The Many Ways Dick DeVos Gives Back to His Community

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Many people look at wealthy and successful men and women; and say to themselves: “That person has made it.” Many people that aren’t wealthy, think if they ever become wealthy they would do things like:

-Travel around the world,
-Gain fame or notoriety,
-Buy a fancy home in a glamorous place, or
-Hang out with glamorous people in glamorous places

Typically, when it comes to these, “what I would do,” lists; you rarely hear a whole lot about people wanting to share their wealth with their communities. Though you might hear people say they plan to buy their mothers a new home or a car; and maybe they plan to do some special things for the friends, family, organizations and schools they’re close too; usually the giving list is rather short. However, what’s incredibly striking about Dick DeVos, (and the entire DeVos family), is that they focus a lot of their giving to fund activities that make the state of Michigan a better place through their charitable family foundations.

Though not all of the generous DeVos family members live in Michigan, Dick and his wife Betsy do; and his list of charitable giving throughout his hometown is admirable. In fact, he graduated from the Forest Hills Public School District and went to Northwood University for business school, before traveling out of state to attend the Harvard and Wharton Executive Study Programs.

Dick then served as a business executive and CEO for Amway, the Orlando Magic Basketball team and the Windquest Group — all family holdings. However, throughout his professional career, Dick DeVos made it a point to invest in his community and make it a better place. In fact, Dick continues to dedicate the majority of his charitable giving to education programs and programs that make Michigan a better place to live. This seems to reflect Dick’s passion for helping others through philanthropy. He wants them to have a good quality of life, but to also understand it comes from hard work and dedicated study.

Some of Dick’s work to improve the quality of life for Michigan citizens includes:

-Serving as Co-Chair for Grand Action, (the organization that oversees the revitalization of Grand Rapids Michigan);
Millions of dollars donated to the revitalization of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s downtown, convention center, medical facilities and downtown marketplace; and
-Board memberships at the RDV Corporation, the Willow Creek Association, Spectrum Health System, the Thunderbird School, the Regional Air Alliance, the State Board of Education and the West Michigan Aviation Academy

Learn more about Dick by connecting with him on his LinkedIn account, or visit his personal website:

Weight Loss And Breast Surgeries Are Performed By Dr. Jennifer Walden

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Anyone who’s ever considered getting any type of plastic surgery wants a top doctor in the field, and it’s unlikely that they’ll want just any doctor that comes up in the phone book or in a directory about plastic surgeons. In the state of Texas, there are many doctors that perform plastic surgery, but only a few doctors can call themselves top Texas doctors. Dr. Jennifer Walden is an excellent surgeon who has earned the praise that she gets as a top surgeon, especially since she conducts many types of surgeries. With all the certifications that Dr. Jennifer Walden possesses, there is no better doctor to choose for plastic surgery.

Those who want plastic surgery that involves fat transfers should choose Dr. Jennifer Walden because of her vast knowledge of this type of surgery. Even though fat transfer is nothing new, many people are just now learning about it, and not every doctor is knowledgeable about how the process works. Those who want a fat transfer performed on their body must have pockets of fats or areas of fat where fat can be removed in order to have it processed and put into another part of the body. Only a knowledgeable doctor can do a fat transfer.

Dr. Jennifer Walden also performs tummy tucks, which is another form of weight loss surgery, and this can drastically decrease the size of the abdominal area after the surgery is performed. Other surgeries that are performed by Dr. Jennifer Walden include a labiaplasty, rhinoplasty, facelifts and more. There is a website that Dr. Jennifer Walden has, and many who have questions about the different surgeries she performs can check out the website to learn more about the procedures and how they are performed.

Those who are particularly interested in surgeries that have to deal with the breast area should take a look at Dr. Jennifer Walden’s website because of the great information located on the site. Those who want breast enhancements, reductions, reconstruction or other types of breast surgery can get a lot of knowledge from the information listed on the website. There is also additional information about the healing process after the surgeries on the website as well.

Is Manhattan Still a Seller’s Market?

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Virtual Strategy Marketing recently highlighted a report from TOWN Residential that detailed the latest quarter of the Manhattan real estate market. The report, the Aggregate, goes to show that prices have continued to increase across the board during the last three months of 2015. The average price is up over 5% and median sales price is up an astounding 16% year-over year. Due to these increases it should come as no surprise that price per square foot in the market has risen significantly as well. Average price per square foot is now $1,365, coming up 6.2% from a year ago. Meanwhile, the median price per square foot is $1,505, which represents an 8.4% rise from the third quarter.

One of the biggest surprises in the report comes from the cooperative housing market. Three bedroom co-ops have had their median price increase 15% from the last quarter which finally brought them over the $3 million mark.

Equally as impressive as these gains are those that are being seen in condos. Year-over-year growth is a massive 20%, bringing the median price over $1.7 million. This gain is seen in all sizes with one, two, and three bedrooms now going for $1,080,000, $2,056,865, and $4,421,300.

Most reports are choosing to only focus on these increases as evidence of a still rising price of NYC Apartments for rent market. However, this may not actually be the case due to the fact that a large number of high dollar, trophy listings were closed during this quarter. This has led to some sales numbers becoming artificially high.

In reality, it seems as if the resale market it finally beginning to stabilize as prices come down slightly from their peak hit earlier this year. Buyers are also becoming more and more patient which has led Manhattan to develop a healthy inventory of over 4,000 homes and condos for sale. As median days on the market continues to rise for new listings it seems as if 2016 could turn in to the year of the buyer for those in Manhattan.

Ricardo Guimarães And His Bank

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Ricardo Guimarães is the lead at BMG in Brazil. This bank is one of the top banks in the country and has proven to be a great success in the way that it does business as well as the way that it is able to profit off of the ventures that it has in its vicinity.

According to his own website Ricardo Guimarães is the son of a prominent banker who was also the son of a prominent banker. This family tradition of banking is what has led BMG bank to become one of the biggest family banks in the history of the world as well as Brazil. Ricardo has worked very hard to make the bank even more successful than it was in the past and has done so with mergers and different investment opportunities for the bank.

He sees a lot of potential in different areas for the bank. He has worked with many international businesses deals and sees the bank as the next big thing in the international market. He has made sure to make alliances with people around the world to ensure that they are getting the best service possible out of the bank. The BMG bank actually merged with another bank from a different country to form one. This allowed the bank to branch out into other countries. The international reach is something that neither the father or grandfather of Ricardo was able to accomplish while they were leading the bank.

Another area that Ricardo Guimarães sees a lot of opportunity is in sports. He has worked to sponsor athletes that play internationally and has done so to get his name out throughout the world. He always ensures that the players wear the jerseys with the BMG name on them so that everyone can see who is paying for them to be there. He hopes that it will spark an interest in the bank in countries aside from Brazil. He also wants people to have a chance to play the sports that they want.

One thing that Ricardo Guimarães always looks for in athletes is their ability to succeed. Whether they have won many titles or just a few, he only chooses athletes who show a lot of promise. The athletes must be dedicated to the way that the sport will work and must be heading big places on an international level. He has sponsored athletes that have gone on to be Olympic stars and ones that have played for the Brazillian teams. He enjoys all sports and always gives the opportunity for sponsorship among different sports that people are able to play. He only chooses players who do so internationally to ensure the BMG name is publicized.

The Success of Organo Gold

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Bernardo Chua is a well awarded businessman who originates from the Philippines. Mr. Chua is mostly known for his extensive background as well as his extensive knowledge of the multi-level marketing industry. His previous companies have aided him to create a new company known as Organo Gold that not only specializes in instant coffee and other products, but also has the determination of teaching the importance of healthy living to individuals around the world.

Organo Gold consists of international companies and coffee lovers that prides itself on selling the product through independent distributors. This particular technique not only enables those who are tight for cash to earn money, but also enables individuals to be their own boss and to sell a delicious as well as a credible product.

Organo Gold is an exceptional example of a company that has found a niche within the healthy living industry. Organo Gold relies on a secret ingredient that makes the hot beverages and other healthy living products worth while. The secret ingredient to which Organo Gold utilizes is called Ganoderma which is a mushroom that is renowned for having special properties in both energizing as well as relaxing the individual that consumes “the king of herbs”.

Bernardo Chua chose to utilize Organo Gold’s properties for the purpose of creating a healthy product that would be easily consumed. Bernardo Chua created a way to which this wood-like fungus could be naturally transformed into a powder that can then be combined with Organo Gold’s products. These products include hot cocoa, coffee, as well as tea.

Coffee is an industry that is growing at an exponential rate that has billions of dollars of revenue being made each month. As Bernardo Chua has found, coffee can be manipulated in such a way that can improve the flavor to each individual. Mr Chua, with his extensive business background, understands want to public wants and has created a product that has been tailored exactly to their wants.  Chua can also be followed on Twitter, for further health insight.

Organo Gold is a fast growing company that is currently located in over 35 countries around the world with plans to grow even more. Organo Gold’s intention is to make this product available worldwide so that individuals can experience the wonder of natural medicine. What makes Organo Gold a unique company is not only the fact that Organo Gold offers a special ingredient, but the fact that Organo Gold enables anyone to join this growing team.

Kyle Bass Says The Problem Is China’s Banking Systems

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Kyle Bass, founder of the Hayman Capital Management, discussed his 2016 market outlook with the “Halftime Report” traders. Their discussion consisted partly of the slowdown of China. Bass didn’t agree with others on China’s peak profits are behind the slowdown. He stated that it was the banking system of China that is causing the problems. Bass recalled that similar instances happened in Europe’s crisis. In both cases banking systems outgrew GCP at a great pace:

Bass believes that a credit cycle and losses are coming for China. China’s banking system is almost $35 trillion dollars, against a GDP of just $10 trillion. He believes there’ll be a 10-20 percent downturn by year-end. He also states it may not be as the global financial crisis and lacking credit growth in the markets is problematic.

Kyle Bass quickly became a superstar by predicting the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. However, as time passed, his predictions weren’t so accurate. UsefulStooges says that Kyle Bass has been in collusion with Erich Spangenberg, known as the world’s most notorious patent troll. They choose a pharmaceutical firm, he then short sells their stocks and challenges one or more of their patents via a front organization, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, that he set up precisely for this purpose. Results are that the stocks go down, and Bass rakes in a few million, and the pharmacy companies’ prices go up while their motive to fund medical research goes down. This causes harm to millions of people who depend on those firms’ products to relieve their symptoms and suffering.

Upon questioning Bass, he states he did it for a noble reason to bust patents and competition would drive drug prices down. Some disagreed and pointed out that he has nothing in his history that shows he is interested in lowering healthcare costs. Bass continues stating that he was simply hoping to spook financial markets to his benefit.

Independent or Assisted: Retirement Communities Offer Quality of Life

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For some at retirement age, the choice is easy. They eagerly anticipate leaving behind the responsibilities of the working life. They seek freedom from responsibility. These folks usually have good health and want to continue to live independently.

Others might also long for independence, but life has dealt them a different hand. They require some degree of assistance to accomplish daily activities. Mental or physical health issues have robbed them of their ability to live independently.

The common hope all people share at this time of their lives is remaining relevant. They want to socialize with their peers and stay as active and vibrant as possible. They want a variety of things to do and places to go. Their desire is to experience life to its fullest. That is where retirement communities can help.

One such retirement community is The Manse on Marsh located in downtown San Luis Obispo, California. The Manse offers a choice of residences from studios to more spacious apartments and even detached cottages. The facility also makes common areas available for dining, socializing, catching some rays or relaxing by the fire. Residents can enjoy a movie, workout at the fitness center, or surf the internet at the library.

For those who require assisted living accommodations, The Manse will provide as little or as much as the resident requests, and testimonials show that this is one of the most desired features of a facility. Assisted living services include help with daily tasks like cooking and laundry, managing medication, and help with personal hygiene. The assistance will rise to any level needed. The staff prides itself on making each person’s experience as enriched and dignified as possible. Residents are given a pendant to use when they need help, and qualified care is available 24/7.

Whether the wish is to live independently, with some level of assistance, or in a situation that requires comprehensive care, retirement communities like The Manse on Marsh provide options that match each unique set of circumstances. Retirement is a time to enjoy life, and the compassionate caregivers at The Manse believe it is their mission help to make that happen.  There’s tons of information available online, for further reading.