ClassDojo App and its Impact on Students Performance

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ClassDojo is a mobile application that can be used on laptops, mobile phones, and desktops. It is a communication app that connects a teacher in a particular classroom, with the students of that classroom, and the students’ parents. On real time, the parents get notified on their children’s performance as updated by their teacher. This helps parents to follow up on their child’s progress at school amidst their busy daily schedules.

ClassDojo allows students, teachers, and parents stay connected by sharing photos, videos, and messages of the entire school day.

How Does ClassDojo Works?

This is how ClassDojo works, the teacher creates their entire classroom in the app, after that, the students and their parents join in the classroom. In the classroom, the teachers and students can post videos and photos of the day’s activities in the school classrooms, and the parents can view from wherever they are on their devices.

There are rewards that students get when they do well in school; they are called Dojo points. These points decrease and increase according to the students’ performances. Parents and teachers can also reward the points with a gift. Over time, the students learn to do well in school and stay on their best behavior.

The app is also complete with an instant messaging feature that allows communication between teachers, parents, and the students whenever necessary. This app has assisted in involving the parents in their children’s school life, as well as improve the student’s performance in school.

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