Highland Capital Management Elevates Dallas Through James Dondero

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Leadership dictates the direction an organization takes in many ways. Often, leadership calls for the ability to make critical decisions during emergencies. In addition to that, there is the aspect of team building and mentorship by a leader. A good leader should always be there for the team. An astute leader , considers the best strategies to utilize in elevating the performance of the organization. No one better fits this description than the prominent hedge fund leader, James Dondero. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

Background information

With more than 30 years expert experience in the generation of financial services, Dondero has mastered the art of securing viable investment channels for clients. Serving as the assistant founder of the prominent Highland Capital Management, the man has been utilizing his team of employees in making sure that clients achieve their financial objectives. Dondero is highly qualified as he has always led his team through the excellent service delivery platform.

Contribution to the society

Highland Capital Management is known for its multiple award-winning services that are based on offering financial solutions. Progressively working with institutions to poach high-profile investors, the company is known for its commitment to asset management. Often, James Dondero has initiated prolific projects, aimed at establishing a strong investment platform ,for consumers. Being experienced in this field, he has succeeded severally. Dondero uses Highland Capital Management to control client’s assets ,to the point of multiplying the invested resources. Throughout his career, he has been trusted with over $ 13.5 billion in assets. His character depicts his values and ethics in business. Dondero believes that a leader must be trustworthy.

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James Dondero has vast experience in predicting market shares. He understands that business can be challenging and that a lot of effort must be applied to succeed. When he is not saving a client’s financial mess, Dondero is elevating the social status of his people in Dallas, Texas. Prior to co-founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero worked for GIV. Serving as the executive leader, he grew the firm’s profit generating -ability to approximately $ 2 billion. Dondero’s experience spread to NexBank, an affiliate of Highland Capital Management. In this firm, he is the chairman. His leadership has been instrumental in building the economy of Texas. He has assisted many clients to gain financial freedom. Visit his website at jamesdondero.com.

Omar Yunes Contribution Towards the Support of his Franchised Units

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Omar Yunes owns 13 franchised units in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. The Mexican investor commenced his entrepreneurship at the age of 21 years and currently represents Sushi Itto franchisee. The entrepreneur won the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) in an event held on 5th December 2015 in Florence, Italy. Various participants that attended the event were representatives from Hungary, Italy, Portugal, France, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Omar was ranked the best in product pricing and development investing methodologies and collaborations.

Yunes was also awarded for his price elimination strategies, and won the National Chapter. His efforts were highly recommended by the BFW organizer Mr. Diego for his business minded ideas in the transformation of the Franchisee association. Omar efforts in revolutionizing the franchisee business, have implicated to the performance of the whole entity. Yunes contribution to the publicity of Sushi Itto has attracted development and expansion.

The strategist franchise has a human capacity of 400 employees. He believes that through his supportive staff has made it possible to retain his customers. However, the investor is the Mexican market leader, and strategizes to maintain the position in the market. He has branded his business through the invention of strategies and support of his loyal employees.

In focus to strengthen his corporate governance, Omar formed a board to develop franchise policies and oversee the management implementation of several approved plans. Besides being a skilled investor, Mr. Yunes is a strategist who managed to grow his franchise strategic plan and spearheaded the growth of his business. The remuneration policy earns him employees’ loyalty besides being a motivation plan.
About Omar Yunes

The investor is a positive minded individual who believes in strategizing for entrepreneurial developments or solutions. Besides being the employer to his staff, Omar commits to mentorship plan for his employee. He terms them as the lead to any business success and sustainability.

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Good News From Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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Details of an impressive new data collection and cancer care information system is launched and running as expected. This highly technical data system drastically drops the previous amount of search time a cancer specialist has to waste. They are now able to swiftly access loads of patient data, cancer trials and treatment details, new drugs and their uses, research statistics and much more. Everything is available to staff through their computers. Instead of having some of the information, doctors now can find everything out there on cancer and the current proven treatments. This is an exciting time for Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This devoted cancer care place partnered with other healthcare groups Allscripts and Nanthealth to provide this outstanding informational service.

Known for never giving up, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is turning over new rocks to keep finding effective cancer therapies and treatment types. These experts coordinate their information with skilled researchers working tirelessly to find a cancer cure or vaccine. The stakes are high, but CTCA is optimistic above all. They started aggressively treating adult cancers when there were not many treatment options even known. Now, many clinical trials are being done to perfect cancer care and alleviate harsh side effects from any prescribed treatments.

The successes inspire these hard working cancer care specialists to keep on going forward. Each day brings new information. They hope that patients will soon have better treatments to choose, and lower side effects for better health and comfort. During treatment, a full team surrounds the patient with support and guidance. This warm caring endears patients to their staff. Many staff members put in extra time volunteering in cancer care education and funding. They want all cancer patients to get the care that they deserve. The clock is on for a cure.

To Know More Click : http://www.myctca.com

The Future of Clay Siegall Seattle Genetics

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Cancer is a disease that has plagued most economies even for those of developed countries like the USA. One company that stands tall and is determined to change the cancer narrative completely is Seattle Genetics. Headquarters in Cascade business park, the clustered buildings that hosts Seattle Genetics does not communicate anything that would suggest the involvement of this giant company to the deadly disease; however as you get inside the building you will meet a triangular sculpture green in color symbolizing the human antibody.

Since its establishment in 1998 Seattle Genetics has been involved with research works, manipulation and manufacturing of drugs that help with cancer therapy. The working principle behind Seattle Genetics has always been connecting the drugs with the antibodies that reside within the body. Through the drugs the company has been able to treat cancer by destroying the cancerous cells from inside.

Despite the fact that this strategy may look simple, in reality it has been able to hurl Seattle Genetics to the top charts in the market. Currently Seattle Genetics boasts of a market value of over $ 10 billion and an employee population of 900. Thanks to this, the company now ranks among the few companies with the possibilities of changing from biotech to pharma. In order to achieve this the company is required to invest heavily in research and development and also increase its employee base with 200 employees. The Seattle Genetics community is one that is rallying behind the promotion of this company to a pharmaceutical company as it will help them have a partner they can count on to mitigate the cancer plague in their community.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a renowned biotech who has helped found Seattle Genetics the biotechnology firm that specializes in research and development of therapeutic cancer drugs. Dr. Clay Siegall is quite reputable, in addition to contributing to the health sector through his company, Clay has also helped develop and manufacture a number of drugs that have been approved by FDA.

Dr. Clay is a graduate of George Washington University where he studied his bachelor’s degree in genetics before advancing it with a Phd. In addition to being a healthcare provider Clay Siegall is also a distinguished leader. His leadership role in Seattle Genetics is quite commendable as he has helped the company make a lot of progress. To prove his prowess, Dr. Clay has been awarded are recommended on multiple account including the 2012’s Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Casio Audi’s and Viper’s Success in Music

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Before he left the field to pursue business, Casio Audi was a founding member of the Viper rock band. Audi was its drummer from 1985 until 1989. The group was inspired by a combination of the rising British heavy metal music and Iron Maiden. When the group released its first demo album, The Killer Sword, both critics and fans overwhelmingly said that the group needed major fine tuning. Not a good start for the band. The album, however, has since been re-released several times. The group released their official album, Soldiers of Sunrise, followed by Theater of Fate, before Audi left. Follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

When Audi joined the band as its drummer, he led them from struggling on their composing skills to the release of The Killer Sword. Viper was then able to tour to Brazil, then around the European and U.S. continents. All of the members of Viper are Brazilian and when they toured to Brazil, their fans there found it rather astonishing that they received as much attention as they did singing songs in English. Even almost 30 years after Audi left, Viper still remains a legend in the Brazilian rock music industry. This is largely thanks to Audi’s skills as both a drummer and a vocalist. Read more about Cassio Audi at metal-archives.com.

When Audi left the band, he first attended the University of San Paulo, where he received his MBA in Finance. Cassio has worked in financial management, real estate, and advises on matters relating to the stock exchange. To say that Audi is a Renaissance man would definitely be an understatement.

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The Role That Technology And Jorge Moll Plays in Medicine Development

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Innovation combination with health is a popular trend globally. Currently, it is inevitable to co-join the benefits technological improvements impact on the medical industry advancements. In the U.S alone, the improvements related to digital tech are more than sufficient, that they significantly end up entangled in the medical arena, thus creating new heights of success for them in the industry.

The major trends happening in this arena indicate that technological implementations could change the way patients get taken care of, and how they get welcomed. We are looking at a future with tools that can retrieve all patient information in a single voice command, saving valuable time in diagnosis, sometimes crucial for protecting a life. Know more about Jorge at Crunchbase.

Some benefits that will come from this shift in medical technology could be the efficiency of the interactions between patients and their doctors. Doctors, on the other hand, can only place maximum concentration on the patient, as there is no divided attention of taking notes or referring from files. With the more profound quality of medical evaluation, the safety attained in medical treatment can only improve.

Jorge Moll is the chairman of the Board of Directors at Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. In a Health Trends and Impacts, they have on Hospital Management conference, the founder of the Network with 32 hospitals in the country went on to explain how the Network enterprise grew into a successful venture. Ideally, equipment was part of the entire journey, and he cited that was what Rio missed a lot when it came to taking tests.

According to Moll, Rio was the center of medical services, but the status went on a downward spiral in the 80’s, when there was a lack of quality diagnoses. With people in business taking responsibility in the big city and bringing about a network of hospitals, it was apparent that within the innovations in the industry, lay the answer to better healthcare. Follow Jorge on linkedin.com.

Moll has credible experience in the field of medicine, as he studies altruism and affiliated emotions, as well as affinities that bring people together, not just in the family setup, but in society as a whole.

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Omar Yunes Serving World’s Best Sushi

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Omar Yunes is an investor of Mexican origin and the owner of the franchise Sushi Itto, a franchise that deals in Japanese food with thirteen franchises spread across Veracruz, Mexico City and Puebla. Omar Yunes founded the franchise at the age of 221 in the year 2000. His interest in the food industry has seen him get to control a significant stake of the food market, with Sushi Itto alone accounting for over 10% of the market share. Mr. Yunes is also big on property investment, being involved in the purchase and sale of various properties and owns highly valued properties in the high end areas of Polanci within the federal district. H is also known because of his family’s involvement in Mexican Politics with his father, Miguel Yunes, being a prominent Panamanian politician.


Through his aggressive marketing that has seen Sushi Ittogain significant market share of the food industry, Omar Yunes has managed to create employment for over 400 workers whom he has employed in his 13 Sushi Itto units. He motivates them by giving them good remuneration, a motivating factor in helping realization of Sushi Itto’s business goals. He has also established strong business links, giving his franchise a solid business network, which has helped Sushi Itto develop a strong brand strategy and ensured effectiveness in implementation of the overall business structure and strategy. These attributes have seen Omar Yunes get nominated for, and win the Best franchisee of the world awards. He is the winner of the 2017 Best Franchisee of the World, which was held in Florence, Italy, after winning the Mexican edition to determine the country’s representative in the final worldwide awards and more

Best Franchisee of the World award

The Best Franchisee of the world award is an event that seeks to award franchises from all over the world that are considered to have shown or had continuous improvement on their teamwork, innovativeness in terms of their business process, improvement of their operation processes and their commitment to clients.


The parameters used to determine the winner of the award include, Employee motivation; how does the franchise motivate its employees? Influence; the kind of influence that the said franchise has had or given to their networks or those they partner with. This also includes checking how the franchise advises these networks on how to improve operation capability processes.

He dedicated his win to his employees and the Sushi Itto fraternity.

Drew Madden, a Force to Reckon with in the Healthcare and IT Sector

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Drew Madden is an experienced healthcare and IT specialist. He is the former president of Nordic Consulting Partners. He joined Nordic in 2010 and served as the president for six years. During his tenure as the president of Nordic, he accomplished a lot including raising the number of employees from 10 to 725 and that of client partners from 3 to 75.

When still at Nordic, he managed to be ranked first in the KLAS ranking for implementation services in the years 2012 and 2014. His significant roles included the development of business, recruitment and consultation operations. Before joining Nordic Consulting Partners, he worked as a willow consultant and as an EpicCare Inpatient. He joined hands with other organizations to realize their implementation strategies.

He once worked as the Midwest sales director at Ingenix Consulting where his role was to consult client and sales development in three firms namely, Allscripts, Epic, and GE-IDX. Furthermore, he worked at Healthia as a consultant. He attained his bachelors’ degree in Industrial Engineering and Medical Systems from the University of Lowa.

He left Nordic Consulting Partners in 2016. He partnered with three others, Jeff leach, Rebecca Bottorf and Aaron Friedman to create Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company aims at providing clients with leading IT experience in healthcare. Evergreen now competes with Nordic. Drew Madden and his group are now tasked with coming up with new healthcare technology to keep up with Madison affiliated industries such as Nordic and Bluetree which have a competitive advantage.

Madden attributes his success both at Nordic and now Evergreen to the good relationship with the employees. He mentions in an interview that he had a conversation with almost every consultant. He states that focussing on their needs and ensuring that they get the best services is a big plus. This, in turn, leads to the success of a corporation because clients are content. A happy client means business is moving in the right direction. He also adds that zeroing in on top talent has a significant impact on the performance of a firm.

Sponsor’s Annual Luncheon For Dallas Women’s Foundation

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Nexbank SSB is a regional bank headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The bank is excited to announce to the public that it will be sponsoring the 32nd Annual Luncheon for the Dallas Women’s Foundation. NexBank has also pledged their support for the organization with the contribution of a $100,000. The Dallas Women’s foundation is an organization concerned with advancing the many issues that affect the quality of life for women.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation is proud of its distinction as the largest regional women’s fund in the world. The organization is convinced that by investing in women that they will greatly improve the standard of living in the world.

The Dallas Women’s foundation feels that it is important for attendees of the luncheon to know that a gift to the foundation is a direct impact on quality of life in North Texas.

The Luncheon is scheduled to be held on Friday, October 20th and will take place at Dallas’ Hilton Anatole Hotel. Dr. Hope Jahren is slotted to be the luncheon’s keynote speaker. Dr. Jahron is a scientist and author and has been recognized in TIME Magazine by way of the magazine’s Top 100 Influential People list. Students totaling 100,000 from twenty schools in North Texas will be afforded the luxury of watching the keynote address by Livestream.

Dallas Women’s Foundation is host to this luncheon on a yearly basis. The luncheon

attracts more than a thousand attendees from various sectors of Dallas’ local community each year. Many attending the luncheon are leaders and opinion molders from both the civic and private business sector.

About Nexbank SSB

NexBank SSB, headquartered in Dallas, Texas began its operations in 1934. The company has grown considerably both size and assets as there are now close to 90 persons employed by NexBank SSB while the company’s assets are now known to be more than $6 billion.

Talkspace: A Safe Place To Find Clairty Of Mind

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They walk among us. However, they’re not like us. They may as well be aliens blending with society by observing and imitating how “normal” people behave. They strive to sneak in below the radar of discernment to slither into your life. They are sociopaths. They have a chilling lack of empathy that leaves one dumbfounded when witnessed. They leave wreckage and destruction behind them everywhere they go. As you can imagine, trying to leave one of these human-like beings is quite a challenge. What they do is abuse. Every word, every action, every passive-aggressive bout of manipulative silence IS abuse. Their ego depends on how nicely you reflect off them, as though you were clothing they are wearing. By leaving them, you’re literally ripping out their core, all that makes them feel whole and complete; they literally feel naked because they do not know who they are without “wearing” someone. Things can get dangerous at this point. They can be unpredictable, so keep records, investigate resources, distance yourself, communicate via email only. Get counseling to focus YOU again. You lost yourself when they removed who you are, in order to make you about who THEY are. Finally, create a plan of exit with your counselor and stick to it like your life depends on it. It just might.

Another difficult type of personality is Borderline Personality Disorder. You would know if you’ve ever dealt with one. Their ups and downs, rage and sudden calm, blurring of boundaries, paranoia, exhaustive clinginess and constant defensiveness leave little doubt you have encountered a borderline personality. They see through black-and-white lenses a world in which the rest of us see color. People are either for them or against them. And if they feel slighted, they won’t let it go quietly. You will hear them, and you will acknowledge them, or else. It is as though their flight-or-fight mechanism has been short-circuited. In fact, research suggests that may be exactly what’s happening. Studies show that most people suffering from this ailment have lived through severe child-hood trauma. Some experts even suggest that the nonsensical mechanisms used are just that: defense “mechanisms” in response to fear. They’re erratic and unpredictable, often threatening suicide or self-harm. It is vital that they receive help and understanding from professionals, family and friends. Please remember that they are sick with an illness for which patience and time is the key.

Whether you’re suffering from a personality disorder or your life is revolving around someone who is, Talkspace is a safe place for help. Its anonymous, professional, and comprehensive. Many find it a comfortable alternative to in-person counseling; they are soothed by receiving help on their own couch, in their own home. Talkspace has even made their affordable service compatible with chat, video, or audio messaging, whichever you prefer. Though it isn’t covered by insurance, many pay up front and turn it into their medical expense accounts to help with costs. In addition, the site thoroughly trains and vets each licensed therapist and verifies all credentials.

With all the chaos you’re dealing with, give the professionals at Talkspace a chance to be the calm oasis you need at this time. Allow them to guide you to a place of mental clarity and peace-of-mind where things finally begin to make sense.