How Market America Helps People Attain Financial Freedom

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In 1992 a married couple founded Market America. These co-founders were JR and Loren Ridinger. JR Ridinger is the chairman of the board and the chief executive officer. Loren Ridinger is Market America’s senior executive vice president. They sell many proprietary products. The products are sold through the URL which they purchased in December 2010 from the billionaire Bill Gates. The company is based in Greensboro, North Carolina and operates across the United States and internationally.

People are able to register with Market America and open up their own stores on the website selling their own products. They get a commission when their products sell. Due to this there are thousands of different products that can be bought from the company. Market America itself sells a number of brands such as DNA Miracles, nutraMetrix, Isotonix, and TLS Weight Loss Solution.

The people that sell their products through this company are referred to as Unfranchise Owners. They operate their own companies. In this way, Market America has helped to create thousands of new small business around the world. They say that the company is powered by the Unfranchise Owners, people who are taking control of their own financial destiny instead of working for others. The company offers them what they call a 2-3 years plan where they can work on a part-time basis, keeping their regular job until they’ve found the financial success they were looking for. Once they have done so they can leave their dead end job behind and work on selling their own products fulltime.

So far there have been around 180,000 Unfranchise Owners. To date the company has sold over $3 billion in goods through the portal, including their own products and that of the Unfranchise Owners. The company employs more than 550 people around the world. It has facilities and offices in several countries such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, the UK, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Market America also holds events where Unfranchise Owners can learn about new products and events at the company. These are also an opportunity to receive advanced training. The last one took place in Atlantic City and they occur on a regular basis. His facebook page

Perry Mandera Is Active In Community Service

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Perry Mandera is the original founder of the Custom Cares Charities. He started the organization as a way to do philanthropic work in the Chicago area. Perry dedicates his chatible efforts to his family and close friends of his church. Perry Mandera is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He joined the Marines after graduating high school in 1975. He was a part of a truck motor pool where he had his first experience with the skills of logistics. Perry was discharged from the Marine Corps at the age of 23 and began to build a career of his own. He was able to launch a company in 1980 and sold it for a profit by 1985. Get details on Perry Mandera at

Perry Mandera went on to launch Custom Companies Inc in 1986. Custom Companies Inc has been a tremendous success since it opened its doors. It is now a nationally respected business with Fortune 500 companies and small organizations as clients. It operates out of Northlake Illinois. However, Custom Companies Inc has affiliate organizations throughout the continental US. It specializes in logistics support and supplies various services and products.

Perry Mandera won an award from the Illinois Transportation Association. He was elected as one of the top 100 Executives in Transportation in the year 2000. Mandara also serves as a member of the board of directors on the Illinois Transportation Association.


Perry Mandera remains active in the community and donates a great deal his time to different charitable causes. He is very passionate about cancer cures, veterans programs and children’s issues. Mandera serves as a member on the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and the Jesse White Tumblers Foundation. He uses his expertise in logistics to help these organizations deliver supplies and valuable products to needy families throughout the Chicago area.

Mandera uses Custom Companies Inc as a way to assist with natural disaster relief. The company assisted the victims of the tornado that struck Washington Illinois in 2013. Custom Companies Inc also delivered up to 40 truckloads of donated and purchased supplies to Mississippi and Louisiana victims after Hurricane Katrina. Learn more about Perry Mandera at

Barbara Stokes’ Work in Disaster Relief Management

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Recently, the Chief Executive Officer, Barbara Stokes, of Green Structures Homes which is based in Alabama announced that this company would be offering more job opportunities for people in eight states including Alabama. The other states were Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Minnesota, Louisiana and North Carolina. The jobs would be in the manufacturing department and would be in support of the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Green Structures Homes has been given a contract worth 28.5 million dollars by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide modular homes to the affected areas.

Barbara Stokes was very excited about the opportunity this contract had presented to the company. They were going to be creating employment for the locals and neighbors of the states they had the manufacturing firms in which in turn was promoting economic growth in these areas. The people in Texas who were most affected by the Hurricane Harvey would be able to get quality, innovative and safe homes to live in. Green Structures Homes was going to create this homes with urgent delivery timelines as they understood the needs of the people on the ground. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Green Structures Homes was founded with the intentions of relieving disasters by Barbara Stokes and Scott Stokes in 2008. The Company is located in Alabama and it offers it manufacturing and engineering solutions to customers in the private sectors and the government as well. It creates its homes using up-to-date designs and high-quality technology. Barbara Stokes has the necessary skills and knowledge that she offers the company when it comes to disaster relief as she has been in this industry for more than 3 decades.


Barbara Stokes studied physics and biomedical engineering at the Mercer University where she graduated in 2001. During her studies at this University, she perfected her skills in thermodynamics, manufacturing and management, material structures and property, and technical communication among much more. Before she started her journey in Green Structures Homes, Barbara worked for Boeing and Pisces Corporation. She brought with her extensive experience in working with the government which she uses to lead Green Structures Homes in achieving their goals as a company. Barbara is also a mother and a dedicated Huntsville community volunteer.

The type of structures that Green Structures Homes comes up with are both residential and commercial. They work on these homes from scratch by designing them and following up the construction to the very end. The structures are mobile or modular depending on the preference of their clients. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Highland Capital Management Elevates Dallas Through James Dondero

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Leadership dictates the direction an organization takes in many ways. Often, leadership calls for the ability to make critical decisions during emergencies. In addition to that, there is the aspect of team building and mentorship by a leader. A good leader should always be there for the team. An astute leader , considers the best strategies to utilize in elevating the performance of the organization. No one better fits this description than the prominent hedge fund leader, James Dondero. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

Background information

With more than 30 years expert experience in the generation of financial services, Dondero has mastered the art of securing viable investment channels for clients. Serving as the assistant founder of the prominent Highland Capital Management, the man has been utilizing his team of employees in making sure that clients achieve their financial objectives. Dondero is highly qualified as he has always led his team through the excellent service delivery platform.

Contribution to the society

Highland Capital Management is known for its multiple award-winning services that are based on offering financial solutions. Progressively working with institutions to poach high-profile investors, the company is known for its commitment to asset management. Often, James Dondero has initiated prolific projects, aimed at establishing a strong investment platform ,for consumers. Being experienced in this field, he has succeeded severally. Dondero uses Highland Capital Management to control client’s assets ,to the point of multiplying the invested resources. Throughout his career, he has been trusted with over $ 13.5 billion in assets. His character depicts his values and ethics in business. Dondero believes that a leader must be trustworthy.



James Dondero has vast experience in predicting market shares. He understands that business can be challenging and that a lot of effort must be applied to succeed. When he is not saving a client’s financial mess, Dondero is elevating the social status of his people in Dallas, Texas. Prior to co-founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero worked for GIV. Serving as the executive leader, he grew the firm’s profit generating -ability to approximately $ 2 billion. Dondero’s experience spread to NexBank, an affiliate of Highland Capital Management. In this firm, he is the chairman. His leadership has been instrumental in building the economy of Texas. He has assisted many clients to gain financial freedom. Visit his website at

How The Brown Agency Differs From Other Agencies

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Justin Brown, who is at the forefront of The Brown Agency, has done his best to create a modeling agency that is better than all the rest. He has worked hard to show the people who want to work with him that they have value and they are among the best models in the country. For The Brown Agency to be able to help models, they have created a system that allows them to cater to their models and their needs, gives them the freedom to find the best contracts in the country and helps them continue to grow their business. When Justin Brown brought two successful modeling agencies together to create The Brown Agency, he knew what he was doing. The agency continues to be successful which is a big help to the owners of the agency and to the models who are working with the agency in different areas around the country.

The Brown Agency has a lot of connections within the industry. The agencies that were once separate worked with a lot of industry leaders and knew the people they needed to so they would be successful. Because of this, The Brown Agency takes advantage of the things they are able to do on their own. They also try to talk with different contacts in the industry so they can give their models the best jobs possible. Part of what the agency has done has helped the models have a better experience in the areas they are in.

According to Marketwired, one of the things The Brown Agency did for their models is offer them the options they need to get the jobs they want. By treating them with the value they have, The Brown Agency is giving them the opportunity to get jobs they will actually want. The agency has done their best to show people what they can do with their modeling careers and that has paid off for most of the models. It has also given The Brown Agency the encouragement they need to keep doing positive things for the people who they work with.

The Brown Agency just keeps growing. They have seen major growth since they started and they don’t plan on stopping. Since they have been so successful with the growth opportunities they have had in the past, they are sure they will be able to keep doing it in the future. The Brown Agency knows what they need to do to make things easier for their models so they will keep doing it. They also know they can be a positive influence on the other agencies in the United States so they want to keep performing in the way they have been in the past few years.

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Why Amicus Therapeutics Does It Right

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If you’ve never heard of Amicus Therapeutics, you should be aware of the work they are doing to advance the pharmaceutical industry and help accommodate special patients. Amicus Therapeutics is a bio-pharmaceutical company based out of New Jersey that focuses on developing therapies and medicines to treat rare orphan diseases.

Rare orphan diseases are those that affect less than 200,000 victims worldwide, or roughly 2.8 out of every 100,000 people. Examples or orphan diseases are Lou Gehrig’s disease, cystic fibrosis, and Tourette’s syndrome. Learn more about job offerings of Amicus Therapeutics at Indeed.

These rare diseases are still a mystery to scientists who struggle to receive funding research and development of medicines for these diseases. The medicines that do exist are often weak in effectiveness or very damaging to patients. Since the patient count is so low for these diseases, there is little financial incentive for pharmaceutical companies to develop medicines and recoup their money spent on research and development.

Companies like Amicus Therapeutics specialize in developing medicines for orphan diseases that are commonly overlooked or turned a blind eye to. Amicus Therapeutics realizes that patients of these diseases shouldn’t have to go without their medicines just because companies don’t deem it financially viable to produce and distribute.


Amicus Therapeutics instead works to research and development medicines, therapies, and treatments that are on the cutting edge of biotechnology. They care about their patients and dive directly into the area of medicine where many companies do not dare touch.

The work done by Amicus Therapeutics will have a snowball effect for these diseases. As they research orphan diseases and develop a better understanding them, they can develop better medicines which treat these diseases. They will constantly learn more and more about the nature of these diseases and will develop more advanced strategies to fight them.

While they may seem like small timers and the underdog of pharmaceutical companies, Amicus Therapeutics is making a big change. View the market summary of Amicus Therapeutics at

Richard Mishaan Makes Design Come Alive

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Richard Mishaan is one of the leading interior designers in New York. He is well known for his eye-catching design concepts and for combining vintage pieces with modern decor. Mishaan is also on the Elle Decor A List and the AD 100, and has written two books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern.

Mishaan’s expertise is often evident in large spaces like librariels and hotels, and he was recently the designer for the Kip’s Bay Boys and Girls Club Decorator Show House. The event will take place on June 6 at 125 East 65th Street.

Mishaan shares that his inspiration for decorating is often a room that has acquired a collection of furniture items over time. This design philosophy is very similar to the way that families in Italian cities like Florence of Venice adorn their homes. The people of these cities also valued the work of local artisans and were happy to feature decorative items in their homes from artists who lived in the city. He states that while he has been “academic” in terms of his furniture selection for certain rooms, he has balanced this with an eclectic touch that makes each decorative project unique. Mishaan, who grew up in Colombia and spent some time in Italy, also says that color plays a huge role in decorating. A bright, vivid feature color for a room can bring attention to all the most valuable pieces in a space.

Mishaan advises home and business owners to take good care of their furniture as well. He says that a vintage piece can last for years if it is properly maintained. He also admits that he’s had the same sofas in his Upper East Side apartment for the last two decades. He’s re-upholstered them only once, and they look as good as new.

Overall, Richard Mishaan ( encourages the idea of allowing different types of furniture pieces to exist beautifully in the same space. Finding ways to make certain artwork, furniture, and accent pieces complement each other gives a room character and makes the space one of a kind.

Why you should depend on Goettl Company

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When it comes to offering exceptional AC and heating services in Las Vegas, Tucson, Phoenix and Southern California, Goettl is the company to call. Goettl takes pride in the capability of their experienced staff when it comes to providing exceptional results to their clients. Founded in 1939, Goettl has come to be one of the best HVAC Company as year pass. Their equipment is not only up to date but also affordable and full of quality. Their staffs are experienced, and experts in what they are doing and you don’t have to stress in case you need their service. The company is devoted to every client to ensure their customer’s homes are comfortable and safe at the same time.

Services offered by Goettl

 AC repair: – in some cases your AC may be requiring repair, and you don’t know who to call to come and fix it. Regardless of what time it is, you can always contact the Goettl Company as their services are offered 24/7. Our staff is learned and knows how to repair an AC in case of damage or malfunctioning. What makes Goettl efficient is the fact that it offers an estimate of how much it may cost before they work on your AC. Thus, you don’t have to be worried about unexpected bills. Another reason Goettl is the company to depend on is the fact that our staff comes with spare parts just in case a part needs to be changed. Thus time is saved which would have been used to going and buying the spare part.

 Installation: – when you purchase an AC and want it installed, Goettl is the company you call. With experienced employees who are well informed on how to handle and install any equipment, you shouldn’t worry at all. Our staff has been taught on how an AC should be handled and installed to avoid any accidents happening. They also offer consultation regarding where the AC can be installed thus giving their clients some ideas.

With Goettl services, you can never go wrong.

Fabletics – Kate Hudson And A Reverse Showroom

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When Kate Hudson wanted to start her own workout, clothing business, she named it Fabletics. That was three years ago, and in that time period, it has brought in $250,000,000. That is great for someone that has just been in the business for three years. She is going up against biggies, like Amazon, for her share of the pie, and she isn’t scared. She knows what she is doing, and it shows.

What Is Kate Hudson’s Secret To The Success She Has Had With Fabletics?

She decided a while ago that she wanted to take advantage of the online marketing and technologies, and thus, she went into the reverse showroom category with Fabletics. Other companies that have also used the reverse showroom model are Warby Parker and Apple. Combined with physical stores, the online community carries a lot of the weight of these companies. That is because people like to shop online now. They save money on gas, they don’t have to wait in lines, and they can still get the very same merchandise. Sometimes, they even get higher bargains, because online shopping does offer lots of promotions and sales.

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Is Kate Hudson Going To Open More Physical Stores In The Future?

Yes, there are at least three planned for next year alone. These stores will be added to the list. The list includes stores in: Florida, Hawaii and California, as well as other areas. This list will surely increase in the following years, as Kate Hudson determines the areas that she wants to build a store in. She uses the information that she gathers online about her subscribers. This way, she knows what women are looking for in certain areas, and she can cater to them in a better way. She is a marketing wizard, and with her creativity, dedication and determination, she will continue to attract more and more customers. Since she is loyal to what they want, they are loyal to shopping with her. They continuously wait to see what she has coming out for the latest craze. It is in fact, making a splash. Fabletics is becoming known, and in a very short time it is creating that all around buzz. Women want to know what she will create next.

She knows what the women are looking for when it come to workout clothing with Fabletics. This clothing that Kate Hudson makes can also be worn for other events too. That is why women love it. It looks great, and they can wear it and clean it easily. What else could they want when it comes to clothing? Her customers number in the millions already, and they are increasing at a steady rate. The country will surely be hearing more about the success of Kate Hudson’s, Fabletics.

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Why You Shouldn’t Pay Reputation Attack Websites For Content Removal

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When it comes to, websites that are dedicated to publishing negative information about people, businesses and organizations are a big concern for many. The most common types of attack websites include services that publish mugshots of people who were arrested, court records and public regulatory agency rulings, plus sites allowing anyone to submit a complaint about a business or individual that allegedly treated them unfairly. Even worse, there are even websites where people can submit “ratings” for their former partners, complete with their full name and photo.
Any person or business that cares about their reputation would want to remove their information from these websites if they’re unlucky enough to end up on them. Some of these websites allow you to request the removal of your listing simply by filling out a form. Others will remove a listing only if it can be proven to be inaccurate or if other conditions are met. For example, a few websites that publish mugshots and arrest records will remove information about a person if they show that their case was dismissed or they were acquitted by a court.

However, many reputation attack websites operate on an “extortion” model, where they demand payment to have information taken down. Many online reputation management experts agree that it’s a bad idea to actually do this. Even if you pay to have information removed from one site, the same negative content may have already been posted to numerous other places. New attack sites appear on a regular basis. If the negative information comes from a public third-party source, such as arrest or court records, there is nothing that can be done to stop anyone else from publishing it.

You should also keep in mind that by paying attack websites, you’re keeping them in business and encouraging them to spread negative information about others. A better approach is to instead invest in a reputation management strategy that involves publishing positive content about you or your business to various websites. The positive information will get picked up by search engines and can eventually displace anything negative.