The Accomplishments of Lori Senecal

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Lori Senecal was recently named as the new Global CEO of CP&B. This new position will make her responsible for the company’s international growth on Ad Week where she will control the development and coordination of the eight global offices of the company. Lori Senecal has earned a reputation as a talented business leader and an expert when it comes to management. She has spearheaded the incorporation of discovery, creativity and technology on a global scale. The new position of Lori Senecal as the Global CEO at CP&B will provide the company with a long-term international momentum. Recently, the agency was named as the winner during the Infiniti International Account.

Lori Senecal will work together with Chuck Porter and the entire administration of the agency. She will be involved in creating planned affiliations, enhancing the agency’s global development as well as establishing the progressive divisions in the In the past, Lori has worked as an administrator of top global accounts like Nestle, Coca cola and BMW. She also worked with MDC Partners where she held the position of Chief Executive Officer. According to The Drum, Lori Senecal as also in the past worked with KBS where she managed to change it from a domestic enterprise consisting of 250 employees to a multinational company with over 900 employees dealing with content creation, technology as well as start-up investments.

Prior to working at KBS, Lori Senecal worked at the New York flagship office of McCann-Erickson Worldwide where she held the position of the President. During this time, she served as the leader of account administration, strategic planning and creativity. She was appointed by MDC in 2014 so that she can serve in its board. In 2014, Lori was named by Ad Week as the Woman to Watch. Due to her accomplishments in her career, Lori Senecal has been honored a number of times. The AWNY Game Change awarded her with the Quantum Leap Award for Creativity and Leadership. The staff at CP&B has described Lori Senecal as a team player who is passionate about her work in the agency. She has lots of experience and expertise when it comes to administration and management.


Advertising With Mullen Lowe’s José Henrique Borghi

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Jose Henrique Borghi works at ‘Mullen Lowe Agency’, a company he started some years back. This Brazilian entrepreneur is revered for his success in the industry he operates. ‘Mammals of Parmalat’ is one of the campaigns he has organized with great success.

Education and Work

At the PUC Campinas Jose Henrique Borghi studied advertising. Propaganda was also a major in the degree he attained. He first worked for ‘Standart Ogilvy’ where he was employed in 1989. He would later open his own company after learning a lot from ‘Standart Ogilvy’. He had the option of learning more as an employee of Leo Burnett, DDb or FCB, but he declined the job offers.

When Jose Henrique Borghi decided to start his own company, he and Erh Ray had nothing. The little they had plus their ideas and hard work established them in the industry. The company they started together soon split when they decided to go on different paths. So BorghiErh became Borghi Lowe when the business partners split. Borghi Lowe later merged with another company to become Mullen Lowe. The Mullen Lowe Brasil has continued to grow since the merger. Jose always had a desire to do better and to succeed in life. It is this drive and determination that established him in his career and among his colleagues as a successful professional.


In this business of advertising, Jose Henrique Borghi has worked with many established companies. He has worked with Honda, Fiat and Delta Airlines. His business has not just been local; he has also worked with multinationals. He worked with Unilever, America On Line, Bunge Group, Asia Motors and Procter.


Hard work and determination have earned Jose Henrique Borghi a lot of renown. Some of the awards he has won over the years include: 10 ‘One Show Awards’, 10 Clios awards, 11 ‘New York Festival’ awards. To crown all his achievement of Jose was awarded, in 2009, the award of ‘Advertiser Of the Year’.

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Focus on CEO Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil and the Pitfalls of Inbound and Content Marketing

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The old saying ‘advertising is the business soul’ has found a companion in the maxim ‘content is the soul of your business‘. As days go by almost all companies are becoming adept in inbound marketing and content marketing. Lots of entrepreneurs expect to reap the fruits of their labor fast forgetting that the strategy itself is not the final solution to their issues. It is important to differentiate between inbound marketing and content marketing.

Jose Borghi, the CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil, defines inbound marketing as the strategy of attracting audiences through delivery of material (relevant content) that helps in solving problems. This commitment assists a brand to gain authority in the marketplace and earn customers’ trust. Content marketing on the other hand comes to this process through coming up with relevant material. Jose Borghi holds that if everything goes well then the customer will make a purchase or contract for service. The question is how a company develops its strategy. Most companies get excited over the prospect of having more customers that they tend to make strategies that are poorly planned and done hurriedly.

Bad Concepts Interpreted

Mullen Lowe holds that there are some content marketing ideas that are spread in a wrong manner leading to people expecting an instant solution. Some of them are explained below:

Looking Smart

A company always publishes intelligent texts and content on its website or blogs that are then shared in various social networks. Jose Borghi points out that this earns it some points. However, this is not an efficient strategy when it comes to content marketing. You have to come up with a plan that goes beyond having motivating content. You require having a study of the buyer personality, SEO optimization, buying journey etc. Mullen Lowe President stresses that the belief that published texts will be your salvation will disappoint badly.

Being Useful

This forms the key pillars of advertising and content marketing. The useful content should also take note of the type of reader and how effective the content will be to him. Your content should be addressed to the target audience. Consumers are much informed nowadays and do not need evidence but rather sufficient and useful information.

Being Present

Ensure that your content does not fall into the turmoil of other social posts that people are not interested in. Ensure you participate in the content you post to interact with the readers. Patience and proper preparation will ensure your advertising strategy is successful in the end.

Contribution of José Borghi to Brazilian Advertising

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José Borghi is a Brazilian native born in Presidente Prudente. José has become an icon in the advertising industry through creating unforgettable events and customizing them with his clients’ brands. Initially, José never dreamt of being in the advertising industry, but when he got an invite from his sister to assist in helping her choose the right path to follow in Cannes, he got attracted by the commercial displays of Vts a scene that sparkled a new dream of joining the advertising industry.

After successfully attaining his academic credentials in advertising from PUC-Campinas, José was full of ideas though his financial muscles were feeble. This didn’t hinder him from scooping his first job at the agency Standard Ogilvy as the editor. After a while, José moved to a series of other advertising agencies where he continued to prove himself as able and optimistic in the advertising industry. When working at the Talent $ Leo Burnett, José met Erh Ray who after exchanging ideas founded their agency BorghiErh.

At the time of the startup, José and Erh had no investors and no banks to finance them but still, their urge for success saw them through the hard times. In 2006, Lowe saw their effort and offered to partner with the duo creating a new partnership company Borghi Lowe. José being an equality ambassador split his presidency with Erh, a move he thought would make the business extend from diverse strategies. Over the years, the agency has received praises from the domestic and international markets making them be listed among the best ad companies. Recently, the company partnered with Lowe group and Mullen agency enlarging its service territories even closer to the clients.

The Borghi Lowe got a series of changes after joining up with Mullen and Lowe agency giving it its new name Mullen Lowe. José Borghi and Andre Gomes are the CEOs of the agency. José is a firm believer that success doesn’t come on a silver platter, and that one has to work himself out to achieve his desires. Over the years, José’s effort has been recognized through awards and accreditations from various institutes which have seen the change and enthusiasm José Borghi brought to the Advertising Industry.


Jose Borghi: Brazilian Advertising Legend

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Jose Borghi, founder of Mullen Lowe, a Brazilian ad agency previously known as Borghi Lowe Brasil, is considered one of the most influential advertising professionals in Brazil. He developed several extremely successful campaigns, such as the “Parmalat Mammals,” in which kids dressed up as stuffed animals and sang unforgettable jingles on He was also behind a legendary commercial for Saz—n featuring Brazilian singers Zezz di Camargo and Luciano and their hit “It’s Love,” a campaign which is remembered to this day.

Born in Presidente Prudente Sao Paulo, Jose Borghi earned his degree in advertising from the Catholic University of Campinas (Sao Paulo). His first job in the industry was in 1989 at Standard Ogilvy. He became a respected copywriter and worked at several prestigious ad agencies on, such as FCB, DM9/DDB, Talent, and Leo Burnett, eventually forming his own firm called Borghi, with partner Erh Ray. According to Erh Ray, the two had “no investors, bank loans or angels.” Success came when the agency was acquired by Lowe in December 2006, becoming Borghi Lowe. Following the merger, Borghi Lowe became a national and international powerhouse. Jose Borghi became co-CEO with Andre Gomes.

An avid marathon runner, Jose Borghi believes that his tenacity even in the face of the greatest challenges is the key to his success. “I realized early on that no one was going to hand me anything, and that success would not fall into my lap. I wasn’t simply going to get anything for free or just get lucky. I understood that without hard work I would never distinguish myself.”

Throughout his career, Borghi has headed up important campaigns. In addition to those listed above, he developed “Second Impressions” for Fiat, “Charlie,” for the Brazilian Downs Syndrome Association, as well as campaigns for Honda and other major Brazilian and international corporations, among them Delta Airlines, Fiat, Globo, Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, Eletrolux, Grupo Bunge, Grupo Folha, Asia Motors, Antarctica, AOL, Alpargatas, BankBoston, American Express, Itaœ, Arcor, and Tintas Coral. Borghi and his agencies have won 14 Cannes Lions, 7 London Festival awards, 10 One Show awards, 11 New York Festival awards, 15 Abril awards, and 10 Clio awards. He was also chosen as “Advertising Executive of the Year” in 2009 by the Brazilian Advertising Association (APP).

Lil Wayne “Free Weezy Album”

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Fans of Weezy F. Baby, were treated to a special surprise over the July 4th weekend. After over a year of waiting for Wayne’s latest “Carter” album, Wayne decided to give his fans including Bruce Levenson something else to hold them off while Baby holds his studio album hostage during their legal drama. Apparently Wayne and Birdman have no intention on reconciling their issues, and even after Wayne released his “Sorry For The Wait 2” mixtape Baby refuses to let Wayne’s album see the light of day.

From what Wayne has said, it seems that Baby agreed to pay him for the finished Carter album, but once the album was completed he went radio silent. Baby insists that the album will be released when he is ready, but clearly he is dragging his feet, and Wayne is ready to walk. Currently Wayne and Baby are settling their issues in court, and Wayne has left Cash Money Records and is currently a co-owner of the streaming music service Tidal.

Weezy released his second mixtape since the legal battle with Baby started, and he hopes that the “Free Weezy Album” is a clear show of his independence from his former label and his mentor Birdman. As much as Wayne’s fans love an album from him, many are still dying to hear the elusive “Carter” album, and many won’t feel satisfied until it is finally released.

UFC 187 Hit Hard and Profits Are Running Away

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The UFC fighting organization is the most popular MMA promotion in the world. The company has grown into a $1 billion corporation, and the UFC regularly hosts pay-per-view events. The UFC was once never seen on cable TV, but now, the company can be seen daily. Some people feel that the UFC has oversaturated Cable television, but it appears to be okay with the hardcore fans of the company like educator Kevin Seawright. However, the UFC’s growth has made the company more visible to ordinary people.

Recently, the UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was involved in a hit-and-run car accident. Jones slammed his vehicle into a pregnant woman, and he broke her arm. Jon Jones then fled the scene, and he was later detained by Albuquerque police. The UFC’s image has taken a severe blow, and the upcoming pay-per-view event has been all but destroyed.

UFC 187 Takes place on May 23, 2015, and Jon Jones was supposed to be defending his title against Anthony Johnson. However, Jon has been removed from the event, and he has been replaced by Daniel Cormier. Also, the UFC light heavyweight championship has been stripped from Jones. The pay-per-view card was recently dealt another fatal blow. Donald Cerrone’s opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov will not be competing at the event. It is believed that Nurmagomedov suffered a debilitating knee injury, and will not be able to compete at UFC 187. The president of the UFC is probably ballistic, but there is nothing he can do about the situation. For more information on this story, visitYahoo! Sports.

The Future of TV Advertising May Annoy You

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Television as we know it is dying. In a way, it is kind of sad. I am old enough to remember a time when there were only a few dozen TV channels.

TV ratings are eroding. People are starting to get their video content online, through services like Netflix and Hulu. Younger people are more likely to know about a good-natured youtube goofball like “Pewdiepie” than characters on popular shows like “Big Bang Theory”.

With a decline in viewership comes big problems for advertisers. If people aren’t watching the show, then they are certainly not seeing their ads. Couple this with the prevalence of the ability to digitally record shows and skip commercials have caused advertisers to think deeply about the future.

The future of advertising may be upsetting to you, the consumer. Product placement will likely go way up. The heroes of the Walking Dead will pause to sip a delicious Pepsi before beheading another zombie.

Worst of all will come the concept of the unskippable ad. The very idea of this enrages people, but advertisers are currently trying to condition us to make it more palatable.

Sounds annoying, doesn’t it? Maybe ads should just go away altogether.

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