In Order To Live Offers Insight Into North Korean Life

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A recent book release is already making waves in the literary community, some reviews even going so far as to call it the best biography they have ever read. What makes this book so extraordinary however is the fact that it is the true story of a survivor, a brave twenty-two year old girl. The book, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, is a rare, detailed account of what it is like to live in modern day North Korea. Yeonmi Park is a South Korean who was born in North Korea and lived there until one harrowing, fateful night when her family decided that it was time to flee for their lives. Miss Park and her mother very narrowly escaped from the country, only to be sold into human trafficking for years before finally making it to the safety of South Korea to settle down. “I wasn’t dreaming of freedom when I escaped from North Korea. I didn’t even know what it meant to be free. All I knew was that if my family stayed behind, we would probably die—from starvation, from disease, from the inhuman conditions of a prison labor camp.” The book chronicles her experience as a North Korean from a viewpoint that is so rarely shared-that from inside the border. A powerful picture is painted of a land of people brainwashed into believing their leader is all-knowing, living by trading on the black market, and scavenging for food to survive; a whole world of painful devastation is brought to view. Yeonmi Park’s book is a harrowing look into humanity in one of the darkest, most depraved corners of the Earth as well as a story on NKNews of triumph and bravery. Park is an active humanitarian on Twitter who speaks at summits worldwide on The Guardian in hopes of shedding light in the darkness and helping her friends and family she had to leave behind.