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You can look at what’s currently happening in the world of music and not see the Chainsmokers. Everyone knows who they are and what they’ve done. Many people can look at it and see the inspiration for themselves. There simply aren’t many people out there who have managed to produce something as amazing with the same level of work. This has allowed them to become something more impressive than what you might commonly see. There are those who want to see more of what Alex Pall and his music is about. This is the chance to have that for themselves. Nobody else is going as far as they are or doing what they have shown themselves capable of doing. That talent and the determination is how the duo have gone as far as they have.

The most amazing thing about this music producing duo is that the Chainsmokers have managed to bring this success in such amazing numbers even as others out there appear to be a new way of thinking about today’s college students. Alex Pall has risen to the top in a way that many other artists haven’t seen. That ability to go far and to see things grow is why we realize that he has what it takes to make everything work. Pall has given everything to see his music make it to the top and emerge as the favorite of so many people. That isn’t something you can brush off or simply decide to dismiss.

There are so many reasons that they have seen the success that they have and we are just beginning to understand that. People in the past have looked at what they’ve done and fully supported it. That ability is something that we just don’t see that much overall. It’s an amazing thing and it will change so much of what we know and appreciate, but this is only the beginning. There is a lot more to be seen and understood overall. This is just the beginning of what has been found to be their way of doing things for the entirety of their careers.



Alex Pall Interview With the Chainsmokers: An Interview For The Ages

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The Chainsmokers have released their new track known as “Closer“, which features Halsey. Unlike the past singles that the Chainsmokers have created, this new single feature singing from Andrew Taggart. This sounds like common place, but it is new for the pair, as they often rely on songwriters and vocalists to add to their songs.


Alex Pall was a DJ when he was growing up, as his hobby. In New York City, Alex was really a part time DJ who enjoyed the music. One day Alex was at an art gallery and he realized that dance music was taking up a lot of his time. Alex had a manager that introduced him to Andrew, and that’s how he began to work with Andrew.


Andrew Taggart was in college before he met Alex, and that is when he started to become interested in being a DJ. Electronic music is what drove Andrew to be successful at his craft. Although he was mocked by his peers for wearing v-necks and listening to dance music when first in college, everyone started to watch Avicii by the time Andrew was out of college. View Additional Info Here.


The two clicked and started by talking about what type of music that they were interested in and listened to while growing up. Both knew what was working in the industry at the time, as well as what was not working. (Read more about Pall on Interview Magazine: The Chainsmokers)


Being a DJ duo in the electronic genre is similar to other genres in the sense that there are those that will try to produce similar content to what you are producing, and that will make it more difficult to get noticed. The Chainsmokers got noticed by working with a wide variety of sounds and styes and implementing those into their music.


The Chainsmokers is proud of transforming the way DJing is done by playing and performing their music live. The quality of their music makes it easy to sell out tickets around the globe.


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