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A good many businesses in the marketplace today make a lot of promises that they just can’t meet. One of the few that really match every one of its astronomical claims is Equities First Holdings. The Indianapolis-based financial solutions firm first opened its doors for business in 2002 at the hands of the founder, Al Christy. The business was almost instantly successful. In its first year of business alone EFH completed 700 transactions. It remains a relatively small and modest business, but this in no way should reflect its quality.

It is today so respected a firm that it is hired by large companies to assist with financial matters. But they are fully willing to work with any size of company, even individuals. They have all the tools necessary and the experience and expertise to back it up. The experts on the EFH team will proficiently guide and show you how to make a profit from your investments.

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Ricardo Tosto Representing the Best Lawyers in Brazil

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Being a lawyer in Brazil such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho earns immediate respect because navigating the Brazilian legal system is complex. The reason why the system is quite difficult to study is that it is a hybrid system. The Brazilian Law has some Portuguese roots as it is initially based on the Portuguese regime. Brazil was colonized by Portugal, and when they gained independence that is in 1822, they were able to draft their system. The new legal system had to be taught, and this led to the opening of the first Brazilian law schools in 1827 in Olinda and Sao Paulo city. The Brazilian Constitution created twenty years ago making people need to learn about it.

To become a lawyer in Brazil, one requires going through school for about five or six years, and then practice law as an intern. To become certified one must excel in the Brazilian Bar Exam. As much as being a best lawyer in Brazil is difficult there are many lawyers approximately over one million practicing legally. The reason being Brazil has numerous law schools. However, a small percentage of the law graduates end up acquiring positions in the available law firms.

In Brazil, foreign lawyers have restrictions such as they cannot appear in court and much more. Unfortunately, finding an excellent lawyer in Brazil is quite hard as most of them do not speak English fluently. Luckily a lawyer such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is among the best.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho attended the Mackenzie Presbiterian University and acquired a law degree. Mr. Tosto is one of the partners at Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados, a prominent Brazilian law firm. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is the best when it comes to defending his clients. He is excellent at coming up with incredible strategies.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is the primary partner at the firm. The Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados, is among the ten most significant law firms in Brazil. They deal with conflict resolution and business law. Ricardo is specialized in litigation and is recognized as the market leader at the law firm. Mr. Tosto is also an author having written the book referred to as The Process of Tiradentes.

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Susan McGalla: Inspiring Success

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Susan McGalla is the epitome of grace and leadership. Her hard work has proven time and time again that she will remain a force in the business world. Recently an article published on Phillypurge.com looked at her role in the implementation gender diversity in executive leadership. The article, “How Pittsburgh’s Susan McGalla Paved the way for Women in Leadership” analyzes her role in helping others of her gender rise through the ranks in their respective industries. Certainly, McGalla has proven herself to be a capable businesswoman. After graduating with a degree in Marketing and Business, she started working in her field right away.

McGalla’s biggest success was when she secured the position of President of American Eagle Outfitters. She put in a serious amount of hard work to attain the position and while in it proved that she deserved it by launching two new successful brands. In 2009, she left the company to launch one of her own offering consulting services to investment companies looking into retail markets. She continues to be a force within her industry, even serving in an executive role for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla is making an impact on women in business because she pushed through the glass ceiling during a time when few women were. In fact, when she first began working at American Eagle Outfitters she was the only female executive. Over time, that has changed but there are still few women in these roles. McGalla believes that in a lot of ways moving up is also about the candidate’s mentality, believing they can do it is a big part of it.

While there are fewer women in leadership roles, the article questions what can be done to help mediate the situation. It is apparent that powerhouse executives, such as McGalla, should have more exposure to budding candidates. Through partnership and mentorship, women might find a balance that will help them move forward in their careers. The gender initiatives mean well, but there is something to be said for working up close and personal with someone that has lived through the challenge. McGalla a woman that can help inspire success.

Cameron Clokie is a Toronto Based Oral Surgeon and Entrepreneur

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Dr. Cameron Clokie is a scientist, surgeon, professor and a successful entrepreneur who has been involved in various business ventures in Toronto. He is also the Chief executive officer of Induce Biologics Inc. The company deals in providing innovative solutions of musculoskeletal reconstruction. While at the company, he came up with strategic investments focused on growing the company. Cameron has been in the health industry for almost three decades now, practicing as a dentist and a clinician. He has also served in different positions on the scientific advisory board. He retired in 2017.

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a renowned scholar, he obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree in 1985 at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada where he also did his Ph.D. in bone generation.

His career journey started in 1993 when he first founded his research group at the University of McGill in Toronto. In 1998, Dr.Clokie held the managerial position of oral and maxillofacial surgery. He later on, served as a professor at the University of Toronto as an oral and maxillofacial surgery professor. At the university, his students recognized him as their mentor and has been sought after as a clinician and teacher.

Cameron has been an active and principal participant in the development of new bone regenerative technologies and facial reconstruction. His expertise is recognized internationally. When working at Toronto University, he made history by becoming the first person to develop a technique in coaxing jaw bones.

He is also a publisher, and he has released numerous articles and journals, both locally and internationally. Through his published papers, Clokie has been able to share informative information on bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine. He has also shared his knowledge in the medical field with commercially viable enterprises.

Peter Russell is one of the beneficiaries of Dr. Clokie work. He helped Peter regrow his jaws that were damaged by tumors after a serial of surgeries. Cameron has also featured in various medical conferences and seminars. Clockie has made a significant impact on the patients he has treated. His work has been recognized and appreciated by many medical scientists across the world.

NFL & CTCA Work Together To Raise Cancer Awareness

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Cancer is one of the many diseases that seems to be running rampant throughout our society today. Many of the different forms of cancer has potentiality ratings of 1 out of 3 or 1 out of 5 are predicted to be diagnosed with this or that form of cancer. Prostate cancer is no different and can, in fact, be even sneakier. It is very common for men to be either too prideful or too embarrassed to undergo the process of prostate examination to check for cancer. Let’s face it; it is not a comfortable occasion on a range of levels.

The NFLA, National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp have partnered up to help spread awareness as well as offering free prostate exams to over 2,000 males who meet eligibility requirements.

These screenings are being offered at a reduces rate to any men who sign up to have a Prostate Specific Antigen screening at any one of LabCorp’s 1,750 locations across the nation. The free exam window has elapsed as of this article’s writing date but the partnership of these amazing companies is still offering these prostate screenings for an amazingly low price of $25.

With this level of awareness spreading, there is simply no excuse to not have the exam performed. Many men will needlessly loose a battle to prostate cancer, a battle that may have been won if it had been discovered early enough.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are cancer treatment facilities that originally were founded in 1988 after founder, Richard J. Stephenson’s mother passed away after losing a battle with cancer. Richard started the Cancer Treatment Centers of America because he felt that his mother simply did not get the best level of care possible and thought no one should have to go through what he did.

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Securing Data with OneLogin

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For very long time since the information age was introduced, businesses have been using passwords so as to secure the access to the data of the company. The password is however not enough to protect company’s precious information in the current times. Hackers have been breaking into the computer systems of companies and releasing passwords and usernames to the open web. In order to curb this regular occurrences, security professionals have started exploring ways on how to minimize the impact of this threat. In the last several years, the multi-factor authentication has been more ubiquitous and it is now the time for the introduction of biometric technologies as an alternative authentication system.

Biometrics is described as something you are and not something you know. There are two major categories of biometrics; behavioral and physiological. The physiological biometrics normally includes everything from voice to fingerprints, facial, iris, and heartbeat pattern recognition. Behavioral biometrics on the other hand includes factors like navigation patterns, hand tremor, right or left handedness and also keystroke dynamics. Behavioral biometrics is not optimal as an only form of authentication since they do not have the immediate uniqueness characteristic which is offered by physiological techniques. However, behavioral biometrics is most effective when used together with other data such as device data such as hardware attributes or IP and physiological biometrics.

In order to improve the overall identity as well as access management strategy for a company, security professionals should find the best combination of behavioral biometrics, password authentication and physiological biometrics. With their project known as Abacus, Goggle has decided to take things to another level. This project combines the two forms of biometrics so as to minimize the use of passwords. It has been successfully tested in academic environment.

OneLogin is a company that offers security and speed to the modern enterprise as a top identity management and SSO (Single Sign-on). Businesses use OneLogin so as to secure their company data, end users efficiencies and increase IT administrator. OneLogin is also a pioneer when it comes to creating open standards for identity management which include OpenID Connect, SCIM and SAML

Ricardo Tosto and the Brazilian Law

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Brazil is a country that is governed by the constitution. It is a country that has two levels of governance. There is the federal government and there is the federal state government. The federal government is the one that has the biggest mandate of governing the country. It is then subdivided into the federal states that each is given a role of making laws that will be applied in individual states. The laws that are passed at the state level must abide by the law of the constitution. The federal government has three arms. There is the judiciary, the legislature, and the executive. Each arm is given a specific mandated that is outlined in the constitution. This means that no arm of government should carry out a mandate that is not guaranteed by the constitution. The work of the judiciary in the country is to act as the custodian of the laws to be applied in the country. It is constituted of judges who are normally picked from the best lawyers in the country. The constitution of the country was passed about 30 years ago.

Apart from the law of the constitution, there are other legal documents that are applied as law in the country, there is the civil code, consumers’ defense code, commercial code, and commercial code among other codes. The country has 26 subdivision which must make laws that must abide by the constitution of the land.

In Brazil, only lawyers in the country are allowed to practice law. This means they are the only ones allowed to appear in courts of law on behave of clients. There are thousands of law schools in the country that have been churning thousands of law graduates every year.

About Ricardo Tosto @ ricardotosto.blog

Ricardo Tosto is a leading lawyer in the country. Ricardo Tosto has assisted numerous clients in lawsuits. Ricardo Tosto has an impressive winning record. Ricardo Tosto is recognized in Brazil and beyond. In the whole of Latin America, he is among the best.

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The Brazil Business Slump According to Felipe Montoro Jens

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Brazil is experiencing a business slump that can be related to a financial crisis. It is affecting all the people in the country, and they want it to improve as soon as possible. When things are operating smoothly again, the people will do better and be happier.

The mayor of the country is taking matters into his own hands. He is looking into a variety of ways to improve the situation and quickly. With all the projects that he has lined up, he needed someone to oversee them. That is why Felipe Montoro Jens has been made in charge of the Infrastructure projects in order to see that they go as planned.

Felipe Montoro Jens has a lot of experience in this type of department. He is educated and able to carry out plans in a fast and efficient way. The people are looking forward to what he can do with the situation at hand. They have hope that he will be able to turn it around for the better.

This is a man of character, and one that holds tight to his convictions. He believes in Brazil and the people, and he wants to correct the situation as soon as possible. When people are able to prosper in the area, the entire area will do much better. This is a goal of his, and he is trying to make sure that people will be safe and well taken care of too.

In the future, Brazil should improve in many ways because this man has a position of power. He is completely dedicated to making things better for the people, and they will be happier because of it. It can create a cohesion in the country that will benefit all of the people and not just some of them.

The Lefkofsky Foundation’s Donation To Cancer-based Hospitals

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The recent increase in the number of patients and population aging and growth in America has increased health care charges. Furthermore, a new JAMA publication analysis indicated that a slight reduction in annual expenditure caused a shift in disease prevalence while the frequency of accessing healthcare services was constant. This is normal in America since this analysis denoted disease’s spending break down.

The analysis illustrated that different diseases have different factors causing the major increase. Diabetes portrayed the greatest yearly spending increase. This was due to population aging growth, price and utilization of pharmaceuticals diabetes prevalence. Despite attempts to minimize the rise in health care spending, the outpatient’s annual spending for all diseases increased. This was attributed to shorter hospital stays that offered packed care in fewer days at higher charges. It further stated that preventing hospitalizations due to high prices of drugs least increased health care spending. This research is important in the future and is subject to improvement.

The American entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky, was born on September 2, 1969. Mr. Lefkofsky is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Tempus, the co-founder of Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank, Mediaocean, Inner Workings and the chairman and co-founder of Groupon. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Michigan. Lefkofsky started his career as a carpet seller and later purchased Brandon Apparel. He co-founded Satrbelly, an internet company in 1990 to deal in promotional products.

In 2006, Mr. Lefkofsky and his wife founded the Lefkofsky Foundation with the aim of aiding children-based, charitable, educational and scientific organizations. The Lefkofsky Foundation has donated millions of dollars to Tempus. Tempus, co-founded by Lefkofsky, assists healthcare professionals and doctors develop personalized, data-driven and real-time treatment decisions though patients’ genetic code analysis. It uses the analysis method and cutting-edge demonic sequencing while aiding doctor understanding on patient’s tumor. This is why it works on patients with lung, pancreatic and breast cancer. Notably, Tempus is motivated at caring for loved ones and cancer patients than money.

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What Rick Smith Means to the Prison Industry

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The prison industry is a huge sector of business and something people compete to be a part of on a daily basis. Rick Smith is at the forefront of it because he was one of the first people to really start diving into how prisons can take advantage of technology. He works to make things easier for the prisoners, but he is really doing it so things are easier for the administration. By using technology, Rick Smith is changing the way prison administrators do their jobs. He wants to make things as easy as possible for all the people who have a thankless job in the industry. It is part of what has made him so good at what he does and part of what continues to motivate him to keep working on the prison industry options he has available to different people in the sector.

Since the prisons that have the kiosks and the integrated systems are generally ones that are larger, it means more inmates are getting access to things that are easy to use. They can buy their commissary items and email their family members from the kiosks. If they have a problem and want to file a complaint, they can do that from the kiosk too. All they need is the ability to go to the kiosk and everything is handled on their own. The systems were designed to also work for those who are unable to read and for those who speak a language other than English.

Rick Smith designed these systems to look like they were convenient for prisoners, but they are actually convenient for the people who are running the prison. Rick Smith knew it would be easier for the administration to run the prisons if they had the support they needed from the technology. He also knew they wouldn’t have so many jobs to do if there was something there to do it for them. Rick Smith tried his best to make the technology work. The hard work paid off because many of the prisons that use the systems find them convenient.

Since technology is a part of life in other ways, there’s no reason that shouldn’t translate into the prison industry. Rick Smith knew this was something that would be necessary to do so he chose to take the first step toward a better future for people who were running prisons. He also wanted everyone to know they would be able to take advantage of the options they had while they were working in the prison industry. For Rick Smith to do this, he had to show people they could use the technology and it would be a benefit to them.