One of the Most Hated People in America to Speak Out in an Interview

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Even now, years after she has been in the media, the name Casey Anthony resonates with people. Especially people who lived in Florida during the years of 2008-2011. It all started with Casey’s 2-year-old daughter Caylee who was reported missing in 2008. Pictures of the adorable toddler were saturating the media, hoping that someone would have a lead as to where she could be. Unfortunately, about six months later, the remains of the little girl were found in the woods. Her mother was charged with the murder, but somehow the jury acquitted her in 2011. Since then, Daniel Amen said that Casey has done her best to live a private life out of the spotlight. I would too, if I were the country’s most hated woman.

Now, according to the story on Page Six, Casey may be in the works to give a televised interview. The first since she went into hiding after her trial in 2011. She was spotted in New York City last week, meeting with television executives. There are no official announcements at this time that she will be doing an interview, but it sure looks like that is where she is heading.

The interview will be a nice pay-out for Casey, who filed for bankruptcy a few years prior.