Who Paul Mampilly Really Is And What He’s About

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Just like many other hard working Americans, Paul Mampilly emerged from another country. He was born in India but came to America to better his life. He began his career on Wall Street in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager and quickly climbed to leading positions at Deutsche Bank and ING. He was recruited to lead a $6 billion firm by the name of Kinetics Asset Management and swiftly increased their assets to $25 billion, promoting Barron’s to name it one of the “World’s Best” hedge funds. He grew a $50 million starting investment to $88 million, and if you’re still not impressed, he fulfilled all this during the 2008 and 2009 financial disaster.

Paul Mampilly also has a extraordinary record for his personal investments. He invested in Sarepta Therapeutics, Netflix, OLED Universal Display Corporation, Stratasys, Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Exact Sciences Corporation, Facebook, Olympus Corporation, Whole Foods, Cemex, and Grifols, all for cumulative benefit of 6,220%. The speed of Wall Street exhausted him causing him to retire at the age of 42. Although he is retired, he now focuses his time on building money for regular people.

Paul Mampilly is now the senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing where he launched the popular investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited, in which he helps about 90,000 subscribers invest in stocks. Additionally, he runs two high trading services, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum.

He has been featured on CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV and won several awards including the Templeton Foundation investment competition, which shut down all speculation of him scamming. The concepts he promote are built on the his individual method he created over 25 years, utilizing hands on trading and his investment knowledge to accumulate extremely high returns.

You can find him on his website paulmamilly.com, LinkedIn and he also has a Youtube channel, Paul Mampilly.

Learn More: banyanhill.com/expert/paul-mampilly/

Paul Mampilly: Investment Guru and Former Hedge Fund Manager.

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Paul Mampilly is one of the reliable investors who one can follow and benefit from correct and precise analysis of the stock markets. At the beginning of this year, he has made two articles which feature on the BanyanHill.com. In the two pieces, he is giving information about the future of the stock markets and the opportunities to look out for in the year 2018. With his advanced analytical skills on the stock markets, every investor in the stock markets should make a point of following his analysis keenly. He has correctly predicted the future of many stocks before, and these could be the next in the list.

The two articles we are talking about are, “Mega Trends Will Deliver Huge Gains in 2018,” and “The No. 1 Stock to Own for 2018.” The first article talks about investments trends that are taking place and the second one talks about specific stock options that investors should be looking to invest in this year.

In the mega trends investment opportunities, Paul Mampilly is giving the example of the Fintech as one area of technology that is going to perform well in 2018. Fintech is a financial technology that incorporates companies that deal with mobile payments and the artificial intelligence systems that are used to study and analyze financial markets.

Paul Mampilly is advising investors not to worry about the gains that happened in 2017 in the stock markets. The fact that there were enormous gains in many stocks does not mean that it is time to lock in the profits and run. There are still numerous opportunities that can be utilized. He adds that investors should take a close look at the markets and look for opportunities that are likely to reward well this year. Paul Mampilly has a tool that he uses to pick only the stocks that will most likely gain than the rest. It called Goingupness. It is a system that will help investors choose stocks that have a high probability of going up in the list of megatrend stocks.

About Paul Mampilly, visit here.

Paul Mampilly is a stock investor with a great reputation. He works for Banyan Hill publishing as a senior editor. He deals with processing of vital information regarding investment opportunities, especially in the stock markets. He is a former hedge fund manager at Kinetics Assets Management and winner of the Templeton Foundation awards in 2009.

Paul Mampilly lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He usually engages in youth mentorship in schools around Scottsdale.

Paul Mampilly @ Twitter.

Dr. Mark McKenna Talks About How He Found Success In The Aesthetics Industry.

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Over the course of his professional career, Dr. Mark McKenna has been an entrepreneur. He started his first company, McKenna Venture Investments, while he was still studying to be a doctor. He says that he got the money together for this business by performing medical exams for prisoners. He says that real estate was something that always was of interest to him. However, he could see the industry was totally overheated when even people with no job could get houses without putting anything down. It was at that point that he decided to pursue medicine full-time.

Dr. Mark McKenna started out his career as a doctor working in his father’s clinic in New Orleans. In January 2000 he decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia where he founded Shape Medical Wellness Center. The primary thing this business does is help people lose weight. They also perform non-surgical aesthetic services. It employs state-licensed nutritionists and features a prescription diet that leads to weight loss. The types of aesthetics services offered are things like Botox and Restylane.

It was on November 1, 2014, that Dr. Mark McKenna signed a deal to sell this company to another firm, Life Time Fitness Inc. He decided to stay on as their National Medical Director for around a year and a half before deciding that working for others wasn’t really something that was for him.

Dr. Mark McKenna is now launching a new company in the aesthetics industry. This company is called OVME. He says that he plans to disrupt the industry in an innovative way. People will be able to download the app for both Apple and Android phones and tablets. OVME will enable them to schedule a visit with a local licensed doctor that specializes in aesthetics. The doctor will then come to them to provide their services. To know more, click here.

As to how to build a successful company, Dr. Mark McKenna says that you need to surround yourself with smart people. He says that you want to build a team who will challenge you and not just be “Yes Men”. It’s because of his staff, he says, that he has found professional success.

Dr. Mark McKenna @ Facebook.


Adam Milstein And His Activism and Philantrophy

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We can come up with so many articles about Adam Milstein and yet we’re still unable to learn a thing or two about him. It’s also hard for us to understand what Adam Milstein is doing just by relying on one article. What we should do is conflate all the available articles online about Adam Milstein, including the ones from The New York Times and Bisaya Short Films. That said, we will write in this article things you may like to know about Adam Milstein in your research. Shall we start?

Adam Milstein’s Background

True, whatever a man achieves in his life could be evanescent in the large picture of things. However, it is not hard to imagine that what Mr. Adam did right now in his career is still worthy of mention. In most articles online, you could find that Mr. Adam Milstein is the investor and philanthropist today who’s able to offer an incontrovertible activism and passion for his philanthropy.

It is also in this article that you will learn that Mr. Adam started the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Despite the challenges he faced in his career, Mr. Adam is still able to deliver on his promise to push his cause. It is also the mission of the organization of Adam to make sure that education of students with Jewish roots is being pushed towards the improvement of their heritage. It is also the mission of Mr. Adam to make sure that the Jewish pride is also ignited in the hearts of many. It is also the hope of the Milstein organization to make sure that their heritage will not be compromised.

The Professional Career

It is also part of Mr. Adam’s career to sit a board of director position with StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships and Israel on Campus, and Jewish Funders Network. It is also part of the association of Mr. Adam to be with the Birthright Israel and Public Affairs Committee.

Summary and Conclusion

There are many articles you can find about Mr. Adam today, but the assemblage of information you got from this article will show you more than all the information you can find online. If you need more information, feel free to contact us through comments.

The History Of The Academy Of Art University

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The Academy of Art University is a great school. The school has been in business since the early 1900s. When the university first opened the name of the school was the Academy of Advertising Art. The name then changed to the Academy of Art College, and as of today the university’s new name is the Academy of Art University. The University was founded by Richard Stephens. The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California has of today. The Academy Of Art University is a unique university because it is a privately owned university that is very large. In fact, the owner of the university has come out and said that they are the largest in their league.

The Academy Of Art University is one of few schools with in the United States that offers several types of degrees. This university offers graduate degrees and undergraduate degrees going as low to associates degrees. They have multiple different degree majors and programs. The Academy Of Art University also offers full online degree programs as well as online classes to give their students flexibility while attending school.

Richard Stephens’ daughter, Elisa Stephens is now in charge of the Academy Of Art University. She has been doing an amazing job running the school. Under Elisa’s leadership the school’s enrollment has grew significantly. The have also adapted new traditions and programs since she has been in charge as well.

Once Elisa became in charge of the Academy Of Art University, the school began to participate in New York’s city famous Fashion Week. Participating in New York’s fashion week is a very rewarding opportunity for any fashion student internationally.

At fashion week students have the opportunity to broadcast their talents to some of the top fashion idols. In this past year’s fashion week, the Academy Of Art University’s students defiantly showed that they are talented. The students came and showed off their large variety of fashion items. Their fashion items ranged from places and China all the way to fashion trends in Los Angeles. The Academy Of Art University defiantly impressed the right people!


Adam Milstein Explains How to Fight Anti-Semitism Today

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Adam Milstein is one of the Jewish people’s top leaders. He is a noted philanthropist and activist. He has achieved a lot of success and is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein was chosen to be included on the list of the top 50 influential Jews.

Adam Milstein founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation together with his wife. He also co-founded the Israeli American Council. Adam Milstein focuses on helping out the Jewish communities in Israel and the United States. He helps connect Jewish youth, especially those on college campuses, with their heritage and traditions. He also helps lobby for an improved relationship between the United States and Israel.

Adam Milstein is also a strong advocate for his community. He makes sure to speak out against antisemitism, whether it is recurring on campuses or anywhere else. Adam Milstein explains that antisemitism today does not always appear in the form it appeared in one hundred, two hundred, or three hundred years ago. It used to be that antisemitism came in the form of pogroms, such as the Kishinev pogrom in 1903. However, today, there are three forms of antisemitism.

The first comes from the radical right. This is from the alt-right and white nationalist groups. This includes, but is not limited to, the KKK. It also includes people who are anti-semitic because of long held anti-semitic beliefs that are rooted in the Christianity of the past and the claim that the Jewish people killed Jesus.

The second kind of antisemitism comes from radical Islam. This antisemitism is rooted in the literal and radical interpretation of the Koran and the belief that Jewish people are infidels and must be killed.

The third kind of antisemitism comes from the radical left. These people often turn a blind eye to radical Islam’s antisemitism. They tend to mask their antisemitism as anti-zionism. What they’re really doing is denying Israel’s right to exist and the right of the Jewish people to defend themselves. We have to stand up to all kinds of antisemitism.

Omar Yunes Serving World’s Best Sushi

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Omar Yunes is an investor of Mexican origin and the owner of the franchise Sushi Itto, a franchise that deals in Japanese food with thirteen franchises spread across Veracruz, Mexico City and Puebla. Omar Yunes founded the franchise at the age of 221 in the year 2000. His interest in the food industry has seen him get to control a significant stake of the food market, with Sushi Itto alone accounting for over 10% of the market share. Mr. Yunes is also big on property investment, being involved in the purchase and sale of various properties and owns highly valued properties in the high end areas of Polanci within the federal district. H is also known because of his family’s involvement in Mexican Politics with his father, Miguel Yunes, being a prominent Panamanian politician.


Through his aggressive marketing that has seen Sushi Ittogain significant market share of the food industry, Omar Yunes has managed to create employment for over 400 workers whom he has employed in his 13 Sushi Itto units. He motivates them by giving them good remuneration, a motivating factor in helping realization of Sushi Itto’s business goals. He has also established strong business links, giving his franchise a solid business network, which has helped Sushi Itto develop a strong brand strategy and ensured effectiveness in implementation of the overall business structure and strategy. These attributes have seen Omar Yunes get nominated for, and win the Best franchisee of the world awards. He is the winner of the 2017 Best Franchisee of the World, which was held in Florence, Italy, after winning the Mexican edition to determine the country’s representative in the final worldwide awards and more

Best Franchisee of the World award

The Best Franchisee of the world award is an event that seeks to award franchises from all over the world that are considered to have shown or had continuous improvement on their teamwork, innovativeness in terms of their business process, improvement of their operation processes and their commitment to clients.


The parameters used to determine the winner of the award include, Employee motivation; how does the franchise motivate its employees? Influence; the kind of influence that the said franchise has had or given to their networks or those they partner with. This also includes checking how the franchise advises these networks on how to improve operation capability processes.

He dedicated his win to his employees and the Sushi Itto fraternity.

Enjoying Your Life After Retirement

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In this era, it is crucial to ensure that you save up enough cash for a rainy day. Additionally, you should also ensure that your retirement is also well taken care of. However, even as you save the money, you must ensure that you take into consideration the money you will need to use on a daily basis. It is common to see a retiree afraid to spend their money having a guilt-conscious that it would be extravagant. However, this phobia holds many retirees from enjoying their life and in the long run, the money is left unspent yet there were so many dreams that it could have fulfilled.

David Giertz is a financial advisor who has great advice to help you enjoy your golden years freely. Here are some of them:

  1. Discipline plays a key role in ensuring you enjoy your last years in peace, with great fun and security. Stick to plan that does not involve over indulging
  2. Develop a retirement plan with the thought of what you are willing to leave behind for your heirs
  3. Come up with a budget that caters to all your dreams ranging from those of having fun toyour necessities. It makes it a more pleasurable way to spend your money.
  4. Have sufficient cash reserves ensuring that you have some liquid cash that you can easily access. These cash reserves reduce the risky feeling of losing money every time you try to sell your shares.

David Giertz is a well-known financial advisor with a recommendable financial background of up to 30 years of experience. As the former president of the Nationwide’s financial sales and distribution center, Dr. Giertz was responsible for leading the company on the right path of success financially. He also had experience at Citi Group for a decade. His experience has led to the gain of great knowledge and advice that helps many retirees live their lives to the fullest.