It May Not Look Like A Pending Economic Meltdown Is In The Works But George Soros Is Telling The World To Look Again

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Throughout his illustrious career, George Soros never left his roots behind. He wears them as badges of honor. The escape from Nazi-occupied Hungary in 1944, waiting tables in London while getting a degree in philosophy from the London School of Economics, and the 1956 trip to the United States where he learned how to invest and make money are some of his badges. Today, Soros is worth more than $23 billion on, and he has given more than $6 billion to social initiatives during his career as a hedge fund manager and humanitarian.

Soros travels around the world tending to his foundations and talking about world economics. George Soros has written several books on economic theory, and his Open Society Institute promotes the open society principle in countries that have no idea what an open society is. Some critics say he is a better humanitarian than politician, and Soros doesn’t dispute that claim. He has donated millions of dollars to failed political campaigns and his $8 million investment in Hilary Clinton may be another poor choice if Bernie Sanders and his followers have their day in the democratic arena. 

But George Soros critics also say he is one of the smartest economic analysts in the world. He has been able to spot the weaknesses in the various markets through the years, and his massive fortune is a testament to his ability to see things others don’t see. Right now, Soros sees a major global meltdown in the works, and he told a forum in Sri Lanka to buckle their economic seatbelts because the world is going to hit an economic wall sometime in 2016, according to a article. When Soros first started talking about another 2008 type meltdown, he had a lot of opposition to that theory from other economists. But as the global deck started to show its true colors, those economists changed their minds. 

What Soros and other economists are seeing is a major slowdown in the economies of the BRICS nations. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are all experiencing a recession except for India. But there are signs that India’s economy is starting to slow down. They also see China struggling to maintain GDP growth and it is failing miserably. The Chinese have dumped billions of capital reserves into their economy over the last 12 months. Economists also see the European Union on the verge of collapse. The migration crisis and euro debt is eating away at the foundation of the EU, and the Union is in real trouble. 

Soros said the U.S. economy is better than some other developed nations, but financial cracks are showing up in 2016 like poor corporate earnings and a volatile stock market. 

Major Dog Food Lines Looking to Capitalize on Premium Dog Food Market

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The dog food market in recent years has been taking a turn toward premium dog food, despite the concerns of investors over stock prices and the value of companies such as Fresh Pet. These concerns have done little to nothing to deter companies, such as Purina, from jumping feet first into the premium dog food market.

Purina, like several other major dog food companies, have seen their chance to grow profits and have introduced multiple lines of premium dog food, such as their Beneful line. Beneful promises real ingredients, such as chicken or beef, blended with a variety of vegetables and greens to promote the overall health of your favorite pooch.

Beneful isn’t a solo act though; Purina also offers other products in the field of healthy, premium dog food, like their Bright Minds food. Bright Minds is specifically formulated for senior dogs in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind.

In order to solidify their premium lines, including Beneful dog food products, Purina acquired Merrick Pet Care in July of 2015. Merrick Pet Care was the first certified producer of organic dry and wet dog food and is now a part of Purina’s efforts to produce these healthier Beneful premium dog food lines.

Purina isn’t the only major maker of pet food looking to increase their profits in the premium dog food market, though. J.M Smucker Co purchased the Big Heart Brands company for a whopping total of $5.8 billion, and other brands, such as Mars Petcare and Colgate-Palmolive, have launched healthy dog food lines.

In a market worth $23.7 billion, it comes as little surprise that major companies are willing to spend a little money in order to get their feet in the door of the premium dog food market.


Jon Urbana’s Blog Is Artistry Come Alive

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Jon Urbana is a person who never fails to impress. He has been a successful entrepreneur, pilot, and philanthropist. Urbana is also a retired professional lacrosse player who made a name for himself as a Villanova Wildcat in college. Currently, he trains people at Next Level, Jon’s lacrosse camp. Urbana is a fan of the arts and the airplane world where he won an and special mention on Fox Carolina, and his impressive WordPress blog has a lot of nice entries that pay homage to artistic things. His Tumblr comes a close second.

Red Delicious” is an example of the minimalist post-modern art Jon Urbana likes. The photo is a close-up of an apple stem, and drops of water are prominently displayed on the apple’s skin. The perspective of the photo is quite entralling. Art fans shoudl like it a lot. “Freshhh” follows a similar style, but the subject matter is vegetable pizza.

Jon Urbana’s new videos and music are featured on WRCB News and the blog as well. Guitar fans may wish to check out the video “Fharr”. “Fharr” does a nice job of presenting beautiful artistic guitar music. The music really does stay with the listener long after the video ends.

Short films are displayed on the blog quite often. Short indie films, in particular, are given nice amount of attention at Jon Urbana’s site. “Videoarte Studio by Manuel Velázquez” is one such video, and it is an interesting piece to check out.

And food art fans (or just plain food fans) can examine “Rusks & Beans“. Food appears numerous times on the blog. All the food-oriented photo art does look amazing. None of those images are ever bland. Instead, they are inspiring.

All posts on the blog of Jon Urbana are interesting additions to his resume, and same goes for his Twitter page. Consider both and the blog one definitely one to follow.

White Shark Media Digital Marketing

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White Shark Media was incorporated in 2011 by three Danish executives with extensive knowledge in marketing online and offline. This is a foremost administrative unit discovered on the premise of conveying superior experience that offers marketing resolutions geared primarily for diminutive and average businesses.
What turned out to be a successful blueprint was the consolidation of an international and domestic attendance with a proficient bi lingual employee foundation. White Shark Media has been reviewed and recognized as one of the rapidly escalating digital agencies in North America. Their progress stems from their notoriety of implementing reasonable cost effective Search Marketing crusades while administering superior first rate customer knowledge and satisfaction.
They have assisted 1000’s of businesses throughout the United States to prosper by enforcing and utilizing their online marketing plan of action and an array of recovery marketing means.
Another major element of their equation for achievement is monitoring their clients’ marketing attempts very closely, they apply keyword level tracking, Google analytic assimilation, contending intellect, and recovery informing software and the assurance that they are totally culpable to their client base on a monthly timeline.
After a prosperous three year journey White Shark Media has 150 employees in three countries. They have acquired the proficiency of AdWords,Display Advertising,Google Analytics and Bing Ads.
Their biggest and arduous aim was to subjugate the escalating SMB market in the United States and Latin America by supplying an unsurpassed commodity and unlimited assistance.
Their accelerated expansion was recognized by Google in 2012,when they were summoned to headquarters in Mountain View California where a chosen elite assistance group was appointed to White Shark Media to equally balance their advancement and their clients’ demands more extensively and effectively. This close association with Google impacted White Shark Media by being presented the Google Adwords Premier SMB Partnership in July 2014.
Because Google Adwords PSMB is an elaborate preferred group of partners that encompass Google’s most inflexible qualifications and ingraining prerequisites, not so many agencies in this field have attained this level of prominence and attention.
Additionally, Microsoft became aware of their demonstrated past performance and prosperity with campaigns and ultimately, White Shark Media entered into an agreement to become part of Microsoft’s chosen accredited and authorized Bing Ads re-seller program.
White Shark Media is dedicated to their clients continued profitable achievements, that is why they emphasize and insist on being creative with keeping all involved costs to a minimum and in line by offering a flat fee for their services as well as solutions with full unobscured clarity and acuity without written obligatory agreements.
In the vying realm of Digital Marketing to create an impact requires a commitment, expertise and ingenuity in order to advance.
The future of White Shark Media looks quite prosperous as they continue to implement their effective full throttle crusade confrontation.

New Pearl Harbor Memorial Funded by US Money Reserve

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New Statue Commemorates 75 Years Since Pearl Harbor

In case you haven’t already heard about’s story, there is a new statue that is being built in order to commemorate the 75 years passing since Pearl Harbor. It is going to be placed in Hawaii because that is where Pearl Harbor happened on that fateful day. The statue is called The Lone Sailor. Many people may already be familiar with the image since it is one of the most iconic images to have come from American history in the last century.

The Lone Sailor has been around since the mid 1980s. It was created when the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation decided that there needed to be a memorial to commemorate the lives lost in Pearl Harbor and the men and women who serve the U.S. Navy. The original statue was created by Stanly Bleifeld. The sculptor used a series of photos of William Thompson for inspiration. Rear Admiral William Thompson was a retired U.S. Navy Admiral when he helped to lead the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation in their search for the perfect place for the memorial.

The new memorial is being funded privately, much like the original. The private funding party is known as the U.S. Money Reserve. They have combined their efforts to commemorate the 75 years since Pearl Harbor with the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation. These two parties will help American youth remember the events of Pearl Harbor, and it is their hope that it will help inspire future generations to boldly serve their country by joining the Navy to guard the seas. The amount of honor and respect that this statue will bring to generations of Americans through years of future acknowledgement of service men and women is insurmountable. The original article was published on Yahoo.

George Soros Suggestions To Prevent EU Collapse

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel was declared “Chancellor of the Free World” by Time Magazine and George Soros said rightly so in an interview with Gregor Peter Schmitz published on The New York Review of Books January 20 of this year. She has made wise decisions on both defending Ukraine from Russian aggression and implementing a plan that address the migration crisis. In the article “Ukraine and Europe: What Should Be Done?” published in October, 2015, Soros also identifies other threats to the European Union (EU) that should be viewed as not just threats to the EU but as threats to the Free World as well and offers opportunities for global unity in finding solutions. Facing the problems that threaten the EU could also help to strength the global economy and world markets.

George Soros is probably best known for his 30 years of achieving 30% returns as a hedge fund manager and his philanthropic venture including the Open Society Foundation that operates in over 100 countries. This also gives him a keener insight into financial and political matters. The five crises named in the later article and discussed in the interview are the euro, Greece, migration, Brexits referring to the British decision to leave the EU and Putin’s and Russian ambition in Geo-politics. In his many essays of the past two years, Soros has addressed on Bloomberg and provided possible solutions to each crisis in his commentaries. He gives the highest priority to Ukraine because it is in essence the first line of defense against Russian aggression and can reunite the EU in the principles on which it was founded. This show of unity by the EU nations would also help to diminish Russian aggression and but help in solving the migration crisis by overcoming the separative philosophies brought on through nationalism rather than unity. What would also ease the situation is solving the financial issues that is contributing to the EU’s potential collapse.

Putin and Russia also plays a part in the migration problem by its part in the Syrian refugee crisis, but Russia is also in a financial crisis. Soros February 11 essay entitled “Putin is a Bigger Threat to Europe’s Existence than ISIS”, the migration crisis is discussed in greater depth and the fact that Putin’s regime is facing bankruptcy in 2017. The question introduced is whether the EU sill disintegrate before it happens. Promoting prejudice toward Muslims by encouraging ISIS and al-Qaida exacerbates the separative sentiments in countries such as Poland and Hungry rather than the unity of the EU. The euro crisis also adds to the separative sentiments by creating creditor/debtor relationships between countries.

George Soros has made many suggestion to address the financial needs of the EU, the need to support the Ukraine, the influx of migrants and to lessen the burden of debtor countries. His essay published in October, 2014 “Wake Up, Europe,” in his commentary he suggested re-bonding the Ukrainian debt. Other suggestions included large-scale technical and financial assistance programs from the EU and US as well as EU providing management expertise, bonds and markets access. The essay published February 17, “The Case for Surge Funding,” again suggested using the EU’s triple A credit rather than taxes to address the migration problems as well as help to stimulate the world economy. He said surge funding would result in a win-win initiative. The EU still have options that could result in a stronger Union and a stronger world.