See A Bart Simpson/Drake Tattoo

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The Simpsons has been on for over 26 seasons now, and later this year they will start season 27. Although several of the popular characters may end up not being in the next two seasons, The Simpsons will continue on. Bart Simpson Tattoo. Harry Shearer, who plays several Simpson’s characters, he has chosen not to continue on the show. Harry plays the characters Mr. Burns, Mr. Smithers, Ned Flanders and a host of other characters. Many are sad to hear that Harry won’t be returning, but the show must go on.

Consensus at Skout and NewYorkTimes is that one of the favorite characters in The Simpsons is Bart Simpson, and it’s because he’s a witty character, and he is a menace. Even though Bart Simpson is not as popular as Stewey Griffin is, he’s still held in high regard when it comes to cool characters. There is a guy who obviously likes Bart Simpson, and he also likes Drake. What the guy did was to tattoo his body with Bart Simpson, looking and dressing like Drake.

It’s fun to see Bart Simpson with Drake’s haircut, and he also has on clothing that looks similar to what Drake would wear. The tattoo is very creative, and maybe it’s something that Drake would really like. Many fans these days are tattooing their favorite artists on their body, but it’s not necessarily a good trend. It’s likely that an artist would prefer their fan sending thank you letters, instead of them getting tattoos.