Shiraz Boghani: Visionary Hotelier, Successful Entrepreneur And Ismaili Community Leader

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Kenya native Shiraz Boghani is an accountant who has been living in the United Kingdom ever since 1969. In addition to his accounting work, Boghani is also a part of the ownership group that runs Sussex Health Care Limited.

Plus, he is a co-founder and chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP and The Splendid Hotels Group’s director and managing partner. Not only is Shiraz Boghani an Institute of Charted Accountants fellow in England and Wales, he also maintains a great relationship with many of the largest funders in Europe. Boghani also plays a prominent role in the UKs Ismaili community.

One of the primary reasons Shiraz Boghani moved to the United Kingdom was to receive advanced training as an accountant. Now a very successful chartered accountant, Boghani began his career with Thomson MLintock & Co., today called the KPMG Group. An entrepreneur at heart, Shiraz Boghani also helped to build Sussex Health Care into an award-winning enterprise. The company now has 18 care homes where they provide top quality, innovative, personalized, 24 hour care for the elderly, people with neurological problems, mental and physical challenges, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Shiraz Boghani has also made a name for himself in the hospitality industry. He was among the first hoteliers to promote limited service brand hotels. Today, Boghani owns and manages 19 trading hotels in the United Kingdom. Some of his recent projects an acquisitions include the stylish Hilton London Bankside, the Conrad London St James, The Grand Hotel & Spa, York, the Holiday Inn London, Leeds based the New Ellington and the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel. Shiraz Boghani’s impressive body of work in the hospitality industry was recently recognized when at the Asian Business Awards he was named the 2016 Hotelier of the Year.

A proud and very active member of the Ismaili community in the United Kingdom, Shiraz Boghani has held a number of very important positions in organizations with provide essential services to the community. He has shown unwavering support to the Aga Khan Foundation, a very powerful, effective and beloved United Kingdom registered charity that assists the Ismaili community. Plus, Shiraz Boghani plays a leadership role in the Aga Khan Development’s global network. Even though the tasks he undertakes for the Ismaili community are often complex and time consuming, Shiraz Boghani gladly does them on a volunteer basis.

Shiraz Boghani has made a positive impact in the United Kingdom.


Factors You Never Knew About Matthew Autterson

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The financial services industry is among the most hectic areas when matters related to management are concerned. Because of the sensitivity involved, the industry requires a lot of careful execution of all decisions to avoid getting in a situation where wrong decisions are made that would ultimately call for losses to be incurred. In the whole world, the most respected managers belong to this niche. By most respected, it means those that have managed to drive their portfolios to attain profitability status in reasonably short periods of time.

Matthew Autterson belongs to the creme dela creme of the most respected managers in the financial services niche. He has over quarter a decade experience when it comes to matters financial services management. He has worked in different managerial capacities and one of the most prolific being the President of one of the most respected private state-chartered financial services company in the United States.

He is a graduate of the Michigan State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Finances in the year 1980. He was also lucky enough to attend the prestigious Graduate Tax Program that was being offered by the University of Denver at the time. Having the necessary qualifications, he was at this point ready to offer himself to the corporate world.

He made his debut at the First Trust Corporation that was at the time a subsidiary of Fiserv. After a few months, he left in the year 1982 to concentrate on starting a Colorado based state-chartered financial services institution that was to have its mother subsidiary company in New York.

The effort kicked off successfully and Resources Trust Company started operations. Just like with other companies, it started on a rather low note but with time, started making very good inroads when matters related to approaching the list of the best companies were involved.

In the year 1986, he was appointed President and helped steer it to even greater heights. It was at one point the most highly sought after companies by bigger companies because of the good results it was getting. Matthew was dedicated to helping the company achieve even more and succeeded fairly well.

In the financial services management quarters, many refer to Matthew Autterson as one of the most decisive managers. He is also known as a reasonable risk taker who takes most of his time doing research so as to know the best approach to make. He is an inspiration to future managers that they must at all times think outside the box to succeed. See This Article to learn more.

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Paul Mampilly: Investment Guru and Former Hedge Fund Manager.

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Paul Mampilly is one of the reliable investors who one can follow and benefit from correct and precise analysis of the stock markets. At the beginning of this year, he has made two articles which feature on the In the two pieces, he is giving information about the future of the stock markets and the opportunities to look out for in the year 2018. With his advanced analytical skills on the stock markets, every investor in the stock markets should make a point of following his analysis keenly. He has correctly predicted the future of many stocks before, and these could be the next in the list.

The two articles we are talking about are, “Mega Trends Will Deliver Huge Gains in 2018,” and “The No. 1 Stock to Own for 2018.” The first article talks about investments trends that are taking place and the second one talks about specific stock options that investors should be looking to invest in this year.

In the mega trends investment opportunities, Paul Mampilly is giving the example of the Fintech as one area of technology that is going to perform well in 2018. Fintech is a financial technology that incorporates companies that deal with mobile payments and the artificial intelligence systems that are used to study and analyze financial markets.

Paul Mampilly is advising investors not to worry about the gains that happened in 2017 in the stock markets. The fact that there were enormous gains in many stocks does not mean that it is time to lock in the profits and run. There are still numerous opportunities that can be utilized. He adds that investors should take a close look at the markets and look for opportunities that are likely to reward well this year. Paul Mampilly has a tool that he uses to pick only the stocks that will most likely gain than the rest. It called Goingupness. It is a system that will help investors choose stocks that have a high probability of going up in the list of megatrend stocks.

About Paul Mampilly, visit here.

Paul Mampilly is a stock investor with a great reputation. He works for Banyan Hill publishing as a senior editor. He deals with processing of vital information regarding investment opportunities, especially in the stock markets. He is a former hedge fund manager at Kinetics Assets Management and winner of the Templeton Foundation awards in 2009.

Paul Mampilly lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He usually engages in youth mentorship in schools around Scottsdale.

Paul Mampilly @ Twitter.

Dr. Mark McKenna Talks About How He Found Success In The Aesthetics Industry.

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Over the course of his professional career, Dr. Mark McKenna has been an entrepreneur. He started his first company, McKenna Venture Investments, while he was still studying to be a doctor. He says that he got the money together for this business by performing medical exams for prisoners. He says that real estate was something that always was of interest to him. However, he could see the industry was totally overheated when even people with no job could get houses without putting anything down. It was at that point that he decided to pursue medicine full-time.

Dr. Mark McKenna started out his career as a doctor working in his father’s clinic in New Orleans. In January 2000 he decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia where he founded Shape Medical Wellness Center. The primary thing this business does is help people lose weight. They also perform non-surgical aesthetic services. It employs state-licensed nutritionists and features a prescription diet that leads to weight loss. The types of aesthetics services offered are things like Botox and Restylane.

It was on November 1, 2014, that Dr. Mark McKenna signed a deal to sell this company to another firm, Life Time Fitness Inc. He decided to stay on as their National Medical Director for around a year and a half before deciding that working for others wasn’t really something that was for him.

Dr. Mark McKenna is now launching a new company in the aesthetics industry. This company is called OVME. He says that he plans to disrupt the industry in an innovative way. People will be able to download the app for both Apple and Android phones and tablets. OVME will enable them to schedule a visit with a local licensed doctor that specializes in aesthetics. The doctor will then come to them to provide their services. To know more, click here.

As to how to build a successful company, Dr. Mark McKenna says that you need to surround yourself with smart people. He says that you want to build a team who will challenge you and not just be “Yes Men”. It’s because of his staff, he says, that he has found professional success.

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Tony Petrello Strengthens His Position as the CEO.

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Just being the CEO of Nabors, Inc. wasn’t good enough for Tony Petrello. He wanted to be more than that and wanted to show people he’d have a chance to make things better. Even when he was working hard to give people what they wanted, he felt it was a big part of his job to show them how they’d be able to try different things. It was his way of giving the community what they needed and his way of showing others how things would continue to get better no matter where they were at in their own careers.

Tony Petrello started out as an attorney. He worked for firms and managed them to make sure they were going to get better. He also tried to always show people how they could experience the positive parts of different businesses. Perhaps one of the biggest problems people had was their ability to look out for themselves and look out for what they had done on their own. It was Tony Petrello’s job to make sure he could do things right and do things so they wouldn’t have to make it harder on themselves. It was also his job to show people how things would change if he was putting a positive spin on things. For more click Here.

Even when Tony Petrello was trying to make things better, he was also doing his best to show others what they could do, too. He did not believe in just giving handouts and expecting people to continue taking them. He believes in showing people how they can make a positive difference on their own. If he is able to do this and can show them what they need to do, he knows he will be capable of giving others exactly what they are looking for. It is his way of giving the community what they need.

As long as Tony Petrello knows there are things he can do to help other people and there are things that will come as a direct result of his commitment to the community, he is sure he will be able to keep serving the community. He is also sure there will be things that will happen based on all the opportunities he has. It is his way of making sure people know what they can do and know how they will be able to deal with various situations they are in.

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Logan Stout Wows the Global Audience with Motivational Speeches

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Whenever Logan Stout addresses an audience, he creates in the listeners a life-long impact. Stout can inspire people to success always. It is no wonder at all that his life-changing quotes invite spontaneous standing ovations.

But who is Logan Stout?

Logan Stout, the founder, and CEO of IDLife is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling writer, basketball coach, internationally renowned motivational speaker, leadership trainer, and philanthropist. As a business person credited with the generation of billions of dollars, Logan is a much sought-after keynote speaker worldwide.

Logan Stout-Investments in the Health and Wellness Sector

One of the much talked about issues about Logan is his launching of business in the health industry. Logan co-founded IDLife, LLC in May 2014, which is now among the top 100 multi-level marketing companies globally, as per a 2016 survey. With multi-billionaire Darwin Deason, Troy Aikman, and Jen Widerstrom, a celebrity trainer, Logan launched IDLife, LLC as a platform on which fitness ambassadors educate the public on health as well as provide high-quality wellness and nutritional products.

Bestseller Author and Keynote Speaker

Logan is also a passionate team builder who believes in helping the up and coming investors to acquire leadership and managerial skills. The authoritative “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams” book that Stout published in 2013 has inspired millions of readers to exploit their God-given talents and skills. Entrepreneurs Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran are among the people who recommend the book.

In partnership with the motivational speaker, John C. Maxwell, and the Inc. Magazine’s Logan Stout organized personal development and leadership training in 196 countries. Logan’s dream about every person breaking down barriers and achieving the desired goals in life is the reason he writes books. In both his writing and speeches, Logan reveals the step-by-step that are necessary for success.

Logan the Basket Ball Player and Coach

The investor is not only a 10-time World Series coach bit also the proud founder of the most significant baseball organization worldwide-Premier Baseball Academy. Stout Logan played high varsity basketball while pursuing a Summa Cum Laude business degree at Panola and a Psychology degree at the University of Dallas. In fact, Logan became an Academic All-American, All-American pitcher, and a shortstop. Stout played for the Texas, Fort Worth Cats, coached the Dallas Baptist University basketball team and has featured on several business and sports publications and broadcasts such as the Dallas Child Magazine.

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David Giertz Advice to Early Retirees

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People opt to know how to secure financially stable retirements. The greatest idea of saving for early retirement is by saving large amounts of money into the retirement accounts. However saving alone cannot sustain all the financial needs. For this reason, people planning for early retirement should invest.

Proper and strategic investments serve as a ticket to financial freedom. Investments usually act as extra sources of income. David Giertz highlighted a few things people should take into consideration while investments decisions that are smart.

Early retirees should ensure that by the time they are retiring, they have saved enough money that will last them adequately during the after retirement period. After saving enough money the next important thing that should be looked into the best retirement plan.

Some of the best early retirement plans include Roth IRA. The plan allows early retirees to make withdrawals of their savings any time before reaching the age of 59. The only requirement needed in this plan is to pay withdrawal fees and no penalties are charged.

According to David, people going for retirements before reaching the age of 55 years should use the Substantially Equal Periodic Payments (SEPP) plan otherwise known as 72(t) rule. The plan allows retirees to make withdrawals from an IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) as long as the withdrawals are equal for more than five years. Completing the savings account with a brokerage account is the most suitable way of securing a retirement that is financially stable.

David Giertz is a renowned financial advisor. He has a wealth of experience and has been in the financial services industry for three decades. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Millikin University. He attended the University of Miami and graduated with an MBA.

He is the current President of the National Financial Distributors Incorporation. He is also a financial advisor in the same company. David is a registered broker with FINRA. He lives in Ohio.

Richard Mishaan Makes Design Come Alive

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Richard Mishaan is one of the leading interior designers in New York. He is well known for his eye-catching design concepts and for combining vintage pieces with modern decor. Mishaan is also on the Elle Decor A List and the AD 100, and has written two books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern.

Mishaan’s expertise is often evident in large spaces like librariels and hotels, and he was recently the designer for the Kip’s Bay Boys and Girls Club Decorator Show House. The event will take place on June 6 at 125 East 65th Street.

Mishaan shares that his inspiration for decorating is often a room that has acquired a collection of furniture items over time. This design philosophy is very similar to the way that families in Italian cities like Florence of Venice adorn their homes. The people of these cities also valued the work of local artisans and were happy to feature decorative items in their homes from artists who lived in the city. He states that while he has been “academic” in terms of his furniture selection for certain rooms, he has balanced this with an eclectic touch that makes each decorative project unique. Mishaan, who grew up in Colombia and spent some time in Italy, also says that color plays a huge role in decorating. A bright, vivid feature color for a room can bring attention to all the most valuable pieces in a space.

Mishaan advises home and business owners to take good care of their furniture as well. He says that a vintage piece can last for years if it is properly maintained. He also admits that he’s had the same sofas in his Upper East Side apartment for the last two decades. He’s re-upholstered them only once, and they look as good as new.

Overall, Richard Mishaan ( encourages the idea of allowing different types of furniture pieces to exist beautifully in the same space. Finding ways to make certain artwork, furniture, and accent pieces complement each other gives a room character and makes the space one of a kind.

What the Tops Suburbs are in the USA According to Samuel Strauch

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Samuel Strauch is a real estate broker, developer, finance and investor. He founded his own realty company called Metrik Real Estate in 2002. Mr. Strauch previously worked in the banking industry before beginning his own real estate development business. Metrik Real Estate is based in Miami Beach, which is where Samuel Strauch also resides.

Mr. Strauch has an extensive background in international business, finance and management. He went to Hofstra University in New York State for his undergraduate degree. His major there was a bachelor degree in international business. Samuel Strauch then went on to study at Erasmus University in the Netherlands and then at Harvard University. His post graduate education was in management and finance.

According to Samuel Strauch, one of the best suburban communities in the nation right now is a part of Denver called Northeast Denver. This section of Denver used to be industrial and commericial. It has now been transformed into a major suburban residential community outside of downtown Denver. The millennial generation is flocking here because home prices are half as expensive as in other parts of the city. Northeast’s Denver real estate market is expanding rapidly and prices for homes are now increasing due to increased demand.

Another top suburban community in the USA right now is a town called Duplin. It is located in the San Francisco Bay area. Duplin has access to Bay Area Rapid Transportation which is perfect for commuters. Lower home prices, cleaner air and local attractions such as Duplin Castle make this community very attractive to millenials looking for a more affordable housing option in the San Francisco Bay area. Click here to know more.

The town of Wylie, outside of Dallas, Texas is another booming suburb. Housing prices are lower than in Dallas and you also get outdoor space for your buck here. Commutes are easy into Dallas from Wylie. Millenials can also enjoy respite from the noise of Dallas here.

Bob Reina Stands Behind His Beliefs

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Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, is a man of strong beliefs. That is a good thing and it is something the world needs more of in today’s society. The more people that have power, conviction, and beliefs, the better the world will be in the long run.

That is what makes Bob Reina such a special person and that is why he is so uniquely equipped to run Talk Fusion. He believes in the good in people and he believes in people. He knows they are capable of a lot and there is a lot they can do with their lives.

Sometimes, sadly, people lose faith in themselves. They might have had a tough go of it recently and they feel like things are going to stay the same for them. Bob Reina is here to remind them that is not the case. A lot of times these are people that have been beaten down by life.

They have worked at a place for a number of years and this place has made them feel unappreciated. That is a horrible feeling when someone has put so much into their job, and they don’t feel like they are getting the credit they deserve. The job just is not doing it for them anymore.

According to Marctech Advisor, that is when it is time to use Talk Fusion and really run with it. There are a lot of creative and inventive minds out there, and sometimes they just need the right things in front of them in order to succeed. Talk Fusion has everything: video chats, video emails, video conferences, and video newsletters.

These all help the modern day businessman or woman enhance their name and their brand. Maybe they are passionate about cooking and love to cook. This allows them to write about something they care about and share that love with the world.

They will get started each morning by turning on their computers, starting it up, and typing away with new recipes and new ideas. When people see that someone is excited and passionate about something, it tends to rub off on them.