Upwork blog helps turn your to-do list into a done list

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In a recent blog post on Upwork, ClickUp provides some easy tips to help turn that pesky to-do list into a distant memory. Upwork is a freelance marketplace where these tips could certainly help professionals manage their increasingly busy days. Juggling time constraints, other tasks, priorities, stress, and the various other curve balls life throws your way is a daunting task in and of itself. Throw a to-do list on top of this and it’s a massive challenge. The post opens by stating simply to capture everything. If you want to get it all done then you need to write it down, it’s that simple. Following this ClickUp suggests that preparing your list in advance and in one place can save you valuable time. ClickUp goes on to say that defining priorities, re-evaluation, and stress-free delegation are also valuable tools when it comes to knocking things off your to-do list. Priorities help prepare you for the inevitable unforeseen circumstances that will undoubtedly shake up your day while re-evaluation allows for adjustment when those circumstances happen. Stress-free delegation, according to ClickUp, is as simple as assigning a subtask to a member of your team thus reducing the load on you personally. The final three tips are to do what ClickUp calls zoom-in and out, batch process, and assign energy levels. Zoom-in and out suggests that by handling each task individually we can break our to-do list into more manageable pieces and achieve small “wins” throughout the process as we get each small piece done. These small wins then give us the motivation to keep going. Batch processing is exactly what you might think. Grouping together similar activities help get them done more efficiently. The final tip is to assign energy levels to each task. ClickUp states that not all tasks are created equal and thus the amount of energy we dedicate to each must be proportioned correctly. By assigning energy levels we can map out our to-do list more effectively. With three million jobs posted annually and over twelve million registered freelancers, anyone working for Upwork could certainly use these tips to get a leg up on the competition.

Find out more about Upwork: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upwork

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Chris Linkas Helps the Novice Investors

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Christopher Linkas is the investor that has helped many people other see the value of investing early. The investor that has taken the time to focus on their budget will certainly see some logic in what Linkas is saying. He helps those investors improve their personal finances and he also helps them see how they can make better decisions with their money.


Investing Early

What Chris Linkas has done is give people tips that will help them improve their lives. Retirement plans are often put on auto pilot, but the reality is that people need to pay attention to their investments. The investor that averages a 10% return on investment is going to have a lot of compound interest to take advantage of. This is what Chris Linkas wants investors to understand. They need to be able to really understand that the earlier investors are going to be able to get ahead of all the other investors that start their investing late.

The thing that Chris Linkas knows is that anyone can find an excuse not to invest. They will always put it off until later. When they do this years can pass and they still will not be any closer to saving. This is why the concept does not make much sense if they really want financial freedom in their older age (https://www.discogs.com/artist/2617983-Chris-Linkas). Wise investors are going to take a look at what the investment world can offer if they jump in sooner.

The good thing about early investing is that people find out what they are doing wrong. They get the chance to correct themselves earlier. This is what makes the earlier investing ideal. If you know you can get a larger return on investment it makes more sense to start as early as possible. Chris Linkas is the investment manager director for the Fortress Investment Corp so he has discovered a lot of investing tips.

Chris believes that the investor that has put time into the market early will see results that they can justify what Linkas is saying. He has been doing this long enough to educate novice investors.

World Renowned Urologist Dr. David Samadi

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Dr. David Samadi is a world known urologist who is currently the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, NY. Dr. Samadi earned his degree from Stony Brook University . Stony Brook School of Medicine is where he graduated in 1994 receiving his M.D. later completing post-graduate work at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Over the years Dr. David Samadi has performed many minimally invasive treatments for his patients who needed treatment for their various diseases. These illnesses that Dr. David Samadi help treat consists of, but are not limited to, urologic diseases, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer. The surgeries that Dr. David Samadi has performed to treat prostate cancer specifically involves newly invented robotic technology.

Dr. David Samadi spent his career trying to detect and treat prostate cancer. He has a passion finding patients illnesses quickly so they can be treated fast and effectively. Dr. David Samadi does not limit his work to just the medical office. He also started a TV program called “Sunday Housecall,” which aired from 2011 to 2016. He wanted to share that latest research alternative medicines and new forms of medical technology to not only his patients but to the world.

Dr. David Samadi is using his own advanced form of prostate surgery. A new removal technique for prostate cancer that Dr. David Samadi has called the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique, or SMART surgery. This new surgery is revolutionary in allowing men to no longer have the serious side effect of incontinence and impotence. With this being a component to prostate treatment many men are now seeking to better themselves through this new treatment. This approach that Dr. David Samadi uses takes prostate surgery to new heights using robotic techniques to limit the damage on nerves and the sphincter.

Dr. David Samadi has spread his healthcare business nearly entirely by Word of Mouth. He is exceptional at what he does and patients trust him with their bodies and he trust them back in return giving them even his cell phone number to contact him at any hour during the day. Dr. David Samadi Believes in giving quality care over quantity care. Giving all of his efforts to each and every patient individually. Even as a surgeon who is extremely busy and with so many responsibilities he is dedicated to giving uncompromising service to his patient.

For More info: prostatecancer911.com/david-samadi/

Robert Deignan the Entrepreneurial Guru

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Robert Deignan the Entrepreneurial Guru

Robert Deignan was a renowned marketer best recognized for his excellent performance records and co-founding Advanced Tech Support Digital Services 6 years ago. He is also the current CEO of the company. Before ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan worked as the Executive Vice President at IS3, Inc., for over nine years. Here he helped the company soar to greater heights through his managerial and marketing skills. Earlier on he helped set up Franlink, Inc. Mr. Deignan went to Purdue University and is a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management holder. This was after attending St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Under his guidance and leadership, Advanced Tech Support (ATS) Digital Services has made impressive progress. In July 2017, ATS Digital Services became the call center to be certified by AppEsteem Corporation. This means that they are now able to deliver premium support services to its clients. The certification process involved meeting all thirty-nine compliance requirements by AppEsteem. Mr. Deignan dutifully ensured the success of this process.

When asked on his thoughts about the company he helped establish, his sentiments were as striking. He stated that the foundation of which the company is found is comprehensive, consumer-centered compliance. This paved the way for transparency and allowed for operational procedures at the highest levels possible. These attributes, instilled by the CEO, are the reason ATS Digital Services has delivered technical support services to many thousands of satisfied clients. Furthermore, the service provider is not only through the telephone but also via remote access screens technologies. Mr. Deignan has also ensured his company is the best in consumer-friendly procedures and practices. Ethically, Robert Deignan has provided that his company and employees do not indulge in unlawful or unethical practices as projected by the company’s clean record. As a team player, Mr. Robert Deignan is described as a delight to work with by workmates.


See What Jeff Aronin Does To Keep Biotech Powered Forward Always

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Innovation is crucial if healthcare and biotech are to get the lives of the patients improved in a great way. To ensure the biotech innovation has been fully empowered to see the next generation enjoy life, Paragon has come in place and is headed by Jeff Aronin. The main objective of Paragon is to ensure biotech companies that meet the unmet needs of the patients have been formed and stabilized. Paragon is doing so well today because its team of entrepreneurial leaders is strong and focused. In fact, some of the most powerful blue-chip investors and biotech industry talents are in paragon.


Paragon on Spotlight

Paragon has today made it possible for some of the distressing diseases to find their dependable treatment options. The team you find at Paragon spends a lot of time looking into what may have caused the disease. The next thing the Paragon team does is getting a novel treatment for the identified disease. Immediately Paragon acquires the science behind the disease, it then sets companies that would focus on doing thorough clinical research (https://www.dailyforexreport.com/jeff-aronins-company-paragon-biosciences-became-investment-incubator/). This way, Paragon is able to develop a strategy that is properly commercialized and regulated to help it get the broadest line in medicine.

Any company involved in medicine development knows it is being involved in a risky research business. Many treatments that looked promising have failed during the trial phase of clinical research. Paragon has gone ahead to believe it can develop medicines that some other companies have said they are unsuitable for their development strategy. This has maintained Paragon on a successful path all along. Jeff Aronin has become of the people you cannot dismiss or undermine when it comes to biotech and healthcare. He is the CEO and also chairman of Paragon Biosciences.

Jeff Aronin has the industrial expertise and also entrepreneurial energy the innovative biotech companies need to become leading incubators and investors. His passion for met patients’ needs is outright since his healthcare passion developed while he was still a young boy. He has served in Paragon Biosciences for 10 years now and this has given him a wide scope of things in the healthcare industry. Jeff has strongly stuck to the core values of his mission and this has made the company continue to realize its goals and grow.


Dr. Mark McKenna Aesthetic Product Line

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Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor turned entrepreneur. Following medical school, Dr. McKenna served for a few years alongside his father at his father’s medical practice. Dr. McKenna invested his earnings building his real estate business.=

Dr. Mark McKenna was a graduate of Tulane School of Medicine. While a medical student, Dr. McKenna served in a local prison. He would perform physicals on prisoners for fifty dollars an hour. He took all of his earnings from this job and invested them. He would buy property in and around New Orleans, Louisiana.

After Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Mark McKenna lost his entire real estate empire. He was in a position to build it back, though. Not long after building his real estate empire back from the ground up, he sold it. He followed his girlfriend to Atlanta, Georgia and has been in existence since.

Shortly after arriving in Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna formed an aesthetic product line. He later sold this line to Lifetime fitness and ventured into something new. He took some time off after the sale. He travelled a little and spent time with his newborn daughter.

Dr. McKenna then thought of an aesthetic consulting firm that would hire freelance doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners to ensure that house calls, performing Botox treatments. The service would work much like the Uber concept. Consumers will download a smart phone app and type when they are ready for treatment.

The idea came to Dr. Mark McKenna when he was brainstorming over how to provide patients the best and most personalized services for aesthetics. The company, called OVME, was opened in Atlanta, Georgia on March 1, 2018.

At OVME, enunciated ‘Of Me,’ customers are offered one hundred percent personalized services. Botox room is all private. There are private consultations and private injection room. OVME is far from the typical spa Botox treatment atmosphere.

OVME is only the latest business opportunities created by Dr. Mark McKenna. One that takes the innovative technology of on demand service and a traditional treatment and combines them for the ultimate customer experience. OVME will soon follow on demand throughout the United States.

David Mcdonald: Succesful Business Example

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It takes a certain level of skill knowledge to be a leader. When it comes to being the leader of a company or business it take even more. The ability to make connections and smart decisions are a must and will play pivotal part. But its better to provide an example than to make assertions about these things and that’s what David McDonald is, an example of a man that possess the skills to be successful in business.

David McDonald is a man that has been I leadership roles of two different companies. He went to college and achieved a degree in animal Science and soon after became the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute a very prestigious position indeed. This would only be the beginning for David McDonald as he wouldn’t remain here long. Eventually he left the position and started working for OSI. This company works with manufacturing and provision of food items. David didn’t start in high position but as a project manager.

His dedication and work ethic were uncanny, and he soon started to advance up the corporate ladder there. He has been with this company for 30 years at this point and has become the president of it because of his great skill set. He has had a very positive influence in company. By valuing relationships as a business man, he has developed many good deals for instance the company just made a purchase of Baho foods a Dutch deli meats processor. This strategic business move was on purpose and has allowed David’s company to gain a platform in Europe. They try their best to connect with the culture and lifestyles of would be clients and business partners.

This goes hand and hand with David McDonalds other strategy for business teamwork. David McDonald has been able to influence and create better existence for the company he works for. As president he has shown and carried out all kinds of skills that should be noticed and emulated by up and coming business minds. If they can take a page from Mr. McDonalds book Im sure success will follow eventually.

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Unicorn Hair Dye, Venus XL Palette And Vegan Commitment, These Things And More Are Lime Crime.

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What is bold, bright and filled with Vegan goodness? The company known as Lime Crime cosmetics. This makeup company is one of the leading makers of cosmetics that are bright, full colored and beautiful. The really awesome thing about these products is that they are vegan friendly and as a result, not tested on animals. Both of these parts of the global position are important to Lime Crime and their founder and CEO, Doe Deere. Above all else, these things are important to the vegans who want to wear makeup and not have that choice interfere or compromise their lifestyle.

Some of the most popular products are featured on the companies website and include the all new Venus XL Palette. This is an updated version of the palette that launched the company. It features eighteen brilliant shades of amazing color that is long lasting and fun to wear. It also comes with a swipe that can be used on the eyes, face and cheeks. A perfect blend of fun and excitement with the simple swipe of your makeup brush. LimeCrime creates some amazing products and they are all fun to wear and use. The Venus XL Palette is one of the most fun because it is a new take on a proved product. This makeup can be mixed with the Unicorn Hair Dye made by LimeCrime.

Using the fine products of LimeCrime you ca mix or match to create the perfect you, which can change to express your personal freedom of expression at any time. With LimeCrime cosmetics you are free to be you and wear the colors of the day that best suit the you that you are feeling. The Eyeshadow Palettes are a great start to that process. Once you are done with your eyes and your hair color, you can find a lipstick and gloss to match or clash. It is really your choice. The things you can do with the makeup offered by Lime Crime is just awesome. Keep in mind that every product you use is never tested on animals and lives up to the vegan commitment that the company is so proud of.

Three Amazing Ecig Flavors to Try

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Ecigs are the hottest thing since sliced bread, and for good reason. With benefits above normal cigarettes like longer use, safer indoors, box mods to bring things to the next level, and a variety of flavors to enhance your experience, it’s no wonder ecigs are still selling like hotcakes.

Flavors are one of the coolest things about them. There are many out there. Here are three that you should try:

Island Breeze: Ever wanted to sail to a secluded island, stand on the beach and smell the wind? Let yourself be transported with this tropical flavor. Tons of fruity sweetness will hit your tongue and ensnare your senses. Tangy guava and passion fruit tangle with a more mellow orange to create a flavor you won’t want to put down.

Caramel Apple: Ready to be transported back to October as a kid, when the leaves were burnt orange and yellow and hot drinks and sweaters were all you could think about? This tasty flavor perfectly mimics a candy apple sucker with just the right mixture of tart and sweet. Tart green apple, sticky caramel, and just a hint of decadent custard play together in this flavor.

Berry Cheesecake: Ever wished you could smoke an ecig and have dessert at the same time? It’s practically possible with this decadent flavor. Savor the taste of rich,smooth cheesecake with hints of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Let the taste linger on your tongue as you breathe in the smoke. Chances are, you’ll even be able to taste a bit of that sweet, slightly salty graham cracker crust.

With flavors like these, how could you not want to try ecigs and all the awesomeness that goes with them? There are many great retailers online that cell egics, box mods, and tons of flavors for you to try out. One great place that’s both affordable and stocked with quality materials is O2Pur. O2Pur offers all the scrumptious flavors mentioned above, at great prices. Plus, O2Pur offers everything you need to get started vaping.

Browse around, and have fun!

IC Systems Thriving Thanks To Contributions Inside & Outside The Family

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One of the largest collection companies in the United States, family-owned IC Systems has spearheaded breakthroughs in the accounts receivable recovery industry for 80 years.

Not restricted to any specific type of business or customer, accounts receivable, often shortened to A/R, is the amount of money that customers currently owe to a company for goods of services that were purchased on credit. The conditions, payment time limit and line of credit are different among industries and businesses.

Ruth and Jack Erickson founded IC Systems in 1938 in the St. Paul, Minnesota area. The company, which is in its third generation of Erickson management, makes financial results better for end users through its ethical and honest principles.

IC Systems has been nominated as a contender for the BBB Torch Award for Ethics in 2013, 2014 and 2015. The award recognizes companies whose leaders have demonstrated a high level of personal character and who display an outstanding level of ethics and integrity in all their business dealings.

The company, which provides collection services to original creditors only, works with industries that take in dental, health care, small and medium business, government, education and more.

IC Systems keeps up a Compliance Risk Management System (CRMS) that is made up of wide-ranging auditing, comprehensive corroboration and stringent training. In addition to compliance, security is a principal concern for the company which has completed an audit performed by third-party auditor, FRSecure, on its entire network.

The company has the proper licenses and bonds to deliver collection services in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and Guam.

Giving back to the community is equally important to the philosophy of IC Systems. The company’s in-house charity committee, ECHO (Employee Charitable Help Organization), organizes employee charitable efforts, events and community services.

For example, the American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Relay for Life, Ronald McDonald House Charities and Toys for Tots are some of the charities the company supports.

In addition, ECHO also focuses on the hardships of employees who are dealing with unfortunate health or complicated circumstances of their own.