Avaaz Determined To Stave Off World Ecological Disaster

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Our planet is facing the biggest mass extinction of species since the destruction of the dinosaurs 65 millions years ago. But this time it isn’t an asteroid colliding with the earth that is killing thousands of species — it’s pollution caused by human beings.

Rain forests are being clear cut, 90% of the oceans barrier reefs are already dead, and climate change is causing many land animals to simply go extinct as their habitats are destroyed.

As dire as the situation sounds, one group says there is still hope — and also something we can start doing right away. That group is Avaaz, the world’s largest Internet-based social advocacy organization.

Avaaz consults with the top scientist and ecologist in the world. They say if we preserve 50% of the planet from human destruction exploitation, the earth — including the human race — can achieve a kind of balance. It can be saved.

Avaaz is appealing to its million of followers to donate a small amount of money that will springboard massive biodiversity projects that can get the ball rolling.

Since it was established in 2007, Avaaz has shown that it is capable of producing solid, real-world results, even when working with some of the world’s most difficult problems, such as the looming ecological disaster.

Using the Internet as a platform, Avaaz can easily bestride the borders of the international community, enlisting the good works of millions of volunteers who gather together and pool resources to make thing happen.

Avaaz works on a wide range of social issues, from fighting poverty to improving education and countering political oppression. Environmental ecological efforts have long been a primary area of focus for Avaaz because without a sustainable and livable environment on the planet earth, all else is lost.

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