Clueless: A Cultural Phenomenon

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Clueless was America’s number one movie in the nineties and twenty years later, people are still raving about it. The popular film was created by Amy Heckerling, who combined Emma by Jane Austin and Gidget, a popular show in the sixties. Heckerling believed the citizens of Beverly Hills should live in a hyper-real pop-cultured world. This led to the birth of teenagers who talk like grown-ups, which is the persona of the teenagers in Clueless.

The movie aired at the same time Disney’s Pocahontas appeared in theatres and Apollo 13 launched into space. Paramount Studios pushed for the ultimate success of the great film by creating promotional fluffy pens and guides to “Valspeak”, the slang of California teens. Due to its blend of pop culture and retro fashion, Clueless became a cultural phenomenon.

The movie is still a popular film because it gave insight to how teenage life can be. Cher was an optimistic teen who had the world at her feet. She could have whatever she wanted when she wanted it. Most teenagers aren’t spoiled and seeing Cher gave teenagers something to look forward to. She was an escape from ordinary life.

Although she is a fictional character, her story is still being told. In a article Sam Tabar said that the world is never going to stop loving Cher because she is amazing. No matter what happened to her, she was always optimistic. The world needs optimism.