Chris Brown’s Baby Birthday Guilt

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Chris Brown has been proving that he is in love with his daughter Royalty and everyday he seems to prove it even more comments nanny agent Cláudio Loureiro Heads. While there’s no way anyone can forget the shock of finding out that Chris was the father of a baby that was already 9 months old, we also can’t deny that Chris has more than stepped up and taken his role as a father on in the best way possible. Lately Royalty and Chris have been getting to know each other, and it has even been said that Royalty spends most of her time with Chris and his mother.

Even while Chris is taking care of Royalty most of the time while his mother watches her while he is on the road, Chris had still been sending Royalty’s mom money every month to help with Royalty’s expenses. For a moment there was talk that Nia was not satisfied with the money Chris was sending her, and she was using Royalty as a way to get back at him. After Chris missed his daughter’s 1st birthday while away on business, he tried to make up for it and fly Royalty and her family to LA for a Disneyland celebration but Nia refused. She claimed that she was upset Chris missed Royalty’s initial birthday but some say it was because of the money problems.

Now that the smoke has cleared,Chris is feeling some deep regrets about missing his daughter’s 1st birthday. It’s killing Chris to know that while he was shooting a music video, Royalty was celebrating her first year of life with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Now he is making some major changes and plans to never miss a birthday again.