Top 24 of the Best Beauty Surgeons: Dr. Walden review

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Jennifer Lee Walden is a plastic surgeon in Texas and the founder of her practice notably named Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC. Her practice is private and considered an ambulatory surgery center that is based in Austin, Texas. She is known as one of the first doctors to use laser machines to do a high volume of labiaplasties and vaginoplasties. Walden was honored by the title of one of the Top Best Beauty Surgeons by Harper Bazaar in 2014.

Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas and comes from a line of medical professions. She is the daughter of a dentist and has a surgical nurse for a mother. Walden graduated with her undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Texas. She then took on her MD at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

She decided to leave her hometown and start her career in Manhattan at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Since beginning her career she has become a member of “Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board of Directors[1]” and she helped write the textbook Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.[2]

Shortly after her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Walden accepted a fellowship in aesthetic surgery from Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. During her fellowship, she stayed with the hospital for seven and half years.

In 2011, Walden returned to her hometown in Austin, Texas after she gave birth to her twin sons and decided to open up her own a private practice in the area of Westlake Hills. In 2014, after seeing the success of her first practice, she decided to open an office in Marble Falls, Texas. [1] Leslie L. Hancock (May 19, 2014). “An Austin Girl Comes Home”. Austin MD. Archived from the original on November 16, 2014. Retrieved November 13, 2014. [2] Hollandsworth, Skip (June 2012). “Jennifer Walden, Plastic Surgeon“. Texas Monthly. Retrieved November 13, 2014.

Mark Mofid : Skills that Can Change the World

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Honing one’s skills is maybe the most important thing a person can do in their lifetime. Learning and perfecting skills can control how far a person goes in life. We as people are defined by what we do sometimes which in turn decides what we are. That is why it is important that no matter what a person or thing chooses to do it is best to do it well. One person who understands this and who has definitely done their job well is Mark Mofid.

Mark Mofid is a distinguished surgeon specialist who through his hard work has changed the plastic surgery for the better. This specialist in plastic surgery who is practicing out of the San Diego area has honed skills diligently throughout the years. Mark Mofid attended two different universities. The first being the prestigious Harvard University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. The second was Johns Hopkins University where he learned many skills and achieved much like a medical degree, general surgery and plastic surgery training, and an advanced craniofacial research fellowship. This long list of education prepared him and made him one of the premier plastic surgeons in the world.

Mark Mofid is known for his scale and morals. Not only has he honed his surgical skills, but he also apparently has skills in the human decency and morality department. He doesn’t allow his patient to undergo more surgery than they should even when it is advantageous monetarily for himself. This is contrary to other doctor’s actions. In fact, Mofid is so more concerned with the health and wellbeing of his patients instead of greed that he recently did something amazing. He through his own funding and research has created a new implant for those seeking gluteal augmentation. It is safer than older implants because it binds better with the patient’s body. It is more flexible and fit for the muscles and has a lower profile.

Mofid’s skill and dedication has allowed him to take the plastic surgery world by storm. It just goes to show what we as people can achieve when we dedicate ourselves to learning the skills we want to be known for. Mark is still working to this day to make even more improvements which shows that there is always more to learn and overcome.

Jeunesse Global creates M1nd, one of the first mind-boosting drinks

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Jeunesse Global has been one of the fastest-growing companies in the global health and beauty sector of the last decade. Founded just nine years ago, the company went from a home-based business to one of the most important distributors of health and beauty products worldwide. Now, the company is estimated by some experts to be worth upwards of $1 billion, marking an incredible rise to international prominence for a company that just nine years ago was being run out of a Florida couple’s garage.

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, both longtime industry veterans in the health and beauty space, decided to start Jeunesse Global, they wanted to create a new kind of company. The couple had already been responsible for the creation of dozens of successful businesses and had long since achieved a level of financial security that meant they no longer had to work another day in their lives.

It was for this reason that accumulating additional wealth was never the main goal behind Jeunesse. Instead, Ray and Lewis wanted to create a company that would develop groundbreaking products in niche markets while providing an excellent opportunity for economic advancement among disadvantaged entrepreneurs the world over.

Jeunesse Global has since fulfilled these goals, creating some of the most innovative products the health and beauty market has ever seen and lifting the financial fortunes of thousands of distributors worldwide, many of whom would have been mired in poverty without the help of Jeunesse.

One of the company’s most daring and novel products has been its M1nd health drink. M1nd is one of the first mind-enhancing nutritional supplements that come in drink form. It contains a proprietary molecule known as Cera-Q, which was developed by scientists working for Jeunesse. This substance has been shown to increase the ability of users to focus throughout the workday. It can also increase mental power and speed, allowing people to stay at their sharpest throughout the entire business day.

M1nd also contains L-Tyrosine, an important nutrient in the maintenance of optimal brain metabolism. The drink is available exclusively through Jeunesse Global authorized independent distributors.,19.htm

Limp-Haired Beauty Writer Samples WEN By Chaz Luxurious Cleansing Conditioner

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There are a few beauty treatments that come along to change the face of the world. One of these would be modern braces made of clear, plastic aligners. Another would be WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioners which feature the no lather shampoo method.
Both are brilliant concepts, and when it comes to beautiful hair, healthy is the only way to achieve it. Famous hair guru, stylist Chaz Dean invented the no-poo treatment after he saw how regular store shampoos and conditioners were damaging hair year after year. His unique formulas are organic and plant-based, offering rich, natural ingredients to bathe and nourish every strand.

WEN by Chaz uses zero sulfates and zero lather to properly wash and condition the hair, even on the most sensitive scalps. His treatments are designed for every hair type out there and made of the highest quality standards. Maybe that’s why his celebrity clientele remain loyal to the WEN by Chaz brand, because it works well. Wen products are available on cosmetics stores like Sephora and on Amazon online.

Beauty blogger Emily McClure desired that gorgeous, full-bodied, shiny Hollywood hair, so she decided to try the famous no-poo method for seven days and report her findings to

Immediately, Emily fell in love with Wen’s amazing cleansing conditioner in FIG, as she massaged the product while in the shower. She felt her strands almost double in volume, soften in texture and then deliver shine and body when she blew it dry.

Emily offers these great tips to achieving the ultimate from WEN by Chaz:

1. Don’t be afraid to use a large amount of product on your hair. Emily skimped, and probably could have gotten even greater results.

2. WEN by Chaz is not for lazy girls. Beautiful hair is pampered hair. Wash with WEN every day.

3. Take the time to blow-dry and style your hair.

For more info, visit the website:

Meet the Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

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Dr. Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic surgeon, who is board certified with special training and has 13 years of experience. The Harper’s Bazaar magazine has named her the best beauty plastic surgeon in America. She has worked hard to go above and beyond the others. Dr. Walden takes special time and care with each one of her patients. She recently relocated her busy practice to Austin, Texas from New York City to allow her twin boys to be near their family. She owns her own business which is Walden’s Cosmetic Sugery Center I’m Westlake Medical Center, Dr. Walden and her professional team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards and levels of patient care possible
She also has privileges at the Hospital at Westlake Medical Center, also at Central Park Surgery Center, and Hill Country Memorial Hospital, plus other hospitals. Talk to her to find out if she has privileges Dr. Walden has also opened a satellite cosmetic surgery clinic. Her practice at Westlake Medical Center, there she and her dedicated team are determined to provide the highest standards of patient care possible. She has privileges at many surrounding hospitals like Seton Hospital, and St. David’s North Austin Medical Center, and other hospitals where she has recently opened a satellite cosmetic surgery clinic. That is an astonishing accomplishments she has achieved in her career thus far. Come on by and meet Dr. Jennifer Walden and see some of her work, discuss your ideas so that y’all can work on getting you what you want. She is excellent.