MB2 Dental Solutions: We Are More Than Just A Company, We Are Family.

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Hurricane season is approaching once more. This time of year can bring painful memories to those who were affected by natural disasters, like hurricane Harvey. However, this anniversary has a bittersweet feeling for the staff members of MB2 Dental Solutions. At a time when everything seemed lost, employees of the company were reminded that MB2 is not just their employer, but their family.

In the wake of the destruction, MB2 instantaneously began working on a relief fund to aid the 25 offices that were affected by hurricane Harvey. Donations started to pour in from across the area to help the staff members as they tried to recover from the disaster. At the same time, employees were also concerned with making sure that the supplies were also distributed to the other associated facilities that were also affected by the hurricane. Together, they worked hard to make sure that everyone made it through the darkest hours after the storm.

One employee, in particular, is celebrating her child’s one-year birthday. As she reflects on the memory, she is reminded that her coworkers took care of her while she recovered from childbirth. This video tells the heartwarming story of how she found safety for her child after the storm. She discusses her journey through flood waters as she left her home to find shelter. Other employees reflect on their memories of the event and how they were proud to be an employee of a company who cares about each other.

The Founder and CEO of MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris Villanueva, expresses his gratitude towards all of his employees for the way they supported each other during that time. He believes that the video that tells their story is a symbol of “hope and encouragement” that reminds them that they are not alone.