O2Pur – The Makings of a Great Cigarette Alternate

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Although the big tobacco companies in the industry have maintained intimate business ties over the years, the acquisition and merger of these companies are still in progress. The procurement of a single or a couple of competing companies will without a doubt, bring a complete business portfolio that will provide more lucrative gains in the alternative cigarette sector of the tobacco industry.

An example is the British American Tobacco company’s procurement of Reynolds American, which at present has not been concluded. British American Tobacco already has a vested interest of 42% in Reynolds American because of the latter’s sought-after electronic cigarette devices in the market.

Another prominent tobacco company, Philp Morris International still has close business ties with its former parent company Altria. Speculations are in the air that the two companies are going to go into an acquisition deal, but it remains unclear whether Philip Morris will purchase Altria or vice versa. Business wise, the two companies still collaborate with each other in promoting e-cig products under the Marlboro brand name.

When British American Tobacco will be able to settle its procurement of Reynolds American, it will be the number one tobacco company worldwide leaving Philip Morris International to take the second place. British American Tobacco looks forward to the development of the heat-not-burn technology or HNB even while it already has alternative cigarette goods and devices competing in the market.

Reynolds American is one of the very first tobacco entities that produced e-cigarette gadgets and products. In 2012 it acquired blu eCig in the amount of $135 million and developed it as a popular alternative cigarette brand that has a wide market support of 50%. Eventually, Reynolds American sold eCig to Imperial Tobacco on a package deal to avoid anti-competitive legalities when it bought Lorillard.

Not to be left behind, Philip Morris International likewise introduced its iQOS that has a rechargeable gadget that became a favorite among e-cig consumers around the globe.

O2Pur is another trusted brand name that manufactures e-liquid products. O2Pur’s products are mixed and bottled in the United States. The explosive flavors of O2Pur’s products have lower prices in comparison to other e-liquid suppliers in the market, which produces results that are exceptional as well as satisfying, making it worth the customer’s money.

GoBuyside is Setting a Precedent for Future Recruitment Firms

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Finding a job can be both an exciting and tedious activity. It all depends on the approach you adopt in your job search. Some people may prefer to contact companies directly while others go through hiring firms. The former method is usually associated with low levels of success. The good thing about hiring firms is that they can hook you up with more than one company. They also try to enhance your ability to handle interviews.

One of the best hiring firms in the finance industry in GoBuyside. The firm is premised on finding opportunities for job seekers to network and find jobs that suit their career goals. It also provides resources that enable people to sharpen their skills for vibrant careers. Visit Ziprecruiter for career and employment opportunities at GoBuyside.

GoBuyside also aims at providing companies or employers with highly experienced and talented individuals. The firm’s database comprises of over 10,000 companies spread in over 500 cities. GoBuyside also conducts research that enables it to have a good understanding of the job market as well as the financial sector. For instance, it found out that future investment bankers and consultants are recruited years before signing employment contracts.

One of GoBuyside strength is transparency. Its platform provides users access to reviews, networks within different fields, and notification when a career opportunity arises. The firm conducts thorough vetting to ensure selection of the most qualified candidates. GoBuyside offers customized services in that they can reschedule interviews based on your availability. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

The firm’s platform utilizes job boards, tracking systems, and artificial intelligence to connect employers with brilliant financial professionals. It has brought incredible transformation in the finance industry through its closed-end network.

The fast-growing recruitment platform works with companies in private equity, hedge funds, advisory platforms, investment managers, and Fortune Global 500 companies. GoBuyside’s approach is regarded as a pioneer of recruitment firms that will hit the industry in the future.

About GoBuyside

Arjun Kapur founded GoBuyside in 2011. The idea was inspired by the need to enhance transparency as well as meet the human capital needs of the finance industry. Kapur is a graduate of a Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He believes that the success of the company can be attributed to prioritizing the interests of their clients.

The client-centric approach ensures that the transactions are mutual rather than focusing on the needs of the business. Kapur, who is also the CEO, says that GoBuyside has a team of talented professionals that offer high-quality services to clients.


Malcolm and WAX

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The global leader in the trade of virtual assets regarding gaming is OPSkins where Malcolm CasSelle happens to be the CIO. Online data ratings show that the platform is the leading Bitcoin merchant in the whole world. Although it is the leading virtual assets marketplace, OPSkins encounters limitations, as well as its counterparts, do. Restrictions emanate from the technological capabilities in that progression is vital so that to maintain the market status. To respond to this shortcoming, OPSkins has come up with a new platform for virtual trading that is referred to as (WAX) Worldwide Asset eXchange. It is built on a foundation of smart contracts that allows buyers and sellers skilled trade of virtual assets with each other.

The CIO of OPSkins and president of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle is very sure of the functionality and efficiency of the platform, and he affirms that it will ignite a new world of cryptocurrency. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also has a graduate degree in computer science from Stanford University.

Malcolm CasSelle, the current president of Worldwide Asset eXchange and doubling up as CIO of OPSkins, the best trading platform for online video games has proved that there is nothing too humongous to achieve in the technological industry. The need to keep pace with discovering new strategies and ventures that act as game changers and eye-openers in the industry results here. Before WAX, Malcolm CasSelle was the president at Tronc which was formerly known as Tribune Publishing.

Malcolm has pioneered startups in the digital industry, not forgetting to mention MediaPass which is a leading digital solution for major media companies, Xfire, a social network for gamers. This guy has been an active investor in big companies like Zynga and Facebook. Earlier in life in his career, he was a co-founder of a publicly traded telecom in Hong Kong



Why Sahm Adrangi Takes A Negative View On Eastman Kodak Company’s Stock Value

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Professional investor Sahm Adrangi recently released a negative report about the commercial image and printing firm Eastman Kodak Company. He said that he had shorted their stock and was down on them because of their latest moves. Because he shorted their stock (NYSE: KODK) his personal investment firm, Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC, will make a profit if their share prices drop. Read more at nymag.com about Sahm Adrangi.

Kodak recently made an announcement that they had entered into a partnership to release two new technologies. The first one is a image licensing platform that is based on blockchain, the technology used by bitcoin. They also consequently announced a new cryptocurrency that will be centered around photography. Follow Sahm Adrangi on linkedin.com.

Sahm Adrangi blasted this move. He says that Kodak mission to join the initial coin offering craze was a dubious move at best. He thinks this move by Kodak won’t do a thing about the poor fundamentals this firm is based on. He also called their capital structure unsustainable and said that he doesn’t see them as being able to pay their corporate debt in the future.

The Kerrisdale Capital Management report on Kodak can be found at http://kerr.co/kodk. Sahm Adrangi also scheduled a conference call after issuing this report that was held on February 7, 2018, at 10:30 Eastern Time. During this conference call, which other investors could listen in on, he made his case on why Kodak is overvalued. He said that after they made this partnership public their stock rose by an unsustainable 187% because of the hype. It went from a price of $3.10 a share to a high of $11.55 14 days after their announcement. It has since crashed to around $6 a share.

Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in New York City. He is the chief investment officer of the company and personally directs its hedge fund. He has a hand in all aspects of running his company. He had a number of years of experience in the financial industry before he became an entrepreneur. This included time spent at Deutsche Bank where he did duties such as Chapter 11 exit financing and leveraged buyout financing.

Check: www.valuewalk.com/2017/11/sahm-adrangi-kerrisdale-capital-luxoft/