Chainsmokers Latest Single Sick Boy is a Reflection of Modern Society

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Sick Boy is a song that is about the division and current mental health issues that is taking place within American society. The song was released by The Chainsmokers in January of 2018 and it represents the latest chapter of music in duo’s career. In case you didn’t know, the Chainsmokers is a group that emerged from New York City in 2012. The group consists of Alex Paul and Andrew Taggart. They met each other in NYC shortly before their first single release called Erase.

Normally, Paul and Taggart would make music that reflected American life and their personal experiences. Their first wave of single releases was about love, romance and the fun part of American society. Songs such as Selfie, Good Intentions and Roses reflected the era of love and fun that many people enjoyed a few years ago.

Their biggest hits included the songs Closer, Don’t Let Me Down, Paris and Something Just Like This spoke of love, finding love, rebellious love, romance, sex and having a good time. Alex Paul of the Chainsmokers revealed that the group decided to take their music in another direction in 2018. One of the reasons why they decided to make their music so dark has to do with people and their current outlook on life.

The United States is rife with mass shootings, mental health issues, division and lots of uncertainty. People are fearful, and they’re scared. Even if they enjoy love, romance and partying; they still have to deal with the negative sides of modern life. The Chainsmokers want to tap into this reality. They did not want to continue going in the same direction because they also felt that too many other groups were doing the same thing. Ultimately, Sick Boy is the group’s latest musical voyage into a new sound that is darker and more uncertain. This song truly is a reflection of modern society.

One Life to Live Review

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One life to live is an American soap opera that has aired for over 40 years on the ABC network. It was created by Agnes Nixon and was the first daytime drama featuring ethnically and socioeconomically conflicted characters in a modern day setting. The show has expanded from a short 30 minute clip to an hour over the years. The show focuses heavily on the characters of the Lord Family.

The Lord Family is rich stuck up family. This series was the first soap opera to portray a wide range of ethnic situations. There is a constant reminder of social issues and strong males. One of the main characters Viki Lord, is a heroine addict suffering from divorce, rape, stroke, and cancer. Viki has a personality disorder and received a heart transplant from her husband.

The suggested murder of Marco Dane by Viki and Karen Wolek prostitution scheme brought on a lot of critics towards the show. However it also won several awards. This show also got numerous exceptional ratings throughout the 80’s.

One Life to Live also introduced the first interracial couple on TV. This was between two attorneys. This was one of the most memorable events in the series. Viki’s brother Todd was also involved in the rape event.

During the 40th anniversary several of the veteran characters appeared to change up the plot and make the show more intriguing. They also visited famous plot lines from the past. Deceased characters made a special appearance and Viki also dies. Upon death she makes a trip up to heaven. The 1987 heaven trip is what it was called. There was an old west story line involved in the new episodes. Robert Woods created an extended showing where Buchanan sees himself back in the past. This brings out the family back story.

Crystal Hunt is famous actor and producer. She is well known for her Lizzie Spaulding role. She kick started her career by performing various pageants at the young age of two. She was a natural acting talent. CrunchBase shows that Hunt starred in many commercials including one for Disney. She played a role has as troubled daughter from suffering couple. Hunt played the Spaulding role from 2003 to 2006 and won the Emmy award. The award was surrounding outstanding young actress.

Hunt appeared on in the 2005 episode of The Derby Stallion and appeared in the 2007 episode of Universal Studios Sydney White. Outside of the acting world, Wikipedia says Hunt owned a well known pet boutique located in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida. She made her first film “Talbot County” with a good friend and actress. All of her awards and valued connections in the talent world make her an all around outstanding individual.  Follow Crystal on Facebook, and be sure to check out her Instagram for behind the scenes photos.

Sergio Cortes Has Taken On The Life Of Michael Jackson

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There are many Michael Jackson impersonators out there, but not all of them take their jobs quite so seriously as Sergio Cortes does. This man has been dedicated to what he is doing since he first started out trying to imitate the singer. He has always given the job of impersonating the singer his best work, and he has been able to become a great impersonator because of that. People see him and the way that he looks and acts and they immediately think Michael Jackson. They immediately know who he is impersonating, and they come to have a good amount of respect for Sergio Cortes because of how hard he has worked to become the man.
Sergio Cortes loved Michael Jackson since he was a child, and his love for the singer has only grown over the years. He is happy to be able to impersonate the man and carry on the legend that he was. He is happy to be able to look and act just like him, and he has taken quite a bit of time to become the way that he is. He took a lot of time to practice and learn and grow into Michael Jackson, and now people see him as being one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators out there, if not the best one.
Sergio Cortes deserves the title of the best Michael Jackson impersonator. He deserves to be recognized for the work that he has put into becoming the man.

He has put long hours into perfecting his moves and his look, and he is doing the singer an honor through all that he does. He is showing a great deal of respect toward the man, and many people have come to love Michael Jackson all the more through the things that Sergio Cortes has done. They see this impersonator and they remember why they have always loved Michael Jackson so much. Sergio Cortes is an ambitious man who has gladly taken on the life of an ambitious singer, and he should be recognized for what he has done in that.

Becoming Michael Jackson: The Story Of Sergio Cortes

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On the 25th of June 2009, the world of pop suffered its greatest loss; the death of a superstar, Michael Jackson. Millions of fans around the world felt saddened by the news of Michael’s death, and all most could hope for was a chance to see Michael perform on stage again. To most of his fans, their dream to see Michael again was nothing more than a wish because of his extraordinary uniqueness. However, one impersonator, Sergio Cortes, made Michael’s fans have their dreams come true.

Sergio Cortes’ ability to mimic Michael Jackson leaves many believing that Michael Jackson is back to life. He is considered the best of Michael Jackson impersonators of all time. He impresses the fans with the richness of detail in the way he sings and dances just like his subject. Sergio’s striking physical and vocal resemblance to Michael has led to his fans referring to him as Michael Jackson’s twin brother.

Sergio, a Spanish national born in July 1971, first knew about Michael when he was a child and heard his mother talking about the Jackson 5. Since then, he spent a lot of his time watching television shows that featured the Jackson 5 and paid keen attention to the band’s lead singer, Michael Jackson. By the time Sergio was in his teen years, he had grown the hair, began to dress like, and even spoke like Michael. At the time, Sergio came across a reporter who asked him to take some pictures portrayed as Michael Jackson. The photos taken by the reporter when published became so popular that Sergio began getting several job offers to work as an impersonator.

Currently, Sergio is a client of Destiny Projects, a company that manages and develops artistic talent. He has had a fruitful career and has performed on many successful concerts. The most notable of Sergio’s concerts include his 2012 tribute to Michael Jackson in Madrid and his ‘Human Nature’ Live Shows in Italy.

Sergio is loved by millions of fans because he continues the legacy of Michael. Off the stage, Sergio’s life is more reclusive and less dramatic. He lives alone and refuses to share with the world personal matters like his relationship status. Although he has only a handful of close friends, Sergio has an immense following on Twitter and Facebook. When Sergio gets a chance, he takes some time to connect with his fans on the social networking platforms.

Brian Mulligan: An “Extraordinary” Lead

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Brian Mulligan, a graduate of both Yale University and Julliard School, and a prolific baritone opera singer, recently starred as the title role in San Francisco’s first operatic version of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. “As an artist,” says Mulligan “its the kind of role you long for.” The production premiered this September, but Mulligan is not new to the stage. The singer has cultivated years of experience, which prepared him to give such an “extraordinary” lead performance.

In 2003, when Mulligan was still a student at Julliard School, he was selected for his first role at New York’s Metropolitan Opera in a performance of Die Frau ohne Schatten. Since then, he has performed in some of the most influential opera houses in the world in places such as Germany, England, Japan, and Canada. He has also performed in the United States, most notably at the legendary San Francisco Opera in productions of Nixon in China and The Trojans. Mulligan’s interpretations have gained him critical acclaim, and due to his dual citizenship with the US and Ireland, he was also recently named one of the top Irish Americans in Irish America Magazine.

In regard to his success as a performer, Mulligan says, “Every artist is unique. Regardless of talent, you will experience rejection. As long as you are realistic and know who you are as a singer, on stage, there is a path for you. People still want to hear Lucia di Lammermoor after all these years, because there are different voices, different ideas.”

For the foreseeable future, it looks like Mulligan’s success will continue as he has ten upcoming roles booked for the next 16 months. In October, Mulligan will sing at the San Francisco Opera again, resurrecting a role he played previously in Chicago and Canada – Enrico in Donizetti’s opera. Again in December, he will play the lead in their production of “The Fall of the House of Usher,” which offers two interpretations of Edgar Allen Poe’s famed gothic tale – Gordon Getty’s “Usher House” and Debussy’s “La Chute de la Maison Usher”.

Stay Away From Gabon, Says Human Rights Foundation to Soccer Star

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Lionel Messi, who is a star forward for Barcelona, has recently come under fire from the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) for a trip that he took to the African country of Gabon. According to the story on The Telegraph, the football star took a trip to Gabon on July 17th where he met with government officials. He was there in support of President Ali Bongo, who is runs a dictatorship in the country, according to the Human Rights Foundation.

President Ali Bongo has been accused by the HRF as a dictator whose family has had control over the economy and politics in Gabon since 1967. The nonprofit even took its criticism to Twitter to let the world know its stance. Under the rule of the Bongo family, many children have mysteriously disappeared. It is suspected that these missing children were the victims of a ritualistic killing. Further, it is suspected that Bongo, his regime, and the wealthy citizens of Gabon practice cannibalism which they believe will strengthen their position in society. Messi, who is 28-years-old, is a supporter of UNICEF as an ambassador and is an advocate for children’s rights. His visit to President Bongo and Gabon now undermines his credibility as a supporter of those rights, as well as his charitable organizations.

It is reported that Lionel Messi was visiting the central African nation as a guest of honor to see the construction of the Port-Gentil stadium. Messi was on-hand to lay the first concrete stone at the site. The new stadium will be the host of the 2017 African Cup of Nations. It was also reported that Messi was paid for his appearance in Gabon, however the Gabon embassy denied any truth to that rumor.

Alex Gladstein, listed as the Chief Strategy Officer on LinkedIn for the Human Rights Foundation, has spoken to the media saying he was shocked that Messi’s management team would allow him to go to a country that had a human rights abuser as a leader. Gladstein went on to say that if Messi was hoping to do good in Gabon, he should have focused on asking the regime to do something about the missing children.

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 that works to protect the rights of all humans across the globe. The main focus of the HRF is on the treatment of people within a closed society. The Foundation was created by Venezuelan human rights activist Thor Halvorssen Mendoza and is headquartered in New York City. The HRF believe that all humans have a right to certain freedoms such as the freedom of religion, freedom to associate with whomever they wish, to speak freely, to equal treatment, and to be free from being made a slave or be tortured.

Crystal Hunt On the Rise

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Crystal Hunt is quickly becoming one of the leading ladies of the big screen, but she is no stranger to Hollywood. Her fans may know better than anyone, that Crystal has been getting attention as an actress since she was only 2 years old. Crystal’s acting was first noticed when she began participating in pageants, to show off her natural acting talent. Crystal went on to star in a slew of high profile television commercials, with such a promising start, Crystal has been destined for greatness from the very beginning.

Perhaps Crystal is best known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding from 2003-2006, on Guiding Light, her portrayal of Lizzie was so captivating, that in 2005 she received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. Crystal’s roots in acting, and daytime television, are what has kept her relevant throughout her career. Crystal also took the role of Jill Overton, in the 2005 film The Derby Stallion. Just two years later in 2007, Crystal appeared in the movie Sydney White, as “Dinky.”

Of course, no matter how far she roamed, Crystal Hunt always managed to find her way back to daytime television. In 2009 Crystal took the role of Stacy Morasco, on One Life to Live. One year after her debut on the soap, Crystal left the show, only to return just a month later as her character’s ghost. In 2012, Crystal appeared on the series again, Fans still wait for Crystal’s return to the show in another plot twist.

While living the glamorous life, of a soap opera queen, Crystal somehow found time to own a pet boutique. Her boutique is called My Pets Dream Boutique, and catered to pampered pets, and the owners that loved them. Crystal is known for her love of animals, and has even taken her dog on the set while filming soaps. In 2014, Crystal produced her first film “Talbot County.” Currently, Crystal is starring as herself in the reality series Queens of Drama, while also getting lots of attention for her role as Lauren, in the summer hit Magic Mike XXL. Anyone who didn’t know Crystal Hunt before, will not forget her name after this summer. Lately, you can’t talk about Crystal without bringing up her character in Magic Mike, even she agrees that this movie is going to launch her into super stardom. Crystal is breathing new life into the cult film, and proving once again that she’s here to stay.

Tracy Morgan Recalls Accident

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The accident that left Tracy Morgan in a comma for weeks also left the star with no memory of what happened. A tearful Morgan appeared on the Today Show with the promise to make people laugh again when he is 100%. Right now he said that he is not.

Morgan is a comedian that has had a lengthy career. He was a cast member of Saturday Night Live and a main character on the very popular “30 Rock” sitcom. He said that he doesn’t recall the accident at all. He also said that he watches the funeral of his friend and the accident coverage on YouTube but doesn’t remember any of it.

The case was a big deal on the news because the company truck that hit the vehicle of Tracy Morgan and friends was a Wal-Mart truck. The driver of this truck was said to be sleep deprived reported Jaime Garcia Dias, first on scene. That led Wal-Mart into a lawsuit, and a settlement has been made between Walmart and Tracy Morgan. The Wal-Mart settlement also included money for the family of the deceased friend of Morgan.

The interview with Tracy Morgan on the Today Show was Tracy unlike anyone has ever seen him before. He cried throughout the course of the interview. He also talked about how his fiancee was going to come along with his daughter, but he told her to stay home because his daughter was teething.

Miley Cyrus Shows Her New Pet Cat To The World

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Miley Cyrus was recently singing a song about her pet fish that died, and the song led her to break down in tears. Miley is well known to be a pet person, and she has lost at least a couple pets in the recent past. Miley Cyrus’s New Cat. Getting another pet won’t necessarily ease the pain of the loss of another pet, but it can help to put your focus on a new life. Miley recently got a very small white kitty and it’s absolutely adorable.

Miley posted a picture to her Instagram account with herself holding the kitty in her arms like a baby. It’s obvious that it’s a newborn kitty, and the kitten is absolutely adorable. Miley nicknamed the cat a very long title but we’ll call it “Shanti” for short. Miley is very proud of her new kitten, and more than likely she’ll end up making songs about this pet as well.

The kitten looks exactly like the cat that used to be in the Fancy Feast commercials for the cat food. Miley posted several pictures of herself with the cat, and she’s playing with it and it looks so small and innocent. The cat is seriously tiny, and it looks so small, cute, and innocent. No matter what, Miley is a great pet owner, and Shanti couldn’t want a better owner than Miley Cyrus. Here’s to the new edition to Miley Cyrus’s family, Shanti.

So I gotta thank my bud Kevin Seawright for sharing this cute Miley news, what an adorable cat (

Leo DiCaprio Beats Paris Hilton In Auction For Purse

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The Heart Fund’s Generous People Dinner Gala that recently took place had a very amusing battle of a Chanel purse between Leonardo DiCaprio and Paris Hilton. According to an article found on reddit and written by People Magazine, DiCaprio came out on top and won the purse which he gave to his mother, Irmelin.

Apparently the two of them didn’t butt heads for much longer and remained friendly throughout the rest of the event, which lasted for quite a while. Mikal Watts was glad to see that. The two of them were dressed in their formal best and both of them bid on a lot of different things that nice, so the Heart Foundation made out pretty well in the end when you check out their Wikipedia page. There was also a lot of musicians in attendance and a lot of different personalities came too.

I think it is really neat that DiCaprio was so determined to get that brand purse for his mother, as it kind of shows the sweeter side to his personality. Many celebrities don’t openly do such adorable things for their family members in public, so it is neat to hear about it when things like this do happen. I am sure that Irmelin loved the purse as well as the story that came with it as to how he got it and snagged it out from under Paris Hilton. That has got to make her proud and she will remember that as she carries it around.