Avaaz Won Their Fight To Protect The Internet

When government censorship and corporate control tried to place restrictions on the internet Avaaz was there. In 2012 Avaaz petitioners totaling nearly three million people fought to stop two bills going through the United States Congress that would give the government the ability to shut down any website. Only a few weeks later the ACTA treaty was about to receive approval from the European Parliament allowing web censorship by corporate interests. Avaaz responded with almost three million petitioners who made the phone calls, sent the message, and joined the rallies that stopped the treaty and gave the European Parliament no choice but to admit the ACTA was attacking democracy. Not only was the law discarded but Avaaz received the recognition they deserved.

One of the most advanced codes regarding the protection of the internet is known as the Marco Civil. To get it passed so it became law took a fight involving net neutrality groups, MP.s and hundreds of thousands of Avaaz members in Brazil. Once the law was passed the internet was once again protected. Avaaz wanted rules regarding the neutrality of the net in place. They teamed with their partners and went from India to the EU and to the United States and did not stop until these rules had been successfully adopted.

The next crisis regarding net neutrality occurred in Europe in 2016 when the telecom giants launched another assault. Avaaz was there yet again with a massive petition signed by an enormous number of individuals who wanted an internet for everyone. The public consultation was flooded with the comments of hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens. Avaaz engaged with the key regulators who admitted they were emotionally affected by the appeals made by the members of Avaaz. Their determination succeeded and once again Avaaz won. Due to the efforts of Avaaz a global standard is in place assuring the internet is protected.