The Resurgence of Tidal

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There is a resurgence at Tidal, and Desiree Perez is the name that is behind this positive buzz. Other companies like Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Spotify are the champions in the industry right now, but Tidal has received a large amount of positive feedback. There has been a parade of executives in the CEO chair, but the leadership at Tidal has been shaky. It wasn’t until Jay-Z tapped into a positive influence of Desiree Perez – wife of long time Jay-Z friend Juan Perez – that the Tidal music stream service took off.

Now there have been streaming live performances like TIDAL X and visual albums from Rhianna that have totally changed the direction for Tidal. This is the work that Desiree Perez has done. She was already known for a track record of success with Roc Nation Sports. It was a seamless transition to make her way into the offices of Tidal and pull the same type of strings for big deals. There are negotiators that know how to operate from the corporate side. Desiree Perez has this ability, but she has a street knowledge edge that has given her better odds in the boardroom. She sees the potential in Tidal, and she has helped other artists get contracts. Hit this related link

Rihanna has been able to get a deal with Samsung and Perez has been said to be behind this deal. At one time there was talk that Apple was interested in Tidal, and now Sprint is getting ready to invest. This is all the main reason that more people are checking out what Tidal is doing now. It is Dez Perez that is orchestrating these huge deals and bringing more customers on board. Shawn Carter has proven that he could handle this business and totally transform this music streaming service. According to

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