QNET Is Dedicated To Giving Back To The Community

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One of the biggest direct selling companies operating out of Asia, QNET, has formed a partnership with the Lions Club of Hyderabad. This team up is part of their social responsibility initiative and will help provide clean and fresh water to hundreds of students. In today’s generation, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a successful company giving back to the community.

This project also coincides with a Government campaign set up to advocate good hygiene. The Government primary school will receive a facility for water storage as part of the responsibility initiative, which will allow them to have fresh water on a regular basis. This project’s overall aim was to give the school a working and properly maintained facility.

In light of this newly formed partnership, QNET has stated their will be an ongoing commitment towards making the world a nicer place. It has also increased their awareness and opened themselves up to even more opportunities in the future. It’s worthy to note the interesting principles QNET uses as motivation for their Company, RYTHM and InService. RYTHM is an acronym for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind and is focused on how you can be of service to all human beings. The inspiration for InService came from the revered Mahatma Ghandi and is dedicated to promoting selfless acts of kindness for all of those in need.

The parent company of QNET, the QI Group, is excited to be included in the United Nations Global Impact Network, as it will allow them to make even bigger contributions around the world. QNET even gives encouragement to its employees as well as representatives to follow these principles in their daily lives.

QNET has also been supplying health checks at the Home of Hope in Bangalore as part of its responsibly initiatives. The drive has already helped hundreds of people that were poor and homeless. The participants took part in a 2 month program where they received a protein powder, a supplement provided by QNET that supplies the body with good proteins needed for keeping the body strong and healthy.

Venezuelan Lake new lightning capital

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Venezuela may feel it has been struck by lightning with all the bad luck it has had recently, but it may have been literally struck more than anyone else, according to a story in CNN. Meteorologists say that based on the latest study, Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is the new lightning capital of the world, recording an average of 233 flashes per square kilometer per year.
Falling oil prices and an extended drought have crippled this once wealthy nation’s economy. There are many protests, some violence and calls for the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro. But the facebook news has nothing do do with government policies.

NASA recorded lightning strikes using a lightning image sensor on board satellite. Before this latest information from MySpace, the Congo Basin in Africa had been considered the place with the most lightning. Florida is the place with the most in the United States, and one of the top areas in the world.

Scientists lioke Diaz Granados say a combination of warm sea breezes meeting cooler mountain valley breezes over the lake, converge to develop storms at a high rate. The water is warmer in part because of the ocean breezes. This develops night time thunderstorms 297 days out of the year on average. Scientists say a large amount of lightning like this is more likely over land areas than over the open ocean because of the topography. This study seems to validate that theory.

US Money Reserve Has a New Website

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Preparing for your retirement is extremely important. Buying real government issued precious metals is something that will secure your financial future. They will always be worth something. Regardless if other types of currency go under someday, your investments will still be valuable.

According to an article on CBS19 US Money Reserve is an authorized dealer of government issued gold, silver and platinum products. They have made a new website that is much better than previous versions. The new website allows for easier communication with clients and live pricing on precious metals. You can always get the most current information available anywhere. It is also meant to educate as well as sell coins. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/u-s-money-reserve

It is a new design that a company that is at the top of their field can be proud of. It features a coin directory and new pictures of the current president of US Money Reserve Philip N. Diehl, who was also a former US Mint Director. You couldn’t get a more experienced and knowledgeable president. The company has been in business since 2001 and have become one of the largest sellers of United States as well as foreign, gold, silver and platinum coins and bars.

They are based in Austin, Texas. They have created a system to speak to buyers one on one, explaining the process of buying precious metals and investing them. You can also securely pay offline.

They have a 30 day guarentee on all purchases, and can return certified coin purchases for the full most current market value. The website also explains the benefits of putting your bullions and coins in IRA investments. Certified rare coins are better long term investments while bullions are better in the short term. Buying precious metals is a wise decision because it is the worlds oldest currency. It retains its value and can keep your assets safe in periods of recession. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.bbb.org/central-texas/business-reviews/coin-dealers-supplies/u-s-money-reserve-inc-in-austin-tx-52264/

They offer a free gold information guide to anyone who is interested in learning more about the benefits of gold, silver, and platinum ownership. There is a detailed information center on the US Money Reserve website that explains how collecting sets of coins, and date runs of coins is the best way to maximize the value of your precious metals. A set of coins is owning all of the denominations in a particular year. Read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials – iSpot.tv

A date run is having all of the denominations of a set in all years that it was issued. The Gold American Eagle Date Run, is one of the most valuable collections and can take years to obtain them all. US Money Reserve employs only the most knowledgeable numismatic professionals who can assist every level of precious metal buyers who wish to maximize their earnings.

Marketing Your Brand With Better Relations

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The Internet is one of the most powerful resources available to the modern entrepreneur. It has drastically changed the world for the person who wants to start their own business. Rather than traveling around the world and trying to acquire meetings with top executives and gain funds, the modern entrepreneur will spend a lot of their time on the Internet. It instantly connects them with their target audience, and it is up to them to brand themselves and their product and make them appealing. But this article points out that the power of the Internet can cut both ways. In the same way that the Internet is a powerful resource, it can always be a powerful detriment. It can ruin your reputation and your brand with a few clicks. It connects your target audience with your merits as well as your demerits. That is why the linked article argues the necessity of a reputation management team such as Better Reputation.

The article goes on to point out that whether you are an individual or if you own a company, you need to have a strong presence on the Internet. Branding is a key component of starting a business. People will make begin to make connotations with your name and the name of your company. If they think highly of your company, then they will come to you when they need your service. Further, a strong brand will have longevity, while other companies will quickly die out. Yours will persist because people know that they can trust you. If you use Better Reputation, that is what they will work to develop for you.

What Is Better Reputation?
A negative impression is developed far too easily. They would only have to take a brief look at a negative article and forever make those negative associations. So when people conduct a Google search of your name or the name of your company, what do you expect that they will find? If you do not even know, then you need to consult with Better Reputation about their free analysis of the results.