Learn About Bruce Levenson’s Background In Business, Education And More

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Who is Bruce Levenson and what should people know about him? People should know that he is a businessman and he used to own the sports team the Atlanta Hawks. For those who want to learn more about Levenson, they can continue to read the rest of this article.

A Little Background Info
Levenson is a successful businessman and one of the businesses he co-founded is United Communications Group. Not only does he run that company, but he also owns Atlanta Spirit LLC. Levenson has been with UCG for more than 20 years and he has played a major role in the company’s acquisition efforts. Before he co-founded UCG, he was a writer at the Washington Star and Observer Publishing.

Selling The Hawks
A little while back ago, Levenson hired bankers to sell the Atlanta Hawks, and eventually the bankers were able to sell the team. However, Levenson’s bankers actually got less than what they expected, as they initially wanted $1 billion for the team. Asides from the team, the purchase included arena’s operating rights.

As for how much Levenson was able to sell the team for, he didn’t get the billion dollars, but he did manage to sell the team for $730. A group led by Tony Ressler won the auction after they placed the winning bid.

However, it is worth noting that even though Levenson didn’t get the billion dollars he wanted for the team, he still likely made out with a huge profit from the sale.

The businessman is well-educated an d he attended the Washington University, which is where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree. He also attended the American University in Washington, DC, which is where he earned himself a law degree. He has worked very hard to get to where he is today and the education he received has contributed to his success.

Levenson has a big heart and he cares about helping others. In matter of fact, Levenson serves as the president of the I Have A Dream Foundation of Washington. He has been known to be involve with many philanthropic endeavors. Levenson knows the value of working hard, but he also knows the value of helping those in need.

Bruce Levenson is an amazing person, and it shows through his philanthropy work and he is a hard worker, which reflects onto his businesses. If anybody ever gets the chance to work alongside Levenson, then they should feel honored.

Greg Hague’s Revolutonizes Home Selling with 990sellshomes.com

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The 990 Company is designed to revolutionize the way that real estate sales are conducted. Those selling a home may find that they pay a commission as low as $990, while agents often get to enjoy collecting their full commissions on sales that they agree to list under a special agreement with the seller.

For sellers, the program is very simple. They contact an agent who is offering their services through the 990 Company. Once they agree to work with the agent, they then conduct their own open houses, and use other methods to sell their property. If the seller finds a buyer, then they introduce them to the agent who helps to close the deal.

For real estate agents, the program is also very simple. They pay a small monthly fee to be the only agent in a zip code offering their services through the 990 sells homes. The agent then advertises their services and waits for sellers to start contacting them. Once a house is listed, then the agent uses their traditional real estate marketing efforts to sell the home, including listing it with the MLS service.

If the seller finds the buyer, then the agent helps to close the deal for $990. Most of the time, however, agents find the buyer in which case they can charge their normal commission. In addition to the possibility of selling the home for the normal commission, many agents find that it is a wonderful marketing program that introduces them to more sellers than ever before. They also find that the program allows them to work in neighborhoods that they have not yet entered.
This revolutionary program was created by Greg Hague who has been working in real estate for over 35 years. In fact, he has spent his entire life working in real estate, since he started working as an assistant to the janitor in his father’s real estate business. Greg studied for and passed the Ohio bar before moving to Arizona. His Prescott, Arizona, real estate brokerage firm was listed as one of the top 100 luxury real estate firms in the United States. Arizona State University also recognized Greg as the top real estate agent in Arizona. He is very much in demand as a keynote speaker on real estate strategies having spoken in almost every state in the United States.

Sergio Cortes Has Taken On The Life Of Michael Jackson

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There are many Michael Jackson impersonators out there, but not all of them take their jobs quite so seriously as Sergio Cortes does. This man has been dedicated to what he is doing since he first started out trying to imitate the singer. He has always given the job of impersonating the singer his best work, and he has been able to become a great impersonator because of that. People see him and the way that he looks and acts and they immediately think Michael Jackson. They immediately know who he is impersonating, and they come to have a good amount of respect for Sergio Cortes because of how hard he has worked to become the man.
Sergio Cortes loved Michael Jackson since he was a child, and his love for the singer has only grown over the years. He is happy to be able to impersonate the man and carry on the legend that he was. He is happy to be able to look and act just like him, and he has taken quite a bit of time to become the way that he is. He took a lot of time to practice and learn and grow into Michael Jackson, and now people see him as being one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators out there, if not the best one.
Sergio Cortes deserves the title of the best Michael Jackson impersonator. He deserves to be recognized for the work that he has put into becoming the man.

He has put long hours into perfecting his moves and his look, and he is doing the singer an honor through all that he does. He is showing a great deal of respect toward the man, and many people have come to love Michael Jackson all the more through the things that Sergio Cortes has done. They see this impersonator and they remember why they have always loved Michael Jackson so much. Sergio Cortes is an ambitious man who has gladly taken on the life of an ambitious singer, and he should be recognized for what he has done in that.

The Clean Power Plan A Big Win To Andy Wirth

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Andy Wirth has long been a proponent of taking care of nature, looking out for local business, and inspiring change in important ways. Now the Squaw Valley CEO is getting a chance to actually manufacture some real change in the Reno region. As a member of the Reno Airport Authority Board, and a prominent voice around the Reno City Council, Wirth took a moment to release an op-ed through the Reno Gazette-Journal regarding the Clean Power Plan. The Clean Power Plan, like much regarding climate change and the effect that humans have played, has been a divisive subject in Reno. However, Wirth made it very clear where his loyalties lay and why he supports the movement.

In an impassioned plea to readers, Andy Wirth spoke of how the Clean Power Plan could be a chance for the region to lead the way in environmentally friendly energy consumption. Wirth pointed to the poor air quality of the Reno region, the forest fires eating up the countryside, and the proximity of coal burning plants and he used that to launch into a chance for change. The Clean Power Plan, according to Wirth, gives the Reno City Council a way to make a real change for the positive of the environment. Wirth pointed to the CPP as an opportunity for the region to become a 21st Century example of change in the face of dramatic climate change.

Wirth went on to say that many of the largest companies in the world, like Apple and Microsoft, were beginning to seriously focus on minimizing their carbon footprint while pursuing clean energy opportunities. Wirth said that the Clean Power plan was “apolitical” and something that could help benefit the environment and their economy. He spoke of how the change to clean energy could bring in jobs while securing a healthier future.

Andy Wirth has been in the news often for his activities out in nature. He survived a deadly skydiving accident, nearly losing his arm in the process, and was back working for Squaw Valley within months. He’s a nature activist and a sharp business entrepreneur.

The Ultimate Guide To Finding Vacation Rentals In London

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Traveling has become a habit to many and with the availability of modern features that help people to have good times; going out for vacations has become a norm. Therefore, choosing vacation rentals has been something that most people have been trying to come to terms with. Getting an ideal location for a vacation is what disturbs most people as there are many options that are made available. Making the right choice is something that has been highlighted among issues that disturb different people while searching for vacation rentals in London. One needs information so as to differentiate the best rentals from the many that are available in the market. Here are simple tips that you can use while searching for vacation rentals in London.

Using verified websites that are reputable is one way to making the best choice. LondonEscape is a leading provider of vacation rental search and selection services. They have been online for many years and the rentals they have featured all offer top quality services and amenities that guests will like. All the information offered on the website about different rentals is true and allows one to make the right decision. LondonEscape also offers details about places nearby where guests can have some good times while on vacation.

When searching for vacation rentals, it is advisable to look for things that can spoil the vacation. These include noisy streets as well as network issues that can make it difficult to have flawless communication. On is also advised to check on the kind of amenities offered and whether they fit with the expectations offered. This helps you to make the best decision. Transportation is also something that matters when it comes to renting out an apartment for a vacation. Some places are too remote and the kind of transportation that is available is not at par with what most people would like to experience. These are some of the detail one needs to check on to ensure the rentals are located in ideal locations.

Reviews help one to make a perfect decision when searching for vacation rentals. There are many sites that offer reviews about different rentals that are available for users. This is information one can rely on to make a decision about the right vacation rental to choose. Most of these details are available online and can be easily accessed. Search for details that help to reveal the experience of other people with the rentals you want to choose.

Andy Wirth Op Ed Champions Reno’s Clean Power Plan Project

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In early September, The Reno City Council voted in favor of supporting the Clean Power Plan, which is ultimately said to get our country moving in the right direction and away from dirty coal power. The right direction would be in the way of cleaner and more renewable energy. An Op Ed was recently written about this very subject by Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Wirth has tirelessly worked to make his skiing area a top tourist destination in the world. Wirth is also a Lake Tahoe champion for environmental and community service.

In his Op-Ed, Wirth discusses support for the Clean Power Plan in Reno and the vote by the city council that made them an important entity in the community. The council joins multiple private sector companies in support of the plan. Wirth says these are very different voices coming together to press the utility companies and our society more towards obtaining clean energy. He fully supports the Clean Power Plan.

Noting that the times have changed, with a new economy and opportunity for the Reno area region, Wirth says there has already been a great deal of progress made in building an energy economy using clean energy. Private companies that support the Clean Power Plan are putting the pressure on utility companies to incorporate this into their plans.
Wirth felt that the Clean Power Plan was an opportunity for citizens of Reno to ask and get more from the city’s elected officials. The push, by Wirth, is to make the region surrounding Reno the example and a leader in clean energy for the 21st century.

What the topic of clean energy is really about to Wirth though is the poor quality air that we breathe, which is truly unacceptable. But it is also apolitical. It’s about an opportunity to help usher in energy sourcing that is clean, along with opening the door to some world leading companies including Apple, Microsoft and Tesla. These companies are making it clear that having clean energy is the future.

Wirth is also chairman of the board of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. Wirth’s Op-Ed was published through the Reno Gazette-Journal.

The Co-Founder Of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, Believes Emerging Markets Have Built Up Some Financial Resilience Thorough The Economic Storm

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Most of the time investors like Jim Dondero, the CEO and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, don’t wait for things to happen before they react and invest in an asset that has the potential to produce decent returns. Mr. Dondero is a cautious investor, but he is also a risk taker. Hedge fund managers are risk takers, and Dondero is considered an excellent hedge fund manager as well as a great credit manager.

Mr. Dondero and his partner, Marc Osaka have built an incredible business by taking risks, being cautious and listening to the right people. Dondero doesn’t miss many opportunities, and the Highland Capital Management portfolio proves that point.

But the world is changing economically speaking, and investors like Dondero are faced with several challenges. Investments that were solid two years ago are acting like mush these days, so Dondero and company are scanning the globe for assets that can withstand the test of time in these economic conditions.

Emerging markets are not the best investments according to some investors that like to play it safe, but Dondero and Osaka think emerging markets have built up a certain fiscal resilience with much more exchange rate flexibility, more international reserves, and domestic currency borrowing and stronger policies. But investors are quick to say that even though there is some resilience there are greater risks because of political instability, inflation threats, and the China financial syndrome.

The risks are the first thing investors like Dondero study before any money changes hands. The obvious risks are a decompression of advanced markets, currency depreciations and a more severe slowdown in China’s economy. The International Monetary Fund is weighing those risks as they pertain to the current global economic situation, and Dondero thinks there will be some policy upgrades in emerging markets as well as in advanced markets.

Investors are still concerned about an interest rate hike by the Feds this year. A rate hike could hurt the recovery that might take place in some emerging markets in 2016. Emerging markets will have to control their foreign exchange-denominated borrowing, increase equity inflows, and develop smarter fiscal frameworks, in order to prevent more meltdowns, according to Dondero.

Some investors still think deflation could be an issue in advanced markets and in some parts of Asia. The IMF thinks the banking union in the Eurozone has to be strengthened, and non-performing loans have to be addressed in order to achieve a healthy global economy. The IMF also thinks labor markets need to be reformed globally, and that will take some work, according to Dondero.

The bottom line as Dondero likes to say is all countries have some work to do. Investors must keep abreast of the social, political and financial changes that are occurring in emerging markets as well as advanced markets. Dondero and Highland Capital are doing that. The increase in assets under management by Highland Capital is proof that Dondero and Company know what they are doing in terms of foreign and domestic investments.

The Life of Attorney Dan Newlin

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Dan Newlin is a Florida-based attorney. He owns his own firm and together with his team of competent attorneys, he helps get the deserved justice for his clients. Dan’s areas of expertise covers issues dealing with medical malpractice, truck accidents, personal injury, wrongful death, auto accidents, construction accidents and motor cycle accidents. With the progression of time, he is adding different cases into his portfolio. Recently, Dan started dealing with instances where people have been accused and jailed wrongfully.

Dan prefers taking a one on one approach in all his cases. He does not delegate any client who comes to him to the other attorneys within his team. In every case that he pursues, Dan makes sure that he conducts in-depth evaluation and research with the view to providing clients with the most prudent legal advice. Dan believes in making sure that he provides adequate preparation to his clients psychologically on what to expect during their stay at the court.
In order to reach out to more victims of injustices particularly those requiring legal representation, Dan teamed with a number of telecommunication companies in order to create a short and easy number. He teamed up with Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon to create #Dan. The number is accessible to residents of South Florida, the Greater Chicago area and Central Florida. Once a client has contacted the firm, she will get an appointment with any available attorney and go to the office for a free consultation.

Dan was not always an attorney. He started his career at the age of 20 as an officer at the New Chicago, Indiana Police Department and Fire Department. He moved to Orlando, Florida where he worked at the Orange County Sheriff’s office. He worked for ten years before becoming a Sheriff’s Detective.

His career in law enforcement saw him serve in different police departments. He worked in the auto theft unit, fugitive division and narcotics agency. During his stint as a fugitive detective, Dan put himself at risk and successfully stopped hundreds of wanted fugitives from continuing with their vices to the society. The United States Marshall office recognized his good service and presented him with different accolades. He also received a number of numerous awards and accolades from different quotas for his consummate performance.

Dan chose to change his career so that he could reach out and help more people access justice. He joined the Florida State College of Law and graduated in 2000. Dan is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Chicago. He started his law career in a tiny cubicle office having only one secretary. At present, Dan has a large office that houses 18 experienced attorneys. He has helped personal injury and accident victims recover over $ 150 Million Dollars.

How to Save Money on Dog Food

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Feeding Fido can be very expensive, and for many homeowners, a small burden. Some people might think that a dog food couldn’t possibly cost an arm and a leg, but the truth of the matter, feeding your dog a quality, nutritious product can be very expensive. Luckily there are a number of ways to cut the costs of your dog food. In this article, we will take a look at some of the very best ways to trim your dog food costs without cutting down on the quality of product like in Beneful that you are serving your furry friend.

Tip One: Use Coupons

It’s the oldest money-saving trick in the book, and by clipping, scanning and printing, the costs of your dog food can be drastically reduced. There are many ways to find coupons; take advantage of as many as possible. First, look at the website of the brand you wish to buy. Oftentimes there will be money-saving coupons right there. Also, look to find out if there is an email club or a dog clubs, because many times these clubs yield special coupons sent to your home and email box.

Tip Two: Shop Online

These days it is simple to go online to make your dog food purchase, and doing so is a great way to keep more cash in hand. Choose your online shop wisely, and enjoy home delivery, no trips to the store, lower prices, and more.

Tip Three: Buy in Bulk

Buying your dog food in bulk is a good idea since you’ll always have a supply of food on hand for your dog, and can save so much money at the same time. Keep in mind not to buy too large of a quantity, as it can go stale quickly, and chances are your pet will not want to eat it.

Tip Four: Purchase Beneful

Beneful is a dog food created by Purina. The food is wholesome, nutritious, and available in several great flavors that dogs love. It is also affordably priced, because Purina believes that your dog should have quality foods that aren’t out of the budgets of most people. Both wet and dry versions of Beneful is available, with several specialty packages available.

Tip Five: Compare, Compare, Compare

Comparing the costs of dog food is one of the best ways to save money. Not only should you compare the brands and varieties available, also compare suppliers as well. Not every supplier will provide the same price, so it is only with comparisons that you’ll get those super low prices that you desire.

Tip Six: Make your Own

Homemade dog food saves a lot of money, if you have the time. Feedng your dog homemade dog foods also ensures that your dog is getting wholesome ingredients that keep him healthy and living the fullest life possible.

Saving money on the cost of dog food is simple with the six tips above put to use!

Tasty and Healty – Purina’s Beneful Brand of Dog Foods

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Dog nutrition is constantly evolving and at Nestle Purina stays ahead of the pack to bring the best balance of wholesome ingredients to our pets. Not so long ago it was thought that an all meat diet was best for dogs, but the fact is dogs are omnivores and not carnivores. Choosing a good dog food means reading the label. A high protein content is very important to dogs, and high proteins come from beef, chicken, fish, lamb other meats and poultry. Fats are essential to a dog’s diet, and provide them with healthy skin, good digestion, body insulation and healthy internal organs. Carbohydrates give energy, and are vital to digestive processes. High fiber carbs are not the best for dogs, and moderately fermentable fibers such as beet pulp promote healthy digestion. Vitamins and minerals are essential to a balanced diet, and they are important for teeth and bone health.

Purina reinvented dog food when it introduced the Beneful line, and it offers just the right amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamin and minerals to keep our dogs healthy and happy. It’s so easy to over supplement or under supplement what a dog needs to eat that it makes sense to trust in a food that offers the proper balance of all ingredients in the correct amounts. A balanced diet is also about the quality of the ingredients, and Purina goes above and beyond the governmental requirements and standards for quality and safety.

Purina assures the quality of its foods from the purchase through the final packaged product. Every step in the manufacturing process is monitored to ensure Purina’s high standards, and Purina has 33 industry experts working around the clock making sure the processing standards reach beyond governmental and industry requirements. Raw ingredients are tracked from receipt at the plant to the shelves of the stores, and Purina’s cutting-edge technology screens for purity and wholesome quality. Purina works hard to gain trust, and to teach the consumer about canine nutrition.

Over 15 million dogs eat the Beneful brand dog food from Purina every day, and it’s a complete and balanced line of food to keep a dog healthy both inside and out. It’s made from wholesome ingredients of real meats and vitamin rich vegetables. Taste isn’t forgotten, and dogs love the taste of Beneful. Beneful comes in a variety of meals. Original dry recipes of Beneful the line are made with real chicken, beef, salmon, egg and a correct vegetable balance. Beneful wet foods come in blends of beef, chicken and salmon with tomatoes and wild rice, and Beneful has a full line of healthy treats made from real meats. Purina and its employees stand behind their product, and they set the standards for the rest of the industry to follow.