Victoria Doramus Seeking To Help Those With Addictions

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Recently leaving the Burning Tree, a rehab center in Austin, Texas, Victoria Doramus has finally turned the corner her substance abuse problem she had been struggling with for most of her life. The marketing, journalist, and mass communication professional just completed the rigorous 12 step program, which has yielded such a high success rate of teaching how to enjoy life without substances. As part of the release program, Victoria has to land and maintain a job and work 30-40 hours weekly. Victoria now has the job title of a waitress, a far cry from the previous job descriptions on her resume up to this point.

Victoria Doramus is a graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder and has worked in various marketing capacities within the trend and communications market. The previous media planner for Mindshare, has also done freelance work as a consultant, and journalist for Trend Central and The Cassandra Report, two trend analyst publications.

Victoria, like many young people, she was introduced to drugs during her teenage years by prescription. Those prescription pills would eventually lead to her struggle with drug addiction for over 15 years. Victoria’s initial introduction to rehab was in 2011 when she was 26, at Sierra Tucson in Arizona. Victoria would give rehab another try in 2016, this time for a 60 day stay in Connecticut. Despite her efforts to control her urges, Victoria would relapse again and end up homeless and arrested in 2016. Deciding she was not ready and willing to give up on herself, Victoria checked into the Burning Tree. The Burning Tree is a long term rehab center that enforces a strict, scheduled filled program. Victoria has now learned effective tools from the Burning Tree and has implemented them to help others who struggle with addiction. Having experienced the struggles of addiction first hand, Victoria, a marketing expert, now plans to open a halfway house to support recovering drug addicts.


David McDonald And His Success As OSI Group President

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The success and global presence of OSI Group from its humble beginnings cannot pass without the mention of David McDonald. David McDonalds holds the position of President of OSI Group as well as the Chief Operating Officer.

David McDonalds holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Lowa State University. He started working at OSI Group after his graduation. Before getting promotions to higher posts in the company, he was an excellent project manager for the firm. Besides being the president of OSI Group, he previously held the position of chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Also, David McDonald is a member of the OSI Group board of directors.

In the efforts to build a world-class food solutions group through the leadership of David McDonald, OSI International Foods (Australia) merged with Turi Foods to form Turosi Pty Ltd. The merger is to boost their operations in Australia considerably. Both companies have a belief that shared ownership will stimulate expertise sharing due to their similar culture.

Turi Foods, with its base in Thomastown, Victoria (Australia) operates facilities covering the whole of Australia. The firm supplies to specialty chicken retailers, roast chicken outlets, supermarkets, butcher shops as well as quick service restaurants. It forms one of the largest Australian poultry processors.

On the other hand, OSI International Foods (Australia) constitutes a privately owned firm supplying quick service restaurants, retail outlets together with foodservice markets in the Asia Pacific region. The supplies cover food solutions across varied proteins. OSI Group LLC is the parent company of OSI International Foods (Australia).

According to David McDonald, the two firms have moved a milestone in building a strong business reputation regarding the customers each serves. With the new exciting entity, Turosi, David McDonalds sees openings to serve their customers in distinct, innovative ways. More opportunities will also arise to aid the respective teams of the companies to excel.

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Robert Ivy: Award Winning Architect

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Robert Ivy is an eminent architect and designer as well as author, editor and practicing architect who is currently the “Chief Executive officer of the American Institute of Architects”. Robert Ivy has been involved in other illustrious firms pertaining to his current profession. For instance, in 1996, Mr. Ivy became the editor in chief of “Architectural Record”, as well as “McGraw-Hill Construction Media” whose job was to produce a magazine presenting supportable design in architecture. Like many other excelling businessmen, Robert Ivy has in some way contributed to increasing the firm he works for. For instance, his editorial leadership in “Architectural Record” opened the door for industry honors and numerous awards such as ”The Premier Magazine Journalism Award”, “American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award” and many more to name a few.

Ivy has been in partnership with other companies that have in turn been ensured a flourishing revenue and recognition with his help. Robert Ivy has earned a spot on search engines and other means of fame from his constant contributions as well as numerous awards for practically every company he has participated in, for seemingly every year. In 2008, Ivy earned the MPA Digital Award, 2009 the “Crain Award” (and said to be the highest recognition for an individual in American business media), and in 2010, he won the “Alpha Rho Chi” a national architecture fraternity award for his success in liaising the value of design.

Ivy added to his ability to create an efficient company after graduating from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana with a Bachelors in the Arts.

With so many imposing awards, and commitment to seeing the firms through a substantial growth and prosperity, Robert Ivy has in time received a grand award known as the “Polk Noel Lifetime Achievement Award”. Known simply as the “Polk Award”, this award is given to artist and art patrons whose artwork over a great span of time has been honored and recognized. Awarded by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, Ivy is said to be the first architect to receive such an award.

Ivy has come to be so well known for his dedication to enhancing projects and firms while receiving recognition for his efforts through awards. A man of talent proves to be a leading aider of community and putting his talents to the best of their ability.

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Equities First Holdings Expands Its Reach In Australia

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Equities First Holdings, a globally-recognized business, and one of Australia’s premier alternative lending financiers, is geographically-accessible to most of the continent’s population with three convenient locations in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. In fact, the company recently relocated its Melbourne offices to a more spacious location in the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant central business district.

The company, which helps clients locate lending investment resources for personal and professional growth, has seen expansive growth in recent years, and needed a space that could support that in its satellite office in Melbourne. Equities First Holdings, an international conglomerate, maintains expertise in loans that are stock-based and are, therefore, eligible to enable businesses to grow, invest, and succeed. The firm’s Australian subsidiary is headquartered in Sydney, with the alternative locations in Melbourne and Perth. The company has international offices located in the United Kingdom, Thailand, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and primary headquarters in Indianapolis, USA.

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A Peek Into The Operations Of OSI Food Solutions

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OSI Food Solutions UK got awarded for its management of environmental-related risks. The British Safety Council presented it with the Globe of Honor Award for 2016. This was during an Awards luncheon at Drapers’ Hall in London on 25, November.

Organizations that have excelled in managing the environment get presented with this award. To compete for this award, an organization had to achieve five stars. This was to happen in an audit scheme of the British Safety Council. This it had to do from August 2015 to July 2016. It also needed to have shown panellists its excellence in environmental management.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions bought the former Tyson Foods plant. The plant’s location was in Chicago. The new plant is now located near OSI’s Chicago facility. The facility will provide the badly-needed infrastructure for business growth.

Kevin Scott expressed his excitement to finally have the facility. He is senior executive vice president-OSI North America. The facility would enhance their capability to meet changing customer needs. OSI Food Solutions did not disclose the type of products processed at the facility. Neither did they reveal the financial terms of this transaction.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired Baho Food. Baho Food was a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats and snacks. There was no disclosure of the terms of the transaction.

David G. McDonald, president of OSI Group, couldn’t hide his excitement. Baho Food’s portfolio of products complemented OSI’s processing strengths. It also broadened its capabilities to serve the ever-changing needs of its customers.

Baho has five subsidiaries. It also has processing plants in Germany and Netherlands. The five companies offer their services in 18 countries in Europe.

John Balvers was Baho Food’s managing director. He said that his team would work with OSI executives to develop a strategy for the combined companies. He expressed his excitement about becoming part of the OSI Group. He added that OSI has good relations with its clients and suppliers. With combined efforts, they would support their customers better. The transaction would go a long way to speed their growth strategy.

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Talos Energy: Breaking Into The Public Eye

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There’s a brand-new player on the New York Stock Exchange. This player just recently dove into the world of publicly traded companies. What’s the name of this new player you may ask? TALOS energy. This company focuses on energy. Their primary focus is in both the United States side of the Gulf of Mexico and the side held by Mexico. Talos energy is known for offshore oil and gas production.

One of the findings that led to the boom of Talos energy was the discovery known as the Zama discovery. This discovery was found off the shore of Mexico and the luck of the find can be attributed to some of the first bids in a recently opened marketplace off the shore of Mexico. The marketplace was opened in large part due to Mexico’s deregulation process. With discoveries like this becoming more possible the future looks bright for Talos energy.

The events of going public can easily be attributed to a recent deal with Louisiana’s stone energy. This merger was worth nearly $2 billion. It also created a significantly larger company. By acquiring a controlling interest in stone energy the company became more public. This new energy company is now based in Houston Texas. They can also be found on the New York Stock Exchange under the “TALO” ticker for those interested in watching or investing in the company.

The chief executive of Talos, Tim Duncan, called the deal a transformational combination. The backers of the company currently own 63% of the combined company and stone shareholders receive 37%. The overall mood regarding the merger is positive as executives and investors look forward to the new opportunities available to the growing company. They believe that the diverse holdings of company put in an excellent position to not only grow but provide a profit. They were plans back in 2014 or 2015 to take the company public. However, the oil burst during this time made it its impossible to consider until now. Naturally, the management at Talos energy is very pleased to see their vision come to life.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Continues Growth

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Billionaire Eric Lefkofsky’s new company Tempus has gained around $80 million in new funding from its investors. The Chicago-based Tempus was founded as a startup in 2015 as a technology-based company that helps personalize cancer treatment based on data. The latest investments bringing the total since the company was founded to around $210 million. This makes the company worth in excess of $1.1 billion.

Tempus currently has just a over 400 employees in the Chicago area and has been increasing at a rate of around 30 each month. Eric Lefkofsky plans for that pace to continue as Tempus attempts to grow its reach across the U.S. and the world. The value and size of the company means that it has now achieved “unicorn” status, something that not many startups have the distinction of having.

Tempus uses data in order to customized treatment plans for cancer patients in hopes of making the treatments more effective and efficient. The clinical and molecular data is collected and used to find potential trends in cancer treatment as well as help doctors and patients communicate more effectively.

Eric Lefkofsky is proud of the company and the relationships its has in the health car industry, from doctors to pharmaceutical companies. He says that the data side of his business and how it can help enhance cancer treatment is shifting the way in which cancer treatment is being seen among those in the healthcare community.

The $80 million investment in Tempus came from many individuals and companies to include previous investors, New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth. New investors in Tempus include T. Rowe Price Associates funds and the Kinship Trust Company. The new and existing investors will help Tempus grow their operations and help them reach more doctors and patients. This increase in data will further help the company find more innovative solutions for the treatment of cancers.

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Learn Peter Briger’s Contributions To The Investment World

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Learn Peter Briger’s Contributions to the Investment World

Good people will always be remembered for the good deeds they selflessly do for others. Whenever you have an opportunity to do something good for others, you shouldn’t let it go. You would one day reap from the good thing you sow today. This is what great men such as Peter Briger understood and decided to take the direction they took in their life. If Peter and others didn’t realize this, they would not be as prominent as they have become. Whenever Peter is mentioned somewhere, many people have different good things they remember him for. At Fortress Investment Group, Peter is the principal of the group’s management board. The group has various assets it supervises, and the global recognition it has achieved is evident.

The company has skilled personnel and experience to maximize on investment tactics. Both credit and private investors find their place in this investment firm. Peter happens to be the man in charge of the mortgage department. He is proficient enough in dealing with distressing debts in the real estate department. He has worked as the management board’s associate since 2006. He was then promoted to the Co-chairman position in 2009. Since 2002, Peter Briger has worked with the Fortress Investment Group as a partner. Before he came to Fortress Investment Group, Peter was a board member for Caliber Schools and Tipping Point. Caliber Schools prepare students for afterlife and college life.

Peter has also partnered with a surgical hospital as its Board advisor. He is an active person when it comes to philanthropic activities in the community. Global Fund for Children is one of the communities he has partnered with to make his philanthropic work easier. Peter Briger has also helped many officials and citizens solve various foreign policy issues through Foreign Relations. He was at Princeton University where he graduated with an undergraduate degree. His urge for career excellence led him to Pennsylvania University to do Business Administration.

He went to Groton School for his grammar studies. Peter Briger doesn’t believe that a company should only do well when the economic environment is favorable. He has made Fortress Investment Group increase its investment returns even when the financial tide is rough. He used exceptional skills to transform the company’s credit sector. He was once invited to a Research conference as one of the distinguished investors. He met other global investors, and shared together their financial expectations and business views. Peter started a program for young entrepreneurs with other two Princeton alumni to help the upcoming entrepreneurs achieve their investment dreams.

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Tony Petrello Invites Tommy Tune To His Home For Post-Performance Party

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Tony Petrello, the CEO of one of the world’s most prestigious oil drilling contractors, Nabors Industries recently reached out to a Houston performing arts committee to welcome performer Tommy Tune home. Tune is a Broadway actor who grew up in Houston and saw his star rise over the years. He even won several Tony awards for his performances in musicals like “The Will Rogers Follies,” “Nine” and “Seesaw.” He performed in Miller Outdoor Theater in this latest trip back home, and afterward Petrello brought him back to his house for a reception party. Tune was honored by the welcome and shared stories with the Petrello family and the other guests on various life events.

Tony Petrello became famous in Houston for major drilling deals he’s made at Nabors Industries, and the company currently owns the largest land-based rigs. He’s seen high profits come in for the company during his time, and even this last year’s fiscal reports showed $2.6 billion in production revenue. Petrello also has pushed for high-tech developments like automation and advanced software drilling programs, and a recent acquisition of another Houston oil well company, Tesco Corporation has solidified the company’s position as a world drilling innovation leader.

Tony Petrello became Chief Executive Officer of Nabors because he has always shown an innate ability to troubleshoot problems and find solutions in ways that few others do. He excelled in mathematics in his childhood and early adult life, and he even graduated with high honors in advanced math from Yale University. Petrello’s next move was to go into law school at Harvard where he got his JD, and shortly after he obtained his license to practice in New York. He specialized in corporate and tax laws as an associate and later managing partner at Baker & McKenzie up until he was hired to the Board of Directors as Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries in 1991. 20 years later he was appointed to his current role.

Philanthropy is just as important to Tony Petrello as running a billion-dollar company, and that’s why he’s given to many local groups over the years. The Texas Children’s Hospital has been especially supported by Petrello because he has a daughter who was born with periventricular leukomalacia which has affected her life greatly. But even if his daughter has no cure for her current disability, Petrello is fighting to make sure other children don’t have to deal with the same issues, and he supports neurological research through TCH’s medical facility giving $7 million to it thus far.

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The New Wave of Internet Marketing: Welcome to Market America

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Since the dawn of internet marketing, there has been a need for better strategies, a more concentrated effort on product brokering as well as marketing of the product. Allow me to introduce to you the new wave of internet marketing…Market America.

Since being founded in 1992, Market America has employed over 800 employees by the year 2010. Can you think of any business model that empowers entrepreneurs with financial freedom all the while providing excellent products to the customers involved? There has never been a model in existence. Thanks to Market America we now have one to behold. With an impressive earnings record of $7.3 Billion accumulated in retail sales with over $2.4 Billion generated by partners of Market America “UnFranchise owners”, this is definitely a standard to follow and a model to build upon.

Having international markets on their team, Market America has provided service excellence to nations such as The United Kingdom, Singapore, Spain, Australia, and Hong Kong to name a few. While providing service excellence, entrepreneurs of those same nations have found financial freedom from the throngs of society and the pressures of life. Again, there has never been a more sophisticated model of excellence and achievement in this day and age. The way of shopping has been changed and the method of entrepreneurship has been evolved. Market America is here to stay for a while.

In one place you can find superb products and also financial freedom. As an UnFranchise Owner, you have a chance to join forces with a proven winner, a team dedicated to providing customer satisfaction with the goal of both service and freedom at the helm. To be able to provide the same sense of relief and comfort that you will receive as a customer to someone else, and making a profit at the same time. That is unheard of because most brands only want you as a customer and not as a partner.

In short, this company has mad their mark on the world at large and have invested resources geared towards financial freedom and superior products. A model of excellence.