Avaaz: Bringing About Change Intentionally

There are so many worthy causes worldwide that need attention brought to them in order to bring about change, ten years ago a company began with that very same mission. Avaaz was founded as an international effort to bring activists together to unite their voices. In fact, Avaaz means “voice” in Persian.

Avaaz operates as an online community where members can start petitions from anywhere in the world, from there that petition can be viewed anywhere. The petitions can be shared on social media to reach a broader audience and get more e-signatures, and attention, to their cause or plight. Once the goal number of signatures is collected the petition is then sent to government officials, businesses, cities, and even individuals. The petition gets to the right set of eyes that can help bring about the desired change. Obviously, the more support each cause receives, the better that’s why Avaaz is always working to expand their community so they can better help others both in the U.S. and internationally.

This civic organization does more than just creating online petitions, they also take physical action in some cases. Avaaz has delivered medical supplies to people in war torn countries and has created software to make voting easier in foreign countries. They like to use the skills of their activists and protestors to create online content, software, set up proxy servers, or whatever the current need is for the organization. Avaaz continues to grow its online presence in the hopes of helping create a better world through activism.