The Heart of Anime

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I’m a fan of really good romance anime; I guess the genre speaks directly to the child in me. Maybe it’s because the visuals are so bright and imaginative and the characters so clearly non-human, so clearly open to interpretation.


A great master of Animation, Hayao Miyazaki, created my all time favorite film,”Spirited Away”. This is a film I own and return too often and it never fails to delight me. I recommend it to the children in my life and any adult with a shred of imagination. I’ll never forget my three year old granddaughter watching it for the first time, enthralled, yet a bit anxious about the fate of the hero and heroine, clenching her little fists together but unable to turn away, and then so glad to have a happy resolution to the story. Miyazaki artistry and storytelling is impeccable, combining a moral, down to earth story with magic and transformation.


Moving forward in time, another favorite is “Brave”. The characters are wonderful to look at and humorous, not to mention the visuals artistically convey an interesting time and place. And what girl, big or small, doesn’t completely identify with Mirada’s belief in her own wild self and want to run through the hills and conquer the art of archery as she does. My same granddaughter, older now, but not too old to have a poster of Mirada on the wall by her bed. We will both remember these film all of our lives.