Don Ressler Champions Fashion

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More people are starting to pay attention to fashion. They are starting to understand the effect a unique suit can have on them. One of the greatest goals is to have a suit that is tailored. This could provide people with the greatest feeling ever. Also, being surrounded by variety and being encouraged to pursue variety is also a good feeling. Fortunately, there are clothing retailers like JustFab that are offering a lot of unique pieces of clothing that are not found in other fashion retailers. As more people are discovering JustFab, they are realizing that they have found something that is going to give them an unforgettable experience.

JustFab has been made possible with the help of Don Ressler. Don Ressler is one who has become conscious about fashion. He has come to understand the effect that a nicely worn suit or outfit could have on an individual. Don Ressler has developed a desire to offer everyone the chance to find his own outfit and style so that he could learn to appreciate his sense of style. As his personal wardrobe changes, so does his out look. People will also change the way they treat him as well.

Don Ressler does not want this diversity of clothing options to stop at casual clothing. He also wants athletes to be able to experience the diversity and the opportunity to find his own style. Don Ressler has helped with the foundation of Fabletics, which is a subdivision of JustFab. This also brings forth the style that is known as “athleisure”. Athleisure allows people to be able to wear clothes to workout in as well as go out in.  Ressler will be able to choose from among all of the unique clothes that are available on the e-commerce fashion retailer.

JustFab is one of the clothing companies that customers have to check out if they are serious about fashion. They will be amazed at the diversity of what is available. To make things better, they are sold at a low affordable price. People can dress with style without having to spend a lot of money.



Keith Mann: Philanthropy at its Finest

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In today’s world, people are helping individuals and organizations succeed. As a result, companies the world over are looking for ways to not only make great strides in business, but philanthropy as well. In this regard, Keith Mann has been one executive who has taken up this effort with great zeal. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith has not only revolutionized how business is conducted, but also how businesses look at and approach philanthropy.

Whether he’s helping raise thousands of dollars to help low-income students prepare to attend college or to help schools gain the funding needed to purchase new equipment, Keith has made education one of his top priorities in life. Working with a number of New York-based schools that specialize in working with children from disadvantaged families, Keith and his company have left nothing to chance when it comes to helping raise funds for these facilities. Holding one fundraiser after another, he has brought together others from the world of financial services in an effort to meet his high expectations and goals. As a result, thousands and thousands of dollars have been raised in recent years due to Keith’s hard work and dedication.

With his many years of experience as an executive, Keith understands the importance of building relationships with numerous people. Whether he’s meeting with world-class business executives on an international stage or sitting in his office speaking with a teacher from a local school, Keith understands what it takes to bring people together to achieve a common goal. With his in-depth understanding of marketing and strategic planning, Keith has used this knowledge to help numerous people over the years. Having worked with people in the United States, Asia, and Europe, he has learned how to work with people from various cultures and walks of life.

As he continues to dedicate his personal and professional life to helping others make their dreams come true, Keith knows it will take a mindset of determination to see these and other goals realized. But with his never-ending commitment, there’s no doubt Keith will succeed.

Home Ownership Raises Baltimore Community Values

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Kevin Seawright believes increased home ownership in Baltimore will not only help the city’s property values to rise, but that it will lead to a stronger, healthier, and happier community. When people work to own their homes, they benefit the whole of their neighborhoods. Seawright’s founding of RPS Solutions was to help more people become first-time home buyers by connecting with mortgage companies that work for their particular situations. They have also been helping with new construction and renovation and remodeling loans to build new homes to achieve the same ends. The goal is to create a vested interest in building community by increasing everyone’s stake in the community with their personal investment in their own homes. The results RPS Solutions are encouraging.

Of particular interest to Seawright is the Belvedere Square neighborhood of Baltimore. He has worked for years to find ways to build up much of the city, but Belvedere Square is a very special project for RPS Solutions. In a city with only a little over 48 percent of home ownership, he sees revitalizing the Square as a key development in improving the whole city. Already, a number of Baltimore areas are been rejuvenated with many new first-time buyers who are showing pride and hope in their community.

RPS Solutions LLC works with people to get them successfully into a mortgage they can actually afford. They not only assist with mortgages for first-time home buyers, they also offer services such as assets management, advice on house and condo maintenance, construction companies to use, and other detailed assistance. They are dedicated to increasing home ownership in the Baltimore area, in order to revitalize the whole region.

Kevin Seawright has long been active on a number of renewal and restoration projects in Baltimore and in Washington D.C. He has been especially active with his philanthropic and professional business efforts to help higher education, in real estate development in the area, and in assisting a number of local government offices. He believes fixing our cities is a matter of developing pride and care for the urban areas where people live.

How Did I Discover Securus In The First Place?

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Securus is one of those hidden gems that PR Newswire experts think a lot of people have not heard of because they did not know that they could make video calls to a jail. They thought they would have to make regular calls, and they thought that there was no video technology to use. That means that a lot of people are going to be able to see friends and family, and it means that they can do it all from a smartphone. There is no need for a computer setup, and there is no need to get into confusing or boring technology terms. I am not one for technology, but I am someone who can easily learn how to use the things that I am offered. I know that I can work the app, and I share with as many people as I can.

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I have actually sent the app to family members of the people I know who are in jail, and now they are getting a lot of video calls every week. It is pretty nice to make a difference in their lives, and I like the fact that I can do something that is so positive and so refreshing. We get to see the people we care about, and it is uncomplicated.

I have been using Securus for some time, and I am going to keep using it until all the people I know are out of jail. I need to hang in there to support all of them to the very end of their term, and that is why these video calls are so important. I appreciate how Securus has put this together, and I also appreciate that I could easily add more people to the calling list if I had to. Securus has really made my life easier.

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