Mina Ebrahimi, the renowned entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

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Mina Ebrahimi was born in Iran before her family immigrated to the United States in the year 1978. Mina Ebrahimi’s family relocated due to the great revolution that occurred in Iran during the late 1970’s, and she was only seven years of age at that time.

Mina Ebrahimi is the founder and owner of Saint Germain Catering, which is a renowned food catering unit. Mina Ebrahimi began her career at Tiffany’s bakery at the age of 11 only. Her parents acquired the bakery located in Seven Corners after their immigration into the United States.

Mina Ebrahimi worked at the catering unit for a long time to gain vital skills in the business including customer service. Courtesy of Mina Ebrahim, Tiffany’s bakery expanded to serve a broader market.

To accommodate many customers, the bakery had to move its base to Tyson’s Galleria as Saint Germain’s. She left Tiffany’s to found her catering firm after saving enough for capital.

Mina Ebrahimi established Saint Germain Catering with the aim of targeting the corporate market. She was hired to provide services to private parties, weddings, and corporate luncheons. The firm has since then grown immensely to accommodate over forty highly skilled and specialized employees.

Mina Ebrahimi has won herself a couple of awards since the inception of Saint Germain’s. In the year 2014, she was won the Enterprise Women of the Year Award. She also emerged top of the Top 40 under 40 in the year 2010.

Mina Ebrahimi is renowned for her benevolent work. She sponsored a cancer detection dog, McBaine of Penn Vet Working Dog Centre at the University of Pennsylvania. It has been involved in the detection and treatment of early ovarian cancer in several women.

She has set aside a percentage of profits from her firm to aid in cancer research at the University of Pennsylvania. She also established Jack-Ebrahim program, the only radiology veterinarian program in the country.

To empower women entrepreneurs, she founded the Mina Ebrahim Foundation which supports business women of all ages. She has also participated in many professional workshops that significant in cuisine business techniques.


Gregory Aziz- CEO Of The National Steel Car

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1When a business is collapsing, not many people would take chances and buy such a business. Only people who trust their knowledge of business management would put their money in a failing business. Just like the stock market, in business, one needs to make an investment at the right time. One does not have to buy when the prices are too high; you can wait for the prices to fall and the strike. This is what happens with very investment. Prudent business people will look for businesses which seem not to be performing well but are in the right industries. There are industries which have a high likelihood of performing well in future although they might be struggling now.


Gregory Aziz, the CEO of National Steel Car is one of the people who trust his understanding of the business environment. He is an economist who has experience in managing the activities of the various business. His experience in managing business started in the 1970s after he completed university and started working for family business Affiliated Foods. Gregory Aziz showed that he could translate what he had learned in class in real life applications when he assisted his family in taking a food company they were running international. Before he joined, it was operating as a small food store in Ontario, but after he joined, it became the largest importer and supplier of fresh foods in Canada and parts of United States.


Gregory James Aziz proved his business management skills once more after he bought the National Steel Car. The railroad products manufacturing company was one of those which were dealing with the production of railroad freight cars since the beginning of the 20th century. Gregory Aziz took over the management of this company at a time when it was not performing very well. He, however, knew that with the knowledge he had in economics he could make things change in the company.


Gregory Aziz took over the management in 1994 and had supported growth in the company to date. He has applied his expertise in managing the business and is now leading in taking the company to a higher level of success. One of the things he has done is to ensure that the production capacity of the company goes up. When he bought the company, production stood at 3,500 cars annually, but after he took over, it went to 12,000 cars in the same duration.


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The Success Of Gregory James Aziz As A Business Entrepreneur

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Greg Aziz is one of the prosperous businessmen known globally. He is the Chairman, CEO and the President of National Steel Car located in Hamilton, Ontario. His steel car business is among the world’s railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies in Hamilton.



James Aziz was born in London, Ontario on the 30 April 1949. He went to school at Ridley College and where he undertook economics studies at the University of Western Ontario. He later went on and joined his family’s food business (Affiliated Foods) which saw an impressive growth over 16 years as the global fresh foods importer from Central and South America and the United States. The family food business distributed wholesale fresh foods to markets in Eastern Canada and across the United States. In the late 80’s and 90’s, Gregory J Aziz worked on numerous banking investments that he undertook in New York.



In the year 1994, Gregory J Aziz was able to buy the national Steel Car with the objective of changing it to become the principal railroad freight car manufacturer in North America a former Canadian firm. By the year 1999, the company with its robust engineering capabilities, human and capital investment and team building were able to grow the company’s manufacturing competency to 12, 000 cars from 3,500 cars at the time of purchase.



Greg Aziz believes that his achievements are indebted to its people. Aziz is proud of what they have achieved collectively so far, National Steel Car has become more diverse, dynamic, values-driven and innovative than in the past. The company is the only railcar company with an ISO certification (ISO 9001:2015).



Greg is also dedicated to helping the Hamilton, Ontario community by making donations to various charity organizations with the profit made by his company. The company is a supporter of myriads of charity functions and activities. Some of the many charity organizations that have been beneficiaries include Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera and the United Way. Each year, national Steel Car organizes and arranges X-mass party for the employees who were formerly working for the company and also the existing employees. Other activities that they involve themselves in include food drives that are so beneficial to the local people and also the local food stores. Together with his wife, they donate and support the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is mostly recognized fair in Canada.



For over 23 years, Greg has worked tirelessly to make sure that his company manufactures high-quality cars for the market in North America. The Hamilton community also appreciates his unending contributions to the community. Because of his vision, service to the community, good staff relationship, administration expertise and vision, Greg Aziz has become the top businessman in Ontario Canada.   See This Page for additional information.

Talos Energy: Texan Oil and Gas Company

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In the state of Texas to of the largest energy providers just completed a merger last week. Talos Energy has now entered public markets after its acquisition of stone energy on 10 May. In addition, BP energy partners have decided to raise $475 million in a private equity fund.

There have been a number of significant moves by companies in the energy industry of Texas in the last month. A $6 billion merger was just closed with the Chicago Bridge and iron company that resulted in it being taken off of public markets. Over the last several years it has lost significant amounts of its market capitalization. It has two years left on a lease for its headquarters in Houston and plans to move into a new facility after the lease is terminated.

Talos Energy has just finished the final touches on its merger with Stone Energy Corporation. This acquisition has allowed the offshore exploration company to be sold on public markets. Talos Energy shareholders owned 63% of the company after the acquisition while stone shareholders carry the remaining 37%.

Talos Energy is a company that operates in the oil and gas industry. They primarily are involved in the exploration, development, and production of both oil and natural gas. These processes are typically focused in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. In 2012 the company was originally founded after a $600 million equity raise was completed by a fund management company. In 2017 Talos Energy was able to announce that the exploratory drilling had been able to uncover nearly 2 billion barrels worth of light crude oil. This represents a significant discovery by the corporation and promises to help propel it into the future for the next several years. As a result of this, it has been able to raise the funds it has needed in order to undergo such things as its recent acquisitions. To know more about the firm click here.

What Shervin Pishevar’s Statements mean for Digital Transactions

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Cryptocurrencies are sometimes called digital ledgers. Actually, this is what blockchains are, records of digital transactions. Many of Shervin Pishevar’s statements apply to the growing cryptocurrency market.

Shervin Pishevar pointing to innovation being threatened by monopolies has very big implications for the world of crypto. Innovation is what is driving this market. It is also what the industry is trying to solve. Unlike luxuries, cryptocurrencies are solutions to innovation problems. If not outright solutions, then they are more efficient ways of completing a digital transaction. Required documents for legal, financial and real estate transactions already have dedicated projects.

Another aspect of Shervin Pishevar’s statement is that of small business. Monopolies necessitate a funneling of agendas. In contrast, small businesses provide market diversity. This becomes more important as a human being is closer to the impact of decisions. Few like monopolies. Many more either fear or are ambivalent toward them. Given the choice of a practical means to equally provide the necessities of life, humans would rather have choices. It is why voting matters so much.

Taken together, innovation and small business have the potential to usher in a much better world. It does this by solving problems directly. Instead of an all top-down approach, smart contracts can be employed on a blockchain with specifics that can only be discovered by small enterprise. The blindness of a massive corporation is the strength of localized business. This is the essence of the free enterprise system. It is why America values strong independent states over federal influence.

Of course, federal laws are needed. They exist for when people have things in common. But quite often humans live amid a myriad of different environmental and cultural factors. What might work for construction in the mountains, may not near ocean communities. Water drainage may be the most notable. Also consider how roads around the metropolis of NYC are darker than California. A glaring sun is obvious when one sees it every day. Free enterprise is based on a system of survival. This is how blockchains were built. It is what Shervin Pishevar recognized.


Louis Chenevert: Award-winning Canadian Businessman and Corporate Leader

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One of the fundamental pillars of success in Louis Chenevert’s stellar career as an entrepreneur and corporate leader is his strong belief in the importance of teamwork. Throughout his career, Chenevert has scaled the corporate ladder and became a successful and an award-winning entrepreneur by relying on the enormous potential possessed by teams. By celebrating and fostering open thinking, Chenevert successfully served in high profile corporate positions in some of the world’s leading multinational corporations such as Goldman Sachs, General Motors and United Technologies. He worked at General Motors for fourteen years where he rose through ranks of the company he joined as a line supervisor to become a production general manager at its plant in St. Therese. He would later move to Pratt & Whitney where he served as the company’s president between 1999 and 2006 after initially joining in 1993.

By thinking big, persevering and tapping into the potential teamwork, Louis Chenevert successful guidedUnited TechnologiesCorporation to financial and operational success. At the company, he held various high profile positions including serving as a director, chief operating officer, and president from 2006. By the time he retired in 2014Mr. Chenevert had served as the company’s chairman following his appointment in 2010 and chief executive officer. He also served as the company’s president between 2008 and 2014. He currently serves as the chairman of the board of advisors of the University of Montreal’s College of Commerce (HEC). He also chairs the Friends of HEC’s board of directors where he is also a founding director. Chenevert’s excellent track record in corporate leadership saw him awarded an honorary doctorate from his alma mater.

Education Background and Skill Set

Louis Chenevert is a distinguished businessman and corporate leader with multiple skills and vast experience in corporate management and leadership. His excellent career and leadership track record is founded on his solid academic qualification. Louis is an alumnus of the University of Montreal where he graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor’s degree in production management. He also specialized in operations management at the university. Over the years, he has developed into an excellent, inspiring and visionary leader. He is also a strategic thinker with impeccable customer relations management skills.


The New Wave of Internet Marketing: Welcome to Market America

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Since the dawn of internet marketing, there has been a need for better strategies, a more concentrated effort on product brokering as well as marketing of the product. Allow me to introduce to you the new wave of internet marketing…Market America.

Since being founded in 1992, Market America has employed over 800 employees by the year 2010. Can you think of any business model that empowers entrepreneurs with financial freedom all the while providing excellent products to the customers involved? There has never been a model in existence. Thanks to Market America we now have one to behold. With an impressive earnings record of $7.3 Billion accumulated in retail sales with over $2.4 Billion generated by partners of Market America “UnFranchise owners”, this is definitely a standard to follow and a model to build upon.

Having international markets on their team, Market America has provided service excellence to nations such as The United Kingdom, Singapore, Spain, Australia, and Hong Kong to name a few. While providing service excellence, entrepreneurs of those same nations have found financial freedom from the throngs of society and the pressures of life. Again, there has never been a more sophisticated model of excellence and achievement in this day and age. The way of shopping has been changed and the method of entrepreneurship has been evolved. Market America is here to stay for a while.

In one place you can find superb products and also financial freedom. As an UnFranchise Owner, you have a chance to join forces with a proven winner, a team dedicated to providing customer satisfaction with the goal of both service and freedom at the helm. To be able to provide the same sense of relief and comfort that you will receive as a customer to someone else, and making a profit at the same time. That is unheard of because most brands only want you as a customer and not as a partner.

In short, this company has mad their mark on the world at large and have invested resources geared towards financial freedom and superior products. A model of excellence.


Tony Petrello Pledges $176,000 To Help With Hurricane Damage

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The damage from hurricane Harvey across Texas was great and took a heavy toll on homeowners and business owners alike. But it also brought people from everywhere together to do their part in cleaning up the damage and donating money to survivors whether it was through $1 or $1,000 donations. C One man who also did his part to help the hurricane victims was Tony Petrello, the chairman, president and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. Petrello gave every Nabors employee time off to make sure their homes and loved ones were okay, and he also had human resources compensate any who volunteered in rescue and heavy cleanup operations. Petrello started his own fundraiser which guaranteed every cent would go to the victims, and when various donors gave just over $176,000, he equalled that amount with his own donation.

Tony Petrello has one of America’s most lucrative positions as CEO Nabors Industries, the company who holds drilling contracts for some of the world’s top oil companies. He is the leader of its technology development initiative and an exceptional problem solver. Major international deals he’s negotiated include buying Tesco Corporation, another oil drilling company, and now entering a joint drilling partnership with Saudi Aramco known as SANAD. Petrello has also led the rollout of new automated rig series and key pipelines throughout North America.

Tony Petrello didn’t come from a family who ran oil companies or worked on rigs. He grew up in the city of Newark, NJ and his first career interest was mathematics. He studied the subject from middle school up through his time as a student at Yale. But Petrello turned from math after graduating Yale and decided to become a lawyer instead. For 13 years he specialized in corporate law and tax compliance at Baker & McKenzie, and 7 years into his tenure there he became a managing partner. But he stepped down when he learned of a new opening for Chief Operating Officer at Nabors Industries, and since 1991 he has been at the company.

Hurricane Harvey victims are not the only ones Petrello has helped with his charity. The Texas Children’s Hospital has many patients who suffer from cognitive disorders and genetic problems, and Petrello has been giving to its research center for several years now. Petrello also supports local universities, arts foundations and also once welcomed a longtime Broadway star into his home to celebrate his career.

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David Zalik: Authentic Experience

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In the throes of the financial industry exists a man whose name is David Zalik and who has conquered and pushed the boundaries that it takes to be at his level of success for anyone who aspires to become a mogul billionaire like the man who is the owner and the CEO of the GreenSky Credit Company. It is essentially a company that provides the liquify and the financial assistance and provision through loaning and crediting that individuals and companies need in order to strive for the long term. GreenSky Credit has earned a total of over three billion dollars through revenue streams and has been allocating a consistent yearly income of two hundred and fifty million dollars inside the pockets of David Zalik. He is the generation’s newest billionaire thus far and is seasoned in experience when it comes down to succeeding inside of the financial industry. From where he was born in the land of Israel he has honed in an unusually high capacity for learning at advanced stages in his life. For example, when David Zalik and his family moved from Israel and into the country of the USA he began ready mathematical textbooks instead of playing with toys like a normal kid, at the age of four years old to the age of thirteen years old. This enabled him to try at the college levels of education when David Zalik was only thirteen at the time and passed easily and effortlessly. His dad worked at Auburn College so that is the college that he went to. He would ride his bike into school and go home, but did not have a car. Because he was not of age to drive yet he still wanted a car because when he did become of age he wanted to date the older ladies in his college. This led and drove the young entrepreneur into building a computer company which brought in about nine hundred dollars in his pocket for every two thousand dollars  he sold in fixed computer equipment. This experience in the business has given him and edge in achieving above and beyond what other entrepreneurs are usually tasked with.



Robert Deignan the Entrepreneurial Guru

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Robert Deignan the Entrepreneurial Guru

Robert Deignan was a renowned marketer best recognized for his excellent performance records and co-founding Advanced Tech Support Digital Services 6 years ago. He is also the current CEO of the company. Before ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan worked as the Executive Vice President at IS3, Inc., for over nine years. Here he helped the company soar to greater heights through his managerial and marketing skills. Earlier on he helped set up Franlink, Inc. Mr. Deignan went to Purdue University and is a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management holder. This was after attending St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Under his guidance and leadership, Advanced Tech Support (ATS) Digital Services has made impressive progress. In July 2017, ATS Digital Services became the call center to be certified by AppEsteem Corporation. This means that they are now able to deliver premium support services to its clients. The certification process involved meeting all thirty-nine compliance requirements by AppEsteem. Mr. Deignan dutifully ensured the success of this process.

When asked on his thoughts about the company he helped establish, his sentiments were as striking. He stated that the foundation of which the company is found is comprehensive, consumer-centered compliance. This paved the way for transparency and allowed for operational procedures at the highest levels possible. These attributes, instilled by the CEO, are the reason ATS Digital Services has delivered technical support services to many thousands of satisfied clients. Furthermore, the service provider is not only through the telephone but also via remote access screens technologies. Mr. Deignan has also ensured his company is the best in consumer-friendly procedures and practices. Ethically, Robert Deignan has provided that his company and employees do not indulge in unlawful or unethical practices as projected by the company’s clean record. As a team player, Mr. Robert Deignan is described as a delight to work with by workmates.