Andrew Rolfe: the Man Behind Success of Ubuntu Education Fund

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The 10th annual Ubuntu Fund Gala dinner was held on May 2017 and was intended to raise more than $972, 960. The money raised during the dinner was supposed to benefit the Funds school campus in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The organizers of the dinner wanted to use the funds to carry out a project of building a pediatric clinic on the school’s campus.

The organization also wanted to expand the capacity of the school, and thus more disadvantaged children would be allowed to join the school. The aim of Ubuntu was to take care of the underprivileged children from the cradle until they build their careers. The organizers were able to achieve their goal during the night.

Beneficiaries of the Organization

The dinner featured two students who had gone through the program of Ubuntu Fund. Sinesipho Rabidyani, a grantee of the fund, stole the show with her speech. She explained how the fund helped her achieve her dreams and overcome the challenges she was facing at home. Ubuntu has been very successful in assisting in bettering the lives of the children living in Port Elizabeth. The organization serves more than 400,000 disadvantaged people living in Africa. It was founded in 1999 as a small charity that focused on educational tools and availability.

Andrew Rolfe’s Celebrated Milestones

Andrew Rolfe is the man behind the success Ubuntu Education Fund, where he serves as the chairperson. Rolfe is also the managing director at TowerBook Capital Partners. At TowerBook, he is in charge of hospitality, retail, and investment opportunities in US and Europe. Andrew Rolfe is highly treasured in Ubuntu Education Fund for his commitment towards bettering the organization. He is committed to helping more disadvantaged children and families. Under his visionary leadership, more is expected in the future.

Before joining Ubuntu fund and TowerBook, Andrew Rolfe was an executive for Gap Inc., where he was in charge of ensuring their clothing brand entered the global market. Andrew Rolfe did his BA in University of Oxford. He has a master’s degree in business economics and administration from Harvard University. He also has another master’s degree from St. Edmund in Oxford.