Learn About CTCA’s Latest Cancer News Online Via WebMD

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Now, individuals can learn more about CTCA’s latest cancer news online via WebMD. Cancer Treatment Centers of America proudly launched their brand new cancer education method just recently. There already are a number of factual and compelling WebMD articles about specific cancer and related topics. More is soon to follow. CTCA staff realize that cancer patients and their frightened families want and deserve answers to some hard to ask cancer questions that eventually tends to come up. CTCA is offering another more convenient way to gain understanding of some cancer related developments in care, treatment choices, new supportive measures and cancer research results.

Cancer patients are relieved to know that they have an easy and private way in which they can look up cancer related subjects. More patients do turn to the Internet when a question related to health needs answered. There is no long wait for an appointment time, and no travel required to find the answers when patients look for common cancer answers while online. WebMD certainly sees a lot of traffic every day. Now, with a collaborative education effort between this well liked health online site and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, things just became even easier and better.

Patients know that they can rely on the information gleaned from both Cancer Treatment Centers of America websites and now WebMD too. The amount of information that patients can take in while browsing the Internet tends to be much higher than when patients are in medical settings speaking to healthcare experts. People tend to be more relaxed when researching their healthcare questions online. This is a major part of the many beneficial reasons that CTCA and WebMD has launched this brand new health education collaboration. WebMD articles are regarded highly among the public, and individuals can understand the common day language that the site tries to use in explaining health related things.

Learning more about cancer can increase survival rates drastically as knowledgeable patients will tend to search for help quicker. The sooner cancer treatments are started, the better the chances for full remission. This is also why CTCA is adamant regarding the continuation and future planned improvements in the way this cancer treatment center delivers its informative cancer education to those who really need it. Online learning has gained many followers, and online learning experts feel that this method can even be more fruitful for some individuals.

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Pop Up Stores Will Create Brand Growth For The RealReal in 2018

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The RealReal is making a lasting impression on new customers. Expect to see pop-up stores, showing off the online brands unique, luxury consignment merchandise. The six year old company offers up to 90% off gently-used designer items such as purses, shoes, jewelry, clothing and sunglasses for women and men.

Allison Sommer, who serves as director of marketing for The RealReal, recently spoke in Miami at the FutureStores conference. She declared 2018 “the year of the pop-up store”. Pop-up stores are temporary stores that give customers a short-term opportunity to interact with brands that are normally strictly online. Loyal customers are created by those unique shopping experiences, and that type of loyalty carries over to the online shopping cart once the pop-up store event ends.

The RealReal has already experienced the increased revenue from pop-up store marketing. Customers typically spend six times more in stores than when placing an online order. The RealReal witnessed a $2 million profit in 2016 at a New York City pop-up store location. In November 2017, the company opened a SoHo location and dazzled customers through the holiday shopping season. After a pop-up store event ends, the brand loyalty carries over, and that’s a trend that founder and CEO Julie Wainwright would like to expand to cities not familiar with pop-up store experiences.

$50 million in growth funding from the private equity firm Great Hill Partners was acquired by The RealReal in 2017, and the possibility of permanent brick and mortar locations is being considered by the company. One-third of their buyer base is millennial-aged, and many of the brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Birken, and Valentino are roping in new generation loyalists.

Another coveted feature of The RealReal is the convenience of selling gently-used high-end items that people have in their closets. Up to 85% commission is earned, and the company makes it easy to request valuation and transport the merchandise. Potential consignors can either schedule a free in-home pickup in 21 participating cities, order a prepaid shipping consignment kit, or visit one of the luxury consignment valuation locations.


Find out more about The RealReal: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/the-realreal

Paul Mampilly: Investment Guru and Former Hedge Fund Manager.

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Paul Mampilly is one of the reliable investors who one can follow and benefit from correct and precise analysis of the stock markets. At the beginning of this year, he has made two articles which feature on the BanyanHill.com. In the two pieces, he is giving information about the future of the stock markets and the opportunities to look out for in the year 2018. With his advanced analytical skills on the stock markets, every investor in the stock markets should make a point of following his analysis keenly. He has correctly predicted the future of many stocks before, and these could be the next in the list.

The two articles we are talking about are, “Mega Trends Will Deliver Huge Gains in 2018,” and “The No. 1 Stock to Own for 2018.” The first article talks about investments trends that are taking place and the second one talks about specific stock options that investors should be looking to invest in this year.

In the mega trends investment opportunities, Paul Mampilly is giving the example of the Fintech as one area of technology that is going to perform well in 2018. Fintech is a financial technology that incorporates companies that deal with mobile payments and the artificial intelligence systems that are used to study and analyze financial markets.

Paul Mampilly is advising investors not to worry about the gains that happened in 2017 in the stock markets. The fact that there were enormous gains in many stocks does not mean that it is time to lock in the profits and run. There are still numerous opportunities that can be utilized. He adds that investors should take a close look at the markets and look for opportunities that are likely to reward well this year. Paul Mampilly has a tool that he uses to pick only the stocks that will most likely gain than the rest. It called Goingupness. It is a system that will help investors choose stocks that have a high probability of going up in the list of megatrend stocks.

About Paul Mampilly, visit here.

Paul Mampilly is a stock investor with a great reputation. He works for Banyan Hill publishing as a senior editor. He deals with processing of vital information regarding investment opportunities, especially in the stock markets. He is a former hedge fund manager at Kinetics Assets Management and winner of the Templeton Foundation awards in 2009.

Paul Mampilly lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He usually engages in youth mentorship in schools around Scottsdale.

Paul Mampilly @ Twitter.

Nabors Industries CEO And Philanthropist Tony Petrello

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Tony Petrello became the President of the offshore drilling company called Nabors Industries in 1991, and was given the position as its CEO in 2011. The company is based in Houston, Texas and in Bermuda, and is considered to be one of the world’s largest natural gas drilling contractors in the U.S., Asia, The Middle East and Africa. Having a high proficiency in Math, the Chief Executive Officer attended Yale University on a full scholarship and earned both a BS and an MS degree there. He also went to Harvard Law School, where he received a JD degree. After college, he began his career at the law firm of Baker and McKenzie, a New-York based business where he was a Managing Partner.

Being that he is an advocate for clinical research programs that are geared toward finding treatments and cures for neurological disorders in children, Tony Petrello is a member of the Board of Trustees at Texas Children’s Hospital. His inspiration for supporting these types of programs came from his desire to find an adequate treatment option for his oldest daughter, Carena, who suffers from cerebral palsy. In his search for a treatment for his daughter’s neurological disease, he visited many medical facilities all over the world until he found one that could meet her specific needs. In 2010, he made a sizable donation of $50 million to the Neurological Research Institute in order for the organization to be able to open its doors.

Tony Petrello grew up in Newark, New Jersey in a working-class family. He began exhibiting exceptional mathematical skills at a very early age, grasping complicated subjects like Calculus. It was those skills that led to his being given a full academic scholarship to Yale University, which is a school where he later set up a fund for students who, like him, have shown great proficiency in Math subjects. He later developed excellent leadership ability that put him in the category among some of the most successful top executives in the country. Since he’s been working as the Chairman, CEO and President at Nabors Industries, he’s helped increase the company’s income and influence in the business industry substantially.

Nabors Industries, which was founded in 1952, is a leader in the offshore drilling rigs market, and Tony Petrello is a businessman that is known for caring about how his employees are treated. The successful executive and philanthropist currently lives in Houston, Texas.

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Dr. Mark McKenna Talks About How He Found Success In The Aesthetics Industry.

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Over the course of his professional career, Dr. Mark McKenna has been an entrepreneur. He started his first company, McKenna Venture Investments, while he was still studying to be a doctor. He says that he got the money together for this business by performing medical exams for prisoners. He says that real estate was something that always was of interest to him. However, he could see the industry was totally overheated when even people with no job could get houses without putting anything down. It was at that point that he decided to pursue medicine full-time.

Dr. Mark McKenna started out his career as a doctor working in his father’s clinic in New Orleans. In January 2000 he decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia where he founded Shape Medical Wellness Center. The primary thing this business does is help people lose weight. They also perform non-surgical aesthetic services. It employs state-licensed nutritionists and features a prescription diet that leads to weight loss. The types of aesthetics services offered are things like Botox and Restylane.

It was on November 1, 2014, that Dr. Mark McKenna signed a deal to sell this company to another firm, Life Time Fitness Inc. He decided to stay on as their National Medical Director for around a year and a half before deciding that working for others wasn’t really something that was for him.

Dr. Mark McKenna is now launching a new company in the aesthetics industry. This company is called OVME. He says that he plans to disrupt the industry in an innovative way. People will be able to download the app for both Apple and Android phones and tablets. OVME will enable them to schedule a visit with a local licensed doctor that specializes in aesthetics. The doctor will then come to them to provide their services. To know more, click here.

As to how to build a successful company, Dr. Mark McKenna says that you need to surround yourself with smart people. He says that you want to build a team who will challenge you and not just be “Yes Men”. It’s because of his staff, he says, that he has found professional success.

Dr. Mark McKenna @ Facebook.


The Inspiring Career Of Shervin Pishevar

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Shervin Pishevar is a renowned seed investor, innovative entrepreneur and published researcher. He also offers capital to startup businesses and small enterprises wishing to expand. Shervin started Sherpa Capital, a venture capital firm he co-founded. He was also the chairman and  Co-founder of Hyperloop Technologies Inc.

Before establishing Sherpa Ventures, Shervin served Menlo Ventures as the Managing Director. During this period, he helped the company initiate the Menlo Talent Fund. He also helped the company close several investment deals with Tumblr, Warby Parker, Uber Series B, and Machine Zone. Since 2015, Shervin has been serving as a member of J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board (FFSB). The Fulbright program aims to promote international educational exchange by sponsoring eligible American citizens to go study, research or teach in other countries. Qualified scholars from other countries are also sponsored to come to the U.S.

As a private investor, Shervin Pishevar has offered seed capital to more than 60 companies in various sectors, including mobile, Ad tech, social commerce, media, and search. He has also established and managed several tech-enabled businesses such as Social Gaming, HyperOffice, and Webs.com. Shervin has served at Montgomery County Board of Education, Maryland, as vice president and elected member. With more than 15,000 teachers and 120,000 learners, he managed one of the country’s top-rated school systems.

Shervin Pishevar has also served in the state department delegations to Russia and the Middle East as entrepreneurial ambassador. He is also among the 10 members of UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council. During the Entrepreneurial Summit in Algeria, Shervin Pishevar served as a keynote speaker and member of the team which created the Technology and Innovation Plan.

In 2012, Shervin Pishevar was honored as an “Outstanding American by Choice” by the United States government. He is the only naturalized American that has received the award since its beginning. Among his research achievements include the international guidelines for torture documentation, Neuroscience and the Journal of the American Association. Shervin Pishevar graduated with a bachelor’s degree, interdisciplinary studies from the University of California.

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Science Careers Are Plentiful At OSI Group

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The world of science includes many possibilities. Scientists are wanted in fields ranging from agriculture to high tech. Many companies employ people with a scientific background to help with many aspects of their business including daily operations and research and development. At OSI Group, they use people with a scientific background in all they do each day. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of products such as pizza, chili, soups and other items that major fast food retailers use, they need employees who have a background in the sciences. Graduates who have studied field such as chemistry, biology and agriculture will find a home here. The same is true of graduates who have a background in other fields in the sciences such as computer science. Each person can apply for a job here and find opportunities in diverse fields. OSI Group President and Chief Executive Officer is David G. McDonald. He has taken this Aurora, IL based company from humble origins to a world class operation with offices in over a dozen countries. Part of the reason he has been able to do so is because of his ability to spot talent in the sciences and bring it to his firm.

Many Openings

Those who have a background in agriculture and / or biology can be part of a team that is decided to bringing food to the table. OSI Group manages many farmers who grow everything from tomatoes to chickens on property. As part of this management process, they need to have trained scientists on their side. They need people who have learned how food is grown and how food is brought from the farm to the table. They also need those who understand the process of manufacturing. With over fifty plants, manufacturing is a crucial part of work. A person with a background in a field such as chemistry, for example, can help the company develop new kinds of manufacturing methods. They can help pinpoint how current processes in the field may be improved. At the company, they are always searching for people who have the necessary background to begin the job and begin it on the right foot the second they arrive. Those who have a background in the sciences will find this company offers them much help to develop a career and use their personal background in that field in a very exciting way.

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How Market America Helps People Attain Financial Freedom

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In 1992 a married couple founded Market America. These co-founders were JR and Loren Ridinger. JR Ridinger is the chairman of the board and the chief executive officer. Loren Ridinger is Market America’s senior executive vice president. They sell many proprietary products. The products are sold through the URL Shop.com which they purchased in December 2010 from the billionaire Bill Gates. The company is based in Greensboro, North Carolina and operates across the United States and internationally.

People are able to register with Market America and open up their own stores on the website selling their own products. They get a commission when their products sell. Due to this there are thousands of different products that can be bought from the company. Market America itself sells a number of brands such as DNA Miracles, nutraMetrix, Isotonix, and TLS Weight Loss Solution.

The people that sell their products through this company are referred to as Unfranchise Owners. They operate their own companies. In this way, Market America has helped to create thousands of new small business around the world. They say that the company is powered by the Unfranchise Owners, people who are taking control of their own financial destiny instead of working for others. The company offers them what they call a 2-3 years plan where they can work on a part-time basis, keeping their regular job until they’ve found the financial success they were looking for. Once they have done so they can leave their dead end job behind and work on selling their own products fulltime.

So far there have been around 180,000 Unfranchise Owners. To date the company has sold over $3 billion in goods through the Shop.com portal, including their own products and that of the Unfranchise Owners. The company employs more than 550 people around the world. It has facilities and offices in several countries such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, the UK, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Market America also holds events where Unfranchise Owners can learn about new products and events at the company. These are also an opportunity to receive advanced training. The last one took place in Atlantic City and they occur on a regular basis. His facebook page

A How-To Guide For Aloha Construction

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Aloha Construction is at the top of its game as of now, and it has been for quite some time. The Lake Zurich based company covers a broad geographical-area, which includes the entire Chicagoland region. Some of the municipalities that receive services are Grayslake, Bloomington, Lake Villa, Round Lake Beach, Libertyville, Vernon Hills, Round Lake, Washington, Hoffman Estates and Vernon Hills. This includes the counties of McHenry, DuPage and Cook. In addition to the state of Illinois, if you just so happen to reside in Southern Wisconsin, you can also receive services. Aloha Construction has taken its game to an all-new level, and it has plenty of satisfied customers that will attest to it.

One of the company’s best features is that it has one of the most thorough inspection processes out of any general contractor. This nine-step inspection process is designed to get down to the root of the issue or issues. It is very important because it can detect and identify any structural issues to home. This extraordinary nine-step inspection process checks for damages to the roofing material, gives an accurate life-span of the shingles, checks your home’s attic ventilation and many more. What more could you ever ask for. Another great benefit of Aloha Construction is that the company can help those with financing the project. This general contractor is very progressive in its actions, and it has partnered with Synchrony to achieve goal. Synchrony has over 84 years of experience in dealing with financing, and the company is one of the largest subsidiaries for private-label credit cards.

Aloha Construction is definitely on top of its game. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives, but there aren’t any negatives to begin with. If you want to make reparations to your home, then this is surely the best route to take.

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George Soros Donates His Fortune To The Open Society Foundations

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During the late 1970s, Wall Street legend, George Soros began to feel he had made enough money for himself and felt he should begin to help those in need. His initial attempts at philanthropy were halted by government agencies in Apartheid-era South Africa who took credit for his attempts to educate the black South African’s in a secure environment; Soros eventually established the Open Society Foundations and worked with charity experts to build a network of charitable groups initially in Eastern Europe and later across the globe. Despite often being an organization involved in funding existing groups, the Open Society Foundations recently made headlines when The Atlantic reported Soros had donated an impressive $18 billion to his own foundation.

The donation to a group determined to bring democracy to all was not met with the universal acclaim one would have expected for such a generous act of kindness designed to enhance the global community in a safe and secure way. Conservative media outlets and conspiracy theorists more comfortable with the right wing philanthropy of the Koch Brothers portrayed the work of George Soros and the Open Society Foundations as a threat to the security of the world. This is just the latest example of the work of George Soros being misread by conservatives as a veiled attempt to continue the perceived attempt by Soros to take over the world from behind the scenes.

Obviously, the aim of George Soros is not to take over the world but instead to enhance the lives of those he feels are living in a repressed way because of government actions. George Soros has become a major supporter of some of the groups who are often underrepresented in positions of power such as the Romany community in Central Europe who the Open Society Foundations have assisted with legal assistance as they attempt to be recognized as a nation within the European Union. Soros has also used the Open Society Foundations to complete a large amount of work with humanitarian groups fighting for the rights of African-Americans who are often living in difficult conditions with few educational opportunities to improve their lives.

The work being done by George Soros in the U.S. is often the root of the problems many conservative commentators have with the former refugee and his Open Society Foundations. Among the accusations leveled at Soros is the myth he is the brains behind the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement; exploding this myth is simple as Soros has spent much of his time in the 21st-century backing African-American supporting humanitarian groups who form the basis of the movement.

Another accusation of the conspiracy theorists is that George Soros is looking to have a major impact on political direction of the U.S. and world as a whole through his work as a philanthropist. Across the world, Soros and the Open Society Foundations have backed liberal-leaning groups who reflect his own personal beliefs but often work to bring about knowledge of democracy rather than exact regime change in any nation.

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