Adam Milstein Explains How to Fight Anti-Semitism Today

Adam Milstein is one of the Jewish people’s top leaders. He is a noted philanthropist and activist. He has achieved a lot of success and is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein was chosen to be included on the list of the top 50 influential Jews.

Adam Milstein founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation together with his wife. He also co-founded the Israeli American Council. Adam Milstein focuses on helping out the Jewish communities in Israel and the United States. He helps connect Jewish youth, especially those on college campuses, with their heritage and traditions. He also helps lobby for an improved relationship between the United States and Israel.

Adam Milstein is also a strong advocate for his community. He makes sure to speak out against antisemitism, whether it is recurring on campuses or anywhere else. Adam Milstein explains that antisemitism today does not always appear in the form it appeared in one hundred, two hundred, or three hundred years ago. It used to be that antisemitism came in the form of pogroms, such as the Kishinev pogrom in 1903. However, today, there are three forms of antisemitism.

The first comes from the radical right. This is from the alt-right and white nationalist groups. This includes, but is not limited to, the KKK. It also includes people who are anti-semitic because of long held anti-semitic beliefs that are rooted in the Christianity of the past and the claim that the Jewish people killed Jesus.

The second kind of antisemitism comes from radical Islam. This antisemitism is rooted in the literal and radical interpretation of the Koran and the belief that Jewish people are infidels and must be killed.

The third kind of antisemitism comes from the radical left. These people often turn a blind eye to radical Islam’s antisemitism. They tend to mask their antisemitism as anti-zionism. What they’re really doing is denying Israel’s right to exist and the right of the Jewish people to defend themselves. We have to stand up to all kinds of antisemitism.