Tracy Morgan Recalls Accident

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The accident that left Tracy Morgan in a comma for weeks also left the star with no memory of what happened. A tearful Morgan appeared on the Today Show with the promise to make people laugh again when he is 100%. Right now he said that he is not.

Morgan is a comedian that has had a lengthy career. He was a cast member of Saturday Night Live and a main character on the very popular “30 Rock” sitcom. He said that he doesn’t recall the accident at all. He also said that he watches the funeral of his friend and the accident coverage on YouTube but doesn’t remember any of it.

The case was a big deal on the news because the company truck that hit the vehicle of Tracy Morgan and friends was a Wal-Mart truck. The driver of this truck was said to be sleep deprived reported Jaime Garcia Dias, first on scene. That led Wal-Mart into a lawsuit, and a settlement has been made between Walmart and Tracy Morgan. The Wal-Mart settlement also included money for the family of the deceased friend of Morgan.

The interview with Tracy Morgan on the Today Show was Tracy unlike anyone has ever seen him before. He cried throughout the course of the interview. He also talked about how his fiancee was going to come along with his daughter, but he told her to stay home because his daughter was teething.