(NEPA). But his most prominent and public achievement would appear in 2004 when he purchased the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

Basketball Dreams

Levenson and Peskowitz formed Atlanta Spirit LLC, later named Atlanta Hawks LLC, to purchase the Atlanta Hawks from the Turner Broadcasting Group. The deal also included the Philips Arena and the partners became the majority shareholders.

By 2014, Levenson announced plans to sell his ownership of the Atlanta Hawks which also includes the Philips Arena. Valuation for the team varied wildly from $425 million to 1 billion. The Hawks group chose Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to manage the sale. The initial bids were due on February 24th and shortly after there was some positive signs after a lengthy sales process.

In April 2015, the Atlanta Hawks had triumphantly made it to the playoffs and Levenson found a buyer. Antony Ressler led a group of investors who made an offer for approximately $850 million to Levenson. This would be both a profitable and noteworthy deal for a man whose had a string of successes.

Giving off the Court

Levenson’s passion for success also meant giving back to the community. Being a Jewish-American, Levenson identified with the struggle and persecution people went through during the Holocaust. His contribution to the Jewish community included the Jewish Federation, Birthright Israel, Seeds of Peace and the US Holocaust Museum.

Philanthropy also extended beyond his community as he’s also made considerable investments in the Community Foundation of Washington DC, I Have a Dream Foundation, and Hoops Dream Foundation who all serve in helping inner city children pursue higher education. Levenson’s remarkable drive for personal and public contribution continues in whatever arena he enters.

New Jersey Apartment Communities – A Lifestyle of Luxury

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As the ever-changing real estate market in New Jersey continues to twist and turn, many people have been reaping the benefits of New Jersey’s incredible apartment and condo rental scene. Unlike a home that places the burden of luxury amenities directly on the owner, apartment communities are able to disseminate that cost among the many residents, making a lifestyle of luxury amenities easily accessible. Many New Jersey apartments have transitioned to become more like 5-star resorts than what you would expect from a typical apartment or condo complex. Today’s developer understanding that people in New Jersey expect luxury and convenience, and are willing to pay the price to obtain it.

Surrounded by highways and waterways, New Jersey is home to many different types of upscale apartment housing. Whether you prefer the hustle, bustle and energy of a more in-town apartment or something that offers lush greenscaping, open spaces and a quiet feel, there is a perfect apartment for you to call home.

New Brunswick luxury rentals like The Aspire, offering luxury apartments near the Rarita River, offer residents access to a complete lifestyle, rather than just an upscale abode. Residents are greeted daily by a 24/7 doorman where they then have the option to choose to simply retire to their apartment or enjoy two green rooftop decks for resident use, a private terrace and a sky deck on the 18th floor. In what has become standard for today’s health-conscious resident, The Aspire offers an impressive fitness center, as well as being just steps away from NJ’s Transit Train Station that directly accesses Manhattan.

Other apartments, such as The Modern, located in Fort Lee New Jersey, go over the top to be popular among the health and fitness buffs, offering cutting-edge fitness center complete with yoga and pilates studio and spin bikes.

While all the perks of these upscale, “lifestyle” apartment communities are great to have, one of the keys it to look at how day-to-day life operates in each community. It is essential to ensure residents have access not only to on-site management, but to some type of residents portal, where questions, concerns and news can be disseminated quickly and easily. Two-way communication with property managers is key, and it is an important factor to consider when choosing an apartment community that best suits your lifestyle. Enjoy apartment hunting and everything New Jersey has to offer!

Shaygan has changed the world of business

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Today’s business world is more reliant on technology than ever before. With more and more of the most high profile businesses being technology companies, and even the companies that are not selling technology are using technology to improve the efficiency of their company. The most successful minds in business today are extremely familiar with technology, and they are able to utilize technology in their business. One of the most experienced business people in the technology sector today is Shaygan Kheradpir.
Shaygan was born in London, but he was raised in Iran. When he was high school aged, he was sent to high school in Switzerland. He excelled in high school, and after high school, he decided to go to the United States for college. He excelled in electrical engineering and ended up receiving a bachelor’s, master’s, and his doctorate from Cornell University. This degree opened a great number of doors for Shaygan.
After receiving his doctorate degree, Shaygan immediately went into the job market. His first job was working for GTE Laboratories. During his time he worked on networking, but he also built his business skills. He worked on management and helped to keep the many projects that GTE was working on. He was a hard worker, that was also extremely talented, and he eventually worked his way up the ladder. He became the Chief Information officer at GTE. The Wall Street Journel credited Shaygan for his ability to keep things progressing on time.
At the beginning of the millenium. GTE was acquired by Verizon, and Shaygan had to once again adapt to the new company. Shaygan quickly adapted and was able to help the company form new and exciting product ideas. Shaygan was credited by the company for his vision, and his ability to keep things on task. Verizon added several technological improvements under Shaygan’s guidance, and these improvements prepared Verizon for a new and exciting future.
Shaygan has been successful at every stop he has made during his career. Shaygan has a wide variety of skills that make him a valuable asset. One of the biggest skills he has managed to acquire is the ability to keep projects on task, and to be able to work with a wide variety of different people. These skills have been especially helpful for Shaygan, but the most important skill for Shaygan has been his ability to understand technology and where the world of technology is going. Shaygan was well educated about the world of technology, and this knowledge has improved his ability to adapt in the rapidly changing world of business.
Just as Shaygan was able to adapt to the world of business because of his ability to look into technology before others knew what they were doing, other businesses that regularly hire technological savvy leadership should also see the benefit of their insight. In order to keep up with the changing world most businesses are now hiring high quality technology experts for a wide variety of positions.