Lime Crime is a Crime of Passion Cosmetics Brand

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Lime Crime cosmetics are extremely creative, vibrant, pigmented and, bold international makeup line. Doe Deere developed this cosmetic product brand. She is a Russia national who was rose up in New York City. Doe Deere is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the cosmetic brand. She has the primary objectives of authenticating makeup that features independence and eloquence. Doe Deere has urbanized this new brand into a free colorful and magical cosmetics line since its inauguration in 2008. She established the cosmetics brand after discovering that she was unable to find the bright enough and correct makeup to match with the clothes she used to sell on Amazon.


Lime Crime cosmetics are Custom Made to Transform Beauty

The cosmetics are formed from the selection of color. They include nail polishes, eye shadows, and lipsticks. The cosmetics are generated from Doe Deere’s original motivation for makeup that deviates from the conventional habit. Doe discovered the significance of amazing, brilliant colors that when put on, they would be forbidden. Doe recognizes the importance of her brands and can go miles further in supplying her customers with the high-quality and self-confidence makeup choices.

Lime Crime has the primary objective of revolutionizing makeup, and PRN shows they are always trying. The brand has transformed into a leading cosmetic brand in the digital social space as one of the original native beauty brands. The cosmetics brand has set the internet by storm and presents new quality and performance standards. The brand has transformed the appearance of the beauty products category from its trail-blazing early developments.

The products are custom made so that individuals can create their looks based on the moods. Lime crime collections are planned to the perfect smile and shade on your face whether you are seeking for the special occasion sparkle or the new go colors. The brand is here to shake up things because it is ever radical and never dull. You can contact Lime Crime on Facebook at, on Instagram, and even through the official website, for more information on the cosmetic brand.