“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Gets Mixed Reviews

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Sean Penn recently wrote the book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, which seems to be controversial since before it was even published. The book hammers in on some of the most controversial issues in the present day American culture as well as taking some fictional punches at the fictional president who is eerily similarly described in the liking of the actual president. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” also takes a few swings at culturally sensitive issues such as he #metoo movement and is described as “Infantilizing” and also as a “toddler’s crusade”.


Sean Penn told the CBS Sunday Morning that he thinks that some people will really like it while other’s will absolutely loathe it. And that is what he was expecting. It’s what he wanted it to say about him. Penn has seemingly projected his world views into his new book. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is also somewhat of a catharsis. A venting of sorts for the actor turned author.

By the way, Sean mentioned that he decided to become an author because he got tired of not being able to “play well” with other’s in the movie industry. He feels that the industry has become somewhat saturated and flooded with too many movies for there to be something special. Even Netflix is now producing about 700 new shows.


“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is based in a dystopian like world. The character is a sad, middle aged man who sells septic tanks to Jehovas witnesses and has a hard time connecting with people. However, his views are not totally hopeless and bleak. Sean Penn places his hopes on the youth of today.


Drawing attention to his new book has not been an issue at for Sean Penn. Snippets of it were released before it was published and caused immediate controversy because of the American cultural issues that were discussed. Even though his book is almost a pure reactionary vent for the award winning actor, it seems that doing so is also trending. Bandwagoning is also another issue that really irritates the character in the book.

A Spot Check On Life Pursuits Of Jacob Gottlieb

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Jacob Gottlieb is well known for his contribution to the development of the largest hedge funds in healthcare field across America known as Visium Asset Management where he serves as the CIO. He was born and raised at Brooklyn in New York after his parents emigrated from Poland into the United States. His father, Mr. Max Gottlieb Ph.D., and mother, Dr. Helena Gottlieb, were both well-established professionals who were economics professor and pediatrician respectively.

The qualifications of his parents affected Jacob Gottlieb career path and somehow developed an interest in both professions. This shaped his education and professional pursuits where he was not only interested in business, investment, and economics stuff but also in the healthcare field. The investment talent in Gottlieb was seen while he was still in grade 7 where he won a contest that involved stock selection prepared at his school. His father was not blind to his child’s talent hence opened an investment trading account for the boy.

After his secondary school studies, Jacob Jay Gottlieb went on to pursue his interests, economics, and medicine. He was enrolled at Brown University where he studied Economics and later Medicine at NY University. He later went to St. Vincent Hospital for a medical internship. He later realized that he was more interested in Economics hence went to Wall Street and CFA designation so as to sharpen his finance knowledge and skills.

Jacob Gottlieb commenced his trading career at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. where his scope was global healthcare as a semi analyst. He later left for Merlin Biomed Group as a Portfolio Manager in healthcare and after a short period, he moved to Balyasny Asset Management (BAM). At BAM Jacob hit his jackpot and became the most successful earner in the firm. With always interested for higher and tougher challenges, they left BAM to form Visium.

Jacob Gottlieb was very crucial to the development of Visium which hit heights of holding over $8 billion hedge fund with an employment capacity of 170 employees. Throughout his career life, he has exercised professionalism and ethics required in trading and the entire finance field. This could be the reason why he was not mentioned in the allegations that hit Visium in 2016. In fact, he was the only executive who was clean.

Jacob Gottlieb has also been in the forefront of supporting various nonprofit organizations and charities based in New York. He supports Covenant House which protects homeless children and gives the education. He also has his hand in Robin Hood Foundation which deals with poverty and Math for America (MFA) which aims at producing sharp graduates in the STEM.


OSI Group Expands in Australia; About David McDonald

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OSI Group began as a small family owned business in Chicago. Partially due to the partnership with fast food restaurant McDonald’s, OSI Group has been able to expand to all corners of the globe. They now have operations in the United States, Holland, and Australia. Their activities in Australia recently took a turn for the better. Their Australian division, OSI International Foods{Australia,} completed a merger with Turi Foods. This merger comes with a name change to the division: it is now called Turosi Pty Ltd. The two companies have agreed upon a shared ownership. “OSI and Turi have built a business of strong reputation with the customers each company serves,” said David McDonald, the President of OSI Group. David McDonald continued, saying that together, OSI Group and Turi, as a single entity, have tremendous potential to better serve their customers.

Together, a total of five plants are operational under the newly created partnership.

About OSI Group and David McDonald

OSI Group was created by Otto Kolschowsky, a German-immigrant who was living in Chicago, Illinois. He created the company under the name Otto & Sons, operating a simply butchery and deli for the Chicago area. The transformation from Otto & Sons to OSI Group was a slow one. With a partnership with McDonald’s, whose first restaurant was in the State of Illinois, Otto & Sons was able to expand at a pace unimaginable. In 1973, the company built its first plant dedicated solely to the production of McDonald’s products. Next came expansion and focus. The Otto & Sons name was now solely working to supply McDonald’s, selling off their other assets. In 1975, the name was officially changed to OSI Industries.

Now known as OSI Group, David McDonald leads the company as COO and President. He attended Iowa State University, obtaining a degree in Animal Science. In addition to working for OSI Group, McDonald has worked with Marfrig Global Foods. He is also the Chairman at the North American Meat Institute.

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Know Why Ricardo Tosto Is A Reputable Name In The Legal Industry

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Without lawyers, the society would not be firm and stable in many ways. A country would also struggle to reform and formulate laws without lawyers. Probably, this is what Ricardo Tosto discovered when he chose to get into the legal career. As a competent Brazilian lawyer, Ricardo has represented many clients in court with positive outcomes being his main aim in every case. Brazil has over 620,000 lawyers, and a third of these lawyers operate in Sao Paulo. The others practice their career in Rio de Janeiro.

Ricardo has been a vocal lawyer in legal practice in Brazil. He started his law career in a small firm before he grew it to the enormous career it has become. He has established one of the most famous law firms that deal with corporate litigation. Many celebrities and companies have won their corporate cases through his professional representation. Ricardo Tosto has offered exceptional legal counsel to numerous corporations, politicians, multinationals, and the Brazilian government.

Formulating profile legal mechanisms is never a simple thing in many countries. Without Ricardo’s legal input, Brazil would not have formulated its legal mechanisms that other countries consider high-profile mechanisms. Those aspiring to be lawyers and those working as interns in various law firms find Ricardo Tosto a reliable source of the advice and mentorship in their legal career. Ricardo oversees the cases in his law firm and offers the required leadership. He also comes up with some unique, innovative strategies to help law firm get to the next level. It’s amazing that even other lawyers in Brazil respect Ricardo for his ambitious leadership.

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Southridge Capital Leads The Way In Business Financing

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Most corporations intend to increase their business over time in order to keep at the top of their field. They do this by securing loans and private donations from investors. Most traditional banks have a set way of dealing with corporations and the lending practices are becoming outdated and hard to secure. New corporations especially have a difficult time getting any financial help from lenders. Southridge Capital is looking to change the way money is loaned to up and coming corporations as well as tried and true ones. They have many plans in place to getting financing for anyone.


Southridge Captial offers financial planning to their clients as well as budget advice. They enable businesses to decrease their debt while increasing their credit rating. The programs they offer give new corporations the foundation by which they can build their business. They will help to secure loans through non-traditional means if that is necessary or through traditional lending institutes.


According to PRNewswire, the founder and CEO of Southridge Capital is Stephen M. Hicks brings many years of experience in the business world to this company and he has compiled a group of executives at the business from many different backgrounds. The diversity of the group is what enables Southridge Capital to remain one of the busiest financial advisory firms in the country. The team works together to hash out new ideas for improving the services that they currently have. You can check out scribd.com for more.



Stephen started the company in order to help fledgling businesses succeed. He intended to show the banking industry that there were successes to be made by investing in small corporations and he had done that many times over. He continues to look into other areas where he can bring Southridge Capital and is focusing on the worldwide market. The company has been expanding rapidly since its inception.



Read more: https://www.newswire.com/southridge-partners-ii-formerly/188538


Mina Ebrahimi, the renowned entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

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Mina Ebrahimi was born in Iran before her family immigrated to the United States in the year 1978. Mina Ebrahimi’s family relocated due to the great revolution that occurred in Iran during the late 1970’s, and she was only seven years of age at that time.

Mina Ebrahimi is the founder and owner of Saint Germain Catering, which is a renowned food catering unit. Mina Ebrahimi began her career at Tiffany’s bakery at the age of 11 only. Her parents acquired the bakery located in Seven Corners after their immigration into the United States.

Mina Ebrahimi worked at the catering unit for a long time to gain vital skills in the business including customer service. Courtesy of Mina Ebrahim, Tiffany’s bakery expanded to serve a broader market.

To accommodate many customers, the bakery had to move its base to Tyson’s Galleria as Saint Germain’s. She left Tiffany’s to found her catering firm after saving enough for capital.

Mina Ebrahimi established Saint Germain Catering with the aim of targeting the corporate market. She was hired to provide services to private parties, weddings, and corporate luncheons. The firm has since then grown immensely to accommodate over forty highly skilled and specialized employees.

Mina Ebrahimi has won herself a couple of awards since the inception of Saint Germain’s. In the year 2014, she was won the Enterprise Women of the Year Award. She also emerged top of the Top 40 under 40 in the year 2010.

Mina Ebrahimi is renowned for her benevolent work. She sponsored a cancer detection dog, McBaine of Penn Vet Working Dog Centre at the University of Pennsylvania. It has been involved in the detection and treatment of early ovarian cancer in several women.

She has set aside a percentage of profits from her firm to aid in cancer research at the University of Pennsylvania. She also established Jack-Ebrahim program, the only radiology veterinarian program in the country.

To empower women entrepreneurs, she founded the Mina Ebrahim Foundation which supports business women of all ages. She has also participated in many professional workshops that significant in cuisine business techniques.


David McDonald making a difference through the use of OSI Group

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David McDonald when he was young he lived in Lowa since David was born and raised there, the career path began immediately after he graduated. At the OSI Group David McDonald started off being the project manager that was when he was offering his services to North America Meat Institute as the chairman. David McDonald made sure that he provided his total best to OSI Group that making him attain the position of being the president of OSI Group. From the time OSI Group was founded, it has made tremendous changes when it comes to the food industry. It will ensure that the high-quality of food services and products that they will offer their customers will be of the best quality so that they can satisfy the needs of the customers globally.

The success of the company and the growth too in the food industry has been possible because of the work that David McDonald has put in over the 30 years he has been with the company. Because OSI Group is globally based, David McDonald works extra hard to come up with a team that will be well educated with the changes happening in the international markets. They have maintained a good relationship with local marketers so that they can be of help in meeting the needs of the clients. Having the relationship with the local team has been of massive help to the company since they have the understanding of the taste of the customers.

To assist with the growth and coming up with the new things with the help of David OSI Group purchased Baho Foods. The thing the Baho Food specializes with is the supply of deli meat. The good thing about the purchase is that it has helped OSI Group in getting the European recognition that they needed. Through the leadership of David McDonald the company has been able to grow to have the 10 Chinese facilities, which offer the services of poultry. The facilities will provide the needed services to clients that are internationally based. The other thing is that David uses the resources that he has to make a difference in people of Lowa State. He is giving the students in Lowa State that have the interest in knowing more about agricultural entrepreneurship. David helps those students by giving them the chance of seeing how it’s done in the facilities by giving them the opportunity to visit OSI Group based in China.

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Ryan Seacrest – A Diverse And Prominent Icon In The Entertainment Industry

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When it comes to describing the meaning of being diverse in business, Ryan Seacrest can be used as a good example. He is known to be the most hardworking and the busiest man in Holy wood. He has such a remarkable reputation in the entertainment industry. His interest in the industry started when he was young back in school to the extent that he used to listen to radio presentations and news anchors and could begin imitating them because all he tried to do was to make big imaginations like he was the one presenting. Luckily enough, due to his hard work and consistency in his commitment, he was able to turn his interest into a career which has made him a prominent icon in the entertainment industry.

For many years, Ryan Seacrest, the TV and radio show host, had been serving as a prominent host in the American Idol until the FOX canceled it. It is after then he was given a great opportunity by one of his longtime friends known as Kelly Ripa invited him to be a host in his talk live show on ABC. Upon acceptance of Ryan Seacrest on offer, Kelly Ripa changed the name of her show to Live on Kelly and Ryan show.

According to nytimes.com, Ryan Seacrest’s hard work and commitment were once depicted when the Live on Kelly and Ryan show was holding an appearance as well as American Idol who were holding their sixteenth season reboot. The two shows were to happen during the same day, and Ryan was invited to be the host on America Idol show as well as the Live with Kelly and Ryan show. People wondered how he could multitask on hosting both shows but surprisingly he did it, and nothing went astray on both sides.

Besides, Ryan Seacrest is also an investor. He has a number of his ventures since he believes in using his resources in the best ways to yield him more income. He owns the New Distinction Menswear Company which is one of the fastest growing companies in the fashion industry. Also, he and his family founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is a radio channel that is aimed at promoting healing to children in the hospital.

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Avaaz Determined To Stave Off World Ecological Disaster

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Our planet is facing the biggest mass extinction of species since the destruction of the dinosaurs 65 millions years ago. But this time it isn’t an asteroid colliding with the earth that is killing thousands of species — it’s pollution caused by human beings.

Rain forests are being clear cut, 90% of the oceans barrier reefs are already dead, and climate change is causing many land animals to simply go extinct as their habitats are destroyed.

As dire as the situation sounds, one group says there is still hope — and also something we can start doing right away. That group is Avaaz, the world’s largest Internet-based social advocacy organization.

Avaaz consults with the top scientist and ecologist in the world. They say if we preserve 50% of the planet from human destruction exploitation, the earth — including the human race — can achieve a kind of balance. It can be saved.

Avaaz is appealing to its million of followers to donate a small amount of money that will springboard massive biodiversity projects that can get the ball rolling.

Since it was established in 2007, Avaaz has shown that it is capable of producing solid, real-world results, even when working with some of the world’s most difficult problems, such as the looming ecological disaster.

Using the Internet as a platform, Avaaz can easily bestride the borders of the international community, enlisting the good works of millions of volunteers who gather together and pool resources to make thing happen.

Avaaz works on a wide range of social issues, from fighting poverty to improving education and countering political oppression. Environmental ecological efforts have long been a primary area of focus for Avaaz because without a sustainable and livable environment on the planet earth, all else is lost.

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Adam Milstein Says Antisemitism Is A More Serious Issue Than Ever Now

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It’s now time to expose how deep antisemitism runs in certain college activist groups and tackle ways to defeat the lies and propaganda they put out. That is what Israeli-American journalist, businessman and philanthropist Adam Milstein says it is time to do in his Jewish News Syndicate article. He notes that a lot of organizations on campuses have voted to block Jewish students from serving in leadership roles when antisemitic Muslim groups and progressive leftists have held power, and various campus boycotts against Jewish groups have been held. Milstein calls on parents and community leaders to prepare their young people to face and be ready to fight these groups, and he said that he and liberal donor Haim Saban are working on building a counter task force to fight college antisemitism.

Adam Milstein got involved in supporting Jewish-American campus activism a little over 10 years ago when he founded the Israeli-American Council in partnership with his foundation. But he originally came from Haifa, Israel where he grew up in a working family and also served several years in the Israeli Defense Forces. He studied economics and business at the Technion Israeli Institute of Technology and earned his bachelor’s degree, and then he took his wife and daughters to the US where he’s lived ever since in Los Angeles. He then finished his master’s degree and became a commercial real estate broker for a public firm for several years, but then he and his friend David Hager formed their own real estate firm known as Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein decided to go into philanthropy in part because it’s given his daily schedule structure, but also because he felt there was quite a large group of disaffected Israelis living in the US who didn’t feel at home. The groups he helped form under the IAC’s auspices have helped to give these people a voice and bring their accomplishments to light back in the Israeli homeland. The Adam Milstein Family Foundation has helped found organizations that educate families and promote knowledge of older customs and traditions, and they even have books they publish that teach Hebrew.