A unique makeup brand

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Lime crime is a makeup line that became a huge success in a short period of time. They sell unique makeup such as bold colors with wild names. Their matte liquid lipstick is one of their very best sellers. People also love their bold highlighters and bright eye shadow pallets.

They have a new line of lip products called, “Diamond crushers” these lip products are not a gloss or a lipstick but a topper which are said to make you, “sparkle like a fairy on acid.” You can wear these on your bare lips or over some lipstick. Not only do they look awesome, they smell awesome too. They come in fifteen different shades, each of them shiny and brilliant. It lasts a long time and doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing anything on your lips! They come with unique names such as, ‘acid fairy (lavender/mint shift)’ and ‘black unicorn (black rainbow).‘ This lip product is made with light-reflective iridescent shimmers that glow anywhere you go.

Lime crime also has 21 new vegan semi-permanent hair dye. This hair dye was designed to last longer and fade slowly. This hair dye was also created with ingredients that are easy on your hair. They have about every shade you could possibly dream of from ‘gargoyle (dark grey)’ to ‘salad (green).’ It took the creator three years to finally launch this product and many are excited about the new hair colors! The creator herself, Doe Deere enjoys unique hair colors, hers is purple!

Another new products is their unicorn like pop on nails. They have six different shades of chromatic press on nails. These nails are light and simple to use. You can easily pop them on in ten minutes and take them off when you’re done!

Find out more about Lime Crime: http://www.asos.com/women/a-to-z-of-brands/lime-crime/cat/?cid=25668