What the Tops Suburbs are in the USA According to Samuel Strauch

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Samuel Strauch is a real estate broker, developer, finance and investor. He founded his own realty company called Metrik Real Estate in 2002. Mr. Strauch previously worked in the banking industry before beginning his own real estate development business. Metrik Real Estate is based in Miami Beach, which is where Samuel Strauch also resides.

Mr. Strauch has an extensive background in international business, finance and management. He went to Hofstra University in New York State for his undergraduate degree. His major there was a bachelor degree in international business. Samuel Strauch then went on to study at Erasmus University in the Netherlands and then at Harvard University. His post graduate education was in management and finance.

According to Samuel Strauch, one of the best suburban communities in the nation right now is a part of Denver called Northeast Denver. This section of Denver used to be industrial and commericial. It has now been transformed into a major suburban residential community outside of downtown Denver. The millennial generation is flocking here because home prices are half as expensive as in other parts of the city. Northeast’s Denver real estate market is expanding rapidly and prices for homes are now increasing due to increased demand.

Another top suburban community in the USA right now is a town called Duplin. It is located in the San Francisco Bay area. Duplin has access to Bay Area Rapid Transportation which is perfect for commuters. Lower home prices, cleaner air and local attractions such as Duplin Castle make this community very attractive to millenials looking for a more affordable housing option in the San Francisco Bay area. Click here to know more.

The town of Wylie, outside of Dallas, Texas is another booming suburb. Housing prices are lower than in Dallas and you also get outdoor space for your buck here. Commutes are easy into Dallas from Wylie. Millenials can also enjoy respite from the noise of Dallas here.


Equities First Holdings’ Success With Stock-Based Loans

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Recently, Equities First Holdings LLC reported an increase in stock-based loans and margin loans. The improvement of the company’s business environment follows a recent trend by financial institutions that have seen them tighten their lending criteria. The trend has also left borrowers without the option of accessing loans to finance their businesses. To this end, individuals who do not qualify for the conventional credit based loans are turning to companies offering equity-lending services.

Besides tightening their lending criteria, banks have cut their lending options for borrowers and increased their interest rates. According to Al Christy jr, this situation has resulted in the success of the innovative stock-based loans. The loans use stocks held by the borrowers as collateral. The loans have a high loan-to-value ratio. This way, they are suitable for individuals seeking working capital. The loans come with a low and fixed interest rate. Fixed interest rate is ideal as it offers borrowers with certainty throughout the life of the loan. Al Christy is the founder and chief executive officer of Equity First Holdings.

Al Christy notes that most capital loans are repaid over a period of three years. With the volatile market, fluctuations may often lead to the change in interest rates charged on the traditional loans. This situation may negatively affect one’s investment, as the cost of the loan may suddenly go up. The company offers its loans on a fixed interest rates basis. By virtue of paying a known amount of interest throughout the life of the loan, investors are able to guarantee the stability of their investments.

The company’s stock-based loans have a non-recourse feature that allows its clients to walk away from a stock loan at any point even if the value of their stock has depreciated. The feature does not rely on the performance of the stock.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding is a renowned financial institution offering alternative financing solutions. The company is primarily known for its reliable stock-based loans targeting individuals and businesses needing quick capital to meet their goals. By virtue of being in the industry for long, they have succeeded in getting a large client base.

The company was incorporated in 2002. Over the years, they have handled over 650 transactions. These deals are worth over $1.4 billion. Equities First Holdings operates several subsidiaries such as the Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited and Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited.

Former Viper Drummer Cassio Audi Continues To Find Success

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The band Viper remain one of the most successful recording and touring bands in the world after the heavy metal group was reformed on two separate occasions by its founding members. One former member of Viper who has so far restrained himself from appearing in any reformed lineups is Cassio Audi, the former drummer of Viper who is now one of the leading financial experts in Brazil; Audi is now better known to the Brazilian public for his attempts to make investing an activity open to everybody than he is for his earlier incarnation as a heavy metal drummer.

Viper were formed in 1985 by the Passarell brothers who hoped to develop a heavy metal band based on the sound that had been developed by their heroes in the British heavy metal community; among the bands Viper have acknowledged as a major influence are the iconic Iron Maiden. Cassio Audi would become integral to the sound being created by Viper in terms of the major part drums have always played in the creation of a successful heavy metal band throughout the history of the genre.

After appearing on two demo recordings that secured the group of teenagers a recording contract under the name of Viper, Cassio Audi found himself praised with the rest of the band for the high level of musicianship and skill he brought to his role with the band. The first studio album of Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise” is the only professional recording to feature Cassio Audi, but the album has been praised by critics as a successful first attempt that shows off the skills of Cassio Audi and his fellow Viper members who shocked many critics and fans alike with the quality of the recording despite the members being teenagers at the time of recording.


Karl Heideck- A Model Litigator

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Model Litigator Karl Heideck

Model Litigator Karl Heideck

In the U.S, there is a growing population of about 1.22 million lawyers. There are so many different types of lawyers that someone who isn’t familiar with law can be very confused. One may know what the job duty of a defense lawyer or a corporate lawyer entails. However, who knows what a litigator is? Or what path a person takes to become one? And who is an exemplary example of a litigator?

The litigator is the attorney who drives the lawsuit through the judicial process by handing disputes between businesses and citizens or citizens and citizens who attempt to defend their rights legally. There are four steps that litigation attorney’s take to start their careers:

• Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree
• Take a Law School Admission Test
• Acquire a Law Degree (Juris Doctor Degree)
• Pass the Bar Exam

Once the four steps are completed, an individual can consider themselves to be a license litigator attorney.

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College and receiving honors from Temple University Beasley School of Law, Karl Heideck has done an impeccable job as a powerful litigator. Karl Heideck is known for his success in risk management and compliance practices. He has been practicing law for ten years in Philadelphia and has also helped clients with employment law, legal research, commercial litigation, and corporate law.

Unlike other litigator attorneys, Karl Heideck has been able keep his reputation by maintaining a zero record of malpractice. Being accomplished in the legal field, Karl Heideck has set the bar for being an exemplary litigation attorney.

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Todd Lubar Redefines the Real Estate Market

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The real estate market is one that most people, both investors and property shoppers are, fond of. Inasmuch as this is true, nobody is fonder of this market more than Todd Lubar. If you are an ardent follower of real estate market news, Todd is a name you might have heard discussed in many arenas thanks to his passion in the business. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

Todd Lubar is an alumnus of Syracuse University where he graduated in 1995 with B.A in speech communication. Immediately after graduation, Todd began his career as a loan mitigator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. With a deep desire to help people and a fascination of the real estate industry, Todd took this opportunity to build his real estate career familiarizing with mortgage banking and the industry players.

After familiarizing himself with the different industry players, Todd decided to advance his real estate career further. In 1999, Mr. Todd assumed a new equity position over at theLegacy Financial Group. In addition to this being a career move, it also helped Todd learn some lending skills that would later prove valuable later in life. Through this venture Todd would broke mortgage loans either as a direct bank or indirectly. This did not take long, within three years Todd was able to venture on his own.

With a little experience in the real estate industry, Todd was able to start Legendary Properties, LLC. Legendary Development Company was a construction company that purely thrived on Todd’s past established relationship. Thanks to the able leadership of Mr. Todd, this Legendary was able to conquer its residential market constructing more than two hundred single and multi-family home units.

Todd Lubar, didn’t stop his real estate entrepreneurial ventures at this point. With mortgages playing an important role in home ownership, Mr. Todd next venture was opening Charter Funding. This was a child company of First Magnus Financial Corporation, one of the leading mortgage providers in the American history. By providing, a comprehensive package Todd was able to expand his real estate venture more.

With the heart of service, Todd felt obligated to the underserved members of the society. Through Legendary Financial, LLC Todd planned to ensure that everybody’s needs were met. His expertise and experience ensured that he does not miss on any venture even one that does not seem profitable. Through his small and positive contributions, Todd Lubar has been able to change the real estate infrastructure to the better. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

The Multi-Talented Cassio Audi

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In the early years, Cassio was involved in different music bands. Cassio was talented in music and was in a top music group. He was involved with various groups including Drums, Soldiers of Sunrise, and Killer Sword among others.


Cassion was great in music, but his love for finance and business led him to build a career in the business and investment world. Finance world has been presented as a complex field, but because of his knowledge and expertise, Cassio has been able to create an exceptional career.


His 23 years in the business has given him skills in leadership, strategy development, and management. Cassio graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. Between 1999 and 2000, Cassio attended the University of Sao Paulo for his Masters in Business of Administration in Finance. While pursuing his undergraduate studies, Cassio worked for the JP Morgan. In this position, he was involved in asset management. Cassio left JP Morgan in 1996 to join the Dow Chemical as Senior Financial Analyst.


For eight years, Cassio was the Financial Director of Gillette, a manufacturer of the leading brands. He was responsible for developing strategies and performing tax and auditing. Before resigning from Gillette, Cassio became the Chief Financial Officer at Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Company. Cassio was responsible for 16 acquisitions at the Company.


His expertise in the financial world helped Cassio to build a robust reputation. Cassio has in the past advised people and provided guidance in investing especially in stock markets. His peers have described Cassio as a hard working, action-oriented, and meticulous planner.


Cassio possesses strong interpersonal and communication skills. Cassio leadership skills have enabled him to manage the staff at the different Companies he was served in.

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The Career of Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

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Mike Baur is a Swiss based entrepreneur who is the current co founder of a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. Over a span of over two decades, Mike has had a lot of experience working with startup companies. When he first started out in his career, he worked in the banking sector. During this time, he would provide loans to businesses that needed money to start up and expand. After working in the banking field for two decades, Mike would begin a career investing in startup companies. This allowed him to get even more exposure to working with startup companies. By the year 2014, Baur looked to start up his own company and helped start up Swiss Startup Factory. The company provides guidance and mentorship to a number of entrepreneurs in Switzerland.


At the very beginning of Mike’s career he got his first exposure to startup companies in the banking industry. When working in this sector, Mike would regularly meet with entrepreneurs who were in the midst of starting up new companies. In a majority of cases, they needed to get funds to start up and expand. Mike would help them by going over their finances, their business idea and it’s potential. Baur would also agree to secure loans for these companies and allow them to get the funds to reach their goals. While Mike had a successful career in banking, he would look to move on to other activities. He would eventually begin to invest in startup companies.


After he left the banking industry after two decades Mike looked to capitalize on the potential of startup businesses. He would do this by investing in various companies that were new and emerging. During his time investing in startup companies, Mike used his own money to get a stake in a company. Baur would then wait for the companies to make revenue and get a share of the profits. This allowed him to earn high returns on a regular basis.


Baur started up Swiss Startup Factory in the year 2014 in an effort to help startup businesses get the guidance necessary to succeed. The company offers a very unique business model where it enables business owners to present their idea for a business. After listening to the business ideas being pitched, Swiss Startup Factory then provides coaching and advice on things such as marketing, management, product development and finance. As a result, startup businesses in Switzerland are in better position to become top companies in the near future.



Traveling Vineyard – Is It Legit?

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The Traveling Vineyard is a business that wants you to join their team and help them promote their wines. Are you ready to make money selling products from the Traveling Vineyard? If you love talking about wine, drinking wine, and meeting new people, this is the right opportunity for you because it can allow for you to interact with others and share your interests with people while creating connections that eventually turns into direct sales. The Traveling Vineyard is a legitimate company that can help get you started on the right path to making a great side income.

It all begins when you join the program. You will receive an impressively simple but powerful toolkit to help you get started on your very first wine tasting event. It’ll be scary and nerve-wracking for your very first time, but it will be very rewarding. You will receive about 35 percent of your overall sales, and the money is given to you over a period of three separate payments every single month.

Is the company real? Do they actually pay? Not only do they pay on time and provide great benefits, but they can allow for you to make even more money and not just by selling more products. You can bring more people into the brand as wine guides, and when they make sales, you too can earn a percentage from their earnings. It’s a continuous business that can extend further than your own personal work. This is the place to make more money.

How To Handle Online Wounds

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For anyone that is online, there are going to be online attacks. One thing that is not a good idea is letting online wounds fester. It is important to have a response plan that could effectively address any attacks or concerns. If any attack is allowed to dwell, then it is going to cause more damage than initially. Therefore, it is important for one to take the time to address the issue. This is not to say that he has to stop the services he is providing in order to respond to the attack. However, it is important to show that he is aware of the attacks that have been aimed at him.

According to onlinereputationreviews.com, one of the most important aspects of addressing the attacks is to claim the listings. When one claims his listings, then he is able to monitor and respond to the content. For instance, when it comes to review sites, there are a lot of unclaimed listings. For the ones that have claimed their listings, there is a much better success when it comes to business. It is important for companies to engage the community and address the issues that have been mentioned on the site. In this case, he will be able to take care of any damages to his reputation.

One very important thing for a business to show is that he is accessible. He must also show that he is aware of the problem and cares enough to fix the problem. Therefore, it is important to make sure some of the major issues with the company is addressed. Of course it is not important to handle every single complaint. The person must be discerning as to whether the complaint is legitimate or just something written to get a rise out of someone. The worst thing a business can do is get dragged into the mud with someone else.