The Rise of Ryan Seacrest

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Ryan Seacrest, the hard-working host of shows like “American Idol”, “Live with Kelly and Ryan” and “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” definitely knows how to keep busy, yet still manages to look very young. In addition to hosting, Seacrest also has his own clothing and skin care line (Ryan Seacrest Distinction/ Polish, respectively). His morning routine usually begins at around 6am. This early morning wake up call is followed by caffeine. Seacrest typically consumes matcha–because of its benefits for his body–and a cup of coffee in the morning.

After grooming himself and getting dressed, Seacrest, the founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, has a car pick him up to transport him to his nearby place of work. On the ride there, he familiarizes himself with any news he may have missed and also allows himself to watch a bit of television. Adopting a work-life balance has taken him some time to achieve, but has benefited him in many ways. As an extremely busy man, he knows that it does not serve him well to be spread thin. Ryan

Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) does not keep his concern for his body or health a secret. His physicality is also of utmost importance to him. Seacrest’s work out regime may consist of boxing or even biking on a machine. However, he very much enjoys running outside in the park instead of on a machine. In the past, he’s also made sure to have a trainer meet up with him while he travels for work or business. Even so, he declares himself to be “a massive foodie” Throughout his full work week, he enjoys a primarily vegan diet. Tending to his body helps him keep up with work demands. However, on the weekend he does allow himself to indulge in large family-style meals accompanied by wine (his favorite). In order to give him some headspace and peace of mind, he frequently puts away his devices. Ryan Seacrest’s continual rise and success no doubt are related to the care he puts into his health and well-being. He really does make working several full-time jobs appear effortless. See Ryan’s profile on Forbes.

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From Equities to Equestrian: Amy Nauiokas

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The world of finance is not for the faint of heart. It takes a keen focus and determination to have the will to succeed in the world of business. There are many who navigate it but few are very good at it. Being able to track things on a global level day to day is no easy task. So, what do you do when you excel at it, you give it up for your dream. This is exactly what Amy Nauiokas has done.

At one time Amy was Senior Managing Director for Cantor Fitzgerald. A woman of many talents she was also running Global Marketing, Developing and even Human Resources. She found her way to London and worked at Barclay’s for a period of time where she found something she enjoyed even more. During this time in England she begins riding horses again; something she had fell in love with as a child. Her love for horse came from a neighbor’s horse that would come by her family’s property while they lived in Connecticut. Even though it took some time to come back to her love she made it back to horse when she bought the Washington Equestrian Center. This 75 acre facility is a sale, training and boarding business. While Amy has done many things from model to writing plays and movies, her passion is with horses.

Amy Nauiokas has the full support of her husband Harry Harrison in her endeavors. Harrison is the Co Head of Barclay’s Non Core Division in London, UK. He has a long history in the world of finances as well. Harrison is on the board of directors for The Bubble Foundation as well as The Global Financial Markets Association. Harrison has been at Barclay’s since the late 80’s and continues to excel. With degrees from Cambridge and Warwick his focus and track record in the business world speaks volumes. It also brought him his wife.

With great people around Amy Nauiokas including trainers like Nikki Therrain and Frank Madden she is set to continue to do great things. For more information, view

Hussain Sajwani Aims to Improve the Country’s Future by Backing Young Coders

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One of the most reputed builders in the middle-east is Hussain Sajwani, who is the founder and the CEO of Damac Properties, one of the largest global real estate development firms based out of Dubai. Even though the company started initially with most of its development focus in Dubai, it quickly spread its operations in different parts of the world, including in the United Kingdom, United States, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and more. Hussain Sajwani has been in the field of business for long and knew the dynamics of how to run a business successfully. Before starting a real estate development firm, Hussain Sajwani successfully started a catering company that continues to run profitably till date. He is focused on his work and also loves to spend time with his family.

However, the focus of Damac owner shifted to the real estate when the government in the United Arab Emirates allowed the foreign investors to come and invest in the country. The fact that the foreigners can now purchase land in the developing and serene Dubai and the rest of the country opened the floodgates of foreign investments. Hussain Sajwani knew that with this decree being passed, there would be many investors looking for luxurious commercial and residential apartments. Hussain Sajwani’s Damac Properties primarily focuses on building luxurious and elegant residential apartments for the modern buyers. But, the company is also looking to enter new avenues in the real market industry.

According to Albayan, the constructions of the residential and commercial complexes by Damac Properties are in tune with the demands of the modern buyers. Even though most of the properties of Damac Group are priced on the higher side, it is mostly because the company uses the most luxurious and imported raw materials to ensure the finish is fantastic and to the like of the customers. Hussain Sajwani is also a great philanthropist and is a supporter of many different charities. Along with that, he also sponsored the ‘One Million Arab Coders’ that offers support and financial help you the young people to learn coding and different internet programs for the advancement of the country tech industry.

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Charlamagne Tha God Doesn’t Mind The Extra Recognition That He Has Received Lately

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Well known television and radio host Charlamagne Tha God is embracing the fact that he has been dissed on hip-hop star Eminem’s newest release. One would think that it would be undesirable to receive such attention, but Charlamagne Tha God is embracing this recognition and taking it all in stride. He has emphasized the fact that a start as big as Eminem mentioning him on an album, whether it is in a positive light or not, is proof that he has truly arrived and gained the recognition that he desires in the entertainment industry.


Regardless of his appreciation of the fact that he has attained a status sufficient enough to get mentioned by Eminem, Charlamagne still feels the need to chime in on his overall opinion of the new Eminem album. He has some specific comments to make regarding Eminem’s attacks on Donald Trump as well as the rapper’s use of homophobic slurs against fellow hip-hop artist Tyler the Creator. Charlamagne Tha God emphasized the fact that artists like Eminem have the freedom of speech to put out album material like this, but at the same time, it should be remembered that if you are going to put out offensive material, there will be people who do get offended.


While Charlamagne Tha God isn’t personally offended by what Eminem said about him in the new album, he does feel that the LGBT community has every right to be offended by Eminem’s homophobic slurs, something that the artist has been known for over his career. The attack thrown the way of Tyler the Creator is in many ways an attack at the whole community. Click Here for more information.


On the topic of United States President Donald Trump, Charlamagne Tha God is quite happy that Eminem is using his privilege as a white man to call out the kinds of racial injustice that are becoming more common during the Trump presidency. In many ways, Eminem is just encapsulating our current times, and Charlamagne Tha God gives him all due credit in this regard. Charlamagne Tha God even admits that he really likes the new album, Kamikaze, despite being one of the targets of attack on the new work.


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What Jim Toner is Sharing with Investors

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Looking over the past years during the recession in America, investors were all hanging by a thread watching the next move. Scams have been running rampant, ranging from the IRS to a wide array of real estate scams as well. According to recent reports, millions fell prey to losing money in their retirement accounts, as well as poor choices that individuals were making in the light of desperation. While this misguided market has been in an uproar for quite some time, real estate investor Jim Toner is willing to come forward and share his valuable insight.

Having worked in the real estate industry for more than 25 years, Jim Toner is well on his way to reaching the high that every real estate investor hopes to achieve. This all comes after going through some of the lowest points in his career. It was not long after some bad rides in the market that he was able to get back on his feet. Jim Toner is urging those who are recovering to listen to what he is saying, so that the next five years can be as fruitful as you can make it.

According to, Jim Toner welcomes those who want to learn more to listen to what he is teaching, and to be prepared to dig in deep to accumulate true wealth in the real estate market. He believes that first and foremost, your attitude is the key component to make this work. He believes that if you made a poor choice, just own up to it and move forward with better choices. Your best opportunity for you will be when you choose to view what is in front of you as an opportunity, rather than an obstacle.

Additionally, Jim Toner said that the best way to assure your success is to surround yourself with the most talented individuals in the marketplace. Desire to meet those who know more than you. Work at building relationships with those who know more than you and have more money than you. His belief is that once you become more valuable in your marketplace, your income will increase. Find out how Toner survived the real estate game here.

Jim Toner is also a promoter of taking care of yourself in order to achieve true success. Taking care of your mind and body are equally important if you want to achieve success. Work hard, by working out hard, learning, and dedicating yourself to always working on your craft.

Last but not least, those who want to be rich should act rich. The entire approach to having a successful life is already believing that you have one. Jim Toner says that spending time around rich people can help you learn more about what rich people do. Connect with Toner on facebook.

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Charlamagne Tha God Sparks Conversations In Hop Hop Community About New Eminem Album

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Charlamagne Tha God has totally transformed the radio morning show in for the young generation. He has been able to make a name for himself as a bit of a outspoken TV/Radio personality, and people inside of the hip hop industry know exactly who he is.


Charlamagne Tha God is someone that does not have any problems when it comes to providing his opinion. If he doesn’t like something he is going to say it. Charlamagne is very vocal about this, and his recent comments with the earlier Eminem album for this year definitely got under Eminem’s skin. Even though this album called “The Revival” contain the tracks with superstars like Beyonce it’s still was something that his fans were not feeling. It became an album that was dismissed by fans and critics. Charlamagne Tha God was one of those critics. He said that the album was not good, and a lot of people agree with him.


The interesting thing about the new album is that the statements by Charlamagne Tha God would be the thing that sparked more attention to the album. It is something that actually works to the benefit of both Charlamagne Tha God and Eminem. When this type of controversy is sparked in an album it makes people pay attention to the artists. It also makes people pay attention to who the artist has dissed. That is why Charlamagne Tha God has his name coming up right now on hip hop websites. Visit This Page for related information.


This is coming at a good time for Charlamagne because he has a book that is coming up soon. People are going to get a chance to hear him talk about his upcoming book when they start searching for other information. There have been a lot of times where Charlamagne has become the center of the conversation with other artists in rap. This has happened before with Post Malone. It has happened with Beanie Sigel. When these types of confrontations with rappers show up it makes it easier for these artists to gain attention. It also pushes more people to tune into the Breakfast Club Morning Show.