Asset management under the Fortress investment group

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In March 2018 the Fortress investment group announced that it raises two billion dollars as its push towards corporate lending hit full steam. The group has expanded on different levels, especially since its acquisition by the Softbank investment bank. The group had in 2015 raised approximately five billion dollars which have been used to advance a line of credit to special opportunities, investments an area that continues to experience unprecedented growth since its inception.

These are some of the newer models of investment that the fortress investment group has been capitalizing on while at the same time maintaining its traditional investments. The group has been primarily concerned with the asset management, which was initially the founding partner’s goal. This firm began managing four hundred million dollars and would grow these assets sixfold by their fifth year of operation.

At the time with 3.2 billion dollars under management Fortress was, according to private equity holders approximately 39 percent return on investment which was one of the best performing at the time. When the group realized that private equity was not growing as fast as they had anticipated they would bring in Peter Briger from Goldman to help the Group establish the credit division, which would be used for various roles including advancing others a line of credit as a form of investment while also enabling them to debt finance some of their investments.

The ability of the group to identify where it required to improve quite early on was one of the key aspects that set them apart and helped them benefit from a fast-changing investment environment. Over the years The Fortress Investment Group would list on the New York Stock Exchange and trade under the FIG initials.

The stock at the time grew by an incredible rate attaining a seventy-six percent growth rate at its peak. This would make the Fortress Investment Group one of the most successful listings making some of its partner’s billionaires while Peter Briger was named as one of the most influential business professions in the United States. This is a legacy that the group still holds on to this day.

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