Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – A Renowned Lawyer in Brazil

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In Brazil, the law is based on statutes and on a mechanism called Sumula Vinculante, a system derived from the old civil law systems of European countries. Brazil’s current constitution was created on October in 1988. It has however been amended several times. The other important legal documents in Brazil are the Civil Code, the Commercial Code, the Penal code, the National Tributary code and Consolidation of labor laws. There is also the customer defense code, the criminal suit code, and the Civil Suit code.

As per the constitution, Brazil is a federal republic that consists of 26 states with each state having its own legislature and governor. These states have the powers to create their laws and constitution. Their municipality has restricted autonomy, whereby the legislation follows the constitution of the state they belong to. The Federal district blends functions of the states and the municipalities, equivalent to a constitution referred to as the Organic Law.

Brazil was ranked as the third country in the world with many lawyers. This is credited to the many law schools in Brazil. The legal profession in France is regulated by an organization of lawyers known as Orden dos Advogados. The country has few registered lawyers as compared to law graduates.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Carvalho is a renowned lawyer and an entrepreneur in Brazilian law. He acts in defense of Companies and personalities. He advocates for large multinational groups in Brazil. He also advocates for educated politicians with bright ideas. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho together with his team do litigation in an honorable manner and created laws that have improved the economy of Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a law degree from Universidade Presbiteriana and another one in Business Administration from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Since 1991, he has been working with Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho trained many associates working in Tosto and Barros.

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End Citizens United – Article Recap

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The recent special election in Alabama to fill the vacated Senate seat of Attorney General Jeff Sessions was a controversial primary to say the least, with President Donald Trump endorsing Sen. Luther Strange. Strange was a clear Trump supporter and followed every lead from the administration. However, the primary election tallies resulted in Alabama Judge Roy Moore being elected as the Republican candidate in the upcoming special election on Dec. 12, 2017 that will determine the actual replacement for Sessions.

Following winning the primary, Roy Moore was quick to announce that he would still vote on federal legislation as instructed by the Republican leadership in support of President Trump. The fact that Trump endorsed his opponent apparently mattered very little. That will be changing now as his opponent in the Dec. 12 special election will be former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones, who has been endorsed by the End Citizens United political action committee. Alabama is no doubt a conservative state, but the Democrats think they have a good candidate to challenge Moore.

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller was also quick in response to Moore’s candidacy and honed in on his extreme positions on a wide variety of legal issues. Moore is well-known among the conservative Alabama voter base for personal views and willingness to interject them when making judicial decisions. And, that is not to mention his track record of conflict of interest regarding his controlling position with a charity that paid him a $1 million stipend.

His opponent Doug James is a former U.S.Attorney who has prosecuted numerous civil rights cases and has an outstanding record of integrity and honesty as a prosecutor. However, this is his first attempt at public office and he has had some difficulty raising funds. The endorsement from End Citizens United could very well serve as the catalyst necessary to build those coffers for the Jones and the Democratic Party, but it is also important to note that the particular district of Alabama has not elected a Democrat to any national office in over ten years.

End Citizens United is a political action committee with a mission to end corrupt political financing that became legal following the 2008 United States Supreme Court decision that determined political campaign contributions are a form of free speech and that corporations and organizations also have rights of personhood. The decision allowed for unlimited campaign contributions to any candidate as long as the contribution came from an American entity. The directive of the PAC is to make the name of the PAC an actual reality and is partnering with current representatives to introduce legislation that will overturn the SCOTUS ruling.

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Why Amicus Therapeutics Does It Right

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If you’ve never heard of Amicus Therapeutics, you should be aware of the work they are doing to advance the pharmaceutical industry and help accommodate special patients. Amicus Therapeutics is a bio-pharmaceutical company based out of New Jersey that focuses on developing therapies and medicines to treat rare orphan diseases.

Rare orphan diseases are those that affect less than 200,000 victims worldwide, or roughly 2.8 out of every 100,000 people. Examples or orphan diseases are Lou Gehrig’s disease, cystic fibrosis, and Tourette’s syndrome. Learn more about job offerings of Amicus Therapeutics at Indeed.

These rare diseases are still a mystery to scientists who struggle to receive funding research and development of medicines for these diseases. The medicines that do exist are often weak in effectiveness or very damaging to patients. Since the patient count is so low for these diseases, there is little financial incentive for pharmaceutical companies to develop medicines and recoup their money spent on research and development.

Companies like Amicus Therapeutics specialize in developing medicines for orphan diseases that are commonly overlooked or turned a blind eye to. Amicus Therapeutics realizes that patients of these diseases shouldn’t have to go without their medicines just because companies don’t deem it financially viable to produce and distribute.

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Amicus Therapeutics instead works to research and development medicines, therapies, and treatments that are on the cutting edge of biotechnology. They care about their patients and dive directly into the area of medicine where many companies do not dare touch.

The work done by Amicus Therapeutics will have a snowball effect for these diseases. As they research orphan diseases and develop a better understanding them, they can develop better medicines which treat these diseases. They will constantly learn more and more about the nature of these diseases and will develop more advanced strategies to fight them.

While they may seem like small timers and the underdog of pharmaceutical companies, Amicus Therapeutics is making a big change. View the market summary of Amicus Therapeutics at finance.google.com.

Meet Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, the Best Brazilian lawyer

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Some years back, Brazil was rated third regarding educated lawyers. This was accelerated by the number of law schools available. The schools provide bar exams that give them the required skills. The lawyers who come from these schools help clients in all types of legal issues. More than 500 lawyers will work in one big organization in Brazil. Such organization will have a comprehensive range of services, and it will cover many areas of specialization. Apart from big law firms, smaller ones also exist. These smaller companies hire fewer lawyers due to a limited area of expertise.

In Brazil, there are three categories of lawyers who work in most law firms. These groups are determined by the amount of money an agent earns while at work. Partners work with law firms, and they are paid by according to the clients they refer to the firm. On the other hand, lawyers who are taking internship sometimes may not get paid. This happens because they are given some learning experience from the company. Associates too are similar to interns, but they are paid much higher than interns. As the law field grows, the type of education lawyers gets to keep on changing for the better.

For those who are looking for lawyers, this is an easy job because you will find many who are willing to work for you or with you at all times. But before hiring a lawyer, you will need to do your research to get the best one. This is because some lawyers cannot speak English. The good thing is some best lawyers can speak fluent English. These lawyers have more than ten-year working experience in countries like the US.

One of those lawyers is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. As a co-founder of Leite, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a good leader who is manning the largest firm in Brazil. His education can be traced back at AAPF where he practiced law studies. In this area of specialization, he has helped many troubled clients in getting justice. For instance, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has helped many clients in restructuring their credits and debts

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The Distinguished Pediatric Surgery Career of Dr. Mark Holterman

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Dr. Mark Holterman is a Yale University alumnus, a surgeon and a pediatrician with over 20 years of experience. Presently, the doctor works at the University of Illinois where he holds a professorship position at the institution’s College of Medicine. His ambition is to equip surgeons with the right skills and knowledge and send them to the world. The doctor actively participated in the establishment of The Hannah Sunshine Foundation, a non-profit organization that specializes in using regenerative and cellular therapies for kids with rare illnesses. The non-profit was inspired by three young individuals including 23-year old Sarah Hughes who has systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at osfhealthcare.com.

Systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis is a serious juvenile idiopathic arthritis subtype. Unlike other juvenile idiopathic arthritis subtypes, this subtype doesn’t affect the joints only. It has been shown to affect other body organs including lungs, liver, and the heart. It is a rare condition affecting about 20% of the children with some form of juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Unfortunately, this disease doesn’t have a cure yet. However, treatments are available. Health providers managing the illness center their attention on attaining permanent remission. This is a state whereby there are no more clinical symptoms and signs that an illness is still active. Because the disease may bring adverse damage to the joints, experts encourage early and aggressive treatment, especially during the disease’s active phase.

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More about Dr. Mark Holterman

Besides teaching at the College of Medicine, University of Illinois, Dr. Mark Holterman is a member of various associations in America including the American Diabetes Association. The ever increasing type 2 diabetes occurrence in children is the association’s main concern. The association works closely with Los Angeles Children Hospital where it encourages physical activity. More importantly, it encourages and teaches kids the benefits of making healthy food choices.

Besides being a professor, Dr. Mark Holterman closely works with Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Illinois as a pediatric surgeon. After Yale University, the pediatric surgeon went to the University of Virginia for his MD. In addition to being a teacher and surgeon, he holds the position of CMO and CEO at Mariam Global Health. View Mark Holterman’s Linkedin profile.

Why Securus Technologies’ CEO Rick Smith Appointed John Bell to Its Highly Talented Executive Team

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Securus Technologies recently grabbed the headlines by making a new addition to its executive team of highly talented employees. The company effectively brought on board John Bell as its new Senior Vice President of Sales, a move which is widely considered to invigorate creativity and spur economic growth. Securus Technologies is a leading communications service provider specializing in criminal and civil justice technology solutions, monitoring, and corrections services to a diverse range of customers spanning across North America. According to the company, the new sales executive is expected to set up a high-tech software-dependent sales team with the unique task of complementing its portfolio for the corrections and law enforcement sectors.

According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies’ CEO, the company has invested over $600 million through the development and acquisition of numerous efficiency and security-related items over the last four years. As such, it became essential to include a seasoned sales professional with an invaluable experience in evolving and transforming sales team and with the unique capacity to expand the product set.

Mr. Smith hailed John Bell’s stellar career based on revolutionizing organizational culture, creating a unique performance, and attaining exceptional growth through developing outstanding sales leaders. Such an impressive resume stems from an unrivaled career development at IBM characterized by premier sales business processes and high integrity.

John Bell

Mr. Bell is an alumnus of Wharton School of Business with a postgraduate degree and a Master’s degree from Holy Cross. Aside from possessing a brilliant mind, Mr. Bell has worked for several multinational corporations such as Verizon, IBM, NTT, Time Warner Cable, and Verio. At Securus Technologies, Mr. Bell is expected to receive regular feedback and updates from Josh Conklin, a senior Sales Vice President.

Working side by side with Conklin and Messrs, Bell is expected to accomplish the following set goals and objectives:

  • Make adequate use of the Securus Technology Center flocked by thousands of customers yearly.
  • To develop an effective sales associate training program.
  • To present a full bundled product tailored at attracting more customers and seasoned decision makers.
  • To present a unified approach to meeting customers face-to-face every month.

Securus Technologies’ Profile

Securus Technologies is widely considered to be a leading Dallas-based enterprise serving over 3,450 law enforcement, corrections, and public safety penitentiaries in North America. In essence, the company is committed to providing public information, emergency response, communication, incident management, and inmate self-service to its esteemed customers.

Rick Smith’s Position on Positive Emails Regarding Securus Technologies

As a testament to their positive contribution to the inmate communication industry, Securus Technologies has been receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers. The positive emails primarily revolve around how the company has kept families and their imprisoned loved ones safe from crime both in and out of prison.


Agora Financial: Steps Ahead of the Competition.

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Agora Financial was founded in 1979 in Mount Vernon, Baltimore, Maryland. THe company is an experienced leader when it comes to giving financial advice to clients and how best to make the most of a person’s money.

Agora Financial offers several publications for the client. These publications can help a client choose the best option on how to invest money for the future or save for retirement. Either way, Agora Financial can give clients the proper advice on what to do with their money based on the goals the client wants to achieve. Here is a Youtube example.

The client for Agora Financial in this video is a dentist named Bob. He has worked hard all his life and worries about the fact that he may not have enough money to retire on. He wants to invest some money but he also wants to be able to control it as well. This is where the advisers at Agora Financial come in to play. With the help of e-newsletters, books, seminars, and publications Bob and the analysts can figure out the best way to protect his and make it grow. The key is that analysts go to the places where trends are beginning to boom but haven’t hit the main markets yet. That is one of the keys of how Agora Financial can make an investment grow. The company also offers protection strategies so Bob’s money is safe during an economic crisis and he can manage it the way he wants. This gives Bob the added satisfaction that he can pay for the wedding of his daughter, put his son through college and still have enough money for retirement and read full article.

Agora Financial has over twenty-five years of experience helping people with financial advice. that makes them one of the best in the business.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Joins Hands with LabCorp and NFL Alumni Association in the Fight against Prostate Cancer

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) was established in 1988 by Richard Stephenson after his mother died of cancer. He envisioned a cancer center, which could provide options to patients. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a setup of five hospitals that serve cancer patients in the United States. Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently shifted its headquarters from Illinois to Boca Raton, Florida. The five centers are located in big cities including Midwestern in Chicago, Illinois; Southwestern in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Western in Phoenix, Arizona; Southeastern in Atlanta, Georgia; and Eastern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Each of the hospitals has state of the art equipment and cancer experts. Patients receive a cancer treatment plan, which is personalized to support the patient’s physically and emotionally. For over three decades now, the cancer centers have used advanced technology and modern treatment models to fight cancer. All models including chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy are incorporated to give the patient the care and treatment deserved.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America has teamed up with NFL Alumni Association, a group of retired NFL players, their spouses, cheerleaders and coaches, and LabCorp, which is a company dealing with life sciences and takes care of patients by providing laboratory and drug development services. These three organization joined hands to avail prostate cancer screenings to all adult males. Prostate cancer has affected many men as one in every seven Americans is likely to be diagnosed with the killer disease.


This program, set to kick off in September 2017, aims at creating awareness and providing free screenings for the first 2,000 men. To increase awareness, NFL legendries like Herm Edwards, Dick Vermeil, Mike Quick, Beasley Reece and Jon Runyan will make public service announcements. Top leaders at CTCA, the CEO of LabCorp and Carl Baylor, a prostate cancer survivor will grace the campaigns. The partnership of these three corporations is sure to yield fruits as the first defense mechanism against any cancer is screening.

Agora Financial Empowers You to Protect and Grow Your Wealth

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Agora Financial provides advisory in finance and wealth management strategies. The privately-held company is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. It was founded in 1979 by Bill Bonner and is part of the Agora network. The company provides retirement planning strategies that enable investors to protect and grow their wealth. Agora Financial achieves this through publishing well researched and analyzed information on numerous platforms.

This includes newsletters, online publications, seminars, books, and documentaries. The company boasts of over one million users actively implementing their advice to grow their wealth. It distributes over twenty publications that cover different aspects of the markets. This includes identifying companies with a positive outlook worth investing in, insider tips on how to generate income from your retirement kitty and wealth management strategies that grow your assets even in choppy markets.

Agora Financial conducts comprehensive research that is balanced and independent. It does not accept funding for research or coverage. Their researchers and analysts are active on the ground investigating opportunities and learning as financial situations unfold. No corner of the world is too far for the team. This gives them first-hand access to the requisite information.

Agora Financial spends over a million dollars in travel and research. This enables the company to provide lucrative investment trends to investors ahead of their competition. The company believes big names don’t make the list of smart investments. New ideas off the beaten path provide high yields. Agora Financial empowers you to find new ideas that have not hit the mainstream. You can then buy when the assets are still cheap and grow your wealth.

The company employs an experienced and highly skilled team of experts including a Harvard graduate geologist, a self-made billionaire, successful bond experts and an award-winning scientific journalist. The team also includes a best-selling author, a prominent filmmaker, an experienced hedge fund manager and a former executive banker.

Agora Financial has made numerous accurate predictions in the financial sector. For example, it predicted the spectacular rise of gold prices as well as the mortgage crisis of 2008 way before the events came to pass. Some of the publications the company issues include Daily Reckoning, Technology Profits Confidential, Options Hotline, Daily Resource Hunter and Penny Stock Fortunes among others. The company also hosts the annual Agora Financial Investment Symposium.

Clay Siegall Talks About His Career Journey

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Clay Siegall is the founder and chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics. The Seattle-based biotech company engages in the development of targeted therapy drugs. The corporation zeroes in on the diseases that have not seen considerable mortality improvements for several years. Dr. Siegall holds a B.S. degree in zoology from the prestigious University of Maryland. He also holds a PhD in genetics from the renowned George Washington University.

Since 1998 when the Seattle Genetics was incorporated, Siegall has provided visionary leadership that has helped the company to maintain its authority in the competitive targeted therapy sector. The company developed the first FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate. Moreover, the corporation has a robust pipeline of over 20 drugs and a number of strategic partnerships with Genentech, Bayer, Pfizer and many other drug manufacturers.

Under Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics evolved from a tiny startup with few researchers to a power house in the cancer research industry. Siegall has grand plans for the firm’s future, including the development of different prospective indications and growing list of drugs. Notably, the success of the company is anchored on its research capabilities. Siegall believes that conventional cancer treatment approaches such as systematic chemotherapies will have no place in the future. This is because targeted therapies are more effective and tolerable.

Speaking on how he started in the business, Siegall said that he was always interested in medicine and the power of technology in restoring the health of people. The executive contends that he developed a deep interest in cancer treatment while he was studying zoology at the university.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the chairman of the board at Seattle Genetics. The visionary leader has vast experience in developing viable targeted cancer therapies. He has built Seattle Genetics on a strong foundation of drug development practices, rigorous research, scientific innovation, and passion for helping patients.

Siegall has also led the capital raising activities of Seattle Genetics. He has secured more than $675 million for the company through various methods of financing. Before forming the biotech firm, Siegall worked for the National Cancer Institute and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Clay has authored more than 70 publications.