One Life to Live Review

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One life to live is an American soap opera that has aired for over 40 years on the ABC network. It was created by Agnes Nixon and was the first daytime drama featuring ethnically and socioeconomically conflicted characters in a modern day setting. The show has expanded from a short 30 minute clip to an hour over the years. The show focuses heavily on the characters of the Lord Family.

The Lord Family is rich stuck up family. This series was the first soap opera to portray a wide range of ethnic situations. There is a constant reminder of social issues and strong males. One of the main characters Viki Lord, is a heroine addict suffering from divorce, rape, stroke, and cancer. Viki has a personality disorder and received a heart transplant from her husband.

The suggested murder of Marco Dane by Viki and Karen Wolek prostitution scheme brought on a lot of critics towards the show. However it also won several awards. This show also got numerous exceptional ratings throughout the 80’s.

One Life to Live also introduced the first interracial couple on TV. This was between two attorneys. This was one of the most memorable events in the series. Viki’s brother Todd was also involved in the rape event.

During the 40th anniversary several of the veteran characters appeared to change up the plot and make the show more intriguing. They also visited famous plot lines from the past. Deceased characters made a special appearance and Viki also dies. Upon death she makes a trip up to heaven. The 1987 heaven trip is what it was called. There was an old west story line involved in the new episodes. Robert Woods created an extended showing where Buchanan sees himself back in the past. This brings out the family back story.

Crystal Hunt is famous actor and producer. She is well known for her Lizzie Spaulding role. She kick started her career by performing various pageants at the young age of two. She was a natural acting talent. CrunchBase shows that Hunt starred in many commercials including one for Disney. She played a role has as troubled daughter from suffering couple. Hunt played the Spaulding role from 2003 to 2006 and won the Emmy award. The award was surrounding outstanding young actress.

Hunt appeared on in the 2005 episode of The Derby Stallion and appeared in the 2007 episode of Universal Studios Sydney White. Outside of the acting world, Wikipedia says Hunt owned a well known pet boutique located in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida. She made her first film “Talbot County” with a good friend and actress. All of her awards and valued connections in the talent world make her an all around outstanding individual.  Follow Crystal on Facebook, and be sure to check out her Instagram for behind the scenes photos.

The Best Dog Treats For Your Pet

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Some pet owners simply treat their dog to table scraps, however, certain people food contains ingredients that are harmful to pets. When it comes to treating my dog, I want to be sure that what she is eating is healthy for her, so I search on wikipedia. That’s why I choose Beneful. Beneful understands the need to keep my pet healthy to ensure she can live a long, full life. Not only do their products give me peace of mind, but my dog enjoys them too! With so many options, she’ll always have a tasty reward waiting for her.
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Baked Delights: Snackers These peanut butter and cheese flavored snacks are a treat my pet can never resist. Snackers are crunchy on the outside with soft centers. They come in a variety of fun shapes including carrots, apples, and pea pods.
Baked Delights: Heartfuls The desire to feed my pet treats that I enjoy becomes strong at times. There is just something about a cookie that I wish my dog could enjoy like I do. Luckily for her (and me) Heartfuls make that possible. These heart-shaped “cookies” are flavored with real bacon and have gooey apple flavored centers that are always a hit with my pet.
Beneful Baked Delights: Stars These hearty and delicious treats come in two flavors; Chicken & Cheese and Bacon & Cheese. They are the perfect treat for pets that enjoy more savory tastes. Living up to their name, each treat is star shaped and packed with meaty, cheesy flavored bits that curb my pet’s craving for table scraps.