Eric Pulier’s Impact On Modern Day Society

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The 21st Century is probably the most technologically era of all time. This is the “Digital Age” and what comes with advancements is innovation. Though you probably may have never heard of this guy, he had made some huge impacts in society as a whole. Eric Pulier seems to have it all. This brilliant thinker can take a small idea and turn it into something truly unique that people can benefit from. That’s pretty much his (MO) as he specializes in the advancements on technology. From a young age Eric Pulier seem to stand out from his peers. He had a mind that was full of creativity and this creativity would pay off in huge dividends years later. By the time he attended college, the blueprint was already set as this gifted individual was destined for greatness. His schedule was very full around this time as he was majoring in American/English Literature, attending the neighboring school of MIT, and was the editor/column writer for The Harvard Crimson. I forgot to mention that he attended the famed Harvard University.

By 1991 Eric Pulier took off to Los Angeles and began his professional career which would soon thrust him to greatness. The creativity inside of him along with possessing a big heart caused him to do many great things that were also profitable. Check out this impressive list below:

  • Developed Innovated Technology That Addressed The Issues In Education and Healthcare
  • The Winner of Numerous Philanthropic Awards
  • Programmed His First Computer In The Fourth Grade
  • Developed A Private Social Media Network For Chronically Ill Children
  • Raised Millions For Capital Ventures
  • Donated Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars To Charity
  • Built Bill Clinton’s 2nd Inauguration Platform/Event
  • Sold His Last Founded Company For $350 Million

This is simply greatness personified either way you look at it. As of today this proud father of four resides in Los Angeles, California and owns a successful restaurant business. Eric Pulier’s impact on society can’t and will never be denied in years to come.

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Handy Helps Consolidate Cleaning Industry Services

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The home cleaning industry is quite large, and there are thousands of house cleaners in America who require more clients. Each new client must be found through a simple system, and Handy provides the system trusted by homeowners. This article explains how Handy has brought together customer and cleaner on a website made for everyone’s convenience.

#1: What Does Handy Do?

They created the website that seats cleaners and customers on opposite sides of the table. Cleaners build information pages for their businesses, and customers may choose cleaners working in their area. It is quite simple to see all the cleaners in a given area with a simple search, and cleaners may advertise any number of services offered through their company.

#2: Booking Regular Appointments

Customers may book appointments through Handy, and they will pay a chosen rate to the site for each service. Cleaners are paid through the site for services rendered, and Handy collects a small fee for the service. Cleaners may fill their schedules, and they are free to negotiate times and prices with customers. Each new customer has their own take on what must be done in their home, and they may schedule with their chosen cleaner at their leisure.

#3: How Quickly Do Services Occur?

Handy is a full-time web portal that customers may use to schedule service at any time. They may request immediate service for an upcoming event, or they may get to know the cleaner before inviting them to their home. Handy provides a welcoming environment for everyone, and they offer services that customers cannot find easily.

Every cleaner must consider a new Handy account as they search for clients, and they will have messages requesting new service every day. Handy aids with payment, scheduling and marketing as cleaners build their businesses.


Background And Procedure For Jennifer Walden Plastic Surgeon

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Jennifer Walden has always wanted to be a plastic surgeon. It all began around her eighth grade in school. She made the decision to pursue a career in medicine. This is probably because her father and mother are both in the medical field. Exposure to careers will guide decisions sometimes.


She began to make her mark, in the world, when she entered the University of Texas. Her years in college were typical of a young woman on a mission. She received good grades and made the efforts necessary to enter medical school. After completing medical school, New York was the place to be. She took a job with a surgeon in New York. Walden won several awards and began to become a remarkable addition to the medical community.


After a time period in New York, Jennifer Walden made the decision to move back to Texas. Austin was her destination of choice. Her family would be close and her twin sons could enjoy their company and the same type life she did. Her sons are enjoying, participating in the sports programs, as she is enjoying watching them. Soccer was her sport of choice in high school and may end up being a favorite of her sons.


After moving to Austin Texas, Jennifer opened up her own Satellite office. She began helping give lectures on things like wrinkles, aging gracefully, vaginal rejuvenation, and teenage plastic surgery. These issues were some of the most delicate and sensitive issues to talk about. She has appeared on ABC and other talk shows to discuss these sensitive subjects. Offering a solution to a problem is her main objective in medicine.


She began giving people the options of noninvasive change vs surgery. Botox is one way of doing a facelift without cutting. Botox helps the face and neck areas the most by filling up the creases with the filler. A needle is injected under the skin and a filler is released into the indention lines. This procedure may cause a little bruising at the injection site. It usually lasts a few months. Botox and Laser are two of the favorite noninvasive procedures on the market today and Jennifer is happy to include them in her office.

Keith Mann: The Man with a Helping Heart

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Keith Mann has done a lot of good things in his entire life. The good thing about his gestures is that they are aimed at making the community better. Some of his actions of kindness include starting a scholarship under his name and also feeding the police twice after they were attacked by the public. Keith Mann supported the police by sending them lunch a few months ago. Some people believe that he made this gesture as he has a relative working for the police department as a detective. While sending the lunch, Keith Mann released a press statement acknowledging that there are better ways of expressing our disappointments rather than attacking the people who guard us. Instead, they should be thanked and shown support.


Keith has been with the executive search industry for one and a half decade and has specialized in several areas such as the hiring strategies, staffing, and even compensation. For this period, he has served in the position of managing director of a firm called Dynamic Executive Search. He has enjoyed good spells with this firm such as launching the Alternative Investment Practice in this firm 14 years ago. This came at a time when the hedge fund industry was making huge revenues for investors. Some few years later, he introduced another venture in this firm dealing with the private equity. Keith Mann has been working with clients from all over the globe. He has customers from Asia, North America, and even Europe. On a normal year, he serves approximately 200 high profile clients.


Keith Mann is known to support the education sector within the New York area. He has a scholarship under his name called the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This is a program that targets student with the potential of being good leaders but can’t make it to college due to financial constraints. The scholarships qualifications are very clear and simple as they require the aspirant to write an essay that should be a 1000 word long. The essay should also explain why one feels the scholarship will impact on their lives for the better.

Lime Crime is a Crime of Passion Cosmetics Brand

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Lime Crime cosmetics are extremely creative, vibrant, pigmented and, bold international makeup line. Doe Deere developed this cosmetic product brand. She is a Russia national who was rose up in New York City. Doe Deere is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the cosmetic brand. She has the primary objectives of authenticating makeup that features independence and eloquence. Doe Deere has urbanized this new brand into a free colorful and magical cosmetics line since its inauguration in 2008. She established the cosmetics brand after discovering that she was unable to find the bright enough and correct makeup to match with the clothes she used to sell on Amazon.


Lime Crime cosmetics are Custom Made to Transform Beauty

The cosmetics are formed from the selection of color. They include nail polishes, eye shadows, and lipsticks. The cosmetics are generated from Doe Deere’s original motivation for makeup that deviates from the conventional habit. Doe discovered the significance of amazing, brilliant colors that when put on, they would be forbidden. Doe recognizes the importance of her brands and can go miles further in supplying her customers with the high-quality and self-confidence makeup choices.

Lime Crime has the primary objective of revolutionizing makeup, and PRN shows they are always trying. The brand has transformed into a leading cosmetic brand in the digital social space as one of the original native beauty brands. The cosmetics brand has set the internet by storm and presents new quality and performance standards. The brand has transformed the appearance of the beauty products category from its trail-blazing early developments.

The products are custom made so that individuals can create their looks based on the moods. Lime crime collections are planned to the perfect smile and shade on your face whether you are seeking for the special occasion sparkle or the new go colors. The brand is here to shake up things because it is ever radical and never dull. You can contact Lime Crime on Facebook at, on Instagram, and even through the official website, for more information on the cosmetic brand.

Securus Technologies seeks to drum up support for video visitations

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Securus Technologies has undertaken a campaign to raise public awareness of its innovative video visitation technology. This vertical has proven tremendously popular among inmates and their families, with growth nearly doubling each of the last five years. Today Securus’ video visitation installations are present in 168 institutions servicing over 1.2 million inmates. They are also recognized for their vital role in reducing intramural disciplinary problems and in promoting inmate compliance.




Inmates love it, officers rely on it


Corrections officers know that the biggest risks institutions face to their orderly operation besides organized gangs are inmates who believe they have nothing to lose. And bar none, the most dangerous time throughout a correction officer’s shift is when he is charged with moving an inmate throughout the facility. Video visitations help to weed out both these problems before they have a chance to grow into a crisis.


Video visitation can be set up so that an inmate can meet with their loved ones within a secure common area or even inside the inmate’s own cell. This minimizes the time that inmates must be moved throughout the facility. Moving inmates throughout a prison can be especially dangerous when the routine is broken, as when they must be moved to a visitation room on the other side of the prison or an area where they normally do not go.


Inmates meeting with visitors may be coerced into carrying contraband. Gang members being led through a portion of the prison claimed by another gang, even if led by guards, can spark violent conflict in seconds. High risk inmates will often use opportunities when they are lightly restrained outside of their cells to attack guards, sometimes fatally.


All these problems are avoided by video visitation either in-cell, or within a secure area to which the inmate has immediate access.



Fabletics – Kate Hudson And A Reverse Showroom

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When Kate Hudson wanted to start her own workout, clothing business, she named it Fabletics. That was three years ago, and in that time period, it has brought in $250,000,000. That is great for someone that has just been in the business for three years. She is going up against biggies, like Amazon, for her share of the pie, and she isn’t scared. She knows what she is doing, and it shows.

What Is Kate Hudson’s Secret To The Success She Has Had With Fabletics?

She decided a while ago that she wanted to take advantage of the online marketing and technologies, and thus, she went into the reverse showroom category with Fabletics. Other companies that have also used the reverse showroom model are Warby Parker and Apple. Combined with physical stores, the online community carries a lot of the weight of these companies. That is because people like to shop online now. They save money on gas, they don’t have to wait in lines, and they can still get the very same merchandise. Sometimes, they even get higher bargains, because online shopping does offer lots of promotions and sales.

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Is Kate Hudson Going To Open More Physical Stores In The Future?

Yes, there are at least three planned for next year alone. These stores will be added to the list. The list includes stores in: Florida, Hawaii and California, as well as other areas. This list will surely increase in the following years, as Kate Hudson determines the areas that she wants to build a store in. She uses the information that she gathers online about her subscribers. This way, she knows what women are looking for in certain areas, and she can cater to them in a better way. She is a marketing wizard, and with her creativity, dedication and determination, she will continue to attract more and more customers. Since she is loyal to what they want, they are loyal to shopping with her. They continuously wait to see what she has coming out for the latest craze. It is in fact, making a splash. Fabletics is becoming known, and in a very short time it is creating that all around buzz. Women want to know what she will create next.

She knows what the women are looking for when it come to workout clothing with Fabletics. This clothing that Kate Hudson makes can also be worn for other events too. That is why women love it. It looks great, and they can wear it and clean it easily. What else could they want when it comes to clothing? Her customers number in the millions already, and they are increasing at a steady rate. The country will surely be hearing more about the success of Kate Hudson’s, Fabletics.

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How Online Reputation Is Managed

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For businesses to keep customers coming, it is important for them to know how to manage their online reputation. For those that don’t know how it’s done, online reputation management consists of monitoring all of the mentions of the company. In other words, they have to find every conversation about the company that is on the web. The larger a company gets, the harder of a task it is to be done by an individual. Fortunately, there are people that take the time to handle online services for a living. There are also tools that are available to track all of the mentions of the company or individual.

One very important thing for businesses to do is to encourage customers to give their feedback. Of course they don’t want to encourage everyone to give feedback, they go for the most satisfied customers in order to encourage feedback. The more positive feedback a business gets, the more likely it is going to grow as a business. However, people are also going to post negative feedback. This is actually inevitable. After all, a business is going to get feedback of all types as it lives and grows.

It is important to discern what to do with bad feedback. One thing that is to be understood is that not all bad feedback is going to be valid feedback. There are a lot of users on the internet that would post a bad review of one line. These types of feedback are not worth pursuing. However, it is the one feedback that is specific in what the company has done wrong. This is where the business owner has to take the time to respond and make sure that everything is okay with the customer. This is when there needs to be a resolution for both the customer and the company.