How Ken Goodrich Changed Goettl Air Conditioning

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Goettl Air Conditioning was much different as a company before Ken Goodrich has taken over. For one thing, the company was barely getting by. Then eventually, Ken Goodrich stepped in and bought Goettl. As a result, there has been a lot of changes made to the company. Among the changes made were the types of people working for the company. A few people were let go in the reconstruction of the company. He has also held gatherings where he has discussed his vision of the company. This vision was so compelling that other people have decided to get behind it.

One thing that could be said about Ken Goodrich is that he knows how to bring success to a wide variety of businesses. One of the ways that he brings success to businesses is that he has his mind on customer satisfaction and he instills the same mindset in the people who are working for the company. This type of mindset renews the passion and the zeal for the customer. As a result, they are able to do a much better job with the services that they provide to their customers. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy.

Ken Goodrich is also respectful when it comes to his employees. He knows how to encourage them to give it their best on the field. He is very positive. Goettl Air Conditioning was able to benefit from the positive energy that Ken Goodrich has put into the company. As a result, people are more eager to do business with Goettl Air Conditioning. The air conditioner service provider company has improved its reputation among people. As a result, it is experiencing a lot of success and growth in the industry. Ken Goodrich also gets himself involved in the installation process of air conditioner units.

Choosing the OSI Group

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The OSI Group is one of the best decisions that restaurant managers can make. This is because, when they choose OSI, they know that they are getting the best deal for what they are looking for in the food service industry. The OSI Group works to make sure that they provide services to their clients, that they have the best food available and that they are able to give their most to people who are in different areas of the world that have restaurants. They do all of this so that they can be successful with their business.

The OSI Group recognizes customer service as the number one most important part of the way that things work for their company. They want to make sure that their clients are able to get the most out of their business and they want their clients to be happy. For that reason, they work to provide a high level of customer service to every client that they serve no matter what part of the industry they are in or where they are located in the world. They want them to be successful no matter what.

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When it comes to the food that they have, they use only the highest quality ingredients that they can find. They only sell products that they think they would use if they were running a restaurant. They have done this since they first opened their meat market when they were just beginning. This meant that they only have high-quality food and that is what all of the restaurants that they serve can expect from them when they are doing business with OSI Group. They want to make sure that their clients can get the best options available no matter what.

Since the OSI Group is a global company, they can serve people who are in different countries. There are some food service companies in the industry who are only able to help people who are in the United States, but the OSI Group works to ensure that they are giving their services to people around the world. They are always working to expand their market so that they can help all of the people who own restaurants. They want to provide their best services to each and every person who has a restaurant and who wants fresh food.

Not only does the OSI Group provide fresh meat as well as produce but they also have prepared options for their clients. These are everything from meals to desserts and even some drinks that they can give to their clients. This allows them to serve many different markets and is the difference between them and other companies. Some companies only offer fresh food while other companies only offer food that is prepared in advance. The OSI Group does both and makes sure that they are able to give their clients exactly what they are looking for in the way of food services.

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Hiring A Professional Vs. Managing Own Reputation

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When it comes to running a business or just maintaining an online presence, it is important for one to be able to manage his reputation. There are a few options that people have. Among the common options that one has is for him to manage his own reputation or hire someone else to do the work. While it is possible for one to manage his own reputation, it can be very difficult because it takes a lot of time for the business owner to find every mention of his brand or his name. This is especially true if he doesn’t have any tools of his own to help him with the process.

Fortunately, the other option is for him to hire an online reputation management professional. There are plenty of online reputation management firms that he could look at in order to find the right professional. Fortunately, when the business owner is proactive, he can take the time to keep his company from getting hit with a digital crisis. It will also save him a bit of money in the process. One costly mistake that people make is waiting until there is a reputation crisis in order to find an online reputation management firm. This often has them spending a little more money than they would have spent if they have thought about this from the beginning.

The professionals have a lot of experience in marketing, search engine optimization and dealing with other aspects of their work. They also have the right tools needed to track every mention of the brand. They know how to provide optimized content so that the bad report that appears on the front page of the search results is removed from the front page. Fortunately, people do not move past the first page of the search results.


Wengie Weird Facts About Everyday Objects Recap

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According a to Beauty blogger , Every cosmetic product has a symbol with a number on the back; this indicates how many months you can keep it before it goes bad. Pots have a hole in the end of the handle; this is for hanging them up but also to hold your stirring spoon. Spaghetti spoons have a hole in the center; this is to measure one serving of spaghetti for yourself. The hole next to the back camera on your iPhone is a microphone that takes out the ambient noise from the main microphone so you sound clear on the phone.


Wengie shows the hole in your pen lid is to keep kids from choking if they swallow it. The blue side of a dual colored eraser is for erasing on heavy art paper without smudging. By turning the plate on the bottom of a stapler around, you can pin instead of staple papers together. Use the detachable bottom of a utility knife to snap off the dull blade and reveal a new, sharp blade section. The feet on a keyboard are for people who need to look at the keys while typing, not for ergonomic reasons.


The hole on the side of pens releases the vacuum pressure caused by writing and allows the ink to continue flowing. The colors on the ends of toothpaste tubes tell that all the tubes are facing the same direction during manufacturing. All the holes in Apple earbuds allow air to flow, letting the speakers move freely for a better sound quality. Flipping the tab on the bottom of your rear-view mirror dims high beam glare from cars behind you at night. More of the information you can find out here


The ridges in the gaps in your tires indicate when your tires are so worn down it is unsafe to drive on them. Pop in the tabs on the ends of your foil or plastic wrap roll to hold it in place and make it easier to tear a piece off. Tapping the 57 symbols on the bottom of Heinz sauce bottles helps dispense the perfect amount of sauce.


Town Residential’s Unbelievable Success

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The goals that Town Residential have set as a real estate agency are extremely unrealistic. They are something that cannot be expected to be achieved in any amount of time, let alone in a short period of just three years. They have, however, hit each and every one of the goals that they have chosen to set for themselves and this has allowed them to have a great deal of extra capital that they are able to spend on the agents who they employ and invest back into the Town Residential real estate business model.


Town has only been in business for three years. This is a short amount of time in the business world and the company is considered to only be starting out. While, in theory, they are just starting out, they are actually more successful than some real estate agencies that have been around for many years. This success is due to the dedication that they have, the industry expertise and the relationships that they have made with clients throughout the city who are able to help them with all of the things that they want to do in the business and real estate world.


The dedication of all of the agents at Town Residential is something that is somewhat of a commodity in the real estate world. Many agents think that their clients will just come to them and that they do not have to do a lot of work to be able to get what they want. While things are somewhat like that in New York City, the Town agents know that they need to make sure that they are giving their all and that they are actively recruiting people to be their clients in the tough market that is New York City real estate.


The agents do not get lax with their practices. They want to make sure that they are the best of the best and they will do anything to get there. They are extremely talented and are professionals in what they do in the truest sense of the word. This has allowed them to be better than what they were in the past and it has given them the chance to see what they need to do to be able to keep the clients that they have and the ones that they want to get in the future. The professionalism of Town agents is incomparable.


While there are many things that are important in the real estate industry, networking is one of the most important things. An agency that has a lot of network contacts and people who they can lean on allows them to feel like they are major players in the market. This is no different for Town Residential. They have worked to partner with huge land developers and have some of the most sought-after contacts in the entire city. They are major players in the New York City real estate market and contacts actually seek them out for real estate needs.

Brian Torchin’s Paving New Roads for Medical Professionals in America

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Medical professionals around the country need not worry about the hassles of switching jobs and that there are more avenues out there for them than they can possibly imagine. Brian Torchin of HCRC (Healthcare Recruitment Counselors) staffing agency emphasizes the role of staffing agencies and how they can be really instrumental in providing medical professionals with a switch when they really need it the most. He has highlighted certain areas that his firm is involved in doing

  • Job Counseling:

Job counseling is one of the most important functions of a staffing agency. As the medical professional is limited with choices when it comes to being offered one’s favorite specialty, it becomes the job of Brian and his firm HCRC to provide job counseling to its client and help them find the right fit out there for them.

  • Placements:

Another important aspect of what Brian and his firm HCRC is involved in includes placement of his clients. There are numerous jobs around the country that needs to be filled immediately and one of the main functions of a recruiting and staffing agency is to help these healthcare spaces by filling up their positions and ensuring that they always have a full staff. Anyone who approaches HCRC has a smooth transitioning between jobs.

  • Verified employees:

Each and every healthcare personnel who applies through Brian is vetted and verified properly. Such kinds of checks are important to ensure that clients receive the best person for the job. The vetting process also helps the person looking for a job the existing standards of the industry so they may prep themselves up to be the most deserving candidate for the job.

  • Brian’s mission for the medical world

Brian Torchin has aims of providing the healthcare industry with the necessary platform in filling their deficit of medical personnel across America. Being a medical world himself, Brian understands the difficulty that healthcare and medical professionals have to endure to ensure that they have the right job in the field.

Brian Torchin and his firm HCRC ensures to bridge this gap between the healthcare industry and the medical professionals by providing them with the services required for a smooth flow of medical services to the ultimate recipient, that is the patients.

 About Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is the founder and head of HCRC staffing which specializes in providing career counseling for people in the healthcare industry. Brian finishes his college from the University of Delaware specializing in Exercise Science. His interests in medicine piqued and lead him to the New York Chiropractic College where he finished his degree.

Apart from putting his time with his firm HCRC, Brian also has a separate practice as a chiropractor. He specializes in physical therapy and sports medicine.

Why You Shouldn’t Pay Reputation Attack Websites For Content Removal

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When it comes to, websites that are dedicated to publishing negative information about people, businesses and organizations are a big concern for many. The most common types of attack websites include services that publish mugshots of people who were arrested, court records and public regulatory agency rulings, plus sites allowing anyone to submit a complaint about a business or individual that allegedly treated them unfairly. Even worse, there are even websites where people can submit “ratings” for their former partners, complete with their full name and photo.
Any person or business that cares about their reputation would want to remove their information from these websites if they’re unlucky enough to end up on them. Some of these websites allow you to request the removal of your listing simply by filling out a form. Others will remove a listing only if it can be proven to be inaccurate or if other conditions are met. For example, a few websites that publish mugshots and arrest records will remove information about a person if they show that their case was dismissed or they were acquitted by a court.

However, many reputation attack websites operate on an “extortion” model, where they demand payment to have information taken down. Many online reputation management experts agree that it’s a bad idea to actually do this. Even if you pay to have information removed from one site, the same negative content may have already been posted to numerous other places. New attack sites appear on a regular basis. If the negative information comes from a public third-party source, such as arrest or court records, there is nothing that can be done to stop anyone else from publishing it.

You should also keep in mind that by paying attack websites, you’re keeping them in business and encouraging them to spread negative information about others. A better approach is to instead invest in a reputation management strategy that involves publishing positive content about you or your business to various websites. The positive information will get picked up by search engines and can eventually displace anything negative.


Everything that Guests Could Want at Tarallucci e Vino

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A relaxing atmosphere, upscale cuisine and accessibility are just a few of the things that people look for when they are planning for a private event in NYC. These things all contribute to the perfect event and help to make things better no matter what the event is being held for. There are many important aspects to a perfect event but all of these things will be able to help the event run more smoothly. The staff at Tarallucci e Vino will use these in combination with their techniques to ensure that every event is exactly what the planners dreamed of when they were working on the event.

The two different event spaces (see map!) that are available at Tarallucci e Vino could not be more opposite. The mezzanine is a space that is intended for smaller groups of people. While it is still a private space for people who want to have events at the location, it is also one that affords people the opportunity to get what they want out of a five star restaurant. The atmosphere is relaxing and is still intimate for the people who make the choice to visit the Tarallucci e Vino mezzanine spot.

The Loft on the 6th floor is quite opposite of the mezzanine. It is able to fit up to 120 people at a time but still provides the intimate atmosphere that the mezzanine has. While it is large, there is nothing lacking in the cozy feel. The handmade tables that were custom-designed for the space come together nicely with the lounge spot that has many different options for people who are sitting. Even the real-wood bar gives people the chance to feel as though they are truly in a secluded and private event space while they are at Tarallucci e Vino.

When in NYC, it can be hard to get reservations at the 5-star restaurants in town. While these are among the best, many people simply don’t get the opportunity to visit them just because it is so hard to get reservations. The chef at Tarallucci e Vino brings 5-star dining to everyone who comes to Tarallucci e Vino. This is because the space is designed for those who want to be able to have a 5-star dining experience while they are planning or attending an event. The chefs work to make sure that they have the most quality food possible and that they are able to enjoy the food.

Ease of access can be tricky when in NYC. There are many places that may be great event spaces but are actually difficult for people to get to from anywhere in the city. Tarallucci e Vino is not one of these places because it is located conveniently in Union Square. No matter which borough guests are coming from, the trip will be worth it to be able to enjoy Tarallucci e Vino. The search for the perfect venue is over and everyone who plans to have any type of party, from 30 people to 150, will enjoy Tarallucci e Vino.

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Jose Borghi: Brazilian Advertising Legend

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Jose Borghi, founder of Mullen Lowe, a Brazilian ad agency previously known as Borghi Lowe Brasil, is considered one of the most influential advertising professionals in Brazil. He developed several extremely successful campaigns, such as the “Parmalat Mammals,” in which kids dressed up as stuffed animals and sang unforgettable jingles on He was also behind a legendary commercial for Saz—n featuring Brazilian singers Zezz di Camargo and Luciano and their hit “It’s Love,” a campaign which is remembered to this day.

Born in Presidente Prudente Sao Paulo, Jose Borghi earned his degree in advertising from the Catholic University of Campinas (Sao Paulo). His first job in the industry was in 1989 at Standard Ogilvy. He became a respected copywriter and worked at several prestigious ad agencies on, such as FCB, DM9/DDB, Talent, and Leo Burnett, eventually forming his own firm called Borghi, with partner Erh Ray. According to Erh Ray, the two had “no investors, bank loans or angels.” Success came when the agency was acquired by Lowe in December 2006, becoming Borghi Lowe. Following the merger, Borghi Lowe became a national and international powerhouse. Jose Borghi became co-CEO with Andre Gomes.

An avid marathon runner, Jose Borghi believes that his tenacity even in the face of the greatest challenges is the key to his success. “I realized early on that no one was going to hand me anything, and that success would not fall into my lap. I wasn’t simply going to get anything for free or just get lucky. I understood that without hard work I would never distinguish myself.”

Throughout his career, Borghi has headed up important campaigns. In addition to those listed above, he developed “Second Impressions” for Fiat, “Charlie,” for the Brazilian Downs Syndrome Association, as well as campaigns for Honda and other major Brazilian and international corporations, among them Delta Airlines, Fiat, Globo, Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, Eletrolux, Grupo Bunge, Grupo Folha, Asia Motors, Antarctica, AOL, Alpargatas, BankBoston, American Express, Itaœ, Arcor, and Tintas Coral. Borghi and his agencies have won 14 Cannes Lions, 7 London Festival awards, 10 One Show awards, 11 New York Festival awards, 15 Abril awards, and 10 Clio awards. He was also chosen as “Advertising Executive of the Year” in 2009 by the Brazilian Advertising Association (APP).

Understanding Brazil’s Litigation Process with Ricardo Tosto Carvalho de Oliveira

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Brazil is a country endowed with many professional lawyers. Ricardo Tosto Carvalho de Oliveira is one of them. He practices both locally and internationally. Besides being a mandated lawyer, he runs one of the most successful law firms in Brazil and the better part of Latin America, The Leite Tosto e Barros. This law firm deals with sophisticated legal procedures surrounding companies, individuals and states. They have built an excellent reputation for winning millions of successful legal battles of varied forms.

Their influence has been greatly felt in the country’s legal community. Mr. Ricardo’s legal office is highly regarded for solving complex cases such as banking and insurance law. The efficiency, responsiveness and professionalism virtues to name a few are some of the core principles on which Mr. Tosto bases his legal operations.

Before becoming the successful lawyer he is today, Ricardo Tosto started small as a legal consultant upon clearing his university education. Since then, he has successfully represented thousands of clients in complicated lawsuits. He immensely contributed to the policy making of most legal instruments that are still in use today in the Brazilian legal system. Borrowing from his immense experience as an expert lawyer, he comes up with innovative ideas through which redundant legal issues can be eradicated.

As a leader and a strategist, Mr. Tosto is one lawyer that most law students in the country look up to. Most of his mentees have testified of their great admiration and respect for his methods of litigation. At his law firm, he supervises and even spearheads problem-solving procedures for high-stress cases when necessary. He has paved the way for his team members to follow in fulfilling their esteemed customers’ legal needs.